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Characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.

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Main Characters

    Yuga Ohdo 

Yuga Ohdo (王道 遊我, Ōdō Yūga)

Voiced by: Hiiro Ishibashi

The Hero Protagonist, a fifth-grader of Goha Seventh Elementary with a knack for coming up with innovative ways of Dueling, dubbing his own creations "Roads". He's the inventor of "Rush Duels", a new, simplified format of Duel Monsters.

Yuga uses a multi-Attribute Spellcaster deck which is designed to power up Seven Roads Magician.

  • Anime Hair: He has spiky, flame-shaped hair that sticks upwards, though out of the protagonists his is the most subdued next to Jaden/Judai.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: His Seven Roads Magician can nearly double its ATK if Yuga can mill enough different-Attribute monsters into the graveyard, and Yuga runs other booster cards to further power it up, but all this is highly dependent on Yuga drawing the right cards. If he can't pull off an OTK, Seven Roads loses the ATK boost and is vulnerable to monsters that have higher base stats. This problem costs him his Duel with Luke, as two lackluster turns and a bad draw caused him to fall one card short of winning, allowing Luke to mount a comeback. This is downplayed in later duels, where Yuga has a number of support cards to recycle Sevens Road Magician if it doesn't work the first time, in addition to other 7-star monsters as alternative win options.
  • Badass Normal: He's the only Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonist who's a Muggle, and the only one aside from Yugi to not base his entire strategy on a type of Special Summon.
  • Child Prodigy: He is able to modify machines and install programs, as well as creating his own Duel format at age 11. Not to mention he's actually quite cunning, see the Xanatos Gambit below.
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Otes to break up the world's rigidity and become the duel king. However, Yuga himself states that anyone could still become duel king.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character:
    • He's very much the near-opposite of Yusaku Fujiki. He's outwardly depicted as being more upbeat and positive, compared to The Stoic and Perpetual Frowner that Yusaku was, and is younger than his predecessorsnote . Yuga's attitude to Duel Monsters is also different compared to Yusaku's, as Yuga enjoys the game, to the point of creating new ways to play it, and his ideology for Dueling is purely for fun in contrast to how Yusaku treated the game as a tool for Revenge and never treated it as anything other than a way to fight even by the end of his series. Yuga is also much more of a traditional protagonist, being a Nice Guy who is quite willing to help his friends versus how Yusaku was an Anti-Hero and was not a people person. While Yusaku ultimately remained a loner at the end of his series, no more than twenty episodes into SEVENS, and Yuga has gained an extensive network of allies. Ironically, they do have two things in common: both are good with technology,note  and both are skilled Duelists. That being said, while Yusaku was an Invincible Hero, never once losing, Yuga takes a legitimate loss in the second episode, even if he still got what he wanted out of the Duel.
    • He is also one to Yuya Sakaki. Both enjoy Dueling and wanted others to enjoy it as well and bring smiles to people's faces. In addition, both were responsible for introducing new rules to Dueling, but while Yuya simply introduced a new summoning method; Pendulum Summoning, Yuga has created a different format of the game itself. In addition, Yuya was plagued with self-doubt, while Yuga is more relaxed and mellow and takes things in stride. How they implemented their respective changes is also different: Yuya received in-universe criticism for how Pendulum Summoning came to be after losing a demonstration match to Yuzu, with many being disgusted at the idea that he cheated and how Pendulum seemed to be exclusive to him, while Yuga was able to generate positive hype for "Rush Duels" despite his loss, likely owing to how the format was available to everyone at the start, thus giving it a better showing as a whole.
    • Despite both being the youngest protagonists, this applies to him and Yuma Tsukumo. While Yuma was hyperactive, Yuga is calm and mellow. Yuma was a textbook case of Book Dumb, and was a major Butt-Monkey throughout. Yuga, however, is a Gadgeteer Genius, and while he does take pratfalls here and there, they're nowhere near as exaggerated with Yuma. Their Dueling skills differ as well. Yuma essentially required Astral to guide him through most of his plays until his skills improved where Astral would only intervene if necessary, while Yuga is decently skilled at the game, only being dealt bad hands at times. And while Yuma tended to be ignorant of the motivations of his enemies, Yuga is much more perceptive of his foes and their personalities.
    • On a non-personality related note, Yuga seems to be the only main protagonist who doesn't have any powers whatsoever, just a keen and creative mind. Not only that but the innovation he brings to Duel Monsters, instead of heralding a new summoning technique, is instead a new way of Dueling, with the cards for "Rush Duels" is made specifically for that kind of Dueling. In that sense, he's similar to Yusei Fudo, who's an intelligent mechanic known for tinkering with devices.
    • Also in his Dueling, Yuga is the first protagonist since Yugi to not make excessive use of additional summoning methods such as Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, Link, etc, since "Rush Dueling" doesn't have those types of monsters.
    • He is one to Shoma Yusa. In terms of personality, they are both cheerful young boys skilled in their respective dueling formats, however, while Yuga is shown to be insightful and clever, Shoma is shown to be rather dense outside of dueling. Their biggest contrast is how they see Master Duels with Yuga finding them complicated and boring, which caused him to create a simplified format called Rush Duels so that he and others can enjoy it, Shoma on the other hand fully enjoys them in spite of their various restrictive and complicated rules and builds different kind of decks, which mixes all sorts of cards, archetypes, and additional summoning methods that are usually seen in decks used in the real-life competitive format.
    • And finally to really drill it home, he doesn't have a supernatural guide/indirect partner; Yugi had Atem, Jaden had Yubel, Yusei and his friends had the Crimson Dragon, Yuma had Astral, Yuya had his counterparts, Yusaku had Ai, and even Shoma had the spirits of the Struct World. Everything he does he does on his own.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Unintentional or not, he's managed to gain the respect or approval of many of his opponents from the various schools at Goha (along with Mimi and Roa) after defeating them, to the extent that Nail's penalty rules in the Maximum arc extend to them.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Played for Laughs, although he suspected that Mimi was the Goha spy, that she was 37 and Yoshio's mom took him by surprise as much as everyone else.
  • Dismotivation: He has no desire to become the "King of Duels" like Luke wants to be, nor does he care if he loses the property rights of "Rush Duels"—something HE himself invented and even admitted to being his best Road—to Roa. However, this is downplayed because his motivation lies in making everyone happy, not being the best. As of episode 13, Yuga gains the desire to become the King of Duels but NOT because he wants to follow the path Otes set out for him, but to continue on his own road. This proves to not be a good trait when going up against Nail.
  • Does Not Like Spam:
    • Dislikes bell peppers.
    • Downplayed with ramen. He likes it but prefers udon.
  • Elemental Powers: His revealed monsters have all been multi-Attribute, and Sevens Road Magician powers up for each different Attribute in the Graveyard.
  • Fatal Flaw: As seen above with Dismotivation, this is Yuga's biggest flaw. He's easygoing, yes, but sometimes too easy-going for his own good, an attitude that results in him not having enough drive to really consider the ramifications of his defeat at Nail's hands, where his Heroic BSoD makes it seem like he doesn't have enough drive to actually try to properly have a rematch with Nail. Roa calls him out on this.
  • For Happiness: His goal, in a nutshell, is simply to make Dueling enjoyable.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He has the technical skill to modify Goha Duel Disks, their drones, and his bike to his liking. Episode 3 also reveals he creates non-Dueling inventions as well, like a truth detecting microphone which he uses on Romin or a hair styling machine that Luke ends up being subjected to (regrettably, the effects only last a couple of minutes).
  • Genius Ditz: He's earnest and capable, but his lack of foresight results in half-baked inventions such as the increasingly insane ways he tried to "save" a failing ramen restaurant.
  • Graceful Loser: He takes his loss to Luke pretty well. Of course, he'd already set things up in advance so that his actual goal of revealing "Rush Duels" would be achieved no matter what.
  • Guile Hero: Despite his fun-loving and Playful Hacker behavior, he is quite crafty when he needs to be. During his Duel with Luke for the fate of revealing "Rush Dueling" to the world, he opts to livestream it via drone so it gets revealed even if he loses. He also manages to spook the newspaper club about Goha Corporation possibly erasing the club for mentioning "Rush Duels" (which isn't that much of a stretch, given how thorough they've been in stamping out its online presence).
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: He quickly develops this dynamic with Luke; they have significantly different personalities, but they get along quite well.
  • Heroic B So D: Suffers one after his loss to Nail, but snaps out of it soon with help from his friends.
  • Hyper-Awareness: Yuga knew that Romin was a spy all along and figured out that Roa was manipulating her. He also correctly guessed Romin’s “dark” secret, that she is tone-deaf.
  • Insistent Terminology: He calls all his inventions "roads", which creates confusion sometimes due to him also referring to his personal philosophies as "roads".
  • Invincible Hero: Averted as he lost to Rook and later loses to Nail, Asana, and Romin.
  • Ironic Name: He completely restructured Dueling because he thought the old formula was tired and stiff, but his family name Oudou is a Japanese media criticism lingo meaning tried and true genre pieces that play all the tropes straight.
  • Kid Hero: He's the youngest "Yu" character in the franchise (not counting Yuya's counterparts, whose "Yu" are written in katakana instead of the kanji "遊") at the age of 11.
  • Limit Break: Sevens Road Magician starts out with 2100 ATK, but gains an additional 300 ATK each monster attribute in the graveyard, up to 1800 ATK if all six types are present.
  • Logic Bomb: In episode 3, he creates a functioning listening device that can tell whether a person is telling the truth or not. It cannot, however, handle questions, and it explodes when Romin accidentally asks it one.
  • Mad Dreamer: He dreams about creating and piloting a giant, Dueling Super Robot.
  • Magic Knight: Sevens Road Magician is a Spellcaster, but it wields a sword.
  • Magic Poker Equation: While Nail's deck is focussed on filtering his deck to get all three pieces of Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree, Yuga managed to get all three pieces of Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road on his second turn through just his normal Draw Phase.
  • Master of None: His deck pointedly focuses on multiple Attributes, rapidly discarding them through tributes and card effects to power up Sevens Road Magician. The fast-paced nature of "Rush Duels" increases the likelihood of them synergising compared to a standard Duel, where it would be more difficult for Yuga to mill enough of his deck to get a decent power boost out of them.
  • Meaningful Name: His first name means "My game", referring to his creation of the "Rush Duel" format. His last name means "Royal Road", referring to his habit of calling his creations "roads" and his aspiration to become the "King of Duels".
  • Mellow Fellow: He's quite capable of taking things in strides, like say, losing a Duel, or listening to Luke's monologuing. Of the four main protagonists, he is the least prone to anger and frustration. Between Luke and Gakuto's dramatic antics and Romin's comedic reactions, Yuga is more level headed, despite being a dreamer.
  • Multicolored Hair: His hair sports shades of blond and reddish-brown.
  • Nice Guy: He's a very benign individual, and after seeing Gakuto being legitimately stressed from handling so much paperwork, reprograms Kaizo into handling it to lessen the burden.
  • Not So Above It All: Despite being the Only Sane Man of the group at times, he still showcases a more energetic and playful nature that can cause his friends some grief. Justified since he's 11 years old.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Yuga is definitely smarter than he tends to let on to his friends. A good example would be that he's well aware that Romin was sent to spy on them, but decided to not say anything about it. He was even able to pinpoint her motives within seconds of the reveal.
  • Oh, Crap!: Whenever he is back into a corner he typically puts on a nervous face which he combines with nervous laughter.
  • Only Sane Man: Despite his occasional goofs, Yuga is much more mellow and realistic compared to the dramatic duo of Gakuto and Luke.
  • Playful Hacker: Very much so. His installing "Rush Duels" into the system is essentially him hacking the system to include his customized rules, but his motivations are not malicious; rather, he just wants to break out of the strict Dueling system that Goha Corp. has enforced on the world.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: He's the Blue to Luke's Red, being far more mellow and less dramatic than Luke is, ironic considering he has red hair while Luke has blue.
  • Rule of Cool: Duels with this in mind, believing that ace monsters should fight ace monsters even if easier targets are available.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: He is the shortest of the main characters, but is the most tech-savvy of them all, as well as the one who keeps their plans running.
  • Techno Wizard: Thematically due to his skill with programming and machines. Fittingly, he runs a Spellcaster Deck.
  • To Be a Master: Zigzagged with a dash of Ambiguous Situation. On the one hand, Yuga has stated that his ultimate goal is simply to use "Rush Duels" to make Dueling enjoyable for everyone, not to become 'Duel King' as he believes that it does not suit him. On the other hand, his fantasy in Episode 1 might indicate otherwise, considering the praise "Rush Duels" are given in said fantasy sequence, when they could've received the exact opposite reaction in real-life. After his duel with Roa and reunion with Otes, he gains more of a desire to follow the king's path.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Kid Hero he may be, but he's a very skilled hacker and is quite tech-savvy, not to mention being very cunning when it comes to his goals. He can also be quite insightful and wise.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Luke wants to keep "Rush Duels" secret so he can become the Duel King and take over Goha Corp, and thus, Yuga Duels him (at Romin's suggestion) to determine if they will keep it secret. Yuga loses, but it's then revealed that he was using Kaizo to livestream the Duel, thus advertising "Rush Duels". This means that it didn't matter if Luke won or lost; Yuga's ultimate goal of spreading the word about "Rush Duels" succeeds regardless.

    Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo 

Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo (上城 龍久, Kamijō Tatsuhisa/ルーク, Rūku)

Voiced by: Taku Yashiro

Yuga's next-door classmate and self-proclaimed #1 Duelist of Goha Seventh Elementary.

Luke uses a Dragon deck with effects that allow his monsters to attack multiple times per turn.

