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Characters / Yu Gi Oh BLANK

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Characters who appear in Yu Gi Oh BLANK.

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Player Characters

    Allin Heartlan 

Allin Heartlan

Played by: Solus Lupus
Deck: Orcust

A world-famous Idol Singer whose strict upbringing leads him to be a perfect performer. However, beneath the perfect mask is a geeky young man who loves movies and card games. His manager arranges him to enter the tournament as a publicity stunt. He uses an Orcust deck, chosen because of his fondness for the World Legacy storyline.

  • Casting a Shadow: His Orcust monsters are of DARK Attribute.
  • Instrument of Murder: His Orcust monsters take the form of monstrous musical instruments.
  • No-Sell: His deck focuses on protecting Orchust monsters from cards' effects. His ace monster, Orcustrion, is Nigh-Invulnerable when colinked with another Orcustrion, with impressive stats to boot.
  • Reclusive Artist: In-Universe. He goes incognito when offstage and doesn't want anyone to recognize him.

    Byron Carmikel 

Byron Carmikel

Played by: Michael Dj 54
Deck: The Weather

A boy just trying to stand out from the crowd, Byron joined the tournament to do just that, either as a pro duelist or a card designer. He uses a Weather deck and prefers to keep his deck as purely in-archetype as possible.

  • Cluster F-Bomb: To quote his thoughts upon being attacked by Jo’s Gouki The Giant Ogre:
    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Byron runs his deck as pure as possible, meaning he starts to struggle when faced with something his Weather Painters and Canvases can't immediately overcome.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: He joins the tournament just for an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
  • Light 'em Up: While all of his Weather Painter monsters are different attributes, his ace, The Weather Painter Rainbow, is a LIGHT monster.
  • Our Angels Are Different: His Weather Painter monsters are all Fairy-types (Angel-types in the OCG) and are a various sprite-like people.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: His word for word reaction to him being matched up against Jo for the second round.

    Camellia Valentine 

Camellia "Mellie" Valentine

Played by: Tojin
Deck: Sylvan

Camellia, better known by her nickname Mellie, is a college student with some serious self esteem issues. She got into the tournament by a random draw from the Top 8 duelists in her school's duel club, which unfortunately leads to her thinking she got in more by pure chance then skill. She uses a Sylvan deck, with a focus on excavating her cards to activate powerful effects.

  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Gives a quick one to Amanda in the first round, beating her on the third turn.
  • Green Thumb: Every card in her main deck is a Plant-Type and she even has a vine design on her duel disk.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Despite being both a very competent duelist and one of the top students of her year, she has the self confidence of a lemming.
  • Significant Green Eyed Red Head: She has curly red hair and green eyes. Naturally she's one of the protagonists.
  • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: Has to actively restrain herself from this, as mentioned in her second round duel.

    Jason Maxwell 

Jason Maxwell

Played by: Skyzerk
Deck: Chaos

A duelist with a penchant for mysterious acts.

    Jo Garcia 

Jo Garcia

Deck: Gouki

Jo initially took up dueling as a hobby as a kid, but after being reintroduced to it by a friend he fell in love with the Gouki archetype. He enters the tournament to show his skills and win the prize for him and his friends. His Gouki deck specializes in summoning larger and larger monsters to overwhelm his opponent.

  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: His monsters all have zero defense points, and his strategy can be boiled down to hitting his opponent as hard as possible.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: All of his Gouki monsters are EARTH attribute.
  • We Have Reserves: Most of his main deck monsters search out other Gouki cards when they leave the field, allowing him to constantly get out more and more Goukis each turn.

    Yuria Mariana 

Yuria Mariana
Played by: R Alexa21th
Deck: Atlantean/Mermail/Umi

As a child Yuria Mariana was fished out of the ocean by the Atlantic Research Expedition Group. They found her unconscious, but alive. One of the scientists, Doctor Anna Mariana, took her in and raised her as a daughter. Unfortunately, she has a severe breathing problem, and requires special implants in order to breathe normally. As a result, she was home-schooled inside the research facility for 10 years. She uses an ocean-themed deck.

