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Circling Birdies / Theater

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  • The stage musical version of The Lion King invokes this trope. At the end of I Just Can't Wait to be King, the actor playing Zazu notices his bird puppet is gone. He asks, "Where is my bird?" before running smack into the wall at the side of the stage. Bird sound effects play as he staggers in a daze momentarily.
  • Used in "Hot Shoe Shuffle," a West End musical about five Australian tap-dancing brothers. When the youngest brother, Slide, is hit in the head by a door, he does a vaudeville-style dazed stagger while bird sound effects play. Adam Garcia originated the role, as seen here.
  • Used in the 2011 Broadway revival of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." In the "Grand Old Ivy" number, Finch (played first by Daniel Radcliffe and later by Darren Criss and Nick Jonas) is playing an imaginary football game and runs into a rather large player, which sends him flying in slow motion as bird sound effects play.
  • The 2008 version of "Broadway Bares," a burlesque parody of Alice in Wonderland, used bird sound effects near the end when Alice (fittingly for this trope, played by Mary Birdsong) accidentally bonked herself with the Queen of Hearts' scepter. Earlier in the show, Alice hit herself repeatedly on the head with a book in frustration and, in a daze, mentioned seeing "bunnies" afterward, which ushered in the first appearance of the White Rabbit.
  • In David Lindsay-Abaire's play "Fuddy Meers," the son Kenny mentions having cartoon birdies flying around his head when recalling abuse by his father, adding a small bit of levity to an otherwise serious scene.