  • Aesop Amnesia: Due to being a source of comedy relief, Luke never really learns from his bigger mistakes in the series.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of previous self-serious Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists. His ambitions and personality wouldn't be out of place in the preceding show, but the rest of the cast either A) Doesn't take him that seriously, or B) Are equally as bombastic as him and establish rapport with the guy as a result. Romin even points out the logical fallacies in his goals, in particular what he would do when his ambitions had reached their end-result.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Played for Laughs with his fantasies towards gaining the power to promote "Rush Duels"—such as somehow becoming the CEO of Goha and then the Student Council President. No one takes him seriously when he does this.
  • And Then What?: Romin asks him this in Episode 15, for once he becomes "Duel King", what will he do then? It's enough to shock him out of his dreams as he had never considered that.
  • Anime Hair: Blue and spiky in the shape of a gear.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Treated like one by his older sister, Haruka, for his failure to call her Tiger, though most of the time he is simply too scared of her to actually do anything annoying.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: The main strategy of his deck is to rush opponents with monsters that can attack multiple times per turn. Twin-Edge Dragon, for example, can attack twice at the cost of discarding a card, while the effect of Dragias the Striking Dragon, Luke's ace monster allows it to attack an additional time for the price of milling the top card of the deck.
  • Big Eater: The kid packs away a lot of food. He pops up at the end of Episode 6 without warning to eat an entire bowl of ramen in seconds before Yuga or Menzaburo could take a bite, spends a good chunk of Episode 9 eating everything he's offered, nearly even eating a dog bone before Romin throws it away, and chows down barbecue-mix sushi rolls in Episode 11. To sum it up, he eats a lot. In Episode 14 he eats many helpings of Romin's curry after having three bowls of ramen and eats far too many dishes to count in Episode 16 when the gang return to the A.I. Restaurant trying to regain Kaizo's regular body.
  • Boring, but Practical:
    • Not that he'd ever admit it, but the reason he's a skilled Duelist comes down to simple practice from constantly Dueling more experienced opponents.
    • Compared to Yuga's OTK strategy, which requires milling several different attributes into the graveyard, the milling effect of Dragias the Striking Dragon works regardless of what the effect mills and doesn't leave Luke a sitting duck if he gets a bad draw.
  • Character Focus: Episode 27 revolves around him and his vain attempts to recruit members for the self-named Luke Club, with the intent to turn Goha 7th Elementary into a mecca for Rush Duels.
  • Chuunibyou: He's a Large Ham that constantly talks about how he is possessed by a demon...the Hand of the Devil, though no one treats it seriously. On a broader scope, he takes everything seriously and dramatically when others are calm and takes the events for what they are. Roa ultimately uses this against him. By having Romin whisper to a sleeping Luke about the Holographic Duelist, Luke latched onto it, thus kicking off the entire story.
  • Cosmic Motifs: His aces have various astronomical motifs, Dragias the Striking Dragon is associated with stars, and Dragonic Slayer is associated with a supernova.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Not in a Duel, but in trying to run against Gakuto as Student Council President due to the aftermath of The Bet in Episode 4. Gakuto easily reclaims his position after resignation, with Luke looking completely defeated.
  • The Extremist Was Right: Downplayed, Luke is very over the top in his theories but they are often shown to be partially correct, such as fearing what Goha Corp would do about "Rush Duels" to which they deleted the videos of it and again in episode 3, he spent the whole episode assuming Romin was a spy for the Goha Corp, even attempting to search her guitar case, by the end of the episode he decides to leave it for the time being, however not too soon after, it is revealed that the pictures Romin took of Yuga throughout the episodes have been sent to Roa, so the spying part was correct.
  • Failed Attempt at Drama: Seems to be a running theme with him.
    • He attempts to market his Walking Techbane status/technique as the 'Hand of the Devil'...but Yuga's completion of the rudimentary "Rush Duel" program puts a stop to it. A second attempt to market it just has Yuga bring up the Pauli Effect in order to dismiss it.
    • He goes on and on about the 'Demon Within Him', and how his Walking Techbane status made him capable of entering age-restricted Dueling events, thus becoming incredibly powerful... which everyone points it is just him getting good with practice.
    • His fantasy sequences fall into this. First, he thinks about how he and Yuga will take over Goha Corp, which is shot down quickly, then he starts thinking about Romin being a spy which Yuga just uses as a way to introduce Romin to "Rush Duels", while Gakuto considers the theory to be bullshit, and in a third case, envisioning taking over Gakuto's position as Student Council President, which neither Yuga nor Romin care to stick around to hear about.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: When no one joined his "Luke Club", he plays a Rush Duel by himself and out of loneliness imagines that he truly is dueling his own doppelganger for the right of being the true "Luke".
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: He quickly becomes this with Yuga, proudly declaring several times when Yuga does something impressive that it's as expected of the one he put his trust in.
  • Hot-Blooded: Luke has his moments, often they show how serious he is. Later on they take on a bit of a sillier bent, since he's also trying to be serious and 'manly'.
  • Idiot Hero: Contrasting Yuga, Luke tends to be much more gullible and out of the loop.
  • I Can't Dance: Luke suggests dancing when they "Rush Duel" for a promo video after Romin refuses to sing, but then shoots down his own idea immediately when he remembers this trope.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Eats the last ramen at the Tahayasty Restaurant, unaware it would have been the last ramen the store made had the owner not decided to remain open after seeing Yuga and Menzaburo's "Rush Duel".
  • It's All About Me: Zigzagged. He claims to have created the self-named Luke Club with the intention of turning Goha 7th Elementary into a mecca for Rush Dueling, but his method of recruitment is motivated by selfishness, turning off prospective club members.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While his treatment of Romin after her status as a spy is revealed is a bit harsh, he is completely correct that the group treated her as a friend and she stabbed them in the back, which nearly gave Roa control over "Rush Duels".
  • Large Ham: He's not as openly spastic as Gakuto, but he is very dramatic. His summoning chants and attack names are considerably lengthy even for Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: His "Luke Devil" technique continuously raises the question of what exactly it is. Initially Yuga and the rest of the group dismiss it as the Pauli Effect, but then it's revealed that it actually is connected to a watch given to him by his grandfather, which seems to point towards the "Mundane" side of things either way...However, no one other then Luke himself can use it, and things get even more muddled after he somehow acquires a card mid-duel with no idea how it happened.
    • A duel which itself fits this trope, since it's unclear if Luke fighting an alternative version of himself is just his own visualization/delusion or something else.
  • Meaningful Name: Tatsuhisa Kamijo can be read as Upper Castle Dragon Eternity, fitting for his Chuuni behavior and desire to be king. In addition, Luke's alterate reading of Rook, a promoted Rook in Shogi is a Dragon King.
  • Narcissist: Played for Laughs. A lot of his fantasies depict him as a person in charge or with power. He also extends this to reality such as calling his friends, "Team Luke".
  • Never My Fault: Whenever Haruka calls out Luke for his mistake, he shifts the blame on Yuga which pisses her off. And despite being the one who ate all of the food in their cabin, Luke remained oblivious to the issue until the group had to spell it out for him over what he did. He never really owns up or apologizes for his mistakes and even had to be bribed with food by Romin to get him to finally make up with her.
  • Recurring Element: Luke is one to Joey characters, despite having the Dragon Decks usually associated with the Rival Character, he is the Hot-Blooded Red Oni to Yuga. Though unlike Soulburner, he is a deliberate Walking Techbane and is more openly Hot-Blooded than Soulburner's Keet personality. His Large Ham Rival persona also brings Jack Atlas to mind, along with his dragons and offensive-based strategy. He does avert one aspect in that while he has a sister, he is the younger sibling.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Subverted. He may have a rather aggressive personality, but his over-the-top attempts to be dramatic don't intimidate anyone.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Ironically, despite his hair color, he is the Red Oni to Yuga's Blue, being very dramatic and over-the-top compared to Yuga's being a Mellow Fellow.
  • Signature Mon: His main monster is Dragias the Striking Dragon, and his deck is made up of dragons in contrast to Yuga's more diverse assemblage.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": His nickname (ルーク) can be transliterated as either "Rook" or "Luke". According to merchandise, it's "Luke".
  • Super Gullible: Noted to be so by Roa, which is why he had Romin constantly whisper ghost stories to him to make him go after the Hologram Man. He's not wrong: Luke is always latching onto urban legends, even if evidence for them existing in real-life is tenuous.
  • Tell Him I'm Not Speaking to Him: He refuses to speak with Romin after her status as a spy is revealed, putting his hand up to shut her up. He ultimately relents after eating her blue curry.
  • Through His Stomach: Non-romantic, but Romin makes him curry so he would forgive her for being a 'traitorous spy'. It works.
  • Tiger Versus Dragon: The Dragon to his sister, Haruka's Tiger. Luke is bombastic and Hot-Blooded too, but is calmer by comparison to his sister.
  • To Be a Master: His goal is to be this. It goes so far as to him fantasizing about using "Rush Duels" to take over freaking Goha Corp. Deconstructed in Episode 15, where Yuga's reignited interest in being King of Duels leaves him at a loss, especially as he admits he doesn't know what he would actually do with the title or why he wants it. Later he seeks his own Daor to be Duel King, like Yuga's own roads.
  • Too Dumb to Fool: He was the only person to immediately realize that Gibumi was Princess G, recognizing how she held the badmittion racket was how she held the fish.
  • The Unfettered: Played for Laughs. His desire to be the "King of Duels" makes him the most enthusiastic about making "Rush Duels" a popular format, though he goes into tangents that have his friends either question the plausibility of his plans or simply ignore him entirely.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Episode 10 reveals that he was one to Roa, who ordered Romin to whisper to Luke about the urban legend, and due to his tendency to accept such things as facts, he essentially helped kick Roa's plans to fruition.
  • Walking Techbane: All he has to do is touch a piece of machinery and it short-circuits. As one can imagine, he's weaponized this, oftentimes going into fighting stances to utilize it. However, he needs to wear the wristwatch he received from his great-grandfather to invoke it and claims he can only do it twice a day. Yuga initially attributes this to the Pauli Effect, however when everyone else tries it while wearing the watch, none of them can replicate it.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He didn't hit Romin, per se in Episode 2, but he initially believed her to have leaked "Rush Duels" and made very threatening stances, coming very close to physically attacking her.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: His hair is teal.

    Gakuto Sogetsu 

Gakuto Sogetsu (蒼月 学人, Sōgetsu Gakuto)

Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae

The Student Council President of Goha Seventh Elementary, and the heir apparent to the Sogetsu Dueling Style.

Gakuto's Control deck revolves around effects meant to depower or otherwise restrict the abilities of his opponents. His monsters consist mainly of Warriors and Fairies based on samurai and elements of folklore.

  • The Ace: He is the very reliable president, smart and athletic, and puts his utmost energy into everything. The only thing he can't do is sing.
  • Achilles' Heel: Fiendish Commander Yameruler prevents either player from summoning Level 7 or higher monsters through Tributing, but not through Special summoning.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Much to his dismay, he realizes that the Sougetsu style that utilizes Ranze and Rinnosuke to draw cards and hold his hands is far too slow, and so creates the New Sougetsu style...that basically has him draw cards the normal way.
  • Boring, but Practical: Ultimately finds that just drawing cards the usual way is faster and more efficient. Before that, learning to simply delegate his paperwork helps lessen the strains of his job immensely.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: Between his secret enjoyment of "Rush Duels" and his job as the Student Council President at first. His Duel with Yuga in Episode 4 ultimately enables him to find a compromise and keep an eye on Yuga and his friends.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Gakuto serves as a more cultured and upper class version of Gongenzaka with his Stone Wall battle style and samurai-looking monsters. He also serves are more of The Smart Guy rather than Gongenzaka.
    • He also serves as one for Reiji, an older Princely Young Man, as he is a Large Ham instead of The Stoic Big Good, and though his deck are warlords, they are solely Japanese Samurai instead of Fiends from across cultures. Contrasting Reiji's professional relationship with Tsukikage and Hikage, Gakuto is a lot closer to the Nanahoshi twins.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: His ace monster, Fiendish Commander Yameruler, is DARK attribute.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": A Student Council President whose surname literally means "Student".
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: He sings horribly off-key. Ironically, his Japanese voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, is in reality a really good singer. In addition, during the first ED, Natsuki Hanae sang in-tune with Gakuto’s voice.
  • I Resemble That Remark!: He's labelled a chronic complainer by a Drone, and immediately starts yelling at it and shaking it as he asks what it means by that.
  • Keigo: He communicates in formal linguistics regardless of who he addresses, due to his upbringing from a traditional Japanese background.
  • Large Ham: He's... very spastic and dramatic, to say the least, whether he's enforcing the rules or going along with the events around him.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "Blue Moon", combined with "Student".
  • Mr. Exposition: He provides explanations for the series' background and various plot elements, including the penalty system for attempting to open and meddle with Duel Disks, and the rules of "Rush Duels".
  • Not So Above It All: He initially plans to punish Yuga for breaking the rules and presents himself as a rules stickler... but he's also shown several times to be interested in what he's making.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His hair covers his left eye.
  • Pen-Pushing President: Shown in Episode 4 to be one of his may duties, though the other students constantly asking him for him makes it difficult for him to get it done. Yuga helps him by giving Kaizo a stamping function so he can do the busy work for him.
  • Princely Young Man: A mix of Gentlemanly and Ice King, and his family appears to be a well-off traditional Japanese family. His casual outfit emphasizes this, as he wears a kimono and carries an elegant fan.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: Played for Laughs in Episode 4, as he steps down from the position of Student Council President after losing to Yuga, only to be immediately reelected the next day—to Luke's chagrin, who had added the condition to the Duel.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: An ardent perfectionist, his post-game commentary to duels he watches often have him comment on how the loser could have avoided defeat if they had acted a certain way. However, he's not aggressive about it, and some of the potential decisions the duelist in question could've taken violate common sense. For instance, he points out that Bakuro could've made a comeback if he had chosen not to summon a monster to protect his life points.
  • The Reliable One: Episode 4 reveals that many students rely on him for a variety of tasks. Unfortunately, while he has the energy to handle them, it doesn't mean he's not exhausted afterwards.
  • Samurai: Although they lack samurai in their card names, his warrior monsters are modeled after samurai.
  • Serious Business: He takes lecturing Yuga so seriously, he once spends a full night looking for him just because Yuga blew him off. He also takes penalties seriously, freaking out at the idea of receiving one. Finally, he takes his position as Student Council President very seriously, helping out as many students as he can.
  • Stone Wall: His deck is centered around defensive and control strategies, relying on stalling opponents with set monsters as well as his ace's summon-denial effect, and using card effects to change battle positions or swap attack and defense around to launch attacks.
  • Student Council President: And he considers it very important, and losing it due to the group being forced into Goha 6th, causes him to go a little crazy, having convulsions like Jango's.
  • Super Speed: A comedic example that he also puts to good use. He can walk extremely quickly, which comes in handy when they need to retrieve Yuga's Duel Bicycle as fast as possible. It also proves to be an issue for him, since it leads to him running in the halls by accident despite it being against the rules and leads to him having a minor crisis.
  • Too Important to Walk: He has his assistants draw and set his cards for him during Duels, at least until he decides to have fun and starts doing so himself. In episode 11, he drops it entirely because he realizes how impractical it is.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has purple hair covering his eyes.

    Romin Kirishima 

Romin Kirishima (霧島 ロミン, Kirishima Romin)

Voiced by: Tomori Kusunoki

Yuga's classmate and lead guitarist of RoaRomin. Supposedly indifferent towards Duel Monsters, she often crosses paths with Yuga.

Romin uses a Psychic deck revolving around lowering her own LP so that she can use the effects of her cards while having means to regain LP afterwards.

