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Your adventure depends of your choices, because you are the hero!

Diary of a Hero, or its official name, The comic book in which you are the hero, is a series of CYOA in comic book form edited by the French editor Makaka. The books exploit heavily this nature by hiding items or instructions for better paths in the drawings, involving the player in a deeper way than a prose book. For now, we have:

  • Knights.
    • Knights 1.
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    • Knights 2: The Missive.
    • Knights 3: The Buried City.
    • Knights 4: Princess Gargea.
    • Knights 5: United We Stand (TBA).
    • Dark Knight (TBA).
  • Pirates.
    • Pirates 1.
    • Pirates 2.
    • Pirates 3.
  • Sherlock Holmes.
    • Sherlock Holmes 1.
    • Sherlock Holmes 2.
  • The Prisoner.
  • The Iron Mages.
  • Project A (expected).
  • Zombies (TBA).
  • The Thieves Guild (TBA).
  • Nuwa's Tears (TBA).
More projects (western, werewolf...) are planned.


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  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: The poor brothers get it constantly. A good example is when you meet the Orc king in the book 2.
    Orc king: "I suppose the worm behind you is the reason you took so much time."
    Netanel: "On the contrary, he's been a precious help."
    Orc king: "Really? I'd have bet on the contrary..."
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: The three brothers: The strong one, the intelligent one and the agile one. Explicitly called like this in the book 2 (except for the agile one, who's called "archer", but still counts as a thief since he's a Master of Unlocking).
  • Punny Name: The king Louilepou (Louietheflea, litteraly).
  • Shared Universe: With Pirates.
  • Sibling Team: Sort of. In story design, probably. But in gameplay design, you must choose which one of the three brothers you'll play.
  • The Six Stats: Well, actually four. Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Charisma.
    • Dump Stat: Charisma is completely useless. So much that it completely disappears in the book 2.
    • Book 2 also adds two new stats, Attack and Defense, independent from the three other and used exclusively for battle.

Book 1

The year 1012, kingdom of the good king Louilepou. Three brothers dream of joining the order of the royal knights: fearless knights, capable of crossing great distances, of killing the most dangerous of thieves and of defending the brave farmer. One of these three brothers, it's you! But the road before becoming a knight is long! You must explore the whole kingdom searching for Bravery Bangles. Snowy mountains, haunted lakes, dark forests... You'll surely have to face a troll, an old sorcerer or a warrior! You'll have to solve riddles, discover hidden panels, learn fighting skills, find magical items!

Book 2: The missive

At the knights' school, captain Karinka trains you relentlessly to make of you the elite of the royal guard... and you fare pretty well! Thus, the king charges you to bring an extremely important missive to the leader of the neighboring earldom. But traps and enemies will be numerous on the road! Forge your weapons to make them powerful, earn special skills and points by finding magical cards, win the battles and level up to become stronger and accomplish your mission!

