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”Everything that we are doing here is just a cheap mysticism”

A semi-surreal, dieselpunk-ish comic book series written and drawn by German artist Andreas Martens. Story focusing on enigmatic white-haired „wizard” Rork and his Verne-esque adventures. It started off as a collection of short stories originally serialized in Belgian edition of Tintin magazine, then - after magazine was cancelled - published as graphic novels series in Le Lombard. After that, comic began introducing a long term Story Arc, which included, among many other things, Eldritch Abominations, Lost Technologies, Starfish Aliens, Time Travels, Dimensional Travels and owls.

There are eight volumes in the Rork series:

  • 0. Les Fantômes (The Ghosts) - prequel
  • 1. Fragments
  • 2. Passages
  • 3. Le Cimetière des Cathédrales (The Graveyard of Cathedrals)
  • 4. Lumière d'Etoile (Starlight)
  • 5. Capricorne (Capricorn)
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  • 6. Descente (Descent)
  • 7. Retour (Return)

The Rork series is (in)famous for his complex, Mind Screw-level Kudzu Plot, many unexplained plot points and just glorious, jaw-dropping art. It’s also example of Cult Classic among many European comic fans.

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