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Characters / Yurika's Campus Life

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Main Characters

  • Ambiguously Bi: One can argue that while she takes men over women any day of the week, Yurika is not averse to the idea of kissing and having sex with girls which she already does on a daily basis. This could mean Yurika is only romantically attracted towards the opposite sex but wishes and can be sexually involved with both genders.
  • Meaningful Name: Yurika translates to "Beautiful Lily" in Japanese which is incredibly fitting since her astounding beauty is acknowledged by both genders but only reciprocated by females, straight or gay, who Yurika makes love to very frequently. Lilies are associated with Lesbianism especially in the Yuri Genre that our main protagonist more than provides.
    • We later find out in the 'Hakusen Women's High School' arc that Yurika's first name is "Kamishiro", deriving from the kanjis "generation" and "god". She inherited the gift of being irresistible towards women from her father, making her the second generation of her family to have such power, and is treated as a literal goddess in her old high school.
  • Memetic Hand Gesture: She'll spread her fingers downwards and across her face whenever she utters her Catchphrase.
  • Missing Mom: Despite her dad making appearances in the manga, Yurika's mom is nowhere to be seen and is never mentioned at all. One theory on why so is that she left her husband prior to the series because of his womanizing behavior.
  • Only Has Same-Sex Admirers: One of the things that completely frustrates Yurika is that she can only attract women. None of the males that she tries to seduce are attracted to her in any way. Note, that the men themselves are completely confused by this as well seeing how they know that Yurika is a beautiful woman, they just aren't attracted to her and they have no idea why.
  • Post-Kiss Catatonia: One of her specialties as a single kiss can render any girl immobile and/or collapse in ecstasy. The only one to resists the effects is Saori because of her sheer stubbornness to reciprocate her feelings towards Yurika.

  • Top Wife: Is considered to be Yurika's "legal wife" by the campus that nobody dares to cross.

Recurring characters


    Arisugawa Akane 

    Yurika's Dad 

Rivals, Conquests, Love Interests and Others

Hakusen Women's University

    Dean Tooru Kiryuu 

    The Girls 



    Manager Yagami 

    No. 3 Ren 
The third-highest earner of the Carmilla

    No. 2 Nagisa 
The second-highest earner of the Carmilla

    No. 1 Kasumi 
The top earner of the Carmilla


The Shion Club

    Cecilla Chen 
  • Alliterative Name: Doesn't take a genius to know there's two "C"s in Cecilla Chen
  • Lesbian Vampire: Played with, in that while she does hit almost all of the checkboxes, she is still human and instead uses Daoism-based sexual positions in order to drain the chi of other women to keep her beauty.


    Blacklisted Clients 




  • Odd Name Out: Out of the three blacklisted clients, Nene is the only one whose name doesn't begin with "M".


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