  • Actionized Sequel: The book introduces a fighting system with HP, XP and loot.
  • Ascended Extra: Karinka, a NPC of the first book, is here the fourth and new PC.
  • The Beastmaster: One of the two special abilities of the mage. The three others can do it with the right card.
  • Cameo: One of your opponents at the poker game is the strong PC of Pirates.
  • Cards of Power: The 20 magical cards you can find in the game. One doubles your attack for a fight, one allows you to have three stat points instead of one at the next level-up, one doubles the bonuses you can get from a forge, etc...
  • Critical Hit: You can pull it in battle. Notable because it's Justified: the critical hit, contrarily to a normal hit, bypasses the Defense and special resistances of the enemy.
    • And some weapons actually boost the critical hit in addition to boosting the normal attack.
  • Double Tap: One of the two special abilities of the archer. He can do it only on the first turn of the fight, though.
  • Escort Mission: Both sidequests.
  • Hulk Speak: Some of the Orcs. Other speak normally.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: "Great Knight" (the normal difficulty level) or "Little Squire" (in which there is no XP or levels, the fights being reduced to comparing your Attack to an opponent's special stat, exclusive to this mode).
  • In the Hood: The mysterious man of the Orc king's sidequest. It's Netanel, the earl of Nekashu.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Karinka.
  • Just Add Water: One of the two special abilities of the mage. He can mix some precise plants (you have to find them first, of course) to make potions.
  • Level-Up Fill-Up: Yup.
  • Master of Unlocking: One of the two special abilities of the archer. The three others can do it with the right card.
  • Our Elves Are Better: Again. Although they're a bit nicer than in the previous book (i.e. they don't kill you on the spot and let you go). And this time, they have a good reason to be cross at humans: a bandit stole their king's talisman. And if you find back said talisman, bring it back to them. The reward is good.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: Except for the size (normal) and the absence of "religion", they're the Blizzard variation. Also notable is that it's implied that except with the earldom of Nekashu, they tend to have no relations with humans.
    • And a little funny detail: their tusks are not pointy, but square/round (a bit like a hippo).
    • They're also quite strong. You have three (optional) fights against one, and all of them are in the top tier of the monsters in the book.
    • And there's a fourth one (optional too, thank goodness), who's THE strongest enemy in the book. The top tier monsters have a HP level of thirty. This orc's HP? One hundred.
  • Side Quest: Two of them. Each one, once completed, allows you to play the corresponding side book.
    • You can escort Hector the merchant to bring a cargo to Elliot the seller. The challenge is that you're not forced to deal with the obstacles (mainly fights), but if you don't, you'll lose part of the cargo. And if you don't have enough of the cargo when you reach Elliot, the quest is a failure. Success in this quest will allow you to play The buried city.
    • A mysterious hooded man asks for your help in reaching the Orc territory, claiming he must meet their king. Contrarily to the previous one, you can't fail here (except if you're killed in battle, of course, and you'll have to deal with one of the strongest monsters of the book). Success in this quest will allow you to play Princess Gargea.
  • Stronger with Age: The fighter's special ability. When he levels up, in addition to a point for one of the three main stats, he has a point for Attack or Defense.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: In Hector's sidequest, you can knock him out and steal his cargo, which is worth a lot. And this time, you get away scot-free with it.

Book 3: The buried city

During your first official mission, you met Elliot, the main merchant of the town of Poustifaille. Impressed by your efficiency, he asked to bring him a list of precious items, hidden on a faraway island. Will you manage to find them and bring them? Will you even be able to leave this island alive? We shall see...

Book 4: Princess Gargea

Previously, you met the Orc king, whose daughter has disappeared. On the advice of his close friend, the earl of Nekashu, the king gave you an important mission: bring back his child safe and sound from the clutches of the dangerous mountain bandits. Will you find your path to the summits in spite of the treacherous landscapes? Will you reach the princess in spite of the traps and the enemies? Finally, will you manage to get her out of her jail? Be brave and bold!

Book 5: United we stand



Book 1

Your captain trusted you with an important mission: guard a man with an amazing power, but whose secret you ignore. Alas, the prisoner escapes from your watchfulness and already disappears in a mysterious island. Loyal pirate, you jump from the ship to swim in deep waters, ready to cross a hostile jungle, to climb undefeatable mountains, to go through stinking swaps and bandit villages! But will you stay loyal when you'll discover the secret of this man?

