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Vlad and Travis, ready to kick ass.

"For everybody else, Steve Travis is just the victim of an unfortunate turn of events. I, however, see him as an unexpected and, by definition, unpredictable agent of chaos."

Travis is a French Comic Book series created by writer Fred Duval and artist Christophe Quet, set in the same world as Carmen Mc Callum.

The year is 2052, and the world is ruled by Megacorporations. Steve Travis is a freelance Space Trucker, using his shuttle to resupply various space stations. Unbeknownst to him, however, a bunch of terrorists led by nano-augmented killer Vlad Nyrki have been hiding in his cargo deck in order to infiltrate ''Huracán'', a weather-control satellite, where Travis is headed. Vlad has old scores to settle, but who is he really working for? And is Travis truly just a Right Man in the Wrong Place, or is there more to him than meets the eye?

While the first volume of Travis is basically ''Die Hard'' in space, the series quickly develops complex stories of corporate intrigue, industrial espionage, cybernetic conspiracies, and adventure.

15 volumes have been published between 1997 and 2019, divided into several story arcs:

  • Cyberner Arc (volumes 1 to 5): deals with the Huracán crisis and the following Corporate Warfare.
  • Vitruvia Arc (volumes 6.1, 6.2 and 7): revolves around the schemes of the Vitruvia corporation to expropriate the denizens of the Hameau des Chênes ("the Oak Hamlet").
  • H2O Arc (volumes 8 to 10): deals with the attempt of a rogue AI with a God complex to poison the water reserves of Earth. This story actually continues and ends in the sister series, Carmen Mc Callum.
  • Marcos' Children Arc (volumes 11 to 13): Travis has disappeared and a dangerous drug-trafficking Cartel seems involved.
  • Europe Mission Arc (started in volume 14): Travis finds himself in the middle of a revolt of the genetically-enhanced workers of the megacorporations' space colonies.

This Comic Book series provides examples of: