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The colorful collection of characters of this world.

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Player Characters

    The First Class 

Rana Iwashita

SHSL Herpetologist

A herpetologist is someone who studies the world of reptiles and amphibians, animals often thought to be disgusting or unsightly. This is the type of misconception that Rana swears she will wipe out once she started going down the path that lead to her talent. The daughter of a famous environmentalist, she was born into a family that treasured the conservation of nature, and she gladly followed down the path of her father before her. Ever since she was just a child, she's worked tirelessly to win over the populace in regards to the beauty of these of often maligned animals. She started her own herpetology club to give her fellow classmates a better look at all the frogs, lizards, snakes, and whatnot she could find so she could teach them more about these creatures and ease their fears. She created her own blog, the "Snek Appreciation Society," that helped spread awareness and information of various reptiles and amphibians that are close to extinction. Her love for animals has made her a target of mockery in some circles, but more importantly, it helped win over a lot people to appreciate nature the same way Rana did.

She's traveled all over the world, to the dry deserts of the USA to the dense rainforests of the Amazon, spreading her love for animalkind wherever she went. She's championed the cause for endangered critters throughout her travels, and through her intense devotion, knowledge, and passion for her work she's managed to do something truly amazing for a girl her age - bring a species back from near death. Even then, she has vowed to never stop her crusade for animalkind until every single animal is safe from the danger of extinction.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Animal abuse of any kind is will cause this from her. Miwa got on her bad side for calling snakes 'good material', for example.
  • Animal Motifs: Reptiles and amphibians in general, but she is primarily associated with both snakes and frogs.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Rana loves animals, no matter how aesthetically unappealing they may be. A huge part of her work, and her primary goal in life, is to inspire people to respect the animal life around them and not to fear creatures without a proper reason.
  • Meaningful Name: Rana, in spanish, means 'frog'.
    • Shesha, Rana's pet snake, is named after Ananta Shesha, the king of all nagas and one of the primordial beings of creations in Hindu mythology.

Diaval Bordeaux

SHSL Exorcist

The small, not-so-sleepy town of Briar Glen, New Orleans, has been the center of attention in the last two years for many reasons — two of them being the hotspot of paranormal activity, and being the home of Diaval “Dia” Bordeaux and his sister Helloise Bordeaux. While not much info is available on the enigmatic Dia, he is still recognized by his respective accomplishment of delivering exactly 49 exorcisms in the span of a year. His methods have been seen as unorthodox by other exorcists and religious figures, but nevertheless managed to prove effective in driving out ghosts, demons, and other malevolent entities. Rumors whisper that one of his personal methods is communicating with spirits via clairvoyance, but such an ability couldn’t possibly exist...right? Well, as they say, anything is possible in Briar Glen.

Magnus Matsumoto

SHSL Renaissance Man

Ever since he was very young, before even reaching a toddler’s age, it was clear that Magnus was a bright young mind. His memory capacity was excellent, particularly due to being born with an eidetic memory, and his capacity for flat out learning was extraordinary. He has always absorbed new information like a sponge, and once he started going to proper school he started to expand on what he learned from the university and private school level textbooks his parents would buy for him, eventually coming up with some of his own theories and ideas to present to the scientific community. He also developed robots and AI, painted masterful works of art, helped compose critically acclaimed musical masterpieces, proposed several ideas to end world hunger… the whole works. He’s acquired numerous awards for himself, from simple prizes from science fairs to a wide variety of nobel prizes. Do not let the fact that he’s never skipped a grade fool you; even among SHSL students, many consider him to be particularly special… as long as no one talks about his lack of physical achievements.

Idzuki Amai

SHSL Taste Tester

Idzuki Amai is an up and coming Taste Tester known through both the culinary world and some other less food related fields. She is often called on to try chefs’ food and help out with perfecting recipes. She also is called out to distinguish flavors of things that aren’t food to help identify what they may be. She started out working under her father’s restaurant, but she quickly grew to be called on by so much more.

