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Founding Members

    Iron Lad 

Iron Lad
Nate's first costume
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Alter Ego: Nathaniel "Nate" Richards

Notable Aliases: Kang the Conqueror, Rama-Tut, Kid Immortus

Species: Human

First Appearance: Young Avengers Vol 1 #1 (April, 2005)

"You underestimate me, Billy. I'm going to be better than Kang the Conqueror. Much better."

Because the revelation that Nate is Kang is made in the very first issue and is vital to describe the character, anything Kang related will be unspoiled here. Also see here for more tropes related to Nate.

Founding member of the Young Avengers. Nate is a young Kang the Conqueror from the 30th century. He sent himself back in time after his future self, hoping to spare himself painful moments, rescued him from long-term hospitalization and gave him a suit of neurokinetic armor. Horrified by his future self, he used the suit to send himself back in time and warn the Avengers. Upon arrival to the past he realized the Avengers had already disbanded, so he used the Avengers Fail-Safe Program to create his own team with the purpose of defeating his future self. In the fight with his future Kang, Nate damages the timestream, and his memories are wiped and he is forced to return to his own timeline and reclaim his place as Kang. He had a brief dalliance with Cassie.

Nate's suit is incredibly advanced. It is made of a rare 40th-century alloy that responds to his subconscious thoughts. It functions as more or less as a Swiss-Army Weapon, which more than makes up for Nate not having powers himself. He also has various advanced weapons that he uses in battle.

  • Aesop Amnesia: He left the Young Avengers because his presence alone was starting to damage the timestream. However in Children's Crusade, he returns and allows Cassie to alter the timestream and bring her dead father back, something that led to her death at the hands of Doom. After that he willingly forgets that lesson out of a desire to revive Cassie by altering the timestream. Even worse, he comes back to help Doom, the man who killed Cassie.
  • Alternate Self: An alternate universe version of Iron Lad appears in Exiles (2018).
  • The Cavalry: Iron Lad's return in Children's Crusade to prevent Wolverine from killing Wanda.
  • Clothes Make the Superman: He has no powers aside from the futuristic suit his future self gifted to him.
  • Evil Costume Switch: After the events of The Children's Crusade, Nate reappears in full Kang costume to help Doctor Doom stopping the FF.
  • Fallen Hero: He went from Iron Lad to Kid Immortus after Cassie's death.
  • First-Episode Twist: The fact he is Kang the Conqueror is revealed in the first issue of Young Avengers.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Nate is a young Immortus (Kang the Conqueror), hence his turn to evil is pretty much a given.
  • Fusion Dance: He wanted to do this with Doom and Annihilator to create "Doom the annihilating conqueror" and then get rid of the FF and the Fantastic Four.
  • Future Me Scares Me: The only reason he created the Young Avengers was because he needed support when he had to confront his future self. He kept training non-stop with the team because of this reason too.
  • Ignored Enamored Underling: He becomes this in FF vol. 2. He is already with Ravona Renslayer but she already hates him (from a betrayal way into the future) and plans to punish him eternally in different times.
  • In-Series Nickname: Nate is short for Nathaniel.
  • Junior Counterpart: He patterns himself after Iron Man.
  • Love Makes You Evil: His love for Cassie is what made him kill the Vision and then go back to the timestream and start changing events in hopes of reviving her.
  • Love Triangle: In a weird variation of this. He gets into a triangle without even knowing it. He and Cassie liked each other but after Nate left, the new Vision (created from his old Kang armor and with his brain patterns) started falling in love with Cassie too. She wanted to be with Nate again (knowing he would never come back again) but also considered the new Vision's feelings. All three finally meet again in Children's Crusade and...let's just say it doesn't end well for any of them.
  • Make Wrong What Once Went Right: Nate accidentally did this after he received information from his older self about his team dying in a war with the Avengers if he didn't go to save them. It is later implied by an old Billy that no one would have died if Nate hadn't go back in time.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Pretty much all he tried to do so far.
  • Only Sane Man: He was this in the initial Young Avengers team. Eli was too stubborn for his own good and Billy and Teddy were just fanboys.
  • Screw Destiny: Nathaniel founded the Young Avengers to avoid his destiny of becoming a supervillain. Didn't work.
  • Start of Darkness: The end of Children's Crusade. In FF vol. 2 he is already in full Kang costume and helping Dr. Doom.
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: He is young Kang, of course Time travel is involved.
  • Tragic Hero: Kang is no hero but all of Nate's plans while with the Young Avengers failed because he never learned that time travel was not his to manipulate at all.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: He tried hard to stop himself from becoming Kang, only to succumb to his fate without even realizing it.