  • Action Girl: Romin has shown herself to be quite a capable duelist, having won a majority of the duels she has participated in thus far. In Episode 40, she even manages to beat Yuga.
  • The Ace: She's stated to have top class grades, proficiency at sports, and is a lead guitarist at the age of eleven. However, she makes it clear that she is a guitarist and not a singer. Her singing voice is actually terrible. She also turns out to be a skilled duelist after some lessons and using her own cards and is able to defeat Yuga in Episode 40 without even utilizing her berserk state.
  • Ace Custom: Was gifted a hybrid guitar/duel disk by Yuga which was first shown being prototyped in an earlier episode. Uniquely, though it showcases the practical ability to switch between both, and it also has a snack dispenser for when she gets hungry. It comes in handy when calming Romin down after she snaps due to hunger.
  • Affectionate Parody: Of all things, the Mysterious Waif and Brainwashed and Crazy attributes that most characters in the franchise tend to get plagued with. The former nature is downplayed as she integrates with the group, while the latter is more akin to a Superpowered Evil Side. Both are ultimately Played for Laughs thanks to Yuga.
  • Age-Inappropriate Dress: She's a fifth-grader, yet dresses like she's a teen female rock star, with multiple belts, full tights, and high heels. She does, however, wear clothing more appropriate for her age from time to time.
  • Alternate Identity Amnesia: When she is hungry she snaps and becomes an intense rock star and duelist...and once she gets a candy bar, she snaps out of it in confusion that she won.
  • Berserk Button: Luke’s general tendancy to screw things up usually earns him an earful from her.
  • Brother–Sister Team: She forms the band RoaRomin with her cousin Roa.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Her main dueling strategy relies on the management of LP, with certain cards such as her first ace Prima Guitarna focusing on depleting her hit points to empower monsters on her side, and Esperaid destroying two enemy monsters only if she possesses 1000 LP or less. This extends to her entire deck with cards specifically healing her or depleting her current LP in favor of powerful effects.
  • Character Focus: Episode 14 revolves around her, with her taking a hand in cooking curry under Gakuto, Ranze, and Rinnosuke's supervision, as a way to make up with Luke after he distrusts and dismisses her as a traitorous spy.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character:
    • She is quite different from Aoi, the previous female lead. While Aoi was a top-ranked Duelist, Romin initially lacked any interest in Dueling. In addition, Aoi was quite distant from Yusaku and was Locked Out of the Loop for a huge duration of the story, while Romin immediately becomes a member of Yuga's circle and is involved in the story despite not being a Duelist. In terms of personality traits, Aoi was The Stoic when not acting as Blue Angel, whereas Romin is much more expressive, with no acting or dissonance to be found in her music career.
    • Besides her monsters being Rock Stars - unlike Aoi's Magic Idol Singer Trickstars - she is the first protagonist to use Psychic-types, and the first main female since Aki to not use Fairies. Fittingly her Psychic deck relies on lifepoint manipulation like Divine's.
  • Dark Secret: One that Roa blackmails her with. Subverted in that it is just that she's tone deaf.
  • Easily Forgiven: Yuga and Gakuto quickly forgive her for spying on the group since she never wanted to be a spy. Averted with Luke, however, who refuses to talk to her at all after the incident; it takes Romin making him curry after working on it for an entire episode to get him to forgive her, and even then he's made it clear that he has not forgotten.
  • Good Luck Charm: Her ace, Prima Guitarna is one for her—as it was a gift from a singer she is a fan of—and is the only card she owns.
  • Heal Thyself: As her deck relies on LP manipulation, she has cards to heal and reduce LP to activate a variety of effects.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Episode 16 confirms that she's legitimately guilty about being a spy for Roa and starts believing that she deserves to lose to Arai while he uses his Bleach Motor loop until Luke disables it. The resulting bout of anger from Luke's general attitude snaps her out of it.
  • Hidden Depths: Despite her indifference to it, she knows about Real-Time Duel programming, which enabled Yuga to successfully install "Rush Duels". Luke even points out how odd it is for someone who doesn't care about Dueling to know that. In addition, her interest in Yuga is curious as she is seen constantly taking pictures of him without his knowledge and appears to be sending them to an unknown boy. Her interest in Yuga itself is quite the brainteaser since she was spying on him before even hearing of his "Rush Duels". At the very least, we know she was ordered to spy on him on orders of Roa.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Judging by her reaction to hearing this term from Kaizo and being questioned by Yuga directly, as well as her outright refusal to sing whenever Luke suggests it, she is heavily implied to be this, despite being the lead guitarist in a popular band. When Yuga brings it up again following his duel against Roa, Romin screams in embarrassment. However, just like Gakuto, for her appearance in ED1 starting from Episode 27, she is shown to have a completely normal singing voice. Albeit, many fans noticed her singing was actually off-key from the others.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Uses a guitar-duel disk hybrid which was gifted to her by Yuga. See Ace Custom above.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Befitting her naivety when it comes to Dueling, she has dull blue eyes. When she gets hungry and in rebel rock star mode, they become red.
  • Lethal Chef: Zigzagged. Despite being Lethally Stupid during the cooking process, her curry rice is considered by the entire cast to be delicious in spite of its blue coloring. Then she decides to add new spices and somehow floods Roa's apartment.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Averted in contrast to her friends, who generally wear the same clothes.
  • Magic Poker Equation: She's the first Duelist in SEVENS to actually play this trope straight as she manages to draw the sole unique card that she slipped into the test deck Yuga lent her on her very first turn (but she couldn't summon it until her next turn).
  • Meaningful Name: Her surname literally translates to "Island of Mist".
  • Meat-O-Vision: She's so hungry during her duel with Gakuto that she starts seeing random objects as food. She even briefly thinks she's hallucinating people holding sushi rolls before she realizes that they actually are.
  • The Mole: Romin spies on Yuga and co. on Roa's orders who is blackmailing her for unknown reasons. Despite this, she prefers and has genuinely become fond of Yuga and others, but has to continue anyway. However, eventually the secret that Roa blackmailed her with is spilled and Romin gets to be friends with Yuga and others for real.
  • Mysterious Waif: Described as a girl wrapped in mystery who often crosses paths with Yuga and his buddies. By Episode 4 though, she's hanging out with them on a daily basis. It starts coming back in Episode 10, when it's revealed that she's been ordered to spy on Yuga and Luke before the first episode and essentially kicked off the plot. It's also somewhat parodied, as Yuga doesn't really buy her vague acts and quickly pokes holes in the facade.
  • Naïve Newcomer: It's very clear from her observations during the first "Rush Duel" that she has no idea what a normal Duel is like. She doesn't realize that the "Rush Duel" exclusive abilities to Normal Summon an unlimited amount of times per turn and draw until you have five cards are anything unusual until Gakuto starts freaking out about it. Nor does she know about Blue-Eyes' iconic status. Roa later reveals he taught her to duel properly to make her an excellent duelist, but it is vague as to when that happened.
  • Not Me This Time: Is quick to exclaim that she had no plans to strand the group on a mobile fishing boat school.
  • Not So Above It All:
    • She is quite capable of her childish moments herself, such as when she smirked and mockingly asked the Newspaper Club how it felt to be defeated.
    • Despite her general serious demeanor in comparison to the rest, she is shown to be easily sidetracked by food when hungry to ludicrous degrees.
    • She is also very incompetent at cooking, managing to cause a dust explosion, mistaking a dishwasher for a rice cooker, putting gunpowder in the pot and an inability to tell ingredients apart.
    • When determining who would duel Mimi/Number Six, she was just as eager about dueling next as the others were.
  • Not So Stoic: Despite her aloof and quiet personality, Romin gets rather animated when she gets flustered or embarrassed, and gets really into her summon chant for Prima Guitarna of Colorful Light. She is also sensitive about the concept of being tone-deaf as she is implied to be this herself.
  • Obsessed with Food: She is shown to act normal when she has her fill, but upon going hungry her mind quickly shifts gears in a hurry. And when she snaps, well...
  • One-Track-Minded Hunger: If she gets hungry enough, she snaps and becomes an excellent duelist and guitarist solely focused on the task at hand.
  • Only Sane Woman: With Yuga's Only Sane Man. Compared to Luke and Gakuto's dramatic antics, Romin is usually much more calm and relaxed, unless she goes over the deep end with her temper.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: She generally wears teal tights under a red skirt, and her other outfits tend to have this trope as well.
  • Psychic Powers: The first Psychic-Type user to be a protagonist.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Episode 16 reveals that her berserk state can also be triggered if her patience reaches her limit, as she enters it after Luke doesn't let her get a word in edgewise patting himself in the back and expecting her to be grateful. Notably, unlike when its triggered by hunger, she remembers afterward.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Literally so. It's a sign that her hunger-crazed berserk state is active and that she will play to destroy you.
  • The Rock Star: A guitarist, and when she is hungry, she shreds the guitar and duels with her rebellious spirit.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: By episode 4, she's fully integrated with Yuga and Luke's dynamic, with scenes of her spitting out her juice in utter shock ala Girag becoming common. Later on, she's seen getting flustered very easily, and a good chunk of Episode 11 was focused on her having Meat-O-Vision.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female for both the Rush Duel Club and Roa Romin.
  • Stalker Without a Crush: She seems to be interested in whatever Yuga is doing and takes several photos of him without his knowledge, and she may very well have deliberately followed Yuga and Luke to the back-door Dueling area. At the end of episode 3, the pictures she took of Yuga are viewed by a mysterious boy (her cousin, Roa).
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Parodied. When pushed to a state of hunger or lack of patience, Romin's eyes turn red and she becomes a crazed, yet focused, maniac who duels to crush her opponent's completely. Said state can be undone by shoving food into her mouth or if she loses her focus.
  • The Watson: Being the newcomer to Dueling and "Rush Duels" as a whole, Romin acts like this.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Despite being The Ace, Romin is shown to have some stamina issues, getting tired in physical labor faster than the boys.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is purple.


Goha Corp (ゴーハ コーポレイション, Goha Kōporeishon)

    In general

The Mega-Corp that dictates Duel Monsters in the city and Goha City's way of life.

  • Big Brother Is Watching: Exaggerated; they monitor everything from school attendance to exchanging cards.
    • Elementary-school children are all in Goha's database and identified by codes, and any technological modifications (like adjusting a bike like Yuga did) are prohibited.
    • Six infraction leads to the perpetrator's account being banned.
    • They exercise full control over the internet, deleting any videos that displease them and even controlling information on the internet to such an extent that they can hide certain topics from search results.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: Goha Corp's entire company is filled with employees wearing their symbol over their eyes, with their CEO possessing a full face mask.
  • Mega-Corp: They are in charge of running Goha City, and dictate both Duel Monsters and its citizens' way of life. Their influence is so pervasive that the company can completely remove "Rush Dueling" from online search engines.
  • Numerological Motif: Goha Corp has a heavy six motif.
    • If a duelist incurs six infractions on their account, they are permanently banned.
    • They use the Number of the Beast in their time limits (6:66:66), which activate when a user attempts to tamper with or modify their Duel Disk in any way.
      • True to their massive influence, it has been shown that the corporation even banned the number 7 from people's regular clocks in the city, meaning the weird time limit isn't just a one time thing. It's a mystery why there's even a Goha Seventh school to begin with, when they seems to despise the number so badly.
    • The Tops of Hexagon are a group composed of six executives, with Mimi Atachi (who herself is #6 within the group) being one of them.
    • The Goha Duel rules all refer to the number six.
    • After Yuga and his friends finish their meal during a trip to an AI restaurant owned by Goha Corp, their total bill comes to ¥666,666.
    • Nail Saionji's Door of Providence is located in #66 of the underground's V6 area.

    Mr. Goha 

Mr. Goha (ゴーハ社長, Gōha Shachō)

Voiced by: Hajime Syacho
Click here to see his true identity. 

The CEO of Goha Corporation.

  • Actually a Doombot: Episode 32 reveals that the President is actually the helmet, who merely places itself on new candidates when the old one wears out.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: If not overlapping with Laughing Mad, he seems amused by "Rush Duels" when he debuts and his office is swamped with questions and requests about the concept. Doesn't stop him from trying to stamp the format out, though.
  • Ambiguous Situation: How much control the President Drone has over the wearer is rather ambiguous since according the drone itself, it assists the one who becomes president and although the process is shown to be possibly painful, Mimi is still capable of expressing herself after becoming the new president.
  • Big Bad: His corporation driving duels into a creative rut and essentially controlling every aspect of the town is what kicks off the plot, and he is the one overseeing Goha's efforts to stamp out "Rush Duels".
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": His mask bears Goha Corp's logo on the top and the mouth.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist
    • He's one for Queen and the other SOL executives. In the case of the latter, he directly interacts with his subordinates, despite brushing them off, while the higher-ups remained hidden, never once being seen, while seeming to take "Rush Duels" in stride, versus how the SOL executives wanted to destroy the Cyberse World. As for Queen, he conceals himself almost completely with his mask and cloak, versus Queen's revealing outfits, and once again, his bemusement at "Rush Duels" and satisfaction to run the company as it is goes against Queen's single-driven desire for money and profit. Him working with Asana through a contract, implying some mutual exchange despite him being in charge also contrast how Queen merely pushed and used her underlings through the series.
    • After The Reveal that the President is actually a drone, he also acts as this for Lightning from the same series. Whereas Lightning was a ruthless and cruel program with an underlying motive for perfection and dominance, destroying and mentally wrecking people across much of the series, the President is perfectly content with simply ruling over Goha through his company, will take on any host if they are healthy enough in a mutual possession, along with said possession not being as painful or deliberately traumatic the way Lightning kept Jin an Empty Shell, and is generally more passive and affable in his demeanor.
  • Evil Laugh: Chuckles wickedly even as he answers customer support calls. In his first few episodes, this is his only form of speech.
  • The Faceless: His face is obscured with a mask that bears his corporation's logo. Eventually subverted, as the helmet turns out to be his face.
  • Malevolent Masked Man: His company completely controls the town, and he's currently being set up as an antagonist. He also wears a mask/helmet that completely obscures his face. As the President Drone is actually the leader, it is his face, with his previous host being shown to be elderly, but not his face.
  • Orcus on His Throne:
    • He's yet to really get directly involved with the plot, with Mimi, Roa, and the various students in Goha driving the conflicts of the story forward. Justified as he has to run his corporation and monitor things.
    • While Goha as a company is worried by Rush Duels, he seems bemused and possibly interested in their development, and yet without any apparent plan of his own to carry on.
    • Episode 32 and 33 play with it: he is revealed to be the one who planned to get Yuga and the others transfered into Goha 6th elementary and is checking on Asana to make sure she is carrying the plan along to crash Rush Duels. He still doesn't act directly (yet), but seems pretty satisfied of just being the president rather than trying to take over.
  • Schizo Tech: For whatever reason, despite running a company that produces hologram projectors, drones, and smartphones, he has a rotary phone in his office.
  • Suddenly Speaking: He doesn't speak in proper full sentences until Episode 27, to the shock of the Tops of Hexagon.
  • Villainous Rescue: In Yuga's duel with Roa, the legality of Sevens Road Magician comes up, and Roa's fans slam the company with questions to force Yuga to forfeit. Mr. Goha calls Mimi with a second rule that at least lets Yuga continue the duel. His reasons for doing so are unknown.


Otes (オーティス, Ōtisu)

Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa

A renowned legendary Duelist in Goha City, and the same individual who motivated Yuga to forge his own path in life and gifted him Sevens Road Magician. He once worked for Goha Corporation in the development department.

