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Some of us enjoy getting our hands dirty.
— Val Armorr, Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 5 #2

Val Armorr is "Karate Kid", the only Legion of Super-Heroes member without a true superpower. He is a DC Comics character created by Jim Shooter who made his first appearance in the pages of Adventure Comics in 1966.

The best martial artist in the DCU hands down, Val Armorr has become so skilled at martial arts that it's a Charles Atlas Superpower. He was given a spot on the Legion despite his seeming lack of powers when he proved capable of defeating foes with super-strength and durability with martial arts alone. His temperament has varied across reboots, but he was originally headstrong and abrasive, making it difficult for many of his teammates to get along with him, and he is always incredibly strong willed and confident with good reason.

In 1976 Karate Kid got his own series which lasted for fifteen issues.


For his entry on the Legion of Super-Heroes character sheet, which more thoroughly compares and describes his various versions, see Legion of Super-Heroes: Silver Age.

For the unrelated film franchise that began in 1984 see The Karate Kid.

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Karate Kid

Karate Kid from the Legion of Super-Heroes comes smashing into our time!

  • All Part of the Show: Val's fight with Nemesis Kid at the beginning is mistaken for guerrilla filming by the local police who approach him to ask the whereabouts of the director who they want to give a citation for filming without a permit. Val has no clue what they're talking about.
  • Casual Time Travel: The Legion maintains their usual near ridiculous blasé attitude about time travel, showing up for the first issue to help with a fight and then taking off back to the future in a huff after telling K.K. he'll com them to ask for help sooner or later and they'll see him then.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: He does not really understand the social and technological differences between his own time and the 1970's, but he really likes it there since less stuff is synthetic and there are things like actual human teachers.
  • Pun: The cover of issue 14 proclaims Diamondeth is Forever!
  • Mistaken Nationality: While the police officers in the first issue quickly figure out Val isn't a local they assume he's a Kung Fu star brought over from Asia to star in some movie and ask him to point them to the director since they're "filming" without a permit. They realize they've made some mistaken assumptions once Val flies away upon hearing he's not in any trouble.
  • Nice Guy: Cosmic Boy is kind, compliments KK's actions and tries to get him to still feel like an integral part of the team when Val says he feels unneeded and out of place in the Legion. Val doesn't really care, and his feeling of being out of place is cemented when Brainiac 5 opens his mouth with a sarcastic comment. When Val throws Cos's humility back in his face and asks to be returned to the '70's Cos just asks him if he's sure that's what he wants before sending him back. However when Val gets brainwashed into taking lethal action Cos attacks him violently enough to give the team pause, partly because if he tried to take it easy Val would murder him.