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  • In Dr. Slump the characters comment on that: "Wait, it's American, we're Japanese", and shoo out the birds, who swear as they fly away.
  • In Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris, Erica gets stunned several times; each time she gets a "halo" of little fluttering angels, and remarks on them.
  • Mahoro's circling birdies in Mahoromatic apparently are real, as they can be seen by other characters.
    • Although they appear when she's asleep, and continually multiply until she wakes up, leading to some... awkward situations when Suguru decides to observe her when she's dozing off.
      • That may have been SUGURU''s dream, as he was asleep at the time.
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    • At one point in the second season, Mahoro's birdies are seen to re-enter her head when she wakes up. Only five this time, though.
    • Near the end of the manga, it is explained that Matthew (actually named "Arcadia Matthew Faye Ray") is an artificial intelligence, the birdies are part of her "sleep program", and that Mahoro was patterned after Matthew and/or the creator of Matthew, "Mahoro Matthew Faye Ray").
  • In the first episode of Best Student Council, Rino gets afflicted with these, combined with Non Sequitur, *Thud*, when Kaori bumps into her. Later in the episode, Kaori sees birds when she hits her head on a tree. This time they stay until the end of the episode.
  • The manga of Soul Eater has Crona seeing stars after a good bash to the head from Stein's foot. He/she even says "Uwaa— I can see stars... but I can't figure out how to play with them~"
  • The Pokémon anime sometimes features characters seeing circling bird-like Pokémon such as Pidgey or Torchic. Often, it indicates when a Pokémon is succumbing to the effect of the Confusion status. There is also a low chance of circling stars. However, this does not always apply for Confusion at times: in one episode in Sun/Moon, Ash's Rowlet sees stars after being hit by a Relavation Dance from Lillie's butler's Oricorio, and then not long after, Rowlet sees birds after being knocked out due to impact with Mallow. During the first Battle Royal episode, Ash’s Litten, Kiawe’s Marowak and Sophocles’ Charjabug all see stars after Masked Royal’s Incineroar knocks them down in a single move. Not long after, Sophocles himself also sees stars after being hit in the face. In the third Battle Royal episode, Faba, while in the Masked Royal disguise, sees stars after Incineroar lands on top of him. Later, taking a page from the games’ book, in episode 105 of the Sun and Moon series, during Ash’s Lycanroc VS Lycanroc battle with Gladion, Gladion’s Lycanroc sees birds after becoming confused due to using Outrage.
    • Also, the Ditto at the beginning of Pikachu's Ghost Carnival, in which the Ditto gets circling stars when it got hit on the head by a Cubone while Ditto was disguised as a Cubone.
    • In Big Meowth, Little Dreams, Meowth has circling Pikachus when he lands after being blasted off.
  • In order to be accurate to the Pokémon games, Pokémon Adventures had this trope sometimes for confused Pokémon. Sometimes, confused Pokémon see birds flying around their head, with examples being one of Agatha's Gengar in the Yellow saga when it gets hit by Professor Oak's Kangaskhan's Dizzy Punch, and the scamming Bird Keeper's Hoothoot in the Gold/Silver saga when the confusion from the Swagger move Gold's Aipom (nicknamed Aibo) just used on Hoothoot kicks in during Gold's challenge to capture the Wooper, thus exposing the Bird Keeper's scam. In the Diamond and Pearl saga, the birds are replaced by circling Torchic running around the confused Pokémon's head, with examples including Roark's Craindos after becoming confused by a Water Pulse attack from Platinum's Piplup, and Diamond's Lickilicky (nicknamed Kit) after Sebastian's two Chinchou confuse him with Water Pulse after Sebastian stripped Kit from his Own Tempo with Weepinbell's Gastro Acid.
    • In the Ruby/Sapphire quiz book, one of the pages shows a ring of birds (the usual confusion status condition) at the top right corner, and the question asks (in Japanese) which Pokémon would get confused by using a move, with the selections ranging from a Bellossom using Petal Dance, a Spinda using Flail, a Zangoose using Fury Swipes, and Rayquaza using a move. Of course, the correct answer section reveals that Bellossom would see this ring of birds after using Petal Dance, as Petal Dance confuses the user after some time.
