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Chekhovs Gun / Roleplay

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  • Destroy the Godmodder: Slightly more notable that these are often times accidental examples, as their use as a chekhov's gun wasn't intended up until becoming such.
    • The Anti-Chuck Norris Turret in both games. It originally popped up a few times in the beginning of the first game, just as a counter to all Chuck Norris attacks, and was forgotten for a while. However, it reappeared later on, in an upgraded form, as the Final Boss of the game. It was so powerful that only the intervention of the Secret of the Void were the players able to defeat it. It later reappeared in DTG2, resuming its original role of the Godmodder's counter to Chuck Norris-based attacks, until Trial 6, when the Godmodder used it to break through the Bedrock underneath the Nether and freeing the Red Dragon.
  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • The T-1 Typhoon that was left in the desert after Zenna and George were attacked by TumTum Tribesmen ended up having a brief but important role in driving an invading army of Mutant Dinosaurs out of the Dino Attack Team's camp on Adventurers' Island.
    • Shortly before the Goo Caverns mission, it was established that Dino Attack Team began developing a weapon powerful enough to destroy an entire army without leveling a city. Think this is going to be important sometime in the future?
    • Hotwire's PDA malfunctioned after Kat's death. Turns out that's what happens when a human consciousness stores itself in a pocket-sized communication device.


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