He uses a Dragon deck which includes Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

  • Ambiguous Situation: Otes appears as a Hologram with a strange shrine, but in the past was a Goha designer and clearly a real person to give Sevens Road Magician to Yuga. How he ended up in this state and if he himself is still running around is left unknown.
  • The Chooser of The One: He decided Yuga would be the next duel king, but also was willing to transfer the right to Roa should he beat Yuga.
  • Duels Decide Everything: He serves as a back door into the Goha system, allowing anyone to modify the rules. However, you have to beat him with said rules first, and he adapts really quickly.
  • Foreshadowing: He wears a Cool Mask, and he works/worked for Goha who wear masks as well.
  • Graceful Loser: He compliments Yuga on his victory and successful installation of "Rush Duels", and opens up a new pathway for him so he can begin his journey to becoming the "King of Duels".
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: His deck is full of dragon monsters, including the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
  • It Was with You All Along: He claims that the hint to defeat Maximum Summons is something that is within Yuga's friends after they defeat him.
  • Meaningful Name: The character seems to be based on Seto Kaiba and his name is Seto spelled backwards.
  • Put on a Bus: As Episode 6 reveals, he and his shrine have mysteriously vanished. He later resurfaces during Yuga and Roa's duel to prove that Sevens Road Magician is not an illegal card.
  • The Reveal: Episode 13 reveals he is a former Goha employee who designed the Sevens Road Archetype.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": After his name was revealed, much discussion was had over whether it was spelled "Otis" or "Otes", with the latter popular due to being "Seto" in reverse in Englishnote , though the former was judged more phonetically correct. Episode 24 confirmed the spelling is indeed "Otes". However, official merchandise revealed after said episode's airing spelled his name as "Otis", leaving it ambiguous once more which spelling is the correct one.
  • Starter Villain: He's not a villain per se, being more of an enigmatic character, but he is Yuga's first opponent to test out "Rush Duels". He also gives Yuga a pretty good fight, adapting to the new format quite easily and bringing out a first-turn Blue-Eyes.

    Tops of Hexagon 

Tops of Hexagon (トップ・オブ・ヘキサゴン, Toppu obu Hekisagon)

A group of six executives of Goha Corporation, below Mr. Goha.

Tropes associated with the Tops of Hexagon except for Mimi.

  • Asshole Victim: They are crushed by Nail after they wanted to remove him from his position to take his power, and also wanted to get Mimi fired for not agreeing with them.
  • Advertised Extra: They are presented in the opening as a Quirky Mini Boss Squad opposing Yuga and his friends, but other than Mimi, who volunteers to spy on them, none of the other members are given any additional focus until the remaining five try to take down Nail.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The six of them are introduced implying they'll be a Quirky Mini Boss Squad who the protagonists will have to face, with Mimi being sent in first. While she certainly becomes an important recurring character, the others so far haven't even merited their own names.
  • Co-Dragons: They seemed to fill this role towards Goha until they were demoted.
  • The Faceless: They all wear masks with Goha Corp's logo that obscure their faces.
  • Fat Bastard: One of the Hexagons is noticeably hefty, and is a jerk like the rest.
  • Jerkass: They are completely smug and unsympathetic, be willing to not only get Nail removed from his position but get Mimi fired for disagreeing with them.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: Five of them are demoted for failing to demote Nail and Mimi was demoted for failing to prevent the others from demoting Nail..
  • Shoot the Dangerous Minion: All of them, bar the dissenting Mimi, try to do this to Nail in order to swipe his position and authority. Key word being try.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Despite only existing to lose to Nail, they do have a moment of plot relevance in that their ID cards were used to create Nail's Maximum Cards.
  • The Worf Effect: For all the authority they boast in Goha, the Tops of Hexagon who challenge Nail lose to him badly, demonstrating that his skills as a duelist aren't just for show. Him defeating Yuga with the power of Maximum reaffirms this.

    Mimi Atachi/Number Six 

Mimi Atachi/Number Six (安立ミミ, Atachi Mimi/ナンバーシックス, Nanbā Shikkusu)

Voiced by: Rio Suzuki

A self-proclaimed eternal elementary schooler who transfers into Goha Seventh Elementary. She is a member of the "Tops of Hexagon", a group of six executives of Goha Corp, and infiltrates Yuga's school under Goha's orders to uncover the secrets of "Rush Duels".

Mimi uses a Bubble Era deck, featuring LIGHT Aqua monsters.

  • Accomplice by Inaction: While the other members of Hexagon were demoted for their failure in taking Nail's position, Mimi was also demoted for failing to stop them from doing it in the first place.
  • Action Mom: A major executive, Duelist, and corporate spy, who despite her looks is a caring mother.
  • Adults Dressed as Children: Justified in that she is undercover as an elementary schooler, and can actually pass as such. Outside of it, she dresses appropriate for her age.
  • Affably Evil: She's actually rather sympathetic of Yuga, realizing he isn't malicious, and although she dislikes Rush dueling, her bigger concern is the massive backhole in the Goha database that let Rush Duels be installed.
  • Anti-Villain: Mimi's job is to find out how to uninstall "Rush Duels", but she isn't malicious and even feels sympathy for Yuga, but the company is legitimately concerned that he hacked their servers.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Episode 32: She finally becomes the president of Goha. The drawback? It’s via an AI possessing her body. It also turns out to be extremely boring work.
  • Cursed With Awesome: Her opinion of looking like a preteen forever, as she constantly gets confused by well-meaning people for being a child, but it did give her the drive to work hard and rise to the top of Goha Corp.
  • Disco Dan: Still holds a torch for the Bubble Era (or at least the setting's equivalent of it), and like her boss the technology she uses personally is a more than a little outdated.
  • Dragon Ascendant: She becomes president after the Goha drone’s previous host collapses on it.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Played with. Mimi isn't evil, but she's so caught up in the idea that Yuga must secretly be some kind of fiend that his genuine offer to lend her his notebook makes her suspect it's a trap.
  • The Fake Cutie: Not that she is a bad person, but she puts on the appearance of a cutesy elementary schooler instead of the serious and work-minded adult she actually is. She does however, have some Adult Child traits even when alone, likely a result of looking so young.
  • Friendly Enemy: She does consider herself a friend to Yuga and his companions, but makes it clear as a Top of Hexagon she has to do her job.
  • Glamorous Single Mother: Ambiguously so, as she shows no signs of being married, but is a wellpaid Goha Executive that takes the time to make her son's favorite dinner.
  • Good Parents: Despite being wary of her son playing "Rush Duels", she is willing to let him do so if he keeps his grades up, and even makes him his favorite dinner.
  • Heal It with Water: Her main strategy is healing her LP with her Aqua monsters, using either her Aqua monsters' effects and spell cards that involve Aqua monsters.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: She loves cats, and finds Schrodinger's Cat Eyes monsters to be adorable.
  • Light The Way: The monsters she uses all have the LIGHT attribute, and Mimi herself is rather obsessed with Neon lights and disco balls from the Neon Era.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Averted like Romin. Besides her pictured outfit and Goha Hexagon uniform, she has a variety of flashback outfits, a black version of her dress, and more typical mom clothes.
  • Making a Splash: Mimi's monsters are all Aqua monsters, however, they lack any association with water except for them being associated with the Bubble Era.
  • The Mole: For the Goha Corp, so she can steal the notes on "Rush Duels".
  • Mum Looks Like a Sister: She has a son named Yoshio that Yuga reminds her of, and she can pretend to be an elementary school student due to her youthful appearance. She even fits the mothers in apron part of the trope when at home.
  • Mythology Gag: All of her monsters are variants of old cards like Dian Keto the Cure Master and Kanan the Sword Mistress, but mixed with 90's pop culture from the Japanese Bubble Era like Disco and Ganguro.
  • New Transfer Student: Invoked, as her appearance lets her act as The Mole to get close to Yuga. Gakuto does look a bit closer though and is alarmed that he can't find the school she transferred from.
  • Older Than They Look: Despite being a 37-year old, she has the physical appearance of a typical elementary school girl. There's at least one instance of her enjoying a drink in a bar with a sign hanging behind her back with "I'm an adult" written on it.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Mimi wears a pink dress in disguise, and her casual garb includes a pink sweater, fitting for a feminine girl. In addition, she has pink eyes.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Gives off this vibe as the series goes on. She's only after Yuga due to "Rush Duels" messing with Goha's system, but beyond that has no real malignant intentions for him or his friends.
  • Punny Name: Atachi is a pun on Adachiru or Adult Child.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure:
    • Despite being a member of the Tops of Hexagon, when Roa challenges the legality of Sevens Road Magician, she steps in to have the matter checked, succeeding in allowing the duel to continue.
    • In episode 16, after Luke narrowly causes Romin to be working off his debt forever, she subtly coaxes him to do the right thing and step in to help her.
  • Skewed Priorities: Roa reveals that he intends to claim the copyright for "Rush Duels" from Yuga. Instead of being horrified at the idea of a new variable mucking up Goha's plans, Mimi instead panics that Roa's concert tickets will become harder to get from the inevitable increase of popularity.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only member of the Tops of Hexagon that is shown to be a woman.
  • Stealth Clothes: Wears them to steal Yuga's notebook, and is somehow wearing her school clothes underneath.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: She’s often exasperated by her fellow Hexagon members and in general seems to be the only competent one among them. She feels the same way towards her subordinates after she becomes president and they are trying to brainstorm schemes to destroy Rush Duels, even calling them idiots to herself.
  • Thinking Out Loud: Mimi tends to monologue to herself internally or externally, and is constantly caught by two girls that want to call a teacher on her.
  • Third-Person Person: She refers to herself by her surname while in the guise of an elementary schooler.
  • Token Good Teammate: Among the Tops of Hexagon, being the only one that didn't try to take out Nail to steal his power and position. Also this to Yuga's group - her mostly benevolent interaction with Yuga's group even caused Nail's system to consider her as Yuga's ally, giving her a penalty despite her win against a duelist from Yuga's side.

Garden of Providence (セツリの庭, Setsuri no Niwa)

    Nail Saionji 

Nail Saionji (西園寺ネイル, Saionji Neiru)

Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

A genius programmer who oversees Goha's duels, with an eccentric fascination for "providence". He uses a Cyberse deck built around summoning the Maximum monster, Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree by using the "tron" series of monsters to dig through his deck for the cards that make up his ace monster.

  • Affably Evil: Nail is a bit of a Softspoken Sadist, polite and never raising his voice, and does not act maliciously, simply doing his job and pursuing his agenda.
  • Arc Villain: Of the Maximum arc, setting Yuga and co. up against a gauntlet where their Dueling accounts would be banned if they lose a total of 6 times.
  • Awesome by Analysis: He was able to reverse engineer the programming of Rush Duels by analyzing Kaizo's data and Yuga's actions & behavior, which allowed him to discover a gap in the code, which allowed him to implement Maximum Summon into it.
  • Child Prodigy: A genius programmer capable of hacking Goha Corp at the age of 3, and at the age of 11, is the one overseeing their entire system.
  • Cool Chair: He rides around in Sebastian, his sentient robotic throne and butler.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He floors five of the six Tops of Hexagon by his lonesome off-screen. He also makes short work of Yuga in their duel in no more than three turns with the Maximum summoned Yggdrago.
  • Cyberspace: Uses a Cyberse Deck, and fittingly the Garden Entrance is V6, or VRAINS Series 6.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After his loss to Yuga, he comes to the conclusion that Rush Duels are the future, and tries to encourage Master Goha to accept them. Later he sends Sebastian to be the Rush Duel Club adviser.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Though Arata Arai appears to work for him, Nail finds his cowardice and cheating to be pathetic. And later more hilariously rather than subject Yuga and co. to a Boss Rush he has them go home after the first duel because it is late and they have homework to do.
  • Evil Virtues: A whole lot of them:
    • Cooperation. Nail manages to get a lot of people working with him on his plan.
    • Creativity. He is the creator of Maximum Summoning, taking even Yuga by surprise.
    • Diligence. He discovers the possibility for Maximum Summoning by diligently studying Yuga's code for Rush Duels, and finding a hole in them. Also, his whole life seems to be devoted to his work for Goha.
    • Equality. Nail puts himself under the same condition Yuga and his friends are for the final duel, saying that it would make no sense if the stakes weren't the same.
    • Generosity. Giving Luke, Romin and Gakuto their accounts back was in no way part of the deal, but he did it anyway as a show of respect for Yuga.
    • Honesty. There is no lie or deception involved in Nail's whole scheme.
    • Honor. Following what was said before under "equality", Nail accepts having his account erased after losing to Yuga. He also despises Arai for his cheating, and makes the challenge for Yuga's group fair, giving them time to rest after each duel instead of using his influence for a boss-rush.
    • Kindness. He is fair to everyone involved in his schemes, underlings included, and doesn't hold losing against them. Particularly noticeable with Sebastian, who expected a You Have Failed Me and to be discarded and replaced for his defeat. He also sends the challenges to the team over time and in their free time, openly taking care of leaving them time to rest properly and go to school.
    • Loyalty. To Goha. For all his threat, Nail is a Punch-Clock Villain acting out of loyalty to Goha's principles, not personal spite.
    • Patience. Just look under "kindness": Nail takes his time with his plan.
    • Responsibility. The whole arc is kicked off by Nail trying to solve the Rush Duel issue on Goha's behalf.
    • Resourcefulness. A variation; Nail will not resort to tricks or cheating, but that won't mean he will not use the ample resources Goha lets him have at his disposal to achieve his goal.
    • Temperance. Nail is second only to Mr. Goha himself in the company, and can seemingly control the whole city. He uses none of this power to indulge himself, but only cares about doing his job right, though he does utilize the various trap doors throughout the city to bring Yuga and his friends to his garden after they’ve had enough time to rest.
    • Valor. Nail is perfectly willing the have the duel end in a draw to stop Yuga knowing fully well that it will mean he will lose his Goha account together with Yuga if necessary.
    • Vigilance. Yuga found out in their second duel how Crazy-Prepared Nail could be. Yuga had to literally create his own Maximum Summon on the spot to win, and Nail still managed to counter it. Twice.
  • Fair-Play Villain: Nail doesn't cheat, and even deliberately gives himself 5 penalties since Yuga has 5, as it wouldn't be fair if he wasn't playing under the same terms.
  • Foil: To Yuga, both are highly intelligent 11-year-olds with the ability to manipulate machines, but while Yuga seeks to oppose Goha's reign over Goha City, Nail enforces Goha's regulations. Both use their skills to enjoy themselves, but while Yuga creates machines and devices for amusement and helping himself or his friends, Nail has used it for disturbing activities such as crashing Goha satellites with a troubling smile on his face. Also, Yuga is more upbeat and friendly, while Nail is cold, mysterious, and calculating.
  • Graceful Loser: He takes his loss against Yuga in stride, and acknowledges the potential of Rush Duels.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After losing to Yuga, he barged in a meeting between the Tops of Hexagon and President Goha to defend Rush Duels in addition to becoming a valuable ally who helped Yuga and his friends discover the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's secret, even lending Yuga Yggdrago.
  • I Gave My Word: After he loses to Yuga in their second duel, Nail returns Kaizo's original data to him as promised.
  • Knight of Cerebus: His appearance sets some real stakes for the first time in the series, facing the group with the prospect of elimination (something we later finds out is extended to everyone considered to be in their friend network, including high-ranking Goha officials like Otes and Mimi), and when we see him actually duel, not only does he reveal a new summoning method (and a very impressive ace monster), he gives Yuga his most brutal defeat yet and manages to temporarily break him.
  • Light Is Not Good: Nail has pale blond hair, white clothes, uses LIGHT monsters and his ace is a Heavenly Dragon.
  • The Magic Poker Equation: Nail's deck is set up in such a way as to be an aversion. His ace monster is effectively divided across three specific cards and he must have all three in his hand at once to Maximum Summon it at full strength, so almost every other card he uses allows him to draw a certain number of cards, then send the same number to his Graveyard or back to his deck. With this level of filtering, it's clear that his strategy aims to increase his odds of gathering Yggdrago's pieces through sheer ability to dig through his deck.
  • Noble Demon: Despite his antagonism, Nail is Affably Evil, and displays a large array of Evil Virtues.
  • Not So Different: Nail himself views this as being the case between him and Yuga, as he notes that they are quite similar. Considering that both of them are young prodigies with strong ideals about dueling and similar personalities, he's not wrong. The difference comes in Nail being an enforcer for Goha, whereas Yuga is against it.
  • One-Hit Kill: After destroying Seven Roads Magician, he defeats Yuga with a single direct attack from Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Nail's signature card is Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree, a draconic Cyberse-type monster based on the World Tree Yggdrasil.
  • Pet the Dog: After Sebastian's loss, he assures the robot that he doesn't intend to replace him, which brings the robot to happy tears.
  • Secret Weapon: He possesses a summoning method never-before-seen in the world of Duel Monsters, in the form of Maximum Summon.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": There is some debate as to whether his name should be spelled "Nail" or "Neil", though the former is more phonetically correct.
  • Taking You with Me: He would've been able to force the second duel between him and Yuga to end in a DRAW with the trap card Annihilation. He doesn't get the chance, however, as Yuga boosts Magnum Over Road's ATK to the point that the difference between it and Yggdrago's ATK far exceeds that of Nail's 4000 LP, allowing Yuga to fully deplete his opponent's LP before he can activate Annihilation.
  • Techno Wizard: He's been a genius programmer since the age of three... where he hacked into Goha satellites and caused them to rain down on the city.
  • Trap Door: Is able to use them to kick out failed minions and bring Yuga and co. to the Garden. Somehow he can even make it appear in Roa's apartment to grab him and Romin. Fittingly he even has "Trap Hole" in his deck.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: A three-year old hacking into, and destroying a good chunk of Goha's satellite network with an enormous smile is quite disturbing, and is the reason his parents tried to get him into Duel Monsters so that he would not try it again.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: While Yuga faced tough opponents before, Nail not only managed to actually defeat him, but reveal a summoning condition unknown to even himself.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Downplayed in that he is merely a very pale blond, but he is a Creepy Child and the antagonist Duel Overseer. He is also Affably Evil and displays a lot of Evil Virtues as well.
  • Word Salad Philosophy: He has his own eccentric interpretations of what providence means to him, and can't go on for a minute without linking whatever facet of life imaginable to providence.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: As his conflict with Yuga escalates, Nail makes it so that the lost duels are not just limited to the four core characters, extending the penalties to Yuga's allies and Roa. This then leads into a Xanatos Gambit when Yoshio duels Mimi. As both ultimately register as Yuga's friends, it does not matter who wins or loses; either way, Yuga and the rest of his associates take a penalty each.
  • Your Answer to Everything: He believes that all of which exists in the universe revolves around providence.