    Patriot II 

Patriot II
Eli's second costume
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Alter Ego: Elijah "Eli" Bradley

Notable Aliases: Eli Bradley, Lieutenant America,[1] Patriot

Species: Human Mutate

First Appearance: Young Avengers Vol 1 #1 (April, 2005)

"The black Captain America is no myth. He's my grandfather. And I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to carry on his legacy."

A founding member of the Young Avengers. Eli is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the only survivor of a program that attempted to replicate Captain America's Super Serum and used black men as guinea pigs. He got his powers from a Superhuman Transfusion from his grandfather, and joined up with Iron Lad when he formed the Young Avengers. He leaves the team in the aftermath of The Children's Crusade, after realizing how his actions hurt several people. He and Kate had a brief relationship, but as of now they are not seeing each other.

After his blood transfusion from his grandfather Eli gained the powers of a Super-Soldier: his attributes such as speed and strength, while not supernatural, were magnified to the peak of human potential.

After not appearing in Young Avengers Volume 2, it is offhandedly mentioned that he quietly retired during the Secret Empire event and gave the Patriot name to Rayshaun Lucas.

  • Affirmative-Action Legacy: In his Young Avengers Presents one-shot, Bucky Barnes tells him about Jeff Mace, the WWII-era Patriot, who later took over as Captain America.
  • Bald of Authority: Although not the official leader of the team (that's Kate), he's cool-headed, pragmatic, and calls some of the shots.
  • Captain Patriotic: His codename is "Patriot."
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Less so than Kate, but Eli can't help but help people in need.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: He hasn't been seen since the end of Children's Crusade, making him the only still-living member of the original team to not show up again. He finally reappeared in 2019, in Marvel Comics #1000.
  • The Complainer Is Always Wrong: His opinions tend to get shut down, such as his protests over Kate joining the team and working with Magneto.
  • Create Your Own Villain: He rejected Melter from the Young Avengers because he believe he was good enough to be the leader of his own team of heroes instead of being just a soldier under his command. However, Melter thought he was being rejected because of the belief that he wasn't a good hero. He lost any hope and desire to be a good guy since then.
  • Domino Mask: He starts wearing a red one after ditching the mask.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: He interrupts the effort to revert what Scarlet Witch did in M Day because he doesn't trust Doctor Doom. It leads to Scarlet Witch nearly burnt alive by the magic and Doctor Doom getting all the power.
  • The Paladin: He's dedicated to doing good, but only in a lawful way. He's uneasy when the team work with known villains like Magneto.
  • Put on a Bus: At the end of Children's Crusade he quits the team and moves to Scottsdale to be with his mother. He doesn't appear in Vol. 2 due to Executive Meddling.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: With Kate. They argue all the time, but obviously care deeply about each other.
  • Super-Soldier: Double Subverted. He claims to be one and has the power of one, but it turns out he'd been born without latent powers and had been using steroids in order to keep up. Then subverted again when he gets a Superhuman Transfusion from his grandfather, turning him into one for real.
  • Superhuman Transfusion: The source of his powers is a blood transfusion from his grandfather, who'd been injected with Super Serum.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His interference caused the Scarlet Witch to lose her magic and Doctor Doom to gain god-like power.


