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Characters / Yui Kamio Lets Loose

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Characters in Yui Kamio Lets Loose.

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Main Characters

     Yui Kamio 
The eponymous heroine, she was once a delinquent wild girl before some monks sealed her personality and made her into an obedient girl.

Tropes are split up to differentiate her two personalities and what they have in common. Black! and White! prefixes are for convenience.

In general

  • Alternate Identity Amnesia: Each of her personalities seems to not know what each other experiences to certain degrees.
    • White!Yui doesn't remember what Black!Yui does yet Black!Yui was able to remember the promise White!Yui made with Kiito just a few moments before to keep his aspiration to be a veterinarian a secret.
    • Black!Yui has no knowledge of what White!Yui has learned. White! knows English but Black! doesn't and her education stops at the 5th grade, the same timeframe of when the chain of Sanzo was first put on her.
  • In-Series Nickname: Her personalities are called "Yui in Black" and "Yui in White".
  • Secret Keeper: Is one for Kiito's desire to be a vet.
  • She's Got Legs: She is tall with long beautiful legs
  • Split Personality: When she was a kid, she got this when the monks sealed away her original personality.
    • Split-Personality Makeover: When sealed, her hair is white. When she is let loose, her hair as well as the clothing she owns and wears, such as her white school uniform, turns black.

Black!Yui Kamio (Original personality)

  • Boobs of Steel: She has big breasts and can kick butt.
  • Chain Pain: Can use the loose chain of Sanzo as a binding weapon.
  • The Gadfly/The Tease: Often acts like this to Kiito ever since he became a Secret Keeper.
  • Reused Character Design: Her overall appearance is quite reminiscent of Hagoromo Gitsune's human form.
  • Super Strength: She is so strong that she can carve through a stuffed toy bear with a swipe of her fist while still asleep.
  • Wild Hair: She has this hairstyle. Design wise, it helps provides contrast to the black and white coloring of the manga and to further distinguish her from her White!Yui persona.

White!Yui Kamio


     Nao Ebisuno 
Yui's childhood friend.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Her hairstyle. They are in the shape of ebi nigiri.
  • Secret Keeper: She takes it upon herself to keep secret that Black!Yui and White!Yui is the same person.

     Kiito Sonomiya 
A rich kid who is part of the Life Lovers whose world turned upside down when he meets Yui Kamio.
  • Bishōnen: He is a handsome boy.
  • Custom Uniform: He doesn't wear the uniform of Teiyo Private Academy and instead wears expensive clothes.
  • Determinator: He is very persistent when he puts his mind to it.
  • Secret Keeper: Becomes this when he learned of Yui Kamio's secret of having a split personality.
  • Urban Legend Love Life: Despite his reputation of being The Casanova, he never had a real date alone with a girl before.

Teiyo Private Academy


Life Lovers

A group of rich kids who lives life in "easy mode" since kindergarten.

A bespectacled member of the Life Lovers.

    Kana Shozoin 
A female member of the Life Lovers.


Kiito Sonomiya x Lady Koyagi Marriage Corps. (Kiito fan club)

A group made to support Koyagi in marrying Kiito.
    Koyagi Yaginuma 
A 2nd-year girl who wants to marry into money via Kiito.

Student Council

    Goto Yaginuma 
The older brother of Koyagi and the student council president.

Kana's Special Agents

    Shingo Takayanagi 
Special Agent #1. A former French Foreign Legionnaire.
  • Smoke Out: Uses a smoke grenade to disorient Kiito and Yui in order to try and get the latter's hair chain.

    Genzo Makabe 
Special Agent #2. A descendant of the Oniwaban of Kishu.

    Usami Min 
Special Agent #3. A Jamaican runner.

Guard Corps of Yui in Black

A group of girls who adore Yui in Black

    Garasha Hosokawa 
Corps member 1. A descendant of a Christian damiyo.

    Maria Kiyohara 
Corps member 2. A descendant from an ancient ninja clan who now are thieves.
  • Ninja: Is a descendant of a ninja clan.


A trendy karate prodigy who wants revenge against (Black!)Yui Kamio for what happened when they were kids.

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