    Schrödinger Nekoyama 

Schrödinger Nekoyama (猫山シュレディンガー, Nekoyama Shuredingā)

Voiced by: Yoshiki Nakajima

One of Nail Saionji's subordinates. He uses a Cat deck, with its monsters based on the "-Eyes Dragon" monsters.

  • The Faceless: He wears a cat mask that obscures the top half of his face.
  • Mismatched Eyes: He wears a cat mask with a left yellow eye and right green eye.
  • Multi-Ethnic Name: His given name comes from Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian physicist who also proposed the Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment.
  • Punny Name: "Schrödinger" is also the surname belonging to an Austrian physicist who proposed Schrödinger's Cat.
  • Verbal Tic: Appropriately, he ends his sentences with "-nya", Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow".


Sebastian (セバスチャン, Sebasuchan)

Voiced by: Yohei Tadano

A massage chair drone proclaiming itself as the butler and throne of Nail Saionji. He uses a DARK Deck with 0-ATK monsters based on chairs and thrones with a focus on milling his own deck.

  • Back from the Dead: Sometime before episode 38, Nail managed to retrieve Sebastian's body with him completely restoring Sebastian during the episode.
  • Battle Butler: A massage chair drone, butler, and duelist.
  • Computers Are Fast: Drones can communicate together in .05 seconds he and Kaizo use this to plan how to avoid the Machine Calvary Club, while he stalls Chikako Finger.
  • Cool Chair: He is one, and his deck is spearheaded by Throne of Darkness.
  • Heel–Face Turn: At Nail's prompting, he becomes the Rush Duel Club Adviser, Yuga and co. taking it in stride...except Kaizo who is still pissed about stealing his data.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He stalls Chikako Finger so Kaizo can escape to tell Nail about Yuga and friends, and ultimately pays for it by losing the duel and shutting down.
  • One-Hit Kill: Sebastian attempts to wipe out the entirety of Yuga's LP in a single attack with Dayu, the Dark King of Chairs, but fails due to Yuga lowering its ATK with Curtain of Sparks. The failure leads to a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Our Demons Are Different: His Throne of Darkness is a Fiend, despite being, well, a throne.
  • Robot Maid: Gender-Inverted as a Robot Butler.
  • Serious Business: Chairs and their tract through human history, and how he is the king of chairs.
  • Tin Man: Despite his claims that he doesn't have emotions, Sebastian feels Pride, Rage, and Loyalty, even being driven to tears by Nail's refusal to replace him after his loss.
  • Transforming Mecha: Though he normally takes the form of a throne, he transforms into a humanoid form when Dueling Yuga.
  • Undying Loyalty: Sebastian sees Nail as the only individual worthy of the privilege of being a butler, throne, and massage chair for.
  • Villainous Breakdown: The moment his One-Hit Kill against Yuga fails, he completely loses his cool and does everything in his power to stop him from facing and taking down Nail.
  • You Have Failed Me: Inverted and subverted, while Sebastian lost to Yuga and told Nail to scrap him for his failure, Nail told him that he doesn't need a replacement for him.

    Sorako Noodle 

Sorako Noodle (ヌードル宇宙子, Nūdoru Sorako)

Voiced by: Chitose Morinaga

The owner of Cosmic Catering, a ramen restaurant based in Nail Saionji's Garden of Providence. She uses a DARK Pyro deck based on Outer Space and Noodles.

  • Alien Among Us: A supposed alien working in a ramen resturant, which the cast left unsure if she was or not by the end. Further complicated with the debut of her Identical Stranger, Chikako Finger.
  • Aliens Speaking English: Or Japanese in this case.
  • Alternate Character Reading: "Sorako" is read as "space child/alien", but pronounced as "sky child".
  • But Now I Must Go: Sorako is taken back to her planet by the mothership after her loss to restore her UFO energy.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her monsters are DARK type and use space-based attacks.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Her surname is "Noodle".
  • Flying Saucer: Her clothes resemble one and she can somehow retract her head and limbs inside to resemble one fully. At first it is shown to be held up by wires, but later it appears to be capable of flight on its own.
  • Human Aliens: Although assumed to be cosplay, at the end of her duel she is picked up by the Mothership to replenish her LP and refuel.
  • Some Call Me "Tim": Sorako's real name apparently can't be pronounced by humans, so she chose an Earth name for herself to go by.
  • Space Clothes: Not only does her outfit look like something out of a cheesy scifi, it can even become her UFO.
  • Verbal Tic: "Beep-bop" and "beep-boop" for stereotypical alien noises.
  • Wingding Eyes: Her eyes sport a pair of small stars.
  • Wizards from Outer Space: Her ace, Cosmic String Noodle-Druidess.

    Arata Arai 

Arata Arai (洗井 新太, Arai Arata)

Voiced by: Ryota Ohsaka

The leader of the Washing Club at Goha Third Elementary School, and a dishwasher for an AI restaurant.

He plays a Washing-themed deck which focuses on recycling his spell cards by returning them to the deck, and later, reducing his opponent's Deck to 0 by forcing his opponent to draw cards.

  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": He wears a face mask bearing the kanji for "wash" (洗).
  • Character Tic: He vigorously "cleans" his own Duel Disk after setting a spell card, covering up the fact that he's swapping out the card for another and subsequently activating it to gain an unfair advantage against his opponent.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Cheats during his duel against Romin by swapping his set cards with copies of his spell card White Foam - Bleach Motor, and still loses. He also cheats in his duel against Luke, attempting to completely empty his deck, but fails once again.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Loses his second Duel when Luke uses all the cards he forced him to draw to destroy his only monster and Tribute Summon 3 high-level Dragons monsters for a combined direct attack.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: He was working for Nail, but his annoyance over Romin breaking a lot of expensive dishes is understandable.
  • Mildly Military: Several of his monsters and his spells are military-themed. Except the one based on Santa Claus.
  • Neat Freak: He has a tendency to vigorously "clean" his own Duel Disk, which also doubles as a cheating tactic that he uses in his duel against Romin and Luke.
  • Saying Too Much: After losing to Luke, Yuga tricks Arata into disclosing the whereabouts of the Door of Providence, which is located in #66 of the underground's V6 area.
  • Scary Teeth: After he unmasks himself, he's shown to have shark teeth.
  • Smug Snake: A self-satisfied creep and a cheater that intended to keep Romin washing dishes forever.
  • Verbal Tic: He has a tendency to exclaim "Wash!" in Gratuitous English.

Goha Seventh Elementary (ゴーハ7小, Gōha Nana Shō)

    Ranze and Rinnosuke Nanahoshi 

Ranze and Rinnosuke (蘭世, Ranze & 凛之介, Rinnosuke)

Voiced by: Yuna Kamakura (Ranze), Chiaki Kobayashi (Rinnosuke)
Ranze (left) and Rinnosuke (right)

Twins Ranze and Rinnosuke are respectively the Vice President and Secretary of the school, assisting Gakuto in enforcing the rules.

The twins play Flowerfang Decks, a Plant deck based on ninja. Ranze's deck focus on swarm tactics while Rinnosuke's use destruction effects and burn damage.

  • Amazon Brigade: Ranze's Flowerflang monsters are kunoichi.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Rinnosuke occassionaly becomes one when teasing Ranze, but Ranze gets the turn when her Crush Filter antics get out of hand and he has to snap her out of it.
  • Ascended Extra: Originally just Gakuto's assistants, Goha 6th upgrades them, especially Ranze to main cast for the arc.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: Not to Gakuto, who is as hardworking as them, but towards Romin when the three of them try to help her disastrous cooking attempts, resorting to swapping in the items she needs.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Ranze is eventually revealed to be this. Her "Ranze Eyes" delusions heavily skew her perception of reality.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Ranze is shown to be rather snarky, and was much more critical of Romin's terrible attempts to cook.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: They start off basically the same except for gender, but in the Goha 6th Arc, they begin to diverge with their cynicism and idealism, overall loyalty, personalities, and playstyle.
  • Half-Identical Twins: Ranze and Rinnosuke are both bespectacled with similar features and hairstyles, the only difference being Rinnosuke having a slightly darker hair color.
  • Honest Advisor: Despite their loyalty, they are willing to call out Gakuto when they believe he is shirking his duties for his interest in "Rush Duels", and Ranze even attempts to circumvent his orders in the Duel when he is hesitant about playing all out.
  • Lady of War: Ranze is an elegant duelist ninja, having the same sort of traditional Japanese music playing while she duels as Gakuto does.
  • Legacy of Service: Their family has served the Sogetsu family as ninja for generations.
  • Ninja: Aside from their Flower Fang deck, they serve as such to Gakuto, even doing the ninja run on the way to the Training Camp.
  • Not So Above It All: Despite his serious nature, Rinnosuke isn't above acting like an Annoying Younger Sibling to tease Ranze for her crush on Yuga.
  • Only One Name: Their surnames are unknown, until episode 29, which is Nanahoshi based on the dueling style.
  • Petal Power: Despite being Plant-types, Ranze's monsters appear humanoid, but attack with various flower-based attacks.
  • Recurring Element: The Ninja duelists of the series - though unlike previous Ninja duelists, their decks are Plants instead of Warriors. They are similar to Tsukikage and Hikage as they are sibling Ninja duelists.
  • Serial Romeo: Ranze apparently gets crushes really easily, to Rinnosuke's frustration.
  • Single-Minded Twins: Subverted, while both of them have the same strict personality and Undying Loyalty towards Gakuto, they are later shown to be quite different: Ranze is sarcastic and more cynical towards Yuga and Co, despite her crush on Yuga and tends to be delusional about her love life, while Rinnosuke is more upbeat and down to earth, and even though he can be similar to his sister in his delusions he is still more realistic.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Ranze is this for Yuga, she even has a secret observational journal about him. It is later revealed she has a total of 73 Journals from other crushes she has observed!
  • Stellar Name: Their surname, Nanahoshi means "seven stars".
  • Stoic Spectacles: Both of them wear glasses to go with their level-headed personas.
  • Taking You with Me: Rinnosuke ends his duel against his sister with a DRAW.
  • Thinks Like a Romance Novel: Ranze, when she gets a crush on both Yuuga and Galient, complete with a Crush Filter and Imaginary Love Triangle, with Rinnosuke trying to break her out of it before she humiliates herself.
  • Too Important to Walk: Like Gakuto, both Ranze and Rinnosuke have someone else hold and Set their cards for them; Rinnosuke does it for Ranze during her duel against Galient, and Gakuto tricks Luke into doing it for Rinnosuke in his duel against Ranze.
  • Undying Loyalty: The pair uphold Gakuto in high regard, and rarely question his authority as Student Council President. They also cheer for him during his duels, and swear that if Gakuto dies, they will die with him so he does not have to perish alone. Ranze starts to question this, her crush on Galient making her duel against Yuga and Co on his behalf.

    The Newspaper Club 

The Newspaper Club (Bakuro Shinjitsu, Masaru, and Nico)

Voiced by: Tomoya Yamatao (Bakuro), Kentaro Kumagari (Masaru), Saki Yasui (Nico)
Bakuro Shinjitsu

A trio of aspiring young journalists led by Bakuro Shinjitsu. The group is infamous among the student body for its sensationalist and heavily biased articles, but the fact that it distributes them through print makes their newspaper one of the few information outlets that cannot be directly controlled by the primarily digital Goha Corp.

Bakuro plays a Reporter Deck of machines based on printing materials.