Anri Hirota

SHSL Tarot Card Reader

The Hirota Occult Shop has become a major tourist destination thanks to the talents of the owner’s daughter, Anri. She is frighteningly accurate in her tarot card readings and has turned many people over to the idea of fate and fortune. Thanks to her skill in marketing herself, she was admitted to Hope’s Peak Academy. The so called “green haired mystic” has been known to claim that she alone can control fate, but what would happen if she lost her control?

Geiru Umemoto

SHSL Anomalist

Known publicly for her blog titled Odds Without Ends, Geiru Umemoto is a 17 year-old Japanese girl with the talent of Anomalist. What’s that, you say? Well what indeed. Having a look at her blog might help you understand… or it might just make you more confused. As an avid fan of the strange and unusual, Geiru has made it her goal to seek out and record her findings on the these very things.

Yukio Satō

SHSL Whistleblower

Until two years ago, no one had ever heard of the justice-wielding, digital castigator - Akita Inu. They made social media explode with startling allegations brought against big-name technology researcher Modern|Future. Posting accusatory video-essays to the internet, this unknown whistleblower brought to light extensive amounts of corruption within the corporation. Akita’s findings were enough to force the removal and prosecution of several officials, and sparked federal investigations into the well-known organization. This bold, direct action attracted the public’s interest, but the user remained illusive as they proceeded to call-out two additional companies and several politicians for similar levels of misconduct. For two years, nobody had ever been able to put a real name and face to Akita Inu, leading to a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding their social media - as well as leaving many to question who they were and where they came from.

That was, of course, until he was identified as Yukio Satō following his acceptance into HPA. While characterized as vicious by critics and supporters alike, Satō’s charismatic and likable persona starkly contradicts the nature of his work. Some fear their style of investigation leans uncomfortably close to vigilantism, but this 18 year old’s passion for helping others has gained them recognition from Japan’s most prestigious high school. Now, a new question has been brought to the table: how did a young kid from the country get so involved in sniffing out corporate crime?

  • Animal Motifs: Specifically Akita Inus, thanks to their alias used online and with police. They have also referred to theirself as a 'guard dog' on occasion - which is an unofficial title of theirs.
  • Honor Before Reason: Strictly follows the idea that everyone is capable of being forgiven, so long as they show efforts at improvement. Obviously, this could quickly backfire on them... or maybe it already has?
    • "I don’t let anybody control me through fear. I’ve had enough of that, thank you very much!" - said in the Cargo Room during Prologue.
  • Disapproving Look: Prone to giving this to others when they disapprove of their shenanigans.
  • Mysterious Past: As far as public knowledge goes, 'Yukio Satō' magically appeared two years ago. Given how tight-lipped and vague they can be about their past, many a rumor has started circulating the HPA forums. They appear to enjoy messing with people who try to ask about their personal life as a way to deflect further questions.
    • In a group chat, Dominic asked everyone if they were Japanese natives, to which Yukio's response was simply: "Probably?"
  • Nerd Glasses
  • Tiny Schoolboy: Played with the Nice Guy variant of the trope.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Played mostly straight thanks to their laid-back and friendly attitude. Becomes most apparent when they're annoyed however, as seen in conversation with Yuin and The Second Class (Prologue).
  • Sweet Tooth: Played straight, but occasionally foils themself thanks to being lactose intolerant.

Laurel Letellier

SHSL Cosmetologist

You can never find a solid rumor around the man known as Laurel Letellier. He’s cold and standoffish, always giving off scary vibes with his appearance alone. But the one rumor that never fails to fall short is his compliance to do the perfect job. Can’t find the right stylist to cut your bangs perfectly? He’ll get the job done in under five minutes. Don’t trust just any artist to do your wedding makeup? He’ll make your partner fall for you all over again. Shabby nails continue to break off? Let him work his silent magic and your friends will be talking about your decals for weeks.

The hair and nail salon he worked at would be booked months in advance for just a breath of his treatment. Unfortunately, the beauty world mourned his absence when he resigned from his job due to personal circumstances. But rumors say he’ll come back one day and continue to make the world a more beautiful place.

