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The Incredible Hulks is a 2010 series by Marvel Comics, written by Greg Pak.

The Hulk teams up with his family - along with close family friends Rick Jones/A-Bomb and Korg - to become a force for good.

The Incredible Hulks provides examples of:

  • Arrogant God vs. Raging Monster: Subverted. In the aftermath of Chaos War, despite warnings from Hercules, Hulk decides to mouth off to Zeus and give him an ultimatum: help his suffering family, or else. Zeus is so enraged by the insult that he converts his massive cosmic power into raw muscle just to humiliate the Hulk with brute force. The result is a Curb-Stomp Battle that leaves the Hulk broken, bloody and completely beaten.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: The "Heart of the Monster" arc is built around this trope - Hulk and his team encounter a Wishing Well. Everyone involved knows what it will twist every wish it grants. What they don't know is the intentions of the Red She-Hulk, who used it to wish doom on her ex-husband.... if she meant it, his circumstances are going to improve, but if she liked him... As it turns out, she hated him at the time, meaning all of his dreams briefly came true.
  • Blood Knight: Highlighted in Heart of the Monster, where, confronted by Fin Fang Foom, giant dragon (who also happens to be green with purple pants...) who crushes the giant fish monster that Hulk, She-Hulk, and A-Bomb were struggling with moments before, the following exchange occurs;
    Fin Fang Foom: Who Dares? disturb the slumber of Him whose limbs shatter the mountains and whose back scrapes the sun?
    Hulk: Hah! Is it my birthday?
  • Emasculated Cuckold: During Greg Pak's run on The Incredible Hulks, the final two arcs had Betty Ross (as Red She-Hulk) beginning a relationship with Hulk's archnemesis, Tyrannus. This trope is specifically invoked numerous times by Tyrannus, specifically stating that he and Betty "did more than dance" at one point to make the Hulk angry enough to fight a common foe. Making it worse for both Bruce and the Hulk is the fact that it's clear Betty wants to be with Bruce again, but Red She-Hulk wants Tyrannus just to spite him. This comes back to bite her later when Hulk enters a "Worldbreaker" level of rage and needs a Cooldown Hug which she can no longer provide - so Umar steps up and lovingly brings Hulk to her realm to put his energy to "more enjoyable use". This time, it's Betty's turn to be jealous and angry.
  • Hero Insurance: Hulk and his teammates devastated a space launching bay because they didn't want America to interfere with Hulk's son. When called about it, Banner said they killed no one, and rebuilding all of this would create jobs! (If bombing expensive high-tech construction was a good way to create jobs, terrorism would fix economies).
  • Literal Genie: This is discussed in the "Heart of the Monster" arc when Hulk and his team encounter a Wishing Well.
    Amadeus Cho: Okay, then. Wishes 101. Whatever you ask for comes back to you in the most jacked up way imaginable. You ask for your dead son back? He shows up as a walking corpse.
    A-Bomb: And eats your brain.
    Amadeus: There ya go. It's the God's way of punishing us for trying to get something for nothing.
    Monica Rappaccini: Does he always talks this much?
    Bruce Banner: Yeah.
    Amadeus: Right! So you'd say "I wish he'd shut up." and then you end up deaf.
    She-Hulk: So you'd say "I wish that, without causing negative repercussions on the health and well-being of any person, Amadeus Cho would stop talking for the next ten minutes."
    Amadeus: Huh. Okay, yeah, that's pretty good!
    She-Hulk: Three years of law school finally pay off.
  • Never My Fault: The epilogue of Heart of the Monster has Bruce realize to himself that one of the reasons the various Hulk personas exist is to shift blame to one-another. For example, Hulk blames Bruce for being too weak to save their mother from their abusive father, as well as the numerous times he's screwed things up with science. Bruce blames the Hulk for acting out Banner's most destructive thoughts and feelings (especially since each Hulk acts out different feelings). Thanks to these transformations, all of them can continue shifting blame to one-another rather than accept that they're all the same person and thus the failings are shared amongst them all.
  • Planet Destroyer: During the "Heart of the Monster" storyline, Hulk and his wife/enemy Red She-Hulk are transported to the Dark Dimension, on a planet ruled by the Reality Warper Umar. Due to the high levels of radiation, magic, and rage powering the two as they fight, Bruce and Betty destroy the entire Dark Dimension over and over again by accident, forcing a bored and annoyed Umar to continuously rebuild it with a snap of her fingers until a portal finally appears for them to escape to another realm.