Billy's fourth costume
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Alter Ego: William "Billy" Kaplan-Altman

Notable Aliases: Asgardian, Billy Maximoff, Demiurge

Species: Human Mutant

First Appearance: Young Avengers #1 (April, 2005) note ; Young Avengers #6 (September, 2005) note 

"See, I'm the child of a witch and an android. I'm their wish come true. Bigger than magic, living information, retro-reincarnated in human form. Now, my brother? He'd give you a physical fight. He'd warp time and space to punch you fifty times a second. But when I warp time and space... I use my words. And I say I'm a bigger deal in this reality than you are."

Along with his twin brother Tommy Shepherd —AKA Speed— Wiccan is the son of Scarlet Witch and The Vision. Kind of. Born separately to different parents, Billy (and Tommy) are actually the reincarnated souls of twin boys Wanda once believed she'd given birth to years earlier. So while they're not technically Wanda and Vision's biological children, they're their children in spirit... literally.

Billy's dubious parentage also makes the source of his powers —namely, reality warping like Wanda's— a mystery. He's not a mutant like she is (or was, anyway note ), nor is he an android like Vision. The best theory anybody seems to have is that he's, simply, a pure magic being with natural sensitivity to the arcane.

Origin aside, Wiccan is most associated with the Young Avengers, where he met his boyfriend Teddy Altman, better known as the shapeshifting alien Hulkling. They're especially notable for being some of the first openly gay characters in all of superhero comics, and one of the first same-sex couples to share an on-panel kiss. Rarely apart from one another for too long, they eventually joined Sunspot's Avengers Idea Mechanics together, and Billy even lead a splinter faction of them during the assault on Pleasant Hill.

After a brief retirement from superheroics, Billy and Teddy eloped before the latter was sent off to serve as the leader of the new Kree-Skrull Empire. After the dust settled in their fight against the Cotati, Billy and Teddy had a proper wedding attended by virtually all of the Marvel Universe, with him becoming Emperor Hulkling's official consort.

In many possible timelines, Billy is shown to replace Doctor Stephen Strange as Sorcerer Supreme, as well as being married (with children) to Teddy. He also has fated dalliances with some of the universes's most nefarious threats, like the omnipotent entity known as Demiurge, and the parasitic wizard Moridun. He prefers not to think of them.