Yoichi Kimura

SHSL Soba Master

Looking for some authentic soba? Look no further than Kimura Soba in Izumo! Not only do they serve traditional soba dishes like the Izumo soba unique to their city, they have also developed several unique dishes inspired by foreign cooking styles with the help of the owner’s son, Yoichi Kimura. Whether you want a traditional meal or some fancy soba garnished with truffles, Kimura Soba’s got you covered–especially if young Yoichi is the one making your meal.

Mutsuko Jabami

SHSL Taxidermist

Marketed to the world as “Madam Odd”, Mutsuko Jabami is the odd and mysterious mind behind the Nagis House of Animal Oddities. This attraction is hosted in an old stigmatized house and showcases her taxidermy work of normal animals doing various human things. These displays range from her grand signature scene of jackrabbits doing an autopsy to smaller scenes she sells in her gift shop like one of mice eating a family breakfast. The only Japanese anthropomorphic taxidermist to ever gain fame for their work, this quiet and reserved businesswoman rose from unknown origins to be one of the only well known names in her field.

Tomo Omori

SHSL Social Media Mongul

Tomo Omori is probably one of the most popular people on any social media platform. Going by the handle @tomori, she has amassed millions of followers in a very short amount of time, despite posting some of the most vapid content imaginable, including, but not limited to underage drinking, driving while intoxicated, loud parties, and countless thirst trap photos. It’s a wonder she’s not in jail, let alone a world famous internet celebrity.

It’s pretty reasonable to assume that any person walking down the street would know who she is, and if they didn’t, well, they’re just a [expletive] loser! It makes sense that she would be invited to Hope’s Peak Academy the second one of their accounts discovered her profile. If they hadn’t, they’d be missing out on some prime [expletive] talent!

Miwa Ose

SHSL Beauty Queen

The daughter of famed former pageant queen Hanako Sonoshiro, Miwa Ose has been winning beauty pageants and competitions ever since the age of 4. Her pretty appearance and calm demeanor impresses many judges, and she has placed in almost every competition she has entered. With her charm, the 18-year-old has gathered a large fanbase, and won her way into the hearts of both judges and the media alike. Miwa’s most prominent part of her time as a pageant competitor was between the ages of 4 and 14, when a medical accident caused her to take a year off. After that, she began competing less, but still continued making a name for herself in the pageant scene. Upon her acceptance into Hope’s Peak Academy, Miwa has announced that she will be taking a break from pageants, but has not confirmed whether she will return upon her graduation.

Kosuke Nakamura

SHSL Urban Biologist

When other kids run around city streets chasing animals, it’s “weird” and “disruptive.” When Kosuke Nakamura does the same thing, it’s for science. Mostly.

Where Kosuke spent most of his life prior to the age of 15 is relatively unknown, as he is quiet about his personal life. However, Kosuke then made a name for themself after identifying the cause of stray cats falling ill around the Tokyo area, preventing the mass euthanasia of the city’s strays. Additionally, they set up a shelter for the previously affected cats, allowing children who could not afford a pet with a place to play with them. Kosuke then went on to study the effects of urban environments on other animals such as pigeons. He’s gained a reputation as both an outspoken defender of animal rights and one of Japan’s rising stars in biology after being published in a few high-profile scientific journals. While he lacks in class, Kosuke makes up for it in charisma, curiosity, and a quick way of thinking.

Kazuhisa Reizei

SHSL Construction Worker

Kazuhisa Reizei is an eighteen-year-old who is well known for his outstanding expertise in construction work. Born in 24th May 199X, the lad is the third and the last child of the Reizei family. His passion concerning architecture bloomed since he was a toddler, as he showed much enthusiasm to construction toys. Not only that, he exhibits tremendous physical strength and stamina during school years, always representing his class in various sports, mainly marathon and shot-put during sports carnivals. However, his academic performance is way below average, due to his poor calculation and language skills.

