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Comic Book / MediEvil: Fate's Arrow

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A one-shot comic that series as both a prequel to MediEvil and sequel to MediEvil 2, released to coincide with the 2019 PlayStation 4 remake.

After the events of MediEvil 2, Sir Daniel Fortesque travels back in time, encountering his original, living self and (re)experiencing the events leading up to the legendary battle in which he first lost his life. He must work with some old friends and battle some old foes if he is to save his kingdom and seal his status as the Hero of Gallowmere.


MediEvil: Fate's Arrow contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Ambiguous Situation: It's deliberately left vague whether or not the Dan telling Professor Darrow the story is Sir Dan himself or his body-swapped past self. Chris Sorrell has stated that Sir Dan's actions have created a Stable Time Loop, leaning towards the latter.
  • Canine Companion: Sir Dan is revealed to have once owned a dog named Lupo.
  • Didn't Think This Through: To preserve the flow of history, Sir Dan helps make a potion to swap bodies with his past self during the events of the Battle of Gallowmere. It's only once they have all the ingredients and are in the midst of brewing it that they realize Dan, as a skeleton, can't actually drink the potion; they quickly adapt by making it into an ointment.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: To preserve the flow of history, Sir Dan swaps bodies with his past self, dying in the latter's body just as he had originally.
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  • Hero of Another Story: Kiya ended up back in ancient Egypt after her and Dan's separation, where she defeated a warlock bent on summoning Anubis before having her high priest return her to her eternal rest. Dan only finds this out upon returning to her tomb and finding a letter in her sarcophagus.
  • I Hate Past Me: When Dan first sees his past self, a cowardly, overly pampered Spoiled Brat, it takes him a few minutes to recognize him, much to his disbelief and disgust.
  • Narrator All Along: The framing story features a man in bandages and sunglasses talking to Professor Darrow, an archaeologist in present day Cambridge who has devoted her life to studying Sir Dan, and detailing his ultimate fate after the events of MediEvil 2. At the end of the story, Darrow finds the man's story incredible and asks him how he could possibly know what he knows; he replies, "Because I was there", and reveals himself to be none other than Dan.
  • Revision: The comic expands upon Dan's Fake Ultimate Hero status and explains why and how he became captain of the guard in Gallowmere; Zarok hypnotized King Peregrin into recruiting him, knowing that Dan was incompetent and would doom the king's army.
  • Stable Time Loop: According to Chris Sorrell, in swapping bodies with his past self and dying at the Battle of Gallowmere once more, Dan has created one; after this, he will defeat Zarok and Palethorn across the events of both games, travel back in time, do the body swap, and sacrifice himself, and the cycle will begin anew.

Alternative Title(s): Medi Evil