  • Ascended Fanboy: He was a big fan of the Avengers before he started superheroing. He's also a big Norse Mythology geek.
  • Atrocious Alias: He initially chose the name "Asgardian", which seems fine, since he's initially Norse-themed. Billy happens to be gay, however, and when it was pointed out to him what the media would do with a gay superhero named "Asgardian", namely opening himself up to endless "Ass-Guardian" jokes, he promptly changed his name to "Wiccan".
    • Loki (an actual pagan deity) would later point out that "Wiccan" is kind of religiously insensitive, considering Billy is Jewish.
    • In New Avengers, Power Man once again calls attention to this, saying that Wiccan calling himself thus without actually being one is a misrepresentation of actual Wiccans. Not long after, he decides to change his name to something he knows he will become in the future, namely a "Demiurge", thanks to a case of demonic possession. Afterward, he dumps the name and goes back to Wiccan after discussing it with his mother (a dedicated magick practioner) and deciding to study Wicca.
  • Badass Cape: All three of his outfits. His fondness for capes has reached memetic level in fandom.
  • Battle Couple: He's dating fellow superhero teammate Hulkling.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: He expels Moridun rather handily when directly confronting him in his mind. This is because all Moridun has are rather shallow Straw Nihilist speeches about the suffering and futility of living, which to Billy is old hat since he's been living with anxiety and depression for some time now, and he's hurting the one he loves.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: He idolized Scarlet Witch even before finding out about his heritage because she once cheered him up after being bullied.
  • Berserk Button: Don't loot Asgardian relics, especially in a disaster area. He will literally smite you.
  • Blessed with Suck: He essentially won the Superpower Lottery and has power potentially on par with the gods. Great! Unfortunately, he doesn't have all that much control over his immense power. This means that when he screws up, the consequences are usually disastrous and potentially world-ending. That is not hyperbole. He also might be accidentally warping reality just by existing and wanting things, although considering the source of that information, it's likely a lie. Billy's still worried about it, though. There's also the part where his power scares the crap out of some people — including his heroes, the Avengers, and himself — and he's viewed as Too Powerful to Live by Wolverine, leading to two attempts on his life. And there was an Eldritch Abomination that wanted to eat him to gain his power. And Loki tried to drive Billy to suicide to steal his power, which would have worked if Loki hadn't changed his mind and stopped Billy from pulling the trigger at the last possible second. After that, Loki still tried to manipulate Billy so that Loki could control said power by proxy. In short, Billy was a lot happier back when he thought his powers consisted of nothing but flight, electricity, and basic magic.
  • Cute Witch: He's an attractive magic user, as stated by Loki multiple times. It's a good bet that Teddy agrees, considering.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He can be.
    Eli: You got a better idea?
    Billy: Gee, let me check my superhero manual. Oh, wait, it's in my other tights.
  • Demonic Possession: Briefly, during New Avengers, he's taken over by Moridun of the Fifth Cosmos.
  • The Determinator: Not always in a good way. Once an idea gets into his head, he can stubbornly go with it regardless of common sense.
  • Distressed Dude: He has been whisked away or locked up quite a few time. Doesn't help that he's helpless when his magic goes haywire for one reason or another.
  • Driven to Suicide: In Young Avengers volume 2, his unresolved guilt and self-esteem issues escalate into this. Being told his death would undo the disaster he unintentionally caused doesn't help. Thankfully, he gets talked out of it.
  • Emo Teen: Invoked in his introduction in the recap page of vol.2 ("Angsty chaos magic user"). Averted in the story as he has reasons to despair.
  • Fatal Flaw: His tendency to act without thinking, which can be disastrous when coupled with his powers.
  • Future Badass: While already plenty badass by himself, we're shown three universes note  in which he becomes the next Sorcerer Supreme. And then there's the Demiurge, a reality warper so powerful he'll be able to create entire universes, and rewrite the laws of reality so comprehensively even Doctor Doom can't find a way around them.
  • A God Am I: He is called a "demiurge" (a creative/destructive force) in vol. 2. The After Party reveals that he is the one who creates America's homeworld and thus is considered a god there.
  • Glass Cannon: Has devastating power, but is just as vulnerable to physical and psychic attacks as any normal guy.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: He has these when using his spellcasting/reality warping abilities, but the most memorable examples are when he put everyone in Central Park into a magical coma, and later when he knocked all of the Avengers senseless and teleported his team halfway around the world within the span of about half a second.
  • Happily Adopted: Sort of. Technically his "adopted" parents are his biological parents. However, he is the reincarnation of one of the Scarlet Witch's twin sons, and she also takes some maternal interest in him.
  • Happily Married: As of Empyre, he and Billy are married.
