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Comic Book / Cyrus Perkins And The Haunted Taxi Cab

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Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab is a Comic Book by Dave Dwonch.

Cyrus Perkins is just an average Joe who makes a living driving a taxi cab. That all changes however, when a boy with a gunshot wound in his stomach climbs in. After a short while, the boy dies in Cyrus' back seat. Then, Cyrus finds that the boy's spirit is now haunting his taxi cab.

Now, Cyrus needs to help the boy, Michael, solve the mystery of his murder to grant him the peace he needs to move on to the afterlife. If he can't, then Michael will never leave.

The comic was funded on Kickstarter in under 48 hours. It was released February 10th, 2016.


Cyrus Perkins And The Haunted Taxi Cab contains examples of:

  • Character Name and the Noun Phrase: With a title like "Cyrus Perkins And The Haunted Taxi Cab", how can this trope NOT be used?
  • Ghostly Goals: Michael is stuck haunting Cyrus' taxi until the mystery of his murder is solved.
  • Fantastic Noir
  • Haunted Technology: The titular taxi cab becomes haunted after a kid dies of a gunshot wound in the backseat. The only way he'll leave is if the mystery of who murdered him is resolved.
  • The Taxi: Cyrus drives one. Now he needs to help the ghost of a dead kid solve the mystery of his murder so he will stop haunting it.


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