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Resolved Cliffhangers:

  • Spoofed on Homestar Runner in the Strong Bad Email "cliffhangers", where Strong Bad is asked by a fan to "Resolve all the cliffhangers, please". After showing three mock cliffhangers, the email ends on an actual cliffhanger when Strong Bad's Lappy 486 computer gets stolen.
  • The online novel The Saga of Tuck has (for now) 142 chapters, each almost always ending on a cliff hanger.
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  • At the end of THE GREATEST EVAR! by Matt Santoro, Hugo knocks Matt unconscious and takes over Matt's web series. This doesn't get resolved until the next episode, Drake NYC Riot!, when Matt gets his web series back.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device has recently grown fond of those:
    • Episode 17 ends in the Inquisition charging into the Eternity Hall and "recognizing" Magnus as a villain, with the stalemate being resolved in the next episode.
    • Season two ends with the Centurion revealing himself to be Rogal Dorn, to the shock of all present.
  • Red vs. Blue does this very often with its season finales:
    • Season 1: Caboose changes voices and starts calling himself O'Malley. This is later revealed to be Caboose being hijacked by the AI known as Omega.
    • Season 2: The Reds and Blues team up to stop Omega only to scattered around the galaxy due to a teleporter malfunction. Also, Tex recognizes Donut as the one who killed her.
    • Season 3: The Reds find themselves back in Blood Gulch, and Church is about to be attacked by an alien.
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    • Season 7: Wash turns evil, teams up with the Meta, shoots Donut and Lopez, and holds Simmons hostage. This cliffhanger is especially shocking given how lighthearted the rest of the season has been.
    • Season 8: Church traps himself in Epsilon in an attempt to bring Tex back.
    • Season 9: Carolina is revealed to be alive, and asks for the Reds and Blues to help her kill the Director.
    • Season 11: Tucker, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose join the New Republic to rescue their captured friends.
    • Season 13: A Bolivian Army Ending, ending with Church sacrificing himself to help the Reds and Blues hopefully get out alive.
  • A few episodes in Movie Rehab ended with that:
    • The second episode (Mars Needs Moms) ends with one which got resolved with the third episode.
    • The ninth episode to the Postal review ended with one as well, which also got resolved with the 10th episode.
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  • Wildbow, the author of Pact and Worm, is especially fond of these - he subscribes to the belief that continued tension is necessary to keep readers following his work, which is published in serial format, so he will more often than not end a chapter on a cliffhanger of some sort, including the introduction of a new enemy, a sudden turn of fortunes for the protagonists, or when all else fails, mysterious hinting at an Unspoken Plan Guarantee. He has, on occasion, ended a chapter mid-sentence.

Unresolved Cliffhangers:

  • My Immortal ended just after Ebony had cast Avadra Keduvra (sic) at Voldemort, and we still don't know what happened after that since the author, Tara Gilesbie, was locked out by a Hacker, talk about Laser-Guided Karma...
  • Space Boyfriend ends in quite the famous one. Ben finally confesses his love to Veronica, and the series was canceled before she could respond.
  • Gotham: The Series [1] ends with Richard's mother, Elizabeth, attending the Nicole Miller fashion show and passing out leaving Catherine to call Richard to tell him that Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital. Elizabeth's fate is unknown. The series doesn't look like it's going to continue despite an Emmy nomination.
  • Return of the Cartoon Man ends with Roy and Valerie crossing into the Second Dimension to save Karen from Simon, along with a tease of Oswald Sherzikien's master plan, which supposedly affects the entire world. Expected to be resolved in the follow-up Journey of the Cartoon Man.
  • Dusk's Dawn: We never see what happened to the antagonist, or when the protagonists went to Celestia.
  • The season finale of Brains has Alison grabbing her camera and running from the murderer Professor Sherman.


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