  • Healing Hands: He can use his magic to heal people, as seen when he heals Teddy after the Super-Skrull attack, though it can be rather erratic. It also tends to depend on whether or not he actually wants the person to heal, as seen when trying to heal the Super Skrull at Teddy's request after Kl'rt murdered Teddy's mother. When Teddy notes that it isn't working, Billy says flatly, "Probably because I don't want him to heal."
  • Iconic Outfit: His cape and his (no longer worn) winged head piece. Everyone remembers the cape. Everyone remembers that time Wiccan worn the cape over his civilians.
  • Innocently Insensitive: So wrapped up in his own angst that he forgets that Teddy had to watch the only mother he had ever known be incinerated right in front of him. When Teddy finally cracks and lambasts Billy for his ongoing It's All About Me behavior, during which Teddy had been completely supportive, Billy is so shocked and ashamed that he goes and does something really stupid...
  • In-Series Nickname: Billy is short for William.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Hulkling, who's revealed to be half-Kree half-Skrull.
  • Invisibility: He can also use his magic for this.
  • It's All My Fault: He blames himself for kickstarting the whole Children's Crusade disaster. And again for inviting a interdimensional parasite into his world.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": Billy makes no secret that he really looks up to the Avengers, the first time he meets most of them. He's one of the few people aware of Jessica Jones' former identity of Knightress, and freaked out quite a bit the first time he met Scarlet Witch (before he knew she was his mom-sorta, and before his powers even manifested).
  • Jewish and Nerdy: In a team where every member is some degree of Ascended Fanboy, he's still one of the biggest nerds, often quotes pop culture, and is canonically confirmed Jewish during Avengers: The Children's Crusade.
  • Junior Counterpart: Patterns himself after Thor at first, but later embraces being the Junior Counterpart to his sort-of mom, the Scarlet Witch. Given his rapidly burgeoning power, some stories have him in line for the Sorcerer Supreme mantle as well.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: He's the magic user of the team and his power keeps getting stronger to the point it makes the adults nervous. Lightning to magic to potentially world ending reality warping.
  • Mass Teleportation: His powers can teleport the entire team places.
  • Momma's Boy:
    • He's pretty attached to his (technically biological, functionally adoptive) family, at least, as seen when Steve Rogers announces he is one of the heroes necessary to maintain the safety of the world at the start of Heroic Age. His response:
      Billy: Uh... I might have to ask my mom.
    • Towards Scarlet Witch as well, as demonstrated by all he goes through in Children's Crusade.
  • Nice Jewish Boy: Billy is mostly very caring and considerate.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: You would think that after all that had happened with Iron Lad/Kang, Billy would know better than to try to go and change history, even with the best of intentions. Instead he attempts to bring back Teddy's mother and ends up summoning an Eldritch Abomination instead, although it's suggested Loki put the idea into his head.
  • Nice Guy: Billy is a very kind boy. Notably he couldn't stand up for himself against a bully after they assaulted him but he could stand up for another kid
  • "Not So Different" Remark: He can be just as willful and rebellious as Tommy and to an extent Pietro. As Pietro puts it:
    Quicksilver: I thought I'd have more in common with your brother, the speedster, but here you are, disobeying my father the moment he turns his back. I'm impressed.
  • Openminded Parent: The Kaplans are extremely understanding and openminded. When Billy attempts to come out as a superhero, they misinterpret and affirm their support of his homosexuality, and they take it pretty well when Captain America informs them anyway. They even let Teddy and Tommy move in when they show troubled home lives. They're so understanding that apparently Tommy got fed up with them and left.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Because of his powers. The Avengers are now understandably wary of the idea that he could take out an entire team of bad guys in an instant without even meaning to.
  • Pop-Cultured Badass: Gains points for referencing Project Runway, loses them for The Sound of Music.
  • Power at a Price: As Billy becomes more powerful, his spells seem to have more and greater downsides. Teddy remarks at one point that the Universe treated Billy's magic with kid gloves when they first started the heroics because, well, Billy was a kid. Nowadays...
  • Prophetic Fallacy: Billy began scrying on his various futures in the multiverse, trying to guide himself to an ideal future by reuniting the Young Avengers, but he mostly just brings on anxiety attacks from the dark possibilities he sees and Teddy convinces him to stop this. Come the Deathshead series, he does follow one such path that would create a Young Avengers reunion- but it also trashes his and Teddy's apartment and nearly gets them both (and Kate Bishop) killed in the process.
  • Rainbow Lens: In-Universe. When he attempts to tell his parents that he has superpowers, they misunderstand and assume he's trying to come out to them, and tell him that they knew and that they accept him.