  • Berserk Button: The usually quiet and dour Bakuro freaks out and has a drastic shift in personality whenever the mere possibility of his newspaper being discontinued pops up.
  • Camera Fiend: Nico, who constantly takes pictures of everyone as the paper's photographer, and usually adds that they're for something demeaning.
  • Cute Machines: Delivery Machine Whirr, whose hologram panics when it is destroyed by Luke's Dragon. Toughroid significantly less so.
  • Da Editor: Bakuro is the chief of the Newspaper Club, though oddly for this trope, hangs out in the background and lets his underlings do their own thing.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Upon being defeated by Luke, Bakuro comes to enjoy "Rush Dueling" and they write a proper article for "Rush Dueling", along with a ridiculous one of Luke being King at his request.
  • The Dividual: Symbiotic version. They have varying traits but work in tandem as one, though with Bakuro the most prominent due to being the Duelist. His defeat serves as the reformation of the paper as a whole.
  • The Face: Masaru serves as one for the Newpaper club as the reporter, and the protagonists are shocked when he is addressed as chief, as before he had been the note taker.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Bakuro's primary reason for trying to discredit "Rush Duels" is that he sees them as so easy and simple to understand when he, someone who has a hard time remembering things, can pull off massive plays that would otherwise be difficult for him in regular Duels. This doesn't stop him from greatly enjoying himself when he puts Luke on the ropes.
  • Immoral Journalist: Before the protagonists set them straight. Masaru and Nico still have shades of this with their questions for Tiger during her Duel with Zomyoji, and are yelled into the sky both times.
  • Mythology Gag: Bakuro's ace monster is News Flash Machine Toughroid, similar to Syrus's roids, and his deck's monsters are living machines like them.
  • School Newspaper News Hound: Invoked by Yuga, since the print media is a good way to avoid Goha Corp's censoring. Luke is skeptical at first, but their paper is surprisingly influential among their classmates.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: Nico being a Meganekko doesn't prevent Tiger from yelling her into the sky with Masaru when their interviewing annoys her.
  • Smug Snake: Bakuro, due to considering "Rush Duels" rather childlike, is condescending towards Luke during their Duel, even mocking how easy it is. He is however, still a difficult opponent for Luke, and proved capable of summoning three copies of his ace monster.
  • Trap Master: Bakuro plays a noticeable amount of Trap Cards that hamper and wreck the opponent.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Bakuro has green hair. Averted with Masaru and Nico, who have realistic hair colors.

    Yoshio Atachi 

Yoshio Atachi

Voiced by: Takuma Nagatsuka

Mimi's son and a fourth-grader of Goha Seventh who loves Good Max, a Henshin show based on Mad Max.

He plays a Beast Gear World deck, featuring post-apocalyptic Beast-Warriors.

  • Ambiguously Absent Parent: He lives with his mother Mimi, but his father is nowhere to be seen.
  • The Apunkalypse: Beast Gear World is based heavily on this, and Yoshio even watches a Mad Max-based show.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest of the recurring characters, being two years under Yuga and Co.
  • Badass Biker: All his monsters are dogs that ride motorbikes.
  • Beast Man: His monsters are all Beast-Warriors.
  • Cool Bike: Despite actually being a tricycle, it managed to be this, looking like an apunkalyptic bike with a ram skull on it, and is very helpful for getting the Newspaper Club to the Yuga-Roa duel to prove that Sevens Magician is a legal card.
  • Field Power Effect: Beast Gear World, the first Field Spell used in SEVENS, which raises the attack of his monsters and lowers the attack of Dragon-Types.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: At Mimi's request, Yuga and co. don't tell him that his mother is Number 6, and he is also unaware of his mother's spying.
  • Mobile-Suit Human: He wears a cosplay suit of the protagonist of his favorite show that has this effect, making him seem like a burly muscle man... when he's actually Mimi's height.
  • Momma's Boy: He greatly loves his mom - with his father not in sight - and his conflict with Luke is driven by a desire to "Rush Duel" without upsetting her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He returns in the Garden of Providence with a stronger deck and determination, even beating his mother.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Neapolitan pasta, to the point where the fear of not getting to eat it is what makes him challenge Luke.

    Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo 

Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo

Voiced by: Saeko Kamijo

Luke's older sister and president of the Concert Band Club. She plays a WIND Music deck of WIND warriors - Music Maidens - based around martial artists and woodwinds.

  • Always Someone Better: She's this to Luke, having defeated him in practically everything during their youth, even dueling, to the point that even after Luke's skills advanced dramatically once he could practice in adult Duel Centers, he still hasn't beaten her again (though it's left unsaid if he tried since getting his watch).
  • Amazon Brigade: The majority of her deck are Music Maidens aside from possibly her ace, which appears as a keyboard-like mecha despite being a Warrior-type.
  • Anti-Magic: Her ace, Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni, prevents the activation of Trap Cards when it attacks.
  • Big Sister Bully: She is a terrifying older sister, though she does care about Luke, happy that he enjoys himself when dueling.
  • Blow You Away: Her deck is WIND monsters to go with her woodwind theme. Aside from the wind, she is associated with breath.
  • Competition Freak: Incredibly competitive, though she is a Graceful Loser that takes her loss to Yuga well.
  • Glass Cannon: Although her deck is offensively powerful and able to summon many high-level monsters, her deck noticeably lacks much in the ways of protection or trap cards.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Incredibly short-tempered, especially towards Luke, whom she considers an idiot.
  • Hot-Blooded: To the point, that Luke seems calm by comparison, if only because he spends most of the episode in a state of abject terror.
  • Insistent Terminology: Insists she be called Tiger.
  • Martial Arts and Crafts: Haruka has a martial arts and woodwind theme. Justified in that she deliberately sought out the mastery of woodwinds in order to improve her breath abilities.
  • Martial Arts Uniform: She also wears a red Chinese-styled gi.
  • Musical Assassin: And Instrument of Murder, as her monsters attack with sound-based attacks and they carry weapons that merge woodwind instruments with martial arts weapons.
  • Super Strength: Implied. She can lift her massive bassoon with no trouble, but at least two of her fellow club members need to carry the thing.
  • Tiger Versus Dragon: The Tiger to Luke's Dragon.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Like Luke, her hair is teal, though hers is dyed lilac at the tips.

Goha Sixth Elementary (ゴーハ6小, Gōha Roku Shō)

Heavy Cavalry Duel Club

A duel club composed of elite students at Goha Sixth Elementary.

    In General 
  • Ace Custom: Their duel disks are contained within their construction equipment
  • Good Old Ways: They dig for the origin and truth of dueling, and deride Rush Duels as a modern heresy. In addition, Asana hates drones, preferring more traditional machinery. They also feel this about their machine parts, as they refuse to use anything other than actual Mutsuba parts, that are unfortunately no longer made.
  • Heel–Face Turn: With Defeat Means Friendship, After Yuga beats Asana and reveals that Mutsuba did originally use alternate parts, the group stops their tyranny and embraces Rush Duels.
  • Honor Before Reason: They refuse to use updated or alternate parts with their Heavy Machinery, as it is against their ways. The discovery of R0 shows this wasn't always the case, as the Mutsuba builders did heavily mod it with alternate and replacement parts. Afterwards, Asana drops the rule and they happily let Yuga fix R6 and the other machines.
  • Horse of a Different Color: Instead of horses, their cavalry is their construction equipment.
  • Kick the Dog: They brutally beat the previous student council and stole their cards.
  • Military Mashup Machine: They ride construction equipment merged with military equipment that double as duel disks.
  • Punny Name: Heavy Cavalry is a homophone of Heavy Machinery.
  • The Rival: To the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club, who they constantly push them out of their digsite.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: Goha Sixth was originally a normal and fun school, but the club defeated the former Student Council, stole all their cards, and threw them out.

    Asana Mutsuba 

Asana Mutsuba (六葉アサナ, Mutsuba Asana)

Voiced by: Minami Takahashi

The heiress of Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, builders of Goha City. She plays a Wyrm Deck based around Mythic Sword Monsters.

  • Affably Evil: Despite her desire to end Rush Duels, Asana is unfailingly polite to Yuga when she meets him, and even legitimately thanks him for fixing R6. She also gets on well with her subordinates, who deeply respect her as well.
  • Anti-Villain: At the end of the day, she has no grudge against Rush Duels and even finds them fun herself. The main reason she's out to destroy them is because Goha promised to remanufacture the parts needed to repair R6 and the other Heavy Calvalry machines if she did.
  • All Girls Like Ponies: Parodied. She wears equestrian type clothes, but rides an excavator that she treats as though it were a horse.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Literally. Her debut duel has her defeat Yuga in a quick and straightforward manner without needing Nail's consistency manipulation, and following that, transfers Yuga and co. to Goha 6th Elementary.
  • Bifauxnen: Asana is a slim girl with short hair, wearing a masculine though elegant uniform like a cavalry officer.
  • Character Development: Comes to accept rush duels and modifying the heavy calvary with alternate parts after her loss to Yuga she still hates drones though.
  • Companion Cube: She operates a digger she names R6, and treats like a horse she is affectionate towards.
  • Daddy's Girl: Or Rather Granddaddy's Girl, as she was very close to her grandfather as a child.
  • Dark Action Girl: The Arc Villain of the Goha 6th Elementary arc, and she's a skilled duelist.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Dark-skinned with grey-white hair. It is a tan, as she was lighter skinned as a child.
  • Didn't Think This Through: While her plan was executed flawlessly, its effectiveness leaves a lot to be desired, as noted by Goha. Asana's plan seems to have been to transfer Yuga and his friends to Goha 6th so she can crack down on Rush Dueling, but not only does this not quell Yuga's desire for the format at all, but as soon as he's transferred to the school he plays her like a fiddle to put himself in the position he wants.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": Galient and Chevelle assert on Yuga addressing her with respectful honorifics, but Asana tells them off as she is fine with Yuga simply addressing her by given name.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Despite defeating Yuga, she doesn't like that fact that she blindsided him with her Maximum Monster - after all, he assumed no one else had one. Thus she waited until Yuga regained his use of a Maximum Monster, assuming it would be Nail's Yggdrago, to fight him fair and square.
  • Fatal Flaw: Asana favors Tradition over Progress, even if it costs her everything she loves. By being against modifications, she's unable to advance or improve her machinery and mindset, even when working for a corporation that refuses to cooperate with her.
  • Foil: For Roa. Whereas the former is an extremely selfish individual who desires to be Duel King and gain Otis' approval in the process, while also having a bad habit of neglecting his companions (whether it be due to his arrogance or terrible communication skills), Asana is far more congenial, her goals seeming to be rooted in her family's history, and openly plans to destroy Rush Duels due to Good Old Ways, and she treats her subordinates well enough for them all to have Undying Loyalty to her.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: What we know of her backstory so far, coupled with her rather lax attitude towards Yuga and developing interest in Rush Duels, very much muddies what her goals currently are. We later find out that, being a stickler for tradition, Asana was tasked with crushing Rush Duels in exchange for the old parts to repair a slowly malfunctioning R6.
  • Machine Empathy: She can understand R6 and the machine language, but hates Drones for using regular speech.
  • Ojou: A wealthy heiress, and is referred to as the Great Lady by her club. However, as Mutsuba is out of business, she is an Impoverished Patrician, with her Grandfather currently running a bike repair shop.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Plays Wyrm Monsters, which are mistaken for Dragons by Yuga and co., except for Luke, who recognizes them but admits he's not sure what the difference is.
  • Ship Tease: She has a growing attraction to Yuga and treats him with nothing but respect, even though she is actively trying to destroy Rush Duels.
  • Villainous Friendship: At the very least, her subordinates greatly respect her, and the feeling is mutual on her part.

    Galient Tazaki 

Galient Tazaki (田崎ギャリアン, Tazaki Gyarian)

Voiced by: Mitsuki Nakamura

Advisor of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. He uses an EARTH Machine deck based on Anti-Defense tactics, based around mechanical animals.

  • Almighty Janitor: Despite dropping his advisor position after his loss to Gakuto, the rest of the club treat him with the same amount of authority and respect.
  • Animal Mecha: His monsters are based around them, being transforming drills that turn into animals like bulls and his ace, Drilling Mandrill.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He's a sixth grader that dresses and styles himself to look like an adult, despite being short and stocky to begin with, but he's also a capable Duelist who flattens Ranze.
  • Determinator: After losing GG03, he proves capable of still digging the same amount and will not stop serving Asana.
  • Graceful Loser: After losing to Gakuto, he offers him his respect for being a master worthy of his servants, and quietly leaves Goha 6th. Gakuto and the Twins only failing to earn their freedom because Asana overruled it.
  • Honor Before Reason: Despite GG03 being badly damaged, he refuses to stop the duel with Gakuto. And when he loses, he gives up his position and leaves Goha 6th as he is no longer worthy to serve Asana. Or rather the next episode shows that he is starting over as a grunt with just a shovel.
  • Hot Blooded Sideburns: Sports a pair that shape a beard and a mustache, which fits his Hotblooded military aesthetic and older feeling.
  • Maniac Monkeys: His ace monsters, Drilling Mandrill and Shield Boring Kong, are based on monkeys and apes.
  • Old Retainer: In spirit if not age, as his Undying Loyalty to Asana, is like an Old Soldier dealing with their younger liege. He is old enough to have given a toddler Asana baths. His family appears to have been in a Legacy of Service to hers as well.
  • Old Soldier: Not helping his status, is that he talks like one, referring to everyone as Youngins.
  • Powerful Pick: After the loss of GG03, he goes back to basics and uses a pickaxe to dig everywhere. While he doesn't fight with it, he is still a Tunnel King with it.
  • Stout Strength: Despite his stocky appearance, when he ditches his jacket after his loss, he is revealed to be incredibly ripped and strong for his age.
  • This Is a Drill: Aside from digging, his monsters have a drill theme.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: His first appearance showed him willing to be underhanded, but after his loss to Gakuto, he refuses to allow him comrades to use dishonorable methods.
  • Tunnel King: Proves capable of tunneling from Goha 6th to Yuga's base with only a pickaxe, and later tunnels all the way to the Machine Cavalry Colosseum - the latter of which leaves him too tired to stand and he passes out.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Asana, whom he considers the Great One.
  • Vague Age: Initial reports described him as an elementary schooler trying to look and act grown-up, but he's later revealed to be significantly older than Asana despite remaining in sixth grade. His true age is unclear.
  • Younger Than He Looks: Though he's an elementary schooler, he stretches the sideburns on his hair such that they're shaped like a moustache, so as to look more like a grown-up, and also talks like an elderly man. Subverted when it he turns out to be far older than he looks, making him an adult pretending to be an elementary-schooler...pretending to be an adult.

    Chevelle Kayama 

Chevelle Kayama (加山シュベール, Kayama Shubēru)

Voiced by: Yugo Sato

One of the three members of the Goha Sixth Elementary elite trio. He is accompanied by his companion pigeon, Hatrap, and is capable of understanding him. He uses a Winged Beast Deck, with a focus on Trap Cards to manipulate ATK values and dealing burn damage.

  • Aristocrats Are Evil: He's dressed the fanciest of the group, and is an antagonist, so he fulfills this quite well.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He apparently used to be a huge crybaby that Hatrap had to look over, and at some point as a child, was caught in an avalanche and would've died along with Hatrap had Asana and her grandfather not saved them.
  • French Jerk: He has elements of this, being thus far the only member of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club without any redeeming traits and calling Galient "Monsieur Galient", in addition to his name sounding French. He's also the most condescending and rude to Yuga's group, and enjoys taunting Luke throughout their duel.
  • Idiot Ball: Decided to summon a second copy of his ace monster in Attack Position on Luke's turn. This is despite the fact that Luke's tactics include ATK reduction on top of heavy-hitting dragon monsters. Hatrap, for his part, immediately notices it and starts pecking and squawking at Kayama for such an idiotic play. Had he summoned out Phantom Dove in Defense Position, they would have survived Luke's final offense.
  • Pet the Dog
    • Is greatly concerned for Galient after he dug so far with only a pickaxe, and is alarmed when he passes out.
    • He cares very deeply about Hatrap, saving the pigeon after Luke deals the finishing blow, and this was after they had a spat.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: He's stated to be capable of understanding what his companion pigeon, Hatrap, says.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": His given name is also transliterated as "Schwer".

