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He'll just be making those weird noises. Just leave hi- BLA BLA BLA!

  • Tori of Fairy Foxes. Example in episode 4:
    Kiki: I thought this was a library. Aren't there supposed to be books?
    Tori: [upside down] No silly, the books are below you!
    Mimi: No, Tori, that direction is up. You're saying that they're above you.
    Zoey: Wow... the books are floating.
    Tori: Yay!
  • Jimbob in GEOWeasel occasionally goes off tangents and snaps back with non sequiturs. Nar is usually The Ditz, but in one case can apparently understand Jimbob's outbursts. At one point, Weas is able to read minds. Two characters have thoughts in their normal voices, but Jim just has backmasked music playing in his head.
    Nar: Hey, Jim, how's the weather?
    Jimbob: Apples and cream pie!
    Nar: Yeah, it does look like it's gonna rain.
  • The Homestar Runner universe has a number of these:
    • Homestar Runner is usually The Ditz, but his energetic, active stupidity often results in some surreal dialogs (or monologues).
      "Say, you got a girlfriend? Well, what if your girlfriend was a wooden spoon and an orange plastic bowl? That'd be really weird, man. What kind of screwed-up kid are you? We don't recruit your kind! Get out of here!"
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    • Or the way he talks to the movies in the theater. Not as in, "Oh no don't do that!! He's right behind you!", just small talk to the characters. Sometimes about a salad he plans to make. "Yeah, I figured I'd just cut up some iceberg lettuce, throw some tomatoes on there, maybe a little catalina. Nothing fancy, nothing fancy..." Homestar is often naive to the world around him, so he often needs Pom Pom to help him... too bad Pom Pom is The Unintelligible.
      Homestar: (upon walking into a cemetery) Oh man, Pom Pom, this is gonna be so great! First, we'll hit Space Mountain, then over to Mr. Toad's, then Tom Sawyer's Island, and don't forget, we parked in the Goofy lot!
      • "myths & legends" indicates that Homestar thinks Pom Pom is his dog, literally.
    • Homsar is the Lord Mayor of Cloudcuckooland. He communicates largely in non-sequiturs with only the flimsiest connection to the topic at hand, and his disconnection from reality is so strong that he breaks the laws of physics (by levitating either himself or his hat) every time he speaks. He also somehow managed to survive having a Heavy Lourde dropped on him.
      Homsar: Oh no! You shanked my Jengaship!
      Strong Sad: I shanked your Jengaship? We're playing Connect Four.
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    • According to episode 2 of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Homsar is apparently just speaking his own incomprehensible language rather than being a true Cloudcuckoolander. Strong Bad can temporarily understand Homsar, who is actually quite articulate to those who can understand him. To anybody else, any conversation those two have ends up as a series of confusing ramblings.
    • Senor Cardgage, a creepy-old-man-with-a-combover version of Strong Bad who constantly mispronounces "invents" new words (which, as Strong Bad says, are "almost one word and not quite another") and refers to men (and robots) as if they were ladies, among other things.
      "Home Lawn, Escrow, Re-Financin'; you name it, we've got it! Come along down for a free canceltation with one of our handsome-talking experts. (Points at an empty chair.) One o' them said they'd buy me lunch, but I don't see nobody taking me to Chick-Fil-A."
    • Marshie, the unnervingly-manic mascot for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, is just dadaist terror personified.
      Marshie: You better believe it's new Fluffy Puff Malloween orange and black flavored marshmallows! "They Taste the Same, but Loo—" [violent coughing] Sorry. Must've got a toenail caught in m'throat!
    • Coach Z has his share of weirdness:
      Marzipan: Coach Z, might I ask why you're buying up all the "great for baby" items?
      Coach Z: I'd prefer that you didn't...
    • Strong Mad has his moments, both because he speaks in a loud voice and because, as Strong Bad points out, he has "a pretty tenuous grasp on the English language." Example:
      Strong Bad: Hey, Strong Mad! What, uh... What's my favorite movie?
      Strong Mad: GARBLEDINA!!!!
      • Strong Mad also likes to make dinosaur-themed art (i.e., an MS Paint drawing, a claymation film) and made a "portrait" of Strong Bad out of glitter and macaroni. And, as seen in Strong Bad Email #58: "dragon" (the email from whence Trogdor originated), instead of drawing a picture of a dragon, Strong Mad carves the word "DAGRON" into a table, which Strong Bad doesn't seem to mind.
    • One can safely say that there's also a Cloudcuckoolander Ball being tossed around constantly in the Homestar Runner universe, with Bubs,Strong Bad and Marzipan being prime recipients for it.
      Marzipan: Oh, these [crayons] don't actually color anything, so no "life blossom" feels more special than the others.
    • In the Teen Girl Squad series, there is The Ugly One, who is a mindless follower of Cheerleader and is slightly more eccentric than the other girls. She is readily included in the Squad's Cheerleader-led activities, such as shopping, spring break vacation, and jumping into a lion's mouth.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device: Warp's clearly been hard on Kaldor Draigo's mind. Let's just say that he can leap from talking about stealing Karamazov's throne into talking about tiny men coming out his beard (kill them all!) and leave it at that. His current company in the Warp don't really qualify him as sentient anymore.
  • The eponymous Kaguya Luna has odd mannerisms such as having the odd fascination in guessing the blood types of her viewers and making videos consisting of her singing, shouting at the top of her lungs, or doing tongue twisters.
  • Trisha Cappelletti and Trisha 2 from The Most Popular Girls in School.
  • Red vs. Blue's Caboose started off as a profoundly stupid recruit, but between Flanderization and mental trauma from possession by a rogue AI, he quickly loses much of his grasp on reality. He thinks his commander is a gay robot, plans to use his Purple Heart and future medals to build a purple person ("and we will be best friends"), is in love with a tank, and, as journeys to the center of his mind reveal, has wildly inaccurate beliefs about literally everyone else he comes in contact with. He also has a bizarrely good intuitive understanding of A.I.s and electronics in general—even if he has no idea on a conscious level how any of it works, to the point of believing electricity is invisible magic.
    • Look behind the scenes, especially in Rooster Teeth podcasts or the various Achievement Hunter shows, and you might start to get the feeling that Caboose's voice actor, Joel Heyman, is himself a Cloudcuckoolander. Caboose's weird, spacy antics might not be acting.
    Joel: [watching Gus and Burnie argue on the podcast] Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Kiss! ...One day, that's gonna work.
  • DC Super Hero Girls: Harley Quinn does take after her previous incarnations in this regard. Whether it's playing pranks, making awful plays on words, or being Innocently Insensitive, she's still a loon.


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