  • Atlantis: Her deck has a sunken civilization theme, which is evident in her Atlantean monsters and her Field Spell "A Legendary Ocean".
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Her main strategy is to remove the opponent's cards from the view and then deliver a brutal beatdown.
  • Blood Knight: She is very aggressive and excitable when she duels.
  • Expy: Her design is based on Misaki from Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. However, their personalities are very different.
  • Fish People: Most of her Atlantean monsters are humanoids with fish features.
  • Making a Splash: All of her monsters are of WATER attribute.
  • Meaningful Name: Her last name refers to a chain of islands as well as the deepest trench in the ocean.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Her female Mermail monsters and her Tuner Deep Sea Diva are mermaids. Neptabyss the Atlantean Prince and Mermail Abyssgaios are mermen.
  • Sea Monster: Her "boss" monsters, Lecia-Dragon - Daedalus and Poseidra the Atlantean Dragon, are two powerful sea creatures.
  • Signature Mon: Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon is Yuria's strongest Main Deck monster and she can reliably summon it every duel thanks to Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince and Call of the Atlanteans.
  • Vague Age: Her exact age is unknown. However, she looks and acts like a teenager and is treated as the youngest among player characters.
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: Her outfit is basically shorts and jackets on top of a pink swimsuit.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has blue hair to match with her element of choice.


    Tournament Opponents 

In General

All played by: Blastgamer

The various Non-Player Character opponents the Player Characters duel throughout the tournament.

  • Warm-Up Boss: The first round opponents, most of whom don't last more than four turns in their duels.

Deckard Becket

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: He ends up with a shadow card and duels Jo again.
  • Break Out the Museum Piece: He uses an old Duel Coat from GX, modified with the extra monster zones. He also uses the older Magnet Warrior archetype.
  • Convenient Coma: Like all the other Duel Gauntlet users, he falls into a comatose state upon his defeat.

Sam Hallow

Amanda Curlin

Dan Tatsumachi

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Gets a Duel Gauntlet and Shadow Card before his second duel with Byron.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: His first deck is made up of various giant worms and larva, focused on milling his opponent.
  • Chain Pain: In his rematch with Byron, he switches to an Iron Chain deck, combining his previous focus on milling with burn damage.
  • Convenient Coma: Like all the other Duel Gauntlet users, he falls into a comatose state upon his defeat.
  • Jerkass: He's not a nice person, insulting Byron during their duels and being a Sore Loser when he gets knocked out of the tournament.
  • Sore Loser: Rejects Byron's handshake after he loses and stomps out of the tournament as soon as he can.

Sasha Vozron

  • Making a Splash: She uses the Water attribute Gishki archetype.
  • Worthy Opponent: She sees Yuria as this after she manages to nearly wipe her out in one turn, noting she hadn't been knocked below half LP in a long time.

Jerome Duran

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: The first person to use a Duel Gauntlet and Shadow Card.
  • Convenient Coma: Like all the other Duel Gauntlet users, he falls into a comatose state upon his defeat.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Beaten in two turns flat by Anna, without even managing to deal a single point of damage to her
  • Took a Level in Badass: In his match with Anna during the tournament, he loses on Anna's second turn. In the rematch, he manages to drag the match out and nearly beats Anna with the combo of his Shadow Card Heraldic King Replica-Usurper and Heraldry Patriarch.

Bill Hall

  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Uses the Digital Bug archetype.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Once Scott seals off his extra monster zone with Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing, it's all over. Scott OTK's him the next turn.
  • Nerd: He looks and acts the part, not to mention he's matched up against and beaten by Jerk Jock Scott.