  • Reality Warper: At his most dangerous. Loki even heavily implies to Hulkling that their meeting and relationship is a product of a subconscious use of his powers to give him his "dashing prince". On the other hand, this is Loki suggesting this, and he later admitted to manipulating everyone, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Red/Green Contrast: One visual hint that Wiccan and Speed are Polar Opposite Twins is their opposing color schemes — Billy is dark-haired and always has a red mantle complemented by cooler tones, while Tommy is white-haired and has a white-and-green costume.
  • Red Is Heroic: A red cape features predominantly in both his costumes, and he's an idealistic good guy.
  • Refusal of the Call: After the end of Children's Crusade, he gives up being a superhero. His mistake at the beginning of the 2013 run forces him to don the costume once again.
  • Secret Legacy: The long-lost son of Scarlet Witch.
  • Shock and Awe: His powers first manifested as blue lightning (that almost killed a bully) and initially the only power he's willing to admit to the Avengers, because it would remind them of Thor.
  • The Smart Guy: How straight he plays this Trope depends on the people/team he's in/around. He's not actually intellectually smart or tech savvy, but usually comes off as the more level-headed and person with the most common-sense, one's again, subject to who he's with. That is, when he isn't busy being stubborn or self indulgent with his worries and problems.
  • Sorry, I'm Gay: His response to Enchantress coming on to him in Dark Reign.
    Billy: Very, very gay!
  • Star-Spangled Spandex: Present in his third costume, where his arms and the sides of his legs and torso are covered in realistic stars. He starts wearing it around the time he really unlocks his Reality Warper powers.
  • Straight Gay: He was at first, but he was revealed to have a few more feminine interests than originally let on.
  • Strong as They Need to Be: When Billy manages to temporarily access his Demiurge potential, he becomes capable of Breaking the Fourth Wall and actually stepping out onto the pages of the comic to change/rearrange panels (i.e. reality), effectively making himself almost as all-powerful as the artists, writers and editors.
  • Squishy Wizard: The most powerful guy on the team — provided he can get out the words for his spells. Just saying the spells won't work, either — he has to hear himself say it; hence his power is practically useless if he's rendered effectively deaf. A good hit to the throat can usually take him out of a fight. He is capable of silently casting big spells, but it almost always happens when under duress and tends to have unpredictable results such as accidentally putting everyone in Times Square into temporary magical comas. He's gotten better at using his powers properly without outright needing to speak, but ultimately he's still physically an ordinary teenager with no extra durability.
  • Superior Successor: His spiritual mother the Scarlet Witch is already a very powerful sorcerer to the point that some would rather have her dead, and it has been implied several times that Billy will eventually far eclipse her power.
  • Superpower Lottery: He takes after his mother, who happens to be the Scarlet Witch. He has both magic and the ability to warp reality at will. Although he's only in his teens, his power is so immense that it's pretty much just his inexperience and human squishiness holding him back from being a Physical God. Thus far, he's managed to access his full power (or close to it) exactly once. He proceeded to use said power to instantly destroy an Eldritch Abomination and then step outside of his own universe to make adjustments at will, and he did it all with about as much effort as most people use to edit a text file. He's also going to form Utopian dimensions from scratch at some point in the future, so not only can he warp reality, he will one day be able to create it.
  • Tangled Family Tree: He's one of the sons of Scarlet Witch, reborn into a new biological family. This means he can count Tommy, aka 'Speed' as his twin brother, and Magneto and Quicksilver as his grandfather and uncle, respectively. And don't start on all the people he could conceivably call 'father'... This is humorously dissected in this scene from The Unstoppable Wasp #7, where Viv Vision (his half-sister) explains the family tree to Nadja Pym (his great-aunt through magic reincarnation). When Viv gets to Billy and Tommy, she exclaims "ERROR!"
  • Too Powerful to Live: Wolverine's opinion of him in The Children's Crusade, to the point that Wolverine actually tries to murder Billy in front of the Young Avengers, The Avengers, and Magneto. While Wolverine's main focus in that arc is killing Scarlet Witch, he flat-out says that if the Avengers were smart, they'd get rid of Wiccan, too. The Avengers don't do much to protest this opinion.
  • Tranquil Fury: When he gets angry or upset enough to blow things up, he's quiet and cold.
  • "Uh-Oh" Eyes: His eyes glow blue when he does big spells.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: He has immense power, but to quote Loki, he needs more finesse.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His well meaning but ill thought out bit of magic at the beginning of the 2013 run.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Billy and Teddy's time in the New Avengers ended with a gift of a luxury apartment overlooking Central Park, bought and paid for by Roberto de Costa. The next time Billy and Teddy are seen again 3 years later, they're living in a tiny loft in one of the outer boroughs of New York.
  • Words Can Break My Bones: When he moves on from lightning to spellcasting he does it by chanting what he wants to happen. He says he picked this up as a visualization technique from a self help book. After really coming into his power he only needs to speak what he wants to happen once, as if ordering reality around.