He is currently affiliated with Shiraishi Corporation, a small construction company located in his hometown, Chiba, Japan. Due to his enormous strength as well as impressive balance and coordination, he is able to carry construction materials and climb to high places with bare hands in construction sites, without damaging his surroundings. One of his stellar achievements is his contribution in building an eighty-story skyscraper which is a collaboration of a few construction companies, including Shiraishi Corp. Although he is the youngest among the workers, his productivity in construction sites triumphs them all. According to a head architect, he is able to do three times the work of an average worker. Because of this, he becomes the center of attention in the construction world. As such, he has been invited into the most prestigious school in Japan, the Hope’s Peak Academy, by the scouters who acknowledge his ability.

Primaveira Marie Tudor

SHSL Princess

Known as the beloved and beautiful princess with a heart made from pure gold, Her Royal Highness Princess Royal Primaveira Marie Tudor is quite a celebrated character. She’s popular for everything from her grace and kindness, to her intensive fighting spirit that never seems to end. There’s few warrior princesses so well known as Princess Primaveira!

Akiko Katsumi

SHSL Drummer

The Poisonous Roses is a really well known Punk Rock band, that’s become a household name in recent years. While the majority of the band is from American descent, Akiko Katsumi, their drummer, is from Japanese descent. She’s well known for the stunt she pulled on the Japanese stop of their ‘Rock The World’ tour. Their old drummer had quit due to drama within the band, and when the band had come out to announce that the show was canceled, she jumped on stage and before security could stop her, played the beat to one of their songs perfectly. Amazed by her tenacity, and impressed by her skills, the group decided to take a chance and continue on with the show, which to this day, fans say, is their favorite performance ever. Due to her success they offered to let her join, which she immediately accepted.

Despite the whole stereotype of the drummer being a person in the background, Akiko won the hearts of many with her personality on stage, and her quips during the interview after the show. In a recent fan created poll, Akiko was easily the second most loved band member amongst the group. It’s been a year since that day, and she’s still rocking hard, and capturing everyone’s hearts, and she says ‘I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

Dominic Vazquez

SHSL Smuggler

Born in Pachuca, Mexico’s Shantytown, it’s not surprising that someone like Dominic being raised there would end up getting caught up into a life of crime. But what is surprising is how Dominic ended up being a major smuggler for the Cabrera cartel. Dominic truly puts the phrase “Crime doesn’t pay” to shame because he had went from living in some measly shack to residing in a Villa in a considerably short amount of time. Though, this is just the past for Dominic. Now? He has been crowned as the ultimate high school smuggler by Hope’s Peak Academy and is currently attending the school. He says the future, he intends to use his talents to help authorities of the law bring down any crime organization they deem necessary to be exterminated. It’s not really known why Dominic had decided to turn from a life of crime, since he has always been vague about.

Shiki Hoshino

SHSL Plush Maker

Shiki Hoshino’s craft is what gave him the nickname, “God Among Plush” with the rundown, back streets of Japan. Hoshino’s work isn’t very well known though, despite its appeal to many audiences of all different kinds, however the sight of his work is very limited. It’s known that he gives the toys he makes to young orphans and only young orphans. He has never sold his work before, and it’s known that he thrives off of donations from those who’ve heard of what he does. Yet that’s all known of him, as Hoshino is rather secretive of his personal life.

Katahiko Sorakubo

SHSL Announcer

A mainstay at robotics competitions, Katahiko rose to prominence beyond the community not for his engineering skills but for his narrative. Known for his energetic play-by-plays and exceptional on-the-fly analytical skills, he soon secured places at the mike at a wider and wider array of events. He now juggles spots in leagues for e-sports and traditional sports alike but returns to the robotics arenas whenever he has the chance.

Even those who pay little attention to voices may be familiar with Katahiko from an airport attack four years ago. While his name has been cleared of any possible involvement, he still got his share of headlines as the sole survivor of the chemical attack on the airport’s control tower.