    Chikako Finger 

Chikako Finger

Voiced by: Chitose Morinaga

An assassin that works for the Machine Calvary Club and oddly resembles Noodle Sorako. She plays a Pyro deck of FIRE and EARTH monsters with an acupuncture theme.

  • But Now I Must Go: After defeating Sebastian, she has to go back to her people, to the confusion of Kayama.
  • Cute and Psycho: Despite being chipper like Sorako, she shows a nastier side, calling Kaizo a fly and not showing any remorse over breaking Sebastian.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Her eyes have triangular highlights, unlike the stars in Sorako's.
  • Hero Killer: Defeats Sebastian in a duel, which causes him to shut down.
  • Identical Stranger: Possibly to Sorako.
  • Magma Man: Her EARTH and FIRE monsters are lava-based animals.
  • Mistaken Identity: Sebastian assumes that she and Noodle Sorako are the same individual, but she denies knowing anybody by that name.
  • Mole Men: A figure from the Shiatsu Empire, which is some sort of Mole Men Empire.
  • Psycho for Hire: A light and soft example, but still a hired assassin that is mildly Cute and Psycho.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: While it's not clear if she is Sorako, she definitely knows about her, claiming that after Sebastian asks if she is Sorako that she totally isn't that space alien whose name means "Sorako".
  • This Is a Drill: That she does acupuncture with, and like Sorako's saucer, she can put herself inside the drill.

    Caterpillio Zomyoji 

Caterpillio Zomyoji

Voiced by: Chado Horii

A member of the Machine Calvary Club who tries to dismantle Yuga's Road Laboratory. He uses an EARTH Beast deck.

  • Meaningful Name: His surname contains the kanji for "elephant", and one of his monsters is an elephant. After being beaten, he briefly responds to Haruka by making elephant noises.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: He seems to realize in his debut that demolishing Yuga's lab doesn't require he duel anyone, scaring off Yoshio and his friends when they try to stop him and then outright trying to run over the Newspaper Club without even entertaining the idea. The only reason he duels Haruka is because she's strong enough to force him into one.
  • Sore Loser: He refuses to acknowledge his loss against Tiger and attempts to dismantle Yuga's Road Laboratory, until Galient intervenes and dissuades him from going through with it.
  • Stone Wall: His monsters all have high defense and low offense (with his field spell boosting their defense but lowering their attack even further), and his strategy is to stall in defense mode and hit the opponent with traps to force them to damage themselves by attacking his defense monsters. He also incorporates Sword and Shield to take advantage of this for some offensive power.

Other students

    Jango Arisugawa 

Jango Arisugawa

Voiced by: YouthK Saeki
The former student council president of Goha 6th Elementary who hosts the "Dark Rush Duel Tournament" as defiance towards Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.

He uses an Insect Deck based around Rebelling Ants. His deck resolves on swarming the field with low-attack monster in order to strengthen them with his ace card Antbellion of the Rebellion.

  • Animal Motifs: He compares himself and the other former student council members as ants since they are both small oppressed beings living under everyone's radar.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: His deck is comprised of Insect-Type monsters or to be more specific ants.
  • Expy: With his Insect and Rebellion theme, he is a Lighter and Softer version of Shinji Weber from Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin!: He is addicted to drawing cards, which is why he loves Rush Duels so much.
  • Rebel Leader: Of the Goha 6th Resistance, though unfortunately he's really not a match for the sheer numbers the Calvary Duel Club has, easily forcing his rebellion's end, and him to rejoin the school.
  • Student Council President: He was originally this to Goha 6th Elementary until the Heavy Calvary Duel Club forced him out.

Other Schools and Friends

    Menzaburo Oomori 

Menzaburo Oomori

Voiced By: Daisuke Nagumo

A student of Goha 3rd Elementary who loves ramen and seeks to create a set of Dueling rules that unites Dueling and ramen.

He uses a Pyro Deck focusing around the Masked Fiery Noodle series. His deck revolves around gathering normal monsters in the graveyard to strengthen Pyro monsters on the field.

  • Antiquated Linguistics: Befitting of his ninja motif, he adopts an old-fashioned manner of speech when addressing others.
  • Berserk Button: Do not tell him that you prefer udon over ramen, saying such is enough for him to challenge Yuga to a Duel. And when Luke eats the last ramen, he drops his formal speech and outright calls him "kisama".
  • The Bus Came Back: He returns in Episode 11 with two companions of his own to provide catering services to Roa's concert.
  • Friend or Idol Decision: Has one of these during his duel with Sorako: lose to her and get to experience cuisine in outer space at the cost of giving Yuga and his friends a penalty, or win and disable her UFO but not cause problems for his new friends. Ultimately he chooses the later. This ends up being surprisingly important in the end, since Yuga and co. end up with five penalties when all is said and done, meaning their accounts would have all been banned had he acted more selfishly.
  • Fire Is Red: Fitting for a Pyro Duelist, his color scheme is predominantly red.
  • Glass Cannon: Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Gockboot, his ace monster, is one as it has 2200 ATK but 0 DEF. This weakness ends up leading to his defeat in his Duel gainst Yuga when the latter uses spell cards to change Gockboot to defense position and give Sevens Road Magician the ability to inflict piercing damage, allowing him to deal enough damage to win.
  • Hot-Blooded: Extremly bombastic and dedicated to his love of ramen.
  • Ninja: The Masked Fiery Noodle monsters are ninja with a ramen-themed aesthetic.
  • Playing with Fire: All Masked Fiery Noodle monsters are Pyro-type and FIRE. Notably, he's the second Duelist in the franchise to specialize in the use of Pyro monsters, following Austin O'Brien/Axel Brodie from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Ramen, of course.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Oblivious to Roa's true nature, he happily provides catering for Roa's concert... which serves to trigger Romin's hunger-crazed berserk state. He and his friends apologize in the next episode for having done so.

    Kan Hakubutsu 

Kan Hakubutsu

Voiced by: Yuki Sakaihara

A student from Goha 2nd Elementary, president of the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club.

He plays a Jurassic Deck, made of WATER Aqua monsters based on prehistoric sea creatures and EARTH Dinosaurs, referencing the evolution of earth.

  • Breaking Old Trends: Previous dinosaur duelists tended to be Hot-Blooded or evil, while Hakubutsu is instead a polite, well-spoken romantic scholar... and his desire to make a profit off of dinosaurs is quickly corrected by Yuga, who restores his romanticism towards them.
  • Catchphrase: Various versions of Jurassic in Gratuitous English.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: His Dinosaur Monsters are all EARTH type.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: He wears a pair of goggles with blue frames and a red rim on his forehead.
  • Making a Splash: The first half of his deck, prehistoric sea creatures such as the trilobite.
  • Prehistoric Monster: Typical of any Dinosaur duelist, but Hakubutusu ups the ante by including prehistoric sea creatues.
  • Punny Name: His full name, Hakubutsukan is the Japanese word for Museum.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex: His ace monster, Super King Rex.

    Hunt Goto 

Hunt Goto

Voiced by: Risae Matsuda

Hunt Goto is a student at Goha 2nd Elementary, and he is a member of the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club under Kan Hakubutsu. He possesses a rare ability to sneeze when finds are nearby. He is not shown dueling.

  • Adventurer Outfit: A safari outfit with a dinosaur painted hard-hat.
  • Big Damn Heroes: When the heroes are lost in Maximum Mountian, he comes to their rescue with fresh drinking water, when Romin was about to drink possibly poisoned water.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: In the first arc, he is simply Kan's sidekick, but in the Goha 6th Arc his sneezing ability is invaluable for finding Maximums.

    Sushiko Maki & Nick Yagi 

Sushiko Maki & Nick Yagi

Voiced by: Mari Uchiyama (Sushiko), Tomohiro Shiozaki (Nick)
Sushiko (left) and Nick (right)

Menzaburo's gourmet friends, whom he invites to attend RoaRomin's 3-on-3 showdown against Yuga and his group.Sushiko plays a Sushi Angel deck, Fairies based on Sushi, that revolves around raising her opponent's life points to activate her card effects.

  • Action Girl: Sushiko is a skilled duelist capable of beating Romin.
  • Foil: Sushiko is this to Romin, being a prim and proper lady compared to Romin's rock-star theming. Her deck, in a similar vein to Romin, also works by LP manipulation, but focuses on increasing the LP of the opponent to increase the differences to fulfill effect conditions, as opposed to Romin's which focuses on decreasing her own LP to use effects.
  • Nice Hat: Nick wears a brown cowboy hat to complement his Old West getup.
  • Not So Above It All: Sushiko presents herself with poise and elegance...and she also fights with Romin over the remote.
  • Punny Name:
    • Nick's full name, read in Eastern order, is a pun on "yakiniku" (焼き肉).
    • Sushiko's name is a pun on Makizushi, meaning sushi roll.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Fitting with her traditional Japanese aesthetic, Sushiko has noticeably pale skin and dark hair.
  • Supreme Chef: Both of them are very skilled cooks, specializing in what they do very well. Nick even manages to cook a gigantic meat slab that looks like it came right out of One Piece.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: They play this role in a trio with Menzaburo.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Like Menzaburo, they are used by Roa to trigger Romin's berserk state.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Sushiko, who is calm and poised unlike Menzaburo and Nick.

    Nanami Maguro 

Nanami Maguro

Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa

The captain of Goha Fisheries Elementary School.

He plays a Fish deck entered around supporting his lower-level monsters by reducing the ATK of opposing monsters with his field and trap cards or by having his ace monster give them the ability to attack directly, and recycling cards from his graveyard for later use.

  • Berserk Button: Polluting the ocean, and thinking Yuga did so provokes him into a duel.
  • Book Dumb: He's the highest performing student at school - they are graded on fishing - but admits that he's never gotten above a zero on a math test. Despite this he is a skilled duelist, fisherman, and boat driver.
  • The Captain: Of the Goha Fisheries, granted for being the best fisherman.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: When Yuga defeats hims, Maguro realizes he isn't the type to litter and even gets Yuga and co. back to land after Fake Kaizo tricked them onto the boat in the first place.
  • Expy: Of Mako Tsunami/Ryota Kajiki from DM, being a fish duelist, and even has a similar color scheme and deck. He is however much Lighter and Softer as he lacks a tragic backstory.
  • Field Power Effect: His field spell, Big Ocean, reduces the ATK of all non-WATER monsters on the field by 300. In addition, several of his cards require its presence on the field for their effects to activate.
  • Green Aesop: He hates it when pollution the sea, and his deck even has a mild recycling theme to it, the gang even calling his deck eco-friendly.
  • Making a Splash: He uses a Fish deck composed entirely of WATER monsters.
  • Punny Name: His name literally translates to "tuna of the seven seas".
  • Unusual Eyebrows: His eyebrows are distinctively tuna-shaped.
  • Verbal Tic: He has a habit of ending his sentences with "tsuna" (a literal English to Japanese transliteration of "tuna").

     Braun Honya 

Braun Honya

Voiced By" Takuto Yoshinaga

Braun Honya is a student at Goha 5th Elementary, president of the Space Operations Duel Club. He seeks out his own Maximum Monster. He plays a Reptile Deck based on spaceship turtles, with a strategy of manipulating his opponnent's monsters levels and attack.

  • Graceful Loser: After losing to Luke, they happily all look for ID cards together.
  • Meaningful Name: Braun means Bookstore, and his family owns one. In addition his name comes from Werner Von Braun, a German American aerospace engineer.
  • Mythology Gag: His monsters are based on UFO Turtle, though Reptiles rather than Machines
  • Playing with Fire: Most of his monsters are FIRE
  • Turtle Power: Space turtles

RoaRomin (ロアロミン, Roaromin)

The indie band led by Roa Kirishima.

    Roa Kirishima 

Roa Kirishima (霧島 ロア, Kirishima Roa)

