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Adventure Time: Beginning of the End is a three issue miniseries written by Ted Anderson (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW)), with art by Marina Julia. It serves as the Grand Finale of the original comic book series by BOOM! studios.

Finn breaks a promise he can’t remember making which leads to a confrontation with Chronologius Rex, the lord of Hours and All Time. Now Finn must set on a journey to confront the ghosts of his past selves, the alternate selves of his present, and all his possible futures, while Jake gathers help from all of Ooo and beyond. Together, they must save Finn before he goes beyond the Vanishing Point and is erased from every reality forever.

The miniseries was released on May 23rd and ended on July 25th, a few days after the announcement of Adventure Time: Season 11. The miniseries was re-released on October 23rd with an extra chapter included.



  • Back for the Finale:
    • Shoko returns in the first issue to guide Finn in his past.
    • Ice King, Donny, Canyon, Choose Goose, Slime Princess, President Porpoise, Grand Master Wizard, James Baxter, Flame Princess, Cinnamon Bun, Sweet P, Jake's kids, Huntress Wizard, the other princesses of Ooo, James 2, Starchy, Mr. Cupcake, Tiny Manticore, Rattleballs and the Vampire King (his original lion form) returns to help build PB's machine in order to save Finn.
    • Fern, Susan Strong and Billy returns in the second issue as time projections.
    • Lemonhope, Cuber, Patience St. Pim, Glob, Orgalorg and Gunter the Dinosaur returns when Finn and Jake travels through time.
    • The final page of chapter four shows Penelope holding a book.
  • Grand Finale: Of the original comic book series.
  • Multiple Endings: Before erasing Finn from existence in the third issue, Rex shows three of many possible futures to him if he never broke the promise:
    • A future where Finn becomes an elderly battle-hardened warrior of the Candy Kingdom, ready to go to a war alongisde the veteran Banana Guards.
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    • A future where Finn moves away from Ooo and returns to Founders Island, where he decides to follow Rattleballs' steps and becomes a teacher for the next generation of adventurers while living a happy life with his wife.
    • A Star Trek inspired future where Finn becomes a space captain, with his crew being composed of his friends and family from Ooo and Founders Island.
  • Noodle Incident: Bubblegum confronted Chronologius Rex once, but what kind of promise she broke is never told. According to her, it wasn't pretty.
  • The Promise: What started this entire mess in the first place: When Finn and Jake found the treehouse when they were kids, Finn promised Jake that they will spend time everyday together for all time. Unfortunately for Finn, he made an oath to Rex once he mentioned "for all time." The reason why he's going to be erased is because he didn't feel like hanging out with Jake in the previous day.
  • Ret Gone: What Rex plans to do with Finn after breaking the promise. But unlike GOLB, Rex not only plans to erase him from existence, but also undo all the things he did in the series. That means everything Finn did in the series (protecting Ooo from evil, helping people, forming bonds) will be completely erased alongside him.
  • The Reveal: The comic may take place in an Alternate Continuity, but the second issue reveals that the Fire Giants were indeed built by Moe, BMO's creator.
  • Time Master: Chronologius Rex, the lord of Hours and All Time.


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