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Cover for the collected print edition volume 1.

Shamrock is a fantasy/adventure comic created and written by Josh Brown and illustrated by Alberto Hernandez. It has appeared regularly in the bi-monthly genre magazine Fantasy Scroll since Issue #5 February 2015. The comic is serialized six pages at a time.

The story follows a young warrior named Shamrock, who has recently discovered she is Erin O'Shea, the true heir to the kingdom of Kerlow. Along with her tiger companion, Ruarc, she sets forth on a mission to oppose the evil King Lorcan and his army of hideous varlacs.

The comic is generally well reviewed in Quick Sip Reviews, a site mainly dedicated to reviewing speculative short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.


  1. Part 1: Shamrock
  2. Part 2: Into the Fray
  3. Part 3: Fury Uncaged
  4. Part 4: Hero’s Scream
  5. Part 5: Monkey Business
  6. Part 6: Perseverance
  7. Part 7: Shadows
  8. Part 8: Illusion

There is also a spin-off webcomic featured on Tapastic. Shamrock: Tales of Kerlow takes place thirty years before the main series and features manga-style art by Linda Roze.


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