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Comic Book / Cloak and Dagger (Marvel Comics)
aka: Cloak And Dagger

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The Marvel Comics characters of Cloak and Dagger have had five self-titled comic books so far:

Cloak and Dagger Vol 1 (1983–1984) was a four-issue mini-series written by Bill Mantlo, with art by Rick Leonardi. This was Cloak and Dagger's first mini-series and introduced a number of recurring characters, like Father Francis Delgado and police detective Brigid O'Reilly. The story was about Tyrone and Tandy trying to live in the harsh city and help people with their powers, even while those powers go astray. The fourth issue told their full origin story.

Cloak and Dagger Vol 2 (1985–1987) was a continuation of the mini-series, still written by Bill Mantlo, with art by Rick Leonardi. Their series continued the story of Tyrone and Tandy, as well as the story of Brigid O'Reilly, who dies and then becomes Mayhem. The series lasted eleven issues and contained a tie-in to Secret Wars II.

Cloak and Dagger Vol 3 (1988–1991) (also known as the Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger) was written by Terry Austin, with art by Dan Lawlis. It took on a more supernatural bent, with them fighting against the evil sorcerer Mr Jip, the villainess Ecstasy, and even participating in the crossovers Inferno (1988) and Acts of Vengeance. They also gained a new friend in police detective Rebecca "Rusty" Nales, a friend of Brigid O'Reilly. The series was later co-written by Steve Gerber, with artwork returning to Rick Leonardi. The series lasted nineteen issues and, ironically, the last issue retold their origin, just like the original mini-series.

Cloak and Dagger Vol 4 (2010) was a one-shot written by Stuart Moore, with art by Mark Brooks. Now members of the X-Men during the Utopia era, Cloak and Dagger struggle to fit in.

Cloak and Dagger Vol 5 (2018–2019) was a six-issue mini-series written by Dennis Hallum, with art by David Messina. Tyrone and Tandy have drifted apart and a new villain, the Grey, decides to take advantage of this.

Also, the characters had a two-season TV adaptation, Cloak & Dagger (2018), as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which moved them to New Orleans and changed their powers and backgrounds a little.

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    Volume 1 & 2 
  • As the Good Book Says...: Their series started off each splash page with a paraphrased quote above the title. Psalm 139:12-14. "The darkness and light are both alike... I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
  • The Big Rotten Apple: A lot of the book takes a look at drugs and prostitution in New York City, especially since this was the '80s.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: As revealed in volume 2, all persons absorbed through Cloak's darkness are sent to a demon by the name of Predator. It first uses nightmarish illusions to cause victims to despair, then feeds on their lifeforce. It is immortal and seemingly all-powerful in its home dimension. Until #10 of the series, when Cloak sends Doctor Doom to the Predator. He fails to despair, quickly overpowers the demon, and leaves it in severe pain. He then simply steps out of the darkness back into the real world, something which typically required outside assistance for prisoners of the Darkforce.
  • Friend on the Force: Brigid O'Reilly, until she becomes Mayhem.
  • Home Base: Their home base was the Holy Ghost Church, an abandoned church they had found.
  • Nuclear Nullifier: One issue has the heroic duo teleport to Latveria, where they discover that Doctor Doom has a device that exploits thunderstorms to render the world's nuclear devices inert. He remains unswayed when informed that radiation treatments for cancer patients are likewise nullified.
  • Time Marches On: Looking at their old 80s issues, certain aspects of New York City like Times Square being a den of drugs and porn, seems almost laughable when comparing it to how it is today.

    Volume 3 
  • Evil Desires Innocence: Dagger, aka Tandy Bowen, in her early days, was depicted as naive and innocent, and became the object of lust to Father Delgado, who, after years of cynicism and failure to make any impact in the neighborhood, was veering into Sinister Minister territory, and the evil Mr. Jip, who wanted to Corrupt the Cutie.
  • Friend on the Force: Rebecca "Rusty" Nales, a friend of Brigid O'Reilly's.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: A 1991 storyline introduced Cloak's twin sister, Anna Johnson. She was a vagrant with Danger Prone tendencies, which led to her having nasty encounters with neo-Nazis, demons, and arsonists. As of her last appearance, later that year, she was scared and hiding somewhere in New York City. Cloak was contacting a search for her in an effort to reconnect with his last living relative. Cloak and Dagger's title was cancelled at about this time and this plotline was never resolved.

    Volume 4 
  • Retcon: Cloak and Dagger didn't start out as mutants, but after the problematic aspect of drugs giving you superpowers was realized, they were quickly retconned into the drugs having merely awakened their X-genes. This one-shot, however, re-retcons that so that they are no longer mutants and have no X-genes. The X-Men still offer to keep them on the team, but both Cloak and Dagger decide to leave instead.

    Volume 5 
  • Life Drinker: The Grey. It releases a fog that confuses its victims while it feeds on their life force.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Cloak and Dagger, once inseparable, have drifted apart. Specifically, Tandy has decided she wants to figure out who she is without Tyrone, even though they still have to see each other to survive.

Alternative Title(s): Cloak And Dagger