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Created by Phil Dunlap in 2005 before closing up shop in 2012, though Word of God stays it will continue in some form. Ink Pen is a Newspaper Comic about a temp agency for Animated Actors.

The strip is quite savvy, often poking fun at cliches and tropes found in cartoons and comic books as well as broad culture itself.

The Characters include:

  • Fritz and Bixby: A dog and a rat who function as the heads of Ink Pen to employ the various cartoon characters. The two have an Odd Couple relationship. Fritz being a workaholic obsessive compulsive neat freak. He's also a former child actor. Bixby on the other hand is rude, lazy and spends a lot of time sitting in the trash can.
  • Hamhock: A pig who'll sell out to anyone to become famous.
  • Ralston Rabbit: His high moral values often clash with the children's food products he is hired to endorse.
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  • Captain Victorious: A squared jawed lazy, dit-witted Jerk Jock Flying Brick superhero. Frequently annoyed by his Reckless Sidekick Scrappy Lad.
  • Tyr: Norse God of War who likes to throw his weight around.
  • Jenn Erica: The All -Purpose Female Character.
  • Moxie Gumpton: A Street Urchin youth raised in a cannery. Feisty and Tough. She has to be in order to avoid Scrappy Lad's unwanted affections. A hard edged parody of Little Orphan Annie.
  • Dynaman: A more traditional type of superhero and frequent foil for Captain Victorious. Spends lots of time working on his hair.
  • Ms. Amazement: Bosomy Superheroine with a similar origin to Wonder Woman. Uses her super strength fight crime and frequently has conversations about comic book tropes with Captain Victorious or Dynaman.


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