Voiced by: Kazuki Furuta

Romin's cousin and the leader and singer of RoaRomin. He has an interest in "Rush Dueling". He plays a Fiend Deck focusing on the Royal Demons, with his strategy revolving around hand and field destruction.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: Shows many traits consistent with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, including a sense of entitlement and self-importance, lack of empathy for others, a manipulative and exploitative personality, and a need to be the center of attention at all times, likely stemming from his The Unchosen One status.
  • Arc Villain: Of the Birth of Rush Duels arc. He sets up a best-of-three match with his band against Yuga's friends, unlike the previous opponents who were antagonists for a single episode. Likewise, he's the one who has ordered Romin to spy on Yuga's group, giving him a greater role in that regard.
  • Attention Whore: Called this by Romin, who notes that he always liked to stand out.
  • Big Brother Bully: He is not a nice cousin, Romin being visibly afraid of him. He forces her to do his dirty work, and pins her against the wall reminding her that if she listens to him he won't reveal her secret. He also deliberately starves her so she duels better.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: He acts like a charming singer, but it hides his manipulative nature and emotional abuse of his cousin, and he very likely does not have good intentions in mind for the other protagonists. Fittingly, his deck is made up of LIGHT Fiends.
  • Chick Magnet: All of the elementary school girls and Mimi swoon over him when he is on stage.
  • Childhood Friends: With Getta, whom he calls Getta-Chan.
  • The Chosen Wannabe: With a bit of The Unchosen One, he is upset that Otes chose Yuga over him, and so he made his own road to break up the world's rigidity. Had he beaten Yuga, Otes would have accepted him as the new chosen king.
  • Composite Character: He takes on a lot of similarities to IV/Quattro from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL in his character, but also has a slight king motif like Jack Atlas from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and uses a Fiend deck like Reiji/Declan Akaba did in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, though his are LIGHT, not DARK.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Compared to Ryoken/Revolver, the previous rival. Where Ryoken was a Well-Intentioned Extremist trying to protect everyone, Roa is Driven by Envy and significantly pettier, being mainly interested in himself. While Ryoken dedicated his life to his father's dreams and wishes, Roa's dreams are entirely his own. Ryoken's plans ultimately caused a stagnation of sorts in Duel Monsters, due to the Knights of Hanoi almost completely destroying the Cyberse type and terrorizing Link VRAINS, whereas Roa desires to push Duel Monsters forward, being very interested in Otes' legend, while Ryoken tried his hardest to kill the Ignis, having no interest in their potential whatsoever. Finally, whereas Ryoken and Yusaku had a very personal relationship throughout their series, Yuga was completely ignorant of Roa's existence, and generally passive and understanding of his goals and motives, only coming into conflict with Roa through coincidences.
  • Driven by Envy: His antagonism towards Yuga is born from his resentment that Yuga was picked over him by Otes. Ironically, he has his own envier in Getta.
  • Foil
    • To Yuga. Both desire to break down the stagnant nature of dueling, but Yuga is For Happiness, while Roa's goal is To Be a Master. Yuga is a Nice Guy, whereas Roa is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Yuga is a very humble child, while Roa is a glory hound.
    • To Luke as well. Both of them, to a degree, fit The Rival archetype as seen in the franchise, but Luke is closer to Jounouchi and Manjoume in terms of temperament and is one of Yuga's friends, while Roa is just as malicious as Death-T Kaiba and the first of Yuga's really serious foes.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: He chews out on Yuga for musing over his devastating loss against Nail and brushing it off as an instance of bad luck.
  • Graceful Loser: He takes his loss against Yuga in stride, and looks forward to dueling him again in the future. Though Yuga and his friends think that he is just putting on a brave face to look good in front of the fans.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: He seems to have plans regarding "Rush Duels", and while he claims that he just wants to claim their copyright, there's the fact that he had Romin whisper the urban shrine legend to a sleeping Luke and didn't make a move until after the format became fairly well-known. His plans are also unknown to Goha, judging by Mimi's reaction to his goals succeeding. His plans are revealed to be that he wants Otes to acknowledge him as Duel King, upset that he didn't give him Sevens Roads all those years ago.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His constant milling of Yuga's deck to force him to draw Sevens Road Magician backfires, as his disqualification strategy is derailed by the time Yuga actually draws it. Yuga is then able to use Sevens Road Mage to depower his ace using all the Spellcaster monsters Roa forced him to discard, at the same time allowing Sevens Road Magician to reach its full potential thanks to milling all six attributes, winning the duel.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: He uses an underhanded disqualification strategy against Yuga to disgrace and make him lose without having to battle him seriously, but when that plan falls through, it's shown that he's actually an extremely competent duelist.
  • It's All About Me: He duels Yuga with ownership of "Rush Duels" on the line, with the selfish intent of renaming it to "RoaRush Duel", and attempt to disgrace him for using the supposedly illegal Sevens Road Magician. He also has a habit of referring to himself with the arrogant "ore-sama" first-person pronoun.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Downplayed. He does care about his friends, particularly Getta, even if he is rather self-centered and not the best about showing it, to the point that after he realizes that he hurt Getta's feelings when the others reveal he commissioned Yuga for a drumming bot, he decides to ask Yuga for a drumming duel disk for Getta instead.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Played for Laughs after getting off pretty much scot-free for his manipulative behavior and Arc Villain status, Episode 14 sees Romin managing to flood his entire apartment complex with her blue curry.
  • Large Ham: He duels very dramatically, using concert effects and having Ushiro and Getta stand behind him with flashlights to give him a Holy Backlight.
  • Leitmotif: "Miniscape", which also serves as the Insert Song and special ED of the second half of his duel against Yuga.
  • Light Is Not Good: His monsters have the LIGHT attribute, but they're all Fiends.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Oh, yes. He has manipulation ready for everything he does to gain even the slightest advantage.
    • Took advantage of Luke's tendencies to believe in Urban Legends to essentially kickstart the whole plot, and may have further plans beyond even that. He also uses this against him during his duel with Ushiro by having Ushiro scare Luke before and during the Duel.
    • He manipulates his cousin to spy and duel better, by having Getta eat all the food at the concert so Romin gets hungry, even having Menzaburo and his friends bring food stalls into the concert.
    • He questions Seven Road Magician's legality and then has his fans slam Goha with questions to force them to respond, and when Goha decides Yuga can continue the duel as long as he doesn't draw it, Roa uses hand destruction and cards to force Yuga to draw so he risks doing so.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: After all his dirty tactics, once he starts dueling seriously, Yuga and co. are surprised at how dangerous he actually is as a duelist.
  • Not So Stoic: After coming to relieve Romin of house-sitting his apartment, he understandably loses it upon seeing it flooded.
  • Out of Focus: After briefly helping in the Maximum Arc, he sits the Goha 6th Arc out, not making an appearance, though he returns for the Team Battle Royale Arc.
  • Perpetual Smiler: He's almost always smiling in a smug and malicious/creepy manner.
  • Poke the Poodle: While his actions are harsh - his manipulation of Romin by merely holding that she can't sing over her as blackmail is this.
  • Poor Communication Kills: He requested that Yuga make a duel drum-set for Getta akin to Romin's Duel Guitar...but when the news is unveiled, it comes off as him wanting Yuga to make a robot to replace Getta. He fails to correct this, and thus causes Getta's Redemption Rejection.
  • Secret Keeper: Downplayed. Roa keeps Romin's secret...of her being tone-deaf in the dark, so long as she listens to what he says.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: He is pissed seeing Yuga's Dismotivation traits pop up after his defeat at Nail's hands, grabbing him by the collar and yelling at him for it.

    Ushiro Omaeno 

Ushiro Omaeno

Voiced by: Ryo Takizawa

The uncanny bassist of RoaRomin.

He plays a Zombie deck related to Burn Damage and telling ghost stories.

  • Blinding Bangs: His bangs cover his eyes at all times, highlighting his uncanny character.
  • Casting a Shadow: His Zombie Monsters are DARK type.
  • Catchphrase: "Omaeno Ushirou da!". It's just him repeating his name out of fear that everyone will forget it, but the characters constantly mistake the words for "Omae no ushiro da!" (Japanese for "Behind you!").
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Despite working for Roa, he's not such a bad guy himself, although he is creepy and scary.
  • Foil: When compared to Getta. While Ushiro is Dark Is Not Evil whose creepy behavior tends to stem from how he's constantly ignored, and playing a somewhat fair game against Luke, since while Luke was creeped out by him, it didn't really impact Ushiro's hand destruction tactics. Getta on the other hand, looks comparatively normal, and from what has been seen, quite enjoys being a jerk while giving his bandmates an unfair advantage.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: It's unclear how deliberate this is, but only one of his cards has been released in Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel, as opposed to almost every other character who have most of their decks in the game, paralleling how he is often forgotten within the series.
  • Ghost Story: His deck revolves around Japanese Ghost Stories, which he tells as he summons his monsters.
  • Glass Cannon: All his monsters have low attack, and his deck relies on burn damage.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: Or rather the first, as he is the only member of RoaRomin to not have a deck based on music.
  • Look Behind You: He accidentally does this all the time, as he exclaims his Punny Name whenever someone addresses him as "him" or "you" instead of calling him by his name. Luke eventually catches on to the fact that his opponent's catchphrase was actually his full name.
  • Nobody Loves the Bassist: He is distraught because nobody remembers his name, and Luke promising to do so after their duel is something he appreciates. He and Getta are the least popular members of the band, which bothers him unlike Getta who doesn't seem to care.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: His monsters are based on Japanese ghosts, except for Wicked Shadow - Dark Rooker, who instead looks like a typical Grim Reaper.
  • Punny Name: Read in Eastern order (Omaeno Ushiro), his name is homophonous to "behind you".

    Getta Taira 

Getta Taira

Voiced by: Rei Miura

The drummer of RoaRomin, he notably has a big appetite. Getta plays a Thunderbeat Deck based on Drums and Thunder Beetles. He leaves RoaRomin and becomes an employee of Nail.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Roa addresses him with the "-chan" honorific.
  • Ambiguous Situation: He let himself fall into Nail's trapdoor while swearing revenge against Roa, but is later seen hanging out with Ushiro in the Seven Hells Hall with no answer as to whether they'd reconciled.
  • Big Eater: Ate every snack and bento-lunch backstage with no trouble at all.
  • Childhood Friend: He and Roa have known each other since they were little.
  • The Cracker: Revealed to have hacked Goha to make Sevens Road Magician appear to be illegal.
  • The Dragon: To Roa, though he doesn't duel, being instrumental in his manipulations against Romin and hacking Goha to make Sevens look illegal.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: His beef with Roa, for leaving him as a side character, always shrugging off his feelings, and not even letting him duel in the gauntlet. Yuga and co. admit that he had a lot of patience for putting up with it as long as he did. It's so bad that when Yuga and co. meet up with him again, they initially think he's Ushiro.
  • Elvis Impersonator: Dresses like one while working for Nail Saionji, even wearing a blond pompadour wig.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Although he is still against Yuga and co., he goes from working for Roa to Nail, due to his anger at Roa, since Roa has more or less undergone a Heel–Face Turn to more of a rival.
  • Fat Bastard: On Roa's orders, he devours all of the snacks and provisions backstage so as to trigger Romin's hunger-driven berserk state, and is noted to have a fair amount of gut.
  • Forgettable Character: Since Yuga and co. didn't duel him, they fail to recognize him in the Garden of Providence, thinking he must be Ushiro at first until Romin corrects them.
  • Foil: When compared to Ushiro. While Getta looks fairly normal, he's actually a Big Eater Jerkass while Ushiro looks creepy, but ultimately proves to not be that bad a person.
  • Jerkass: Had no qualms about hogging all the food for himself on Roa's orders.
  • Redemption Rejection: Well, for a definition of redemption; after losing to Roa, he almost reconciles with him, only for Luke to blurt out about the drumming robot - actually what was supposed to be a drum kit duel disk - and lets himself drop into the Pit Trap, swearing revenge.
  • Shock and Awe: Plays a deck of Thunder Monsters.
  • Thunder Beetle: The Thunderbeat monsters are based on beetles and drums.
  • The Unfavorite: Among the fans, he and Ushiro aren't popular, and he gets no focus in the band. He doesn't appear to be bothered by this at first, but it ultimately leads him to abandon Roa to work for someone who respects him - Nail Saionji.
  • The Unfought: He was the only member of RoaRomin not to participate in the battle against Yuga and his friends in the first arc. This is part of what leads him to betray Roa and take him on himself.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Averted with the Thunderbeat monsters themselves which are low-leveled normal monsters with unimpressive ATK and DEF values. However, having them on the field enable the use of spell/trap cards with a variety of effects like powerful burn damage, monster destruction, and life point regeneration to hold the field.




Voiced by: Yuusuke Kobayashi

One of Yuga's many "roads", modified from a Goha Corp Drone.

  • Abhorrent Admirer: His appreciation of Nico's Meganekko appearance and suggestion that Romin try out the look herself gets him this reaction from the two girls.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Was shown to go unusually quiet after defeating Goha's drones, though he seemingly returns to normal without much issue. It later turned out he was infected with a virus and moved what was left of his code into a transforming bike/duel robot attachment Yuga made him
  • Butt-Monkey: He tends to get the tedious tasks heaped on him, and Yuga casually calls him failed due to his adoration of Romin.
  • Computers Are Fast: Is shown to finish his turn within seconds while dueling against Goha drones. And allows him and Sebastian to communicate a plan in .05 seconds so Kaizo can escape and warn Nail.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite his ridiculous behavior and quirks, he can Duel, and is capable of beating three Goha Drones in a duel so high-speed their cards can only be seen in a Freeze-Frame Bonus.
  • Demonic Possession: Of sorts. He got infected with a computer virus while dueling three other Goha-bots, implanting a false AI into his main body and leaving the remnants of his coding in a hardware upgrade Yuga created to make it easier for him to move about in.
  • Do-Anything Robot: Not at first, but once Yuga got his hands on him, Kaizo has received many reprograms and modifications to handle a variety of tasks, whether it be to record, guide people through Duels, or even do paperwork. It ultimately comes in handy when Kaizo gets infected by a computer virus that assimilates most of his coding, as it ensures that he's not totally gone, with a heavily damaged backup copy in one of said modifications (A bike-like object that also transforms to let Kaizo duel).
  • Fanboy: Of Romin, to the point of cheering her on over Yuga. Which is probably what prompts Yuga to reset and reprogram him at the end. Despite this, he continues to focus his attention on her much to her annoyance, though she uses this to her advantage during certain episodes to get him to comply.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Though never a villain per se, after modifying Kaizo he becomes a member of the group who helps out at every turn.
  • Hypocrite: He calls out Sebastian for cozying up to Asana because of her power, despite his tendency to side with Romin over Yuga (though it's unclear if Sebastian knows this).
    • Of course, Kaizo doesn’t exactly like Romin because of her power, so he might just be angry that Sebastian is doing it to Asana for the wrong reasons.
  • Meaningful Name: Its name is derived from the Japanese word for "remodel", 改造 (kaizō), which is appropriate given it was modified from a Goha Corp Drone, and continues to get modified whenever Yuga needs to perform some repetitive task. It's Lampshaded in the episode when he gets his name as being too literal. It also made the three Goha drones he dueled even more suspicious of him.
  • Reforged into a Minion: Was originally a Goha Corp drone, but was later modified by Yuga to respond to him. He also gave it more personality, though it wasn't the nicest to him in episode 3, consistently favouring Romin over Yuga and insulting him, which drives him to start rewiring Kaizo at the end of the episode 4, though Kaizo still ultimately favors Romin.
  • Transforming Mecha: Yuga modifies his Duel-Bicycle to add a robot form that Kaizo can duel in, though it has the detriment of burning through the energy capacity. It ends up saving Kaizo from a computer program that invades his main body, as his AI is able to preserve itself in said bicycle, though heavily damaged in the process.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: Is prone to going against what Yuga desires in favor of following Romin blindly, though the latter manipulates Kaizo into doing the group's plan anyways.
  • Undying Loyalty: Not to Yuga, but to Romin. When the prospect of her being a spy comes up, he immediately switches sides to stay with her. It's Played for Laughs.

    Princess G 

Princess G/Gibumi Purisaki

Voiced by: Rie Kawamura

A performer and singer that Romin looks up to, and the same person who gifted her Prima Guitarna. She initially works for Goha Music, but after refusing to support their attempts to quash Rush Duels, is fired and strikes it out on her own. Although not shown dueling, she appears to have a deck of LIGHT Pyschic monsters, like Romin.

  • Bare Your Midriff: Her outfit exposes her stomach area.
  • Biker Babe: Shown to ride a motorcylce after Goha fires her for admiting she likes Rush Duels.
  • Broken Pedestal: Played for Laughs. Romin is shocked to find out that Princess G, the same performer and singer she looked up to in the past, is starring in a sushi drama as a guest, while carrying a huge fish.
  • Junior Counterpart: Inverted, she is a senior counterpart to Romin, being a guitarist with Pyschic Monsters. She even states at one point she is a guitarist, not a singer, just like Romin did.
  • Multicolored Hair: Her predominantly light blue hair is complemented with streaks of light pink. However, this is dyed, as her hair is shown to be black.
  • Nerd Glasses: In her disguise, her glasses look like Carly's.
  • Nice Girl: She is generous enough to give away her favorite card, refuses to back Goha in their attempts to back Rush Duels, and even goes out of her way to encourage Romin.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: In her Sensei-chan persona, she is a Cute Clumsy Girl and Meganeko. This is lampshaded when she crashes into Mimi, who tells her to drop the act.
  • The Rock Star: A professional one, though her persona is that of a Cool Big Sis and Biker Babe.
  • Sensei-chan: Infiltrates Goha 7th this way after she is fired by Goha Music in order to encourage Romin's love of Rush Duels.

    Kakoko Sweets 

Kakoko Sweets

Voiced by: Chitose Morinaga

A girl who is dressed like a clay figure and apparently comes from an ancient civilization. She first appears to announce that Goha will hold a Rush Duel tournament.

  • Identical Stranger: At first, Romin and Kaizo mistake her for Sorako and Chikako, respectively.


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