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  • In one episode of At Home With The Hardys, Jeremy reminisces to his school days and reveals that he actually stole his beloved cricket trophy.
    Caroline: Jeremy, that's horrible! You mean you didn't win it?
    Jeremy: Winning isn't everything, Caroline.
  • In the satirical show Bremner's One Question Quiz:
    "Statue of Liberty": I heard a voice in my head — well, a tourist — that in a recent "Most Trustworthy Professions" survey, politicians rated just below convicted con-men.
    Andy Zaltzman: Well, quite a few of them are convicted con-men.
    "Tony Blair": That is completely unfair. Some of them are women.
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  • In Cabin Pressure, Arthur Shappey lives to Comically Miss the Point. For example, in the episode "Ipwich", he misses the point of Mr. Sargent telling him about interesting airplane facts just prior to the exam.
  • Giles Wemmbley-Hogg quite often doesn't make that small mental leap. For example, when finding himself in the middle of a hemp plantation in Thailand:
    I didn't think there was much of a rope and sacking industry.
  • In The Gobetweenies, Joe gives a speech about how he was a drug-addicted artist in New York, who was selling "destroyed art", because he'd set fire to his paintings while high.
    Joe: And not long after that, I went to see a movie. All about a dad who was also a fish, with the sea between himself and his lost boy. And then I had my epiphany thought; my own manifesto. Which was that nothing would come good if I didn't wake up in the city where my children sleep. So then I came home.
    Lucy: Wow, I didn't know that about him.
    Tom: Me neither. I thought his favourite film was Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but it turns out it was Finding Nemo.
  • Frequently by Hamish in The Doings Of Hamish and Dougal, for instance when Mrs Naughtie goes missing.
    Dougal: There's only one place she could be. Hamish, tonight we camp out on the moors!
    Hamish: Seems a bit callous when we could be searching for Mrs Naughtie, but whatever you say, old friend.
    • Another one, where evidence is piling up that the Laird is a vampire:
      Dougal: Hamish, does that coffin-shaped wardrobe remind you of anything?
      Hamish: Of course! A coffin-shaped sideboard!
      Dougal Precisely!
    • And another, when the lads are trying to trace a letter.
    Mrs. Mc Allister: There's no postage stamp on the envelopes!
    Hamish: No postage stamp? That means the letters were delivered by... ...magic!
    Dougal: ...Yes. ...Or by hand.
  • In The Men from the Ministry, after Mr. Lamb scolds Mildred over the typos on a recent memo, this exchange occurs:
    Mildred: It's Mr. Lennox-Brown's dictation, I can't hear him properly through a mouthful of biscuits.
    Lamb: Well you shouldn't eat biscuits when he's dictating.
  • In Old Harry's Game, this is Thomas's usual reaction to Scumspawn's attempts to make him a better person. For instance, when it turns out Thomas once sold a baby to a rag-and-bone man.
    Scumspawm:But you wouldn't do that now, would you?
    Thomas: Of course not! You don't get rag-and-bone men any more.


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