  • In one arc of the manga Oh My Goddess!, and its second anime adaptation, Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy, there's a scene where Urd, who has been split into her demon and goddess halves, spins the two "round-and-round" so Keiichi, Belldandy, and Skuld can't tell which Urd is which, resulting in the Trope.
    • Happened earlier than that in the TV series, in Urd's debut episode. When Keiichi gets medicine for Belldandy, he gets a bonus "instructional video" from the pharmacist (Urd in disguise). When Urd leans in for a kiss, an intrigued Keiichi follows suit, and Urd somehow accidentally knees him in the chin, resulting in the Trope for Keiichi.
  • Happens to the title charcter of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor when he's knocked silly in one episode.
  • Seen a few times in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, both the stars and birdies variants. In the episode where Jean gets into a Mushroom Samba after eating mushrooms, Marie knocks him out with his own encyclopedia, and he keeps the Circling Birdies for a long time afterward, even commenting on seeing them.
  • During one scene of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, after Metal Robotnik crashes into the sea, Robotnik explains about his plans. However, when he mentions that Sonic "will have to fight something far more evil than Metal Robotnik," Sara hits Robotnik on the head, and stars circle Robotnik's head. This video has the entire scene.
  • One episode of Naruto has Rock Lee seeing little Sakuras dancing around his head after being hit by her; they then stop to pretend to flirt with him before they all punch him again.
  • In episode 7 of Kotoura-san, this happens to Hiyori, after she bangs her head against the wall a few times to get rid of thoughts about Manabe and Haruka she doesn't want to have.note 
  • Happens to Chi in Chi's Sweet Home during Chapter 45 (or near the end of Episode 91 in the anime) after Juri is a little too rough with petting Chi (which is by shaking Chi's face). Which of course is different in the anime, where Chi sees circling hearts.
  • In episode 7 of "Dragon Ball Super", One of the character's father sees stars and planets.
    "I'm seeing so many stars, it's like a galaxy!"
  • The 4Koma Pokémon 4Koma Plaza features some Japanese 4Koma about a certain Pokémon. One of them features a Skitty chasing a ball, only to trip over a rock. The Skitty sees stars circling its head after that, and then proceeds to chase the stars.
  • In episode 4 of Himouto Umaruchan, at the final segment of the episode, Umaru enters a fighting tournament under the persona of U.M.R., and it comes to the finals with Sylphynford being her final opponent, when Umaru notices that Sylphynford somehow saw through her 5-combo opening (and the fact that Sylphynford is proving to be a tough opponent) and gets determined to win after noticing that her brother is watching. However, Sylphynford claims that throwing the match is not a smart idea, but upon asking on what is so interesting and noticing that Alex is watching as well, Sylphynford is left stunned with birds flying around her head. Only when she finally realizes that her reaction is being watched does she run out in embarrassment, leaving Umaru the winner of the tournament by default.
  • This trope occurs frequently in Galaxy Angel. During one episode in the second season, Mint tumbles into a tree and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while stars and birds circle above her head before she loses consciousness.
    • In another episode in a later season, Milfuelle tries performing one of her "famous" backflips and ends up falling backwards, causing her to spend the rest of the episode babbling on about the pretty stars she's seeing.
  • This occurs on two occasions in Magical Play. In one episode, Pipin sees stars and carrots after being dazed during a battle. In another episode, Padudu and Pipin are both tied up and spun, and when they stop, they are considered representatives, but at the cost of leaving both Padudu and Pipin dazed and seeing miniature versions of their respective companion circling their heads (miniature Uokichis for Padudu and miniature Sekines for Pipin).
  • Perman: In "Lift Just Two of Us", Perman gets a halo of circling stars and planets above his head after he lands on the cactus in the elevator.


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