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Macanudo is a Comic Strip created by Argentine cartoonist Liniers. First published in 2002 in the newspaper La Nacion, Macanudo is a whimsical, often humorous and sometimes introspective strip featuring non-fixed Loads and Loads of Characters. Some of the most recurrent ones are: penguins, duendes (gnomes), sheep, the girl Henrietta (Enriqueta) and her black cat Fellini, the boy Martincito and his Imaginary Friend Olga, and the Mysterious Man in Black (el Misterioso Hombre de Negro).

Macanudo was published in several countries, such as Brazil, Canada (Quebec), Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico and the United States .


Macanudo contains examples of:

  • Author Avatar- Liniers depicts himself as an anthropomorphic rabbit with glasses, in some autobiographical strips. His wife and children are drawn as human beings, though.
  • Cute Bookworm- Henrietta loves reading. When she's with a book, nothing can drive her focus off the pages. Her pet cat Fellini always try to interrupt her to playing with him.
  • Companion Cube- Mandelbaum (Madariaga), Henrietta's teddy bear. Even Fellini talks to him as if the toy was a sentient being.
  • Creator Thumbprint- Many Liniers' characters wear hats or other kind of headdress: The Mysterious Man in Black top hat, the duendes' absurdly long caps, the one-strip-everymen's hats. He also likes to draw characters with bowties and smoking pipes, usually on the more surreal strips- (a nod to René Magritte ?).
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  • Everything's Better with Penguins- The flightless birds are recurrent characters in Macanudo; they have fun sliding on the Antarctic ice and seas or the Patagonian plains, talking about the weather and life in general.
  • Conversational Troping- La Vaca Cinéfila (The Bovine Movie Buff)lampshades tropes used on movies. She could be a Troper herself.
    • Another related character is "El Señor que Traduce los Nombres de las Películas" (The Man who Translates Movie Names), which comes with Completely Different Titles in Spanish for fictional English-language films.
  • Insufferable Genius- Pablo Picasso, the Spanish artist, is one of those in the series of strips Cosas que a lo mejor le pasaron a Picasso (Things that maybe happened to Picasso), an exaggeration from the real character's personality.
  • Mysterious Stranger- The Mysterious Man in Black. Shrouded in Myth, he wears a black coat and top hat, wandering smug and silently, usually followed by crows.
  • Odd-Shaped Panel - Liniers often does experiments with the panel shapes, even in the limited space of a newspaper strip.
  • Pokémon Speak- Olga, Martincito's blue, fuzzy imaginary friend, only speaks its own name.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot- Z-25, the Sensitive Robot, is a TinCan Robot with feelings. He likes to pick flowers in the park, cries when watching a sad film and loves being helpful to people.
  • Single-Gender Species- The duendes are male-only. In one early strip one of them ask "Why there are no 'duendas'?"
  • Surreal Humor- Various instances, especially with the characters Pan Chueco, Alfio, la Bola Trogldita and the Conceptual Incompreensible series of nonsense poetical strips.
  • Talking Animal- Fellini, Enriqueta's pet black cat and confidant.
  • The Voice - Henrietta's mother.

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