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To be fair, Jeff nearly caused Mike's house to vanish into the ocean. Paying for pizza is the least he could do.

"Morning; I didn't know you could cook." - Matt
"Me mom taught me." - Mike
First issue

The Epic Life is a western, indie, surreal comedy/Magic Realism comic book series created by Matthew Kordon for Next Generation Manga Magazine, which sold in local comic stores in the early 2010s. It currently only has two issues published, though it is not officially discontinued.

In 2000, immediately after the Millennium Bug caused a miniature Apocalypse, American teenager Matt Nodrok discovers that his Japanese Mother Died in a plane crash. This causes him to Lose His Mind and attempt to sail his father's kayak from the east coast USA to Japan. Predictably, a wave takes him under and he gets knocked out. When Matt awakes, he finds himself on the Very Weird Stigg Island, a place he never heard of before except in letters from a pen-pal. Very quickly, he finds his Pen-pal Mike Terkkola, a vest-wearing Badass-Wannabe Garage Band guitarist. Mike allows Matt to live in Mike's second small house with a yard on the island. Very early on, Matt also befriends Jeff Doe, a Lovable Hippie teen/Psychopath with Cartoonish Abilities. The Trio attempt to live normal lives while also pursuing their own goals in life, but often times, Ridiculous Circumstances forcibly occupy their time, causing them to become reluctant problem solvers time and time again.


One such odd circumstance is played out in the comics. A Mean Gang of cloud people (yes you read that right) kicked Mike out of his other house. And our three heroes need to figure out a way to kick them out. At one point when Matt and Mike aren't paying attention, Jeff hires a bunch of helicopter pilots to uproot the house and fly it "far away" hoping that would scare the cloud people out. Whether or not it did, Jeff ended up causing a much Worse Problem in the process. They end up chasing after the house in a hot air balloon.


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