Chione Archer

  • Ancient Egypt: She uses a Triamid deck.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: She's mentioned when Scott lies about wanting to make Triamid support if he wins the tournament.
  • Humiliation Conga: She ends up being put into a loop with Mara's destruction immune Amazoness Swordswoman repeatedly attacking her Gaia Plate, while Amazoness Tiger prevents her from doing any damage to Mara in return. This goes on for several turns. Combined with Mara's monsters laughing about it and repeated dead draws, she ends up losing her composure by the end of it.
  • Irony: As mentioned above, while talking with the other contestants, Scott lies about wanting to make Triamid cards to mislead them. He says this right in front of Chione, who actually does use Triamids.

Tina Sulf

  • Meaningful Name: Sulf as in Sulfur, considering she uses the explosive Volcanic archetype.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Jack summons Ancient Gear Howitzer, she has just enough time to let out an "Oh sh-" before he uses its effect to finish off the last of her life points.
  • Playing with Fire: She uses the Volcanic archetype.

Timothy Galio

  • I Am Not Left-Handed: At first his boss monster seems to be Master Hyperion, definitely a strong card, but Jason still manages to beat it on his next turn. Then on Timothy's next turn he suddenly busts out Borrelsword Dragon, which almost manages to defeat Jason all by itself.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Uses the "The Agent" archetype, made entirely of Fairy monsters

Bobby Vulcan

  • Elemental Rivalry: He is a FIRE duelist pitted against Yuria's WATER deck. This is reflected in their Link monsters: Duelittle Chimera and Mistar Boy, who bolster their own decks while countering each other.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: His biggest monster isn't a Laval synchro, rather it's the massive level 11 dragon-type Star Eater.
  • Magma Man: His Laval monsters are all volcanic rock golems.
  • Playing with Fire: Uses the Laval archetype.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: For Yuria. After her relatively easy duel against Sasha, Bobby manages to expose the weaknesses in her playstyle, such as her tendency to use up most of her hand, and does some serious damage to her life points before she manages to strike back and beat him.

Zach Compvet

  • Early-Bird Cameo: He's indirectly mentioned prior to the start of round 2 while Yuria is trying to find out who Allin is, showing he beat his round 1 opponent with Blazing Mirror Force.
  • Trap Master: According to Kayla he's known as "Manipulator", thanks to his tendency to use traps against his opponents. He makes good use of them against Allin, managing to get rid of Topologic Bomber Dragon with a Blazing Mirror Force and would've managed to stall out the duel for a bit longer had Allin not destroyed his last two traps before he could use them.

Charlie Wick

  • Curb Stomp Cushion: He's basically completely outmatched against Mellie, being unable to take down her bigger monsters, but still manages to do some decent damage before he loses.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: His reptile-type Evoltiles eventually evolve into dinosaur-type Evolsaurs, and even further into the dragon-type Evolzars.
  • Playing with Fire: Uses the "Evol" archetype and Number 61 Volcasaurus.


A mysterious group who seem to have plans involving the tournament. They consist of Abe, a muscular man with blue hair, Ele, a woman with grey hair, Rek, a young man with a breathing mask, and a masked member named Skull.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Skull is referred to with They/Them pronouns, since their mask obscures their face and their voice is distorted.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: They seem to collectively be behind the Duel Gauntlets and have an unknown agenda surrounding the tournament.
  • Friendly Enemy: Skull is pretty friendly to the protagonists, to the point where they don't duel Yuria and Jason with any real injuries present. They even seem concerned when some of duel gauntlets go haywire and start doing much more damage to the duelists then usual.
  • Mysterious Stranger: Skull. Their outfit covers them completely, their voice is always distorted, and they even seem to be capable of Offscreen Teleportation.
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: Rek seems to use an archetype of monsters that are made of tar and armored with fossilized bones. Skull's mask also resembles a stylized skull.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Skull's "Hallowain" deck consists mostly of monsters that have 0 attack and defense, and look like living Halloween decorations to boot. They also happen to have very powerful effects, being able to swarm the field and get out a nasty lock with Hallowain Scarecrow. However, that does not mean that they don't have big monsters, such as Hallowain Aillen with its 3100 attack, immunity to effect destruction so long as there's another Hallowain on the field, and ability to keep attacking so long as Skull has life points to pay and monsters to destroy.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Abe has blue hair.


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