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Max Finder Mystery is a comic that ran in OWL starting in 2002. It was created and written by Liam O'Donnell and drawn by Michael Cho, and later written by Craig Battle and drawn by Ramón Pérez.

The comic follows seventh-grader amateur sleuth Max Finder and his best friend, aspiring journalist Alison Santos, as they investigate disturbances around their school and hometown. Each story is four pages long; at the end, the reader is invited to solve the mystery along with the characters, with the answer being given on another page.

The comic has been collected in the Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook volumes, which include bonus material.

Contains examples of:

  • Fair-Play Whodunnit: Each story includes clues so that the reader can solve the mystery along with the characters. According to Liam O'Donnell, this was directly inspired by Encyclopedia Brown.
  • Kid Detective: Max and Alison are seventh graders who solve mysteries.
  • Red Herring: Each story will include at least a couple of false leads to throw readers off the trail.