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These pages index the many characters that appear in the DC Comics animated series Young Justice.

For the characters from the comic book series, see here.

Characters in italics denote their main entry is elsewhere, but have been affiliated with that particular team for a time.

Spoilers from Season 1 & 2 will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


  • Justice League and affiliated superhero groups
    • The Team
      • Season OneClick to expand. 
      • Season TwoClick to expand. 
      • Season ThreeClick to expand. 
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    • Nightwing's TeamClick to expand. 
    • OutsidersClick to expand. 
    • Batman IncorporatedClick to expand. 
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    • Justice LeagueClick to expand. 
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  • Other HeroesClick to expand. 


  • The Light and affiliated supervillain groups
    • The LightClick to expand. 
    • Minions of the LightClick to expand. 
    • League of ShadowsClick to expand. 
  • Extraterrestrial partners of the Light
    • The ReachClick to expand. 
    • Apokolips Click to expand. 
  • Other VillainsClick to expand. 


  • Other CharactersClick to expand. 

Alternative Title(s): Young Justice Revival Series


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