  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Twice in the book, you're faced with a situation "If you have the right item, go forward. Otherwise, turn around and leave". Except that said item doesn't exist at all in the book! If you try to go forward anyway...
    "You're dead! Serves you right!"
  • Hunk: The strong pirate is also the one with the highest charisma.
  • Jerkass: The leader of the city's guards. See Player Punch for details.
    • For his defense, you're a pirate. And if you give him the 10 feathers, not only he lets you keep your stuff, but he also gives you an early hint for the book 2.
  • The Magic Touch: It's very strongly implied that this (the Midas version, to be accurate) is the secret/power of the prisoner.
  • Mercy Rewarded: When you fight the zombie swordsman, after winning, you get a choice between finishing him or sparing him. In the former, you get some gold. In the latter, he gives you a card of access to the VIP club of the city, which is very helpful in the second book.
  • Mission-Pack Sequel: Let's be honest. This book is, in gameplay terms, absolutely identical to Knights 1. The only difference is that you just have to reach the end, instead of collecting enough MacGuffin in a limited time.
  • Ocular Gushers: The farmer who lost his ring if you don't have it (or have it and decide to keep it). Lampshaded:
    "Better get out of here before you drown."
  • Player Punch: A minor one, but it counts. At the very end of the adventure, in the main city, the guards' leader asks for 10 feathers in exchange for him not throwing you in jail. If you refuse (or don't have enough feathers), he doesn't throw you in jail... But confiscates your stuff. That means you lose every item, gold coin and other stuff you found over your quest!! It's almost (there's still the permanent stat bonuses you may have found) as if you did the entire book for nothing!

Book 2

You completed your first mission and now know where is hidden the prisoner. But to capture him is going to be much harder! You'll have to search a city filled with traps, interrogate citizens who are not talkative and especially hostile, look for clues to solve the mysteries that surround the fugitive... Riddles, quests and challenges will be the keywords of this second book of Pirates!

  • Derivative Differentiation: Here, the series takes its independance from Knights with a different evolution in the gameplay.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: The new PC.
  • Karma Meter: The Piracy stat. It will influence which parts of the city you can explore, and thus, which clues you will find. It also influences the end.
    • Less than 10: Good.
    • 10: Neutral.
    • More than 10: Evil.
  • Multiple Endings: Once you finally corner the prisoner, a final choice is given: will you take the prisoner back to your captain, or will you do what you want to do with him?
    • If you take the first choice, no matter your Piracy, the prisoner is once again prisoner, and your captain promotes you first mate.
    • If you take the second choice and are evil (more than 10 Piracy), you give the prisoner to another pirate, who gives you 100 coins in exchange.
    • If you take the second choice and are good (less than 10 Piracy), you let the prisoner go free, and he gives you a ring in thanks.

Book 3

During your last adventure, a mysterious parrot, with a scroll tied at the claw, landed on your captain's shoulder. It's surely not one of these treasure maps like you find in every pirate book. No! It's a message for you. A curse seems to have stricken all the inhabitants of a small, faraway, isolated island, and they desperately look for someone who could help them. And if it was you?


    Sherlock Holmes 


  • Damned by Faint Praise: Sort of. Holmes seems almost completely unable of congratulating Watson without insulting him at the same time.

Book 1

At Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes is on a rush since the news brought by Scotland Yard: the great novelist Ames Douglas has been poisoned! Everything seems to lead to a suicide, but a note with a coded message convinces the famous detective of the contrary... See through the eyes of doctor Watson and lead the investigation with Sherlock Holmes: decide on which trail to follow, find the clues and discover the meaning of this coded message, that will lead to the culprit!

  • Dare to Be Badass: You play as Watson because Holmes delivers this to him at the beginning of the book.
    Holmes: "I may look harsh, but it's because I know you can do much better than that."
  • Dreaming of Times Gone By: The book happens a few years after the events of Reichenbach. We know it because Watson, through dreams, relives them.
  • The Hero Dies: If you play your cards badly, the book will end on Watson's death. Holmes, wracked by guilt, retires.
    • It is also possible to see Holmes die.
  • Faking the Dead: Ames Douglas.
  • Sequel Hook: The last page, showing the events of Reichenbach, heavily implies that Moriarty is still alive...
  • Shout-Out: To the first movie with Robert Downey Jr..
    Watson: "Oh. You're shooting walls. Again."
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Sherlock and Holmes completely forget Lestrade's presence during their argument!
    Lestrade: "All right, it's whenever you want. I'm right here."
  • What the Hell, Player?: If you go directly to the last page, Holmes will chew out the reader.
    Holmes: "Oh, I see. You go directly to the last page to find the answer. Why would the end be at the last page? Hey? Do things in order! EARN THAT ENDING, DAMMIT!!"
    Watson: "Sherlock, you're talking all alone again..."

