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Characters / Young Justice (2019)

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Classic Young Justice Members

     Robin III 

Tim Drake
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     Wondergirl II 

Cassie Sandsmark
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Connor Kent
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Bart Allen
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Characters introduced in this series.

     Teen Lantern 

Keli Quintela
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A young girl who hacked a Green Lantern Battery to become a super hero. She ran into former members of Young Justice and got sucked into Gemworld with them all in her first outing.

  • Adorkable: She hacked into the power battery to show that she could because she wanted to get an internship at the Hall of Justice.
  • Child Prodigy: Lets face it, if you’re an 11-year-old who can hack a Green Lantern battery, a complicated, ancient, and incredibly sophisticated alien system and the most powerful and notably picky Empathic Weapon in the universe, you’re definitely this.
  • Fish out of Water: She jumps right into action, but like Jinny Hex, is not ready for the craziness that super-heroics brings, let alone the Young Justice brand of weirdness.

     Jinny Hex
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