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The titular wild mustang

Black Fury was a 1950s comic about the adventures of a wild mustang (the titular Black Fury) as he roamed the Old West. Being a Cool Horse of unrealistic intelligence, these adventures included everything from fending off leopards to capturing bandits.

Though the series ended after 57 issues, most of it has been uploaded to a public domain website and reprinted by Escamilla Comics.

This series includes the following tropes:

  • Androcles' Lion: A rare example where the "lion" is the viewpoint character. Fury feels bound to protect those who treat him kindly, and actually hangs around someone's house for days until he finds an opportunity to repay them.
  • Cool Horse: Black Fury is a mustang who wanders around the Old West, bringing evildoers (who he can invariably identify) to justice and fighting off various apex predators. People know better than to even try catching a horse from the herd that Black Fury leads- they will fail, they always have, and he will make you look like an idiot into the bargain. Besides, most of them owe their lives or livelihoods to Black Fury's intervention.


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