Book 2

Panic rules at Baker Street! Recently, Sherlock Holmes' flat is invaded by customers. Thefts, kidnappings, murders... It seems that all of London needs the famous detective. But what cases investigate in priority? It's to you, who are in the skin of doctor Watson, to act alongside Holmes. Clues, witnesses, proofs, you'll have to neglect nothing to find the culprits. Unless these crimes are all due to a single person?

  • Big Bad: Moriarty.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: Choosing to be Holmes or Watson. Holmes is harder to play than Watson.
  • Wham Episode: The stinger.
    Lestrade: "How ironic. You spent all these years faking the dead, preparing your revenge against Holmes, and in the end, he beats you again."
    Moriarty: "Spare me your sarcasms, Lestrade, and tell me what you intend to do with me. The jail, I suppose. Do you have any idea how many enemies I have there? Send me to the gallows, that'd be quicker."
    Lestrade: "The Yard doesn't want to jail you... but to hire you. There are cases that even Sherlock Holmes can't solve..."

    The Iron Mages 

In an alternate Paris, magical energy replaced steam to make the machines work, and coal has been abandoned to the profit of mana crystals. As the Exposition Universelle of 1889 draws close, France intends to demonstrate its power by revealing its new secret weapon, Gustave Eiffel's impressive anti-spell tower. Prodigious student in magitech, you've been hired to find the precious mana necessary to make the Iron Lady work. You'll have to be intelligent and skilled to accomplish this crucial and delicate mission.

    The prisoner 

Why to target a cop? Especially a basic cop? It's one of the too numerous questions that harass you since you received that ransom. Since your daughter has been kidnapped... As you enter this mansion lost deep in the woods, your hand gripping your gun, filled with rage and saturated with fear, you feel that things will go badly. Your intuition won't betray you... even if you were far of imagining what you would have to face in the most horrifying night of your life.

  • Bittersweet Ending: The best ending.
    • On the bitter side, the entire Meyrieu family is dead (except Solange), Jeff is dead, Clovis is dead if you were too slow, and you killed for the first time in your life.
    • On the sweet side, the entire cult has taken his one-way ticket to Hell, Clovis is saved if you were fast enough, Lily is saved, and it's implied you and her will eventually recover from this ordeal.
  • Darker and Edgier: OH MY GOD . The previous books were light-hearted adventure or mystery stories for fun. Here? Survival Horror .
    • It extends to the back cover's blurb. The previous ones are a funny description ending on "Your adventure depends of your choices, because you are the hero!". Here, you have just one cold line:
    Only you can save her
  • Papa Wolf: You.
  • Shout-Out: The book borrows a lot to Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Specifically, the original games.
    • Like in Resident Evil:
      • The action happens in a mansion.
      • You're a professional trained in gun use.
      • You have partners. One of them will mandatorily die, the other can be saved.
    • Like in Silent Hill:
      • Your enemies are a Religion of Evil.
      • Your objective is to save your daughter.
      • The horror is hellish and psychological based.
  • Survival Horror: And one that doesn't put kids gloves!
  • Timed Mission: You must save Lily before the evil ritual is completed.
    • Interestingly, the time spent affects your adventure at many points. It determines whether you're ambushed by an enemy or you get to ambush him, whether you can save or not Clovis, and other things.
    • And even if you come too late to prevent the ritual, you can still save Lily and win if you have the right item and/or the right knowledge.

    Project A 

A story set After the End.


The zombies attack! No one saw them coming, not even you... And no wonder, they're your neighbors, your friends, your family. In this apocalyptic adventure, you'll be either the brave Judy, helping the populace escape the ghouls, either the undead Ben, condemned to devour living beings to not rot from within! Will you really do anything to survive?



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