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Who is Wonder Girl? is a story of the Teen Titans. It sets a new Origin Story for Donna Troy, as Who Is Donna Troy? had become a canon discontinuity with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

It began with a hooded woman searching for Donna Troy, who arrives just in time when the Titans were attacked by strange aliens. With just her sight she unlocked Donna Troy's memory: everything that had happened to her after being rescued from the fire was false. The woman revealed to be Phoebe, the godness of the moon, one of the Titans of Myth. They had rescued several doomed children from different planets, turned them into demigods (which they called "seeds"), and returned them to their home planets with their training removed from their memory. But one of them, Sparta, retained her memory and went mad. She attacked New Chronos, but unable to defeat the Titans, she sent those aliens to kill the other seeds. Phoebe died after telling her story.

The titans divided in two teams, and used the spheres from Phoebe and the aliens to move to the other planets. The spheres could turn into portals to small spaceships (bigger in the inside). Donna, Raven and Changeling located Xanthi, who joined them, and then headed to New Chronos, where they met the aged Titans of Myth. Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire and Jericho found Athyns, but things were a bit more difficult: they arrived with the aliens, who destroyed his world, and Athyns thought that they were either all toguether, or bringing their wars to his planet. Worse yet, he took control of the think (which was controlled by will power), which was attacked by Sparta before arriving to New Chronos. They landed in the planet below, and Raven and Xanthi tried to rescue them. They did so, and Xanthi unlocked the memory of Athyns, but then Sparta killed Xanthi. They managed to bring her to New Chronos, and with 3 seeds the Titans of Myth could restore their power, undo Sparta's madness and restore the world she had ravaged. And, as a final gift, they gave a new suit to Wonder Girl, who also changed her name and began to name herself Troia.

Who is Wonder Girl? contains examples of:

  • Bigger on the Inside: The ships of the aliens. From outside, they are so small you can take them in your hand. From inside, they are big as a stadium. Kory unintentionally references the Trope Namer when she mentions she saw something similar at planet Tardyss.
  • Canon Discontinuity:
    • Wonder Woman saving the baby Donna Troy from the fire and sending her to Paradise island as expounded on in Who Is Donna Troy? is completely erased, as after Crisis Diana had just arrived into the world of men. The memory that Donna had of her past, which Phoebe said it was not true, was not even that: she remembered being saved by a firemen, and attending school. And, all of a sudden, she had no idea where did her powers came from until Phoebe gave the new canon.
    • The Origin of Lilith became obsolete as well. With a new Benevolent Thia among the Titans of Myth, she can no longer be the evil mother of Lilith.
  • Continuity Snarl: The real start of Donna's page earning one, as despite her odd unintended origin prior to this the writers had managed to come up with a reasonable backstory for her and stick with it.
  • Death World: Xanthi's world. Even for its own folks, Xanthi is the only one who can survive and work in the surface, because of his power, and only wearing a full-protection envirosuit. The plus is that, when Sparta's evil aliens appeared, he did not have to move a finger: they all fell dead in their tracks the very second they entered the planet's atmosphere.
  • Fake Memories: All the "seeds" got those when returned to their home planets, so that they did not think to be above the others. Donna Troy, who was saved from the fire by Rea, remembered being saved by a firefighter, attending high school, etc.
  • Hero of Another Story: The Titans missed the Invasion! crossover because they were busy in space with all this. And, more tragically, the first thing that Nightwing heard when he returned to Earth was that Jason Todd had just died.
  • Insectoid Aliens: Sparta's species.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Athyns was eventually revealed as such. He began as a Crazy Survivalist who would kill anyone who enters to his planet uninvited, and ended as the Boisterous Bruiser of the "seeds".
  • Last of His Kind: Athyns, as Sparta's aliens destroyed his planet attempting to kill him.
  • Must Make Amends
    • Athyns, who began as a complete jerk, acknowledged that if he had believed the Titans from the start or not took control of the ship, Xanthi may still be alive.
    • The Titans of Myth had this as well. First, Rea felt so alone being the only lone Titan while all the others had wives or husbands, that she sought the aliens in the planet beneath New Chronos instead. This led to the surge of demigods that engaged in destructive wars. To make amends for this, they sought and trained doomed children to be good demigods; but it did not work well with Sparta, who ruled her planet with an iron fist instead.
  • One-Steve Limit: The "Titans of Myth" are named that way because, well, there is another group of unrelated Titans around.
  • Red Shirt: Xanthi, he was introduced and killed in the same story.
  • Refused by the Call: Danny Chase is too young to go to space, and so he was left behind.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Averted. In the aftermath of the battle against her, Athyns remembered that he and Sparta were such big lovers; and then pointed himself that he does not forgot that the shot that killed Xanthi was meant for him.
  • Spider-Sense: Raven sensed that there was something wrong with the alien sphere as soon as she saw it.
  • Stranger in a Familiar Land: Donna and Xanthi felt this. One one side, they have unlocked memories of being children in a paradise, with handsome gods watching for their well-being. Now they are adults, New Chronos is just a desert asteroid once more, and the Titans are all so old that they may die of old age.
  • Taking the Bullet: The mad Sparta finally met her old lover, Athyns... and tried to kill him with a laser beam. Xanthi jumped to it and saved him.
  • Year Outside, Hour Inside: For the Titans, Phoebe and Donna exchanged a look for just a moment. For them, she had been hours talking about her origin story.