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Resolved Cliffhangers:

  • Parody: Terror Island theorem 099 ends with a caption saying "Cliffhanger!" but it was resolved in two days, which is the usual time between strips.
  • Whether on purpose or not, Misfile's weekend breaks usually fall just as it seems some new tidbit of plot information will be revealed or that something exiting will happen. Fans of the comic have taken to calling them "Chrishangers," after the artist.
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  • The author of the webcomic Sequential Art recently managed to pick the most irritating part to his break with the comic.
  • Lampshaded here in The Way of the Metagamer.
  • MS Paint Adventures' Homestuck. Pretty much almost every page ends with a cliffhanger on purpose, although these are generally resolved quickly. A more common way of setting up a Cliffhanger involves leaving a certain character in a predicament and then abruptly switching the point of view to a completely different character.
    • Then comes the end of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 2, a massive cliffhanger on just about every front conceivable... followed by the announcement that there would only be one more update, which would begin with Act 6 Act 6 Act 3 and end with Act 7, and for which (it was announced some time later) a six month hiatus would almost certainly be an underestimate.
  • The Dreamer uses these a lot.
  • Bob and George: An Unnecessary Cliffhanger
  • Chapter 27 of Gunnerkrigg Court (which updates Mon/Wed/Fri) ended on a Wednesday, as the main character is caught past curfew. Friday was the chapter bonus page, and Monday the title page of chapter 28, meaning readers had to wait a full week to see a resolution.
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  • Dan of El Goonish Shive likes to use this a lot. Especially on Fridays as one has to wait 2 days for a resolution.
  • Big reveals in Sluggy Freelance will always happen on Monday. Cances are, if a monday comic ends in a cliffhanger, you will not see it resolved all week, as the scene will either just cut away, or all subsequent comics will just serve to drag out the situation even more. Observe: Bad guy 2.0 is behind the door. He's plugged into that machine. Random unexpected distraction. There he is talking off panel tomorrow we'll find out who he is for sure! Just kidding, it wasn't him. See you next week.
  • In Wake the Sleepers, the second chapter ends with Locke's rescuer declaring him a deceiver -- and the promise that chapter 3 will start a month later.
  • Each major Story Arc of The Order of the Stick ends with one:
    • Dungeon Crawlin' Fools: The Order defeat Xykon and destroys the dungeon they'd spent the entire story up to that point in and assume their quest is finished — completely unaware that Xykon's Soul Jar survived and escaped the dungeon with his chief minions, the Linear Guild also escaped from prison, and that a mysterious figure (later revealed to be the Paladin Miko Miyazaki) has been sent to confront them over the Gate they destroyed with the dungeon.
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    • No Cure For The Paladin Blues: The Order now know the importance of the Gates and are preparing to track down and protect the others; meanwhile, Xykon (who the heroes have only just learned is still alive) has assembled an army of hobgoblins and is preparing to march on Azure City (where the Order currently is) and take their Gate by force, while Nale and the Guild plot their revenge against the Order.
    • War and XPs: In what may be the largest cliffhanger yet, the hobgoblins have overrun Azure City, Roy is dead, and the Order has been scattered. And on top of that, we see Kubota plotting against Hinjo with the aid of a mysterious figure standing off panel; this new antagonist's identity Qarr the imp isn't revealed until well into the next arc.
    • Don't Split The Party: A subtler cliffhanger than the previous ones; the Order is reunited and is going after the next Gate, but as they do V's Familiar Blackwing reveals to him/her what he saw in the rift of the Snarl's prison a planet.
    • Blood Runs In The Family: Aside from the fact that the Snarl has began to emerge from its prison, there's the fact that the Order is completely unaware of the fact that Durkon's vampire body has been taken over by the High Priest of Hel.
  • In Commander Kitty, right after we're shown that Nin Wah's been sentenced to get thrown out an airlock, we're treated to Mittens watching TV. The page, of course, is even called Cliffhanger!
  • During the Return of the Jedi adaptation in Darths & Droids, Han Solo was trying to save Lando from the Sarlacc pit. As they discuss whether or not Han is Good All Along, the Sarlacc grabs Lando by the leg and attempt to pull him into its maw, followed by Han getting a blaster, saying, "Now you'll see what kind of guy I really am. I'll do what must be done!" and firing it. That particular comic is titled, "Skiffhanger", and indeed, the next two strips cut away to a scene with Leia and the droids on the barge before resolving Lando's fate and Han's morality.
  • 'Seasons' of Ansem Retort usually end on a cliffhanger meant to lead into the next season:
    • Season 1: The cast defeats the FOX president, but Sora now has godlike powers.
    • Season 2: The cast splits up and goes into hiding after Namine's meddling accidentally awakens Sora's powers, alerting Xemnas to his existence.
    • Season 3: Zexion is still in the middle of his campaign for governor and Larxene has disappeared (as we find out later, Xemnas lured her away to have her aid in his plans).
    • Season 4: After Ansem complains that this finale doesn't have a suspenseful cliffhanger, Axel proposes to Aerith.
    • Season 5: is the only one not to end on a cliffhanger, as it centers around the reception for Axel and Aerith's wedding.
    • Season 6: Xemnas convinced Red XIII to Face–Heel Turn and they've kidnapped Sora and traveled back in time to change history.
    • Season 7: is covered below as this one never gets resolved.

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