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"Ay carumba!"

Bart Simpson was a Comic Book series centered around the eponymous character from The Simpsons. It was published by Bongo Comics in the US, Titan Magazines in the UK, and Otter Press in Australia. The series started in 2000 and ended in 2016.

Bart Simpson provides examples of:

  • All Just a Dream: In An Anime Among Us Bart Simpson ends up in a Parody of various anime series after getting knocked unconscious by a box of Mr. Sparkle.
  • Already Met Everyone: One Whole Episode Flashback has Homer and Marge (alternately) telling a story about a battle between the girls and the boys for control of Springfield's theater when they were kids. It turns out Homer briefly encountered Marge at that time and found her beautiful, but nothing came of it because he still wasn't out of his Girls Have Cooties phase.
  • Amateur Film-Making Plot: The 20th issue has a story where Bart and Milhouse attempt to make their own zombie film using an ancient home movie camera. But they're very tight on money, and the low budget really shows.
  • Ambiguous Clone Ending: In one of the Professor Frink stories where Bart makes 25 copies of himself who then come to live with him at the Simpson house; they're way too much for the family to handle, but Marge is told by Frink that Clones Are People, Too and adopts them out to loving homes. At the end she asks the Bart she's left with if he's the original, to which he hastily assures her he is; cut to (presumably) the original Bart freezing cold in an igloo with a family resembling Inuit versions of the rest of his family members.
  • And the Rest: How Lisa's character is labeled in the casting for a spoof on Lost in Space.
  • Bankruptcy Barrel: The 92nd issue of the comic featured a story called "D'oh! Unto Others", where Bart pranked everyone into destroying their clothes by tricking them into thinking their clothes were infested with bed bugs. To avoid going around naked, the people of Springfield all start wearing barrels.
  • Blind Shoulder Toss: As seen in the page image for 419 Scam, in one of these comics, Bart receives a "letter from a Nigerian prince," which he details to his sister, Lisa, before tossing it over his shoulder in disgust.
  • Comically Small Bribe: Lisa competes on a local quiz show for kids called Who Wants to Win a Pocketful of Quarters?
  • Deadpan Snarker: Several characters are this, though as to be expected Bart is the main contributor to this trope.
  • Dissimile: Bart and Lisa at first don't realize who "The Supercat of Springfield" is, although Chief Wiggum notes that the unidentified cat "flew away like some kind of beautiful, streaky-black snowball."
  • Girls Have Cooties: Bart, with only the rare exception. In a Lost in Space spoof, an oppressed "mutant" alien (a two-eyed member of a three-eyed species) overthrows her oppressors with Bart's help and asks him to rule by her side, wondering "Do you find me so hideous to look at?"
    Bart: Well, kinda. But I'm only 10, and I think all girls have cooties!
  • Guilt by Association Gag: One story has Nelson about to be punished for throwing Martin Prince's shoes over the power line, but Lisa does a bit of deductive work and proves that Martin did it himself and framed Nelson for it. Unimpressed, Seymour hauls off both boys and Bart just for the hell of it.
  • Insane Troll Logic: After Bart tricks Milhouse into believing he's turned invisible, he approaches the bullies to taunt them, only to discover they're very much able to see him. Feeling guilty, Bart steps in to explain to them why they shouldn't beat the "invisible" Milhouse up, successfully scaring them away:
    Bart: ...You can't see gas, but it can poison you, right? You can't see radiation, but it can burn you, right? You can't see germs, but they can make you sick, right? Well, if something invisible that you can't see can do all that to you...just imagine what something invisible that you can see will do to you!
  • Intergenerational Friendship: The "Professor Fink's Partly Probable Parables" series features a Doc and Marty-like relationship between Frink and Bart.
  • Jerkass: Unsurprisingly for a Simpsons comic, several characters qualify as being mean and unpleasant, especially Bart Simpson, which who the comic is centered upon.
  • Mecha: A mecha made of corn pone chases Bart in a play in Bart Fink And The Mighty Mississip.
  • Mooning: There are a few instances of someone baring their behind.
    • "The Time Bandit!", a story from the 14th issue, has Bart go back in time to when his parents were children. At one point, he gets a laugh out of Homer's class (including the teacher) by mooning them.
    • "Ponce Upon a Time" from issue 42 has Bart realize to his horror that he's going to look like his father when he becomes older after comparing childhood photos that both depict him and his father baring their butts when they were babies.
    • The 53rd issue had a story called "The Mystery of the Pesky Desk", where Lisa is made to sit at a desk that is allegedly jinxed. Among the unusual behaviors the desk makes her engage in is mooning her classmates.
  • Not Zilla: There's a story in the 11th issue called Bartzilla, which sees Bart imaging himself as a big, Godzilla-esque monster wreaking havoc on Springfield.
  • Opening Shout-Out: One story has Snowball II gaining superpowers after swallowing a plutonium rod—specifically, the one Homer threw out his car window after finding it caught in his shirt collar.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: In the Me's a Crowd Professor Frink story, Bart is quick to realize that living with his own clones is a no-go.
  • The Prankster: To be expected for a comic centered on Bart Simpson. A lot of stories revolve around him pranking people.
  • Red Sock Ruins the Laundry: The cover image from #81 shows an angry Homer discovering all his white shirts turned purple in the laundry, while Bart, wearing his purple Bart Man suit, walks away whistling.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: A spoof of Wild Wild West features Jessica Lovejoy as the Woman Behind the Man to Big Bad Ralph Wiggum, aka "Braneless." She has to keep denying that Ralph is her boyfriend.
  • Splitting Pants: Played with on the cover image of #11; Principal Skinner bends over to pick up a pen, and at that moment Bart, who is standing behind Skinner, tears up a sheet of paper to make Skinner think this trope happened.
  • To Serve Man: Kang and Kodos in Cooking With Kang And Kodos eat pizza delivery boys and Kodos tried to make a pie out of boys. One comic did have Kodos avert this, stating that they where at Earth for research, much to Kang's dismay (but he does apparently get to eat Ralph, who is none the wiser).

Alternative Title(s): Simpsons Comics Presents Bart Simpson, The Big Bratty Book Of Bart Simpson, Big Bratty Book Of Bart Simpson