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Comic Book / Red Hood: The Lost Days

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My father was right. I've unleashed a curse upon this world.
Talia Al-Ghul

This six-issue miniseries by Judd Winick covers the story of Jason Peter Todd, the second Robin, from the time Jason dug himself out of his own grave till when Talia left him with the helmet he would use when he revealed himself as the Red Hood to his adopted father and former mentor.

It starts with Ra's al Ghul requesting that the manner in which Jason cheated death be found and all those who had knowledge of the catatonic John Doe before the League of Assassins be eliminated. Ra's eventually comes to the conclusion that though Jason came out of his coma and will fight off attackers he is not but an empty shell and that the League is done researching this dead end. Talia disagrees and goes against her father by knocking Jason into a Lazarus Pit but the boy who comes out is quite changed from the boy who was Bruce's son and partner.


Red Hood: The Lost Days provides examples of:

  • Came Back Wrong: Before being tossed in the Pit Jason was mostly non-responsive and catatonic. After the Pit he's mostly running on hate, anger and a desire for revenge.
  • Car Bomb: Just about the first thing Jason does after regaining his mind is go to Gotham and plan Bruce's death with one. Given his knowledge of the Batmobile and Bruce's way of operating his plan actually would have worked if he'd gone through with it.
  • Damaged Soul: What Ra's believes Jason to be a very violent version of after his dip in the pit and the immediate swim Talia has him take to escape.
  • Evil Mentor: Talia specifically searches these out to teach Jason how to use a gun, maim and kill in a fight. Jason requested Talia be one though she's really using the training time to stall as she has no desire to see Jason or Bruce die.
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  • Guns Akimbo: Jason has strayed quite far from Batman's no gun's policy.
  • In the Hood: Prior to acquiring his helmet.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: Jason ends up killing about half of the murderous mentors Talia finds for him himself, and his whole journey started out with his desire to beat his first one to the death.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Among other things Jason pretends not to know German which allows him to eavesdrop and lip read to discover some of his mentors' wrongdoings.
  • Replacement Goldfish: The first real showing of emotion Jason has, while still in his near catatonic state, was when Talia showed him a picture of Batman alongside a new Robin, telling him he'd been quickly replaced by his father. The truth of the situation was much more complicated but Jason doesn't know this.
  • Scheherezade Gambit: Talia starts off pulling one on Bruce's behalf, seeking out mentors for Jason all over the world as a stalling tactic since she loves Bruce and doesn't actually want Jason to kill him. By the end of the comic she's also seeking revenge on Bruce and she convinces Jason to punish him for the both of them without killing him.
  • Slave Liberation: His German mentor Egon was selling child slaves. Jason put an end to it.
  • Soulless Shell: What Ra's thinks Jason is before the Pit, however at least once he started crying so there was some emotion in him.


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