  • Adorkable: He's very excitable and definitely a grade-A nerd.
  • Einstein Hair: Albeit heavily suppressed.
  • Extraverted Nerd: So unaware he's a nerd that he's actually argued he's a jock.
  • Geek Physiques: Of the Forgets to Eat variety.
  • Motor Mouth: As can be expected from his talent. Lampshaded in his blog url.
  • Nerd Glasses: Of the chunky black plastic variety.
  • Quirky Curls: Though he tries to keep them straightened out, he's curly-haired and energetic and fits a few other trope variations to boot.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Good luck getting a word in on him. Also noticeable in word games, where he kept picking out the longest words possible (many of which seemed to be incomprehensible to the other players).
  • Shameless Self-Promoter: Talks a bit too much about how smart he is.
  • Stepford Smiler: Is almost always smiling and assuring others he's okay, even when he's clearly not.
Yukio: ...H-How are the rest of you holding up?
  • Stubborn Hair: Uses massive amounts of hair gel as daily upkeep. Nothing shy of that, not even completely drenching his hair in water, makes the least bit of difference, and even then it's easy to see his hair still trying to curl up under all that.

Yuin Yamono

SHSL Hall Monitor

Yuin Yamano’s past is a blur, many don't know much about her early childhood, as she often triest to dodge questions about her distant past, but her school life is what she is most famed for. Yuin Yamano attended an all girls junior high school that her grandfather was headmaster at. The school was overrun with delinquency, and bad behavior, but Yuin changed all of that. Her imposing attitude and loud behavior, as well as looks and eventual popularity brought the school into a new light. Those who brought shame to the school eventually became outweighed by those who attended the school hoping for a normal, peaceful and educational environment, and Yuin was at the center of keeping order. Yuin was accepted into Hope's Peak as the SHSL Hall Monitor shortly after the death of her grandfather, and is now a successor to her father, who is the current headmaster, after his father.

Mai Aikawa

SHSL Matchmaker

Having relationship problems? Can’t seem to find ‘the one’? Tired of trying endless dating apps that never work? Have no fear, Mai Akawa the 18-year old known as ‘Camellia’ is here to help! Regardless of your age, gender and sexuality, Mai’s matchmaking is certain to put you in a happy, healthy relationship. Her method of matchmaking remains a mystery as Mai unfortunately doesn’t seem to take interviews with reporters, this has lead many rival matchmakers and dating sites/apps to try and emulate what they believe is her method, some even digging further and going undercover and requesting a match. Luckily for Mai all have failed, which just adds to the allure of her service, which has an almost 100% success rate!

Starting in humble beginnings, 12 year old Mai would go out of her way to give relationship advice to classmates relationships and suggesting dates. Soon after she was approached by the newspaper club and asked if she would be able to create social media pages where students were able to send her messages as they had received students wishing to get into a relationship or seeking advice from Mai, but didn’t want it to be published in the school newspaper. Mai jumped expectations, creating her own website ‘Camellia’ at age 13 in tandem with her social media accounts by the same name, to branch out to people all over the world! To do so Camellia focuses highly on organising appointments for new customers which are able to meet and discuss with Mai in person or digitally . Understandably it was no surprise when newly-joined couples began gushing about the success of the matchmaking on their own social media accounts and Mai’s customer base shot up. Currently she has over 400 successful relationships which seems to be growing everyday! Needless to say when it comes to relationships this girl is ‘unmatched’!

Sverre Eiriksson

SHSL Figure Skater

Sverre Eiriksson shocked the sports world when he sprung from an unknown orphan to a figure skating prodigy at the age of 12; less than an year later, the youth began dominating the juniors figure skating scene, rapidly accumulating first place wins at the local, national, and international levels. Even upon entering the seniors division, the Norwegian has yet to lose the gold medal to any other competitor, and his charismatic, graceful, and precise movements have won him countless records in both component and technical scores. Amassing a multitude of fans due to his enchanting performances, Eiriksson’s presence online and in the media is staggering, despite his constant refusal of interviews and fan interactions. Although he’s made several statements regarding his desires to undergo private tutoring in order to focus on skating, Eiriksson surprisingly announced his acceptance into Hope’s Peak Academy this past year.



    The Second Class 

Three individuals who are tasked with supervising the students' while in Wonderland

Marceline Belmez

SHSL Parapsychologist

Seraphina "Sera" O'Hare

SHSL Lucky Student


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