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The World of Lily Wong was a comic strip by Larry Feign, an American resident in Hong Kong. It ran in several Hong Kong newspapers from 1986 to 2001.

The title character is a Hong Kong woman married to an American expatriate. The comic focuses on Lily's daily family and professional life, among her live-at-home parents, her ne'er-do-well brother, her henpecked husband and her ethnically mixed baby daughter. The name of the comic is a parodic Shout-Out to the classic movie The World of Suzie Wong.



  • Green Aesop: Parodied in a strip that has Rudy with a horse racing pamphlet versus a man in a suit littering newspaper pages.
  • Interchangeable Asian Cultures: Discussed and pointed out:
    Tokyo Ground Control: This is ground control ... For the 28th time, Hong Kong is not in Japan.
    Co-Pilot: Listen, you lyin' S.O.B.! Let me remind you who won the war!
  • Meddling Parents: Lily's own parents don't hesitate to meddle in her personal life, which is all the easier since they live in the same flat.
  • Mighty Whitey and Mellow Yellow: The main characters. Parodies some stereotypes. While Lily Wong is indeed married to a Westerner, she very much calls the shots in the relationship. Also referenced when Lily's husband shows up at the maternity:
    Stuart: My wife ... [pant] baby ... [pant] bring me to her ...
    Nurse: Not allow. You wait in here.
    Stuart: But I'm the father!
    Nurse: Sorry. Only hospital staff allow.
    Stuart: But but but — at least find out for me if it's born yet! And the sex! Ask the sex!
    Nurse: [to her colleagues] Some gweilo out there interested in sex.
    Other nurse: Aren't they all ...
  • Multigenerational Household: Three generations in the same flat.
  • Pop-Culture Isolation: In universe, during an arc in which both Lily and Stuart can't bear each other's music tastes, but it makes their love stronger.
  • Product Placement: Lily and Rudy appeared in a couple of strips for Cathay Pacific.
  • Reincarnation Romance:
    • Parodied in a story arc that depicted Stuart's previous incarnation as a British sailor at the time of the foundation of Hong Kong, and Lily as a haughty local lady.
    • Exaggerated; The Psychic tells both Stuart and Lily that they were lovers since the beginning of time.
      Cell!Stuart: Hoo-ee!, Looka that cute Hong Kong flu virus!
      Cell!Lily: Keep your flagella to yourself, microbe breath!
  • Tsundere: At first, Lily's very cold and rude to Stuart, scorning his obvious devotion. Even after they're married, she's not above delivering the occasional zinger.
  • Vacation Episode: The cast goes to Singapore and visits Stuart's parents in Los Angeles.


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