No relation to the Hulk.note 
Click here  to see Teddy's third costume
Click here  to see Teddy's second costume
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Alter Ego: Dorrek VIII (Skrull name), Theodore Rufus "Teddy" Kaplan-Altman (Earth name)

Notable Aliases: Dorrek Supreme, Emperor Dorrek VIII

Species: Kree/Skrull Hybrid

First Appearance: Young Avengers Vol 1 #1 (April, 2005)

"Uh, it's like Changeling. Or Earthling, I guess. But with more Hulk. Well, I think it's cool."
— Hulkling, Weirdly-Named Hero, New Avengers (2015) #11

The Young Avengers' shapeshifting powerhouse. The child of two warring empires. The wielder of the star-sword. The one true love of the Demiurge. The King of Space.

Raised by a single mother, Teddy grew up hiding a major secret about himself — namely, that he was a shapeshifter who could transform his scaly green body into any appearance he wanted. But that wasn't all...

Unbeknownst to him, Teddy was the secret love child of Kree soldier Mar-Vell (the original Captain Marvel) and Princess Anelle of the Skrulls, conceived during The Kree/Skrull War. To keep him safe, Anelle's handmaid took the child, and raised him on Earth as her son Teddy Altman.

During his teen years, Teddy became a founding Young Avenger, alongside Patriot (Eli Bradley) and Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), the latter of whom would become his longterm romantic partner — making them one of the first same-sex relationships in mainstream American superhero comics.

Together, Teddy and Billy would later join Sunspot's Avengers Idea Mechanics —later forming a splinter faction with Squirrel Girl, after getting kicked off the team— before (temporarily) retiring from the superhero scene to focus on their personal lives...

... until he was summoned by the unified Kree-Skrull Empire to be their new Emperor, to lead them in an attack against Earth. It soon turned out that he was actually trying to save Earth from the incoming Cotati invasion, helping the Avengers and the Fantastic Four fight them off with the combined Kree-Skrull forces. (But not before eloping with Billy in a hasty wedding ceremony.) When the dust settled, Teddy effectively became the king of space, and took Billy as his official consort with a proper wedding attended by virtually all of the Marvel Universe.

  • 10-Minute Retirement: In the interim between The Children's Crusade and Young Avengers Vol. 2, when the team had supposedly disbanded, he secretly takes up superheroing again.
  • Anti-Magic: His Cool Sword can diffuse magical powers or mystic beings it's used against.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Like Billy, he'd been idolizing the Avengers before becoming a Young Avenger.
  • Battle Couple: With Wiccan, his boyfriend and teammate.
  • Berserk Button: While Teddy genuinely doesn't have any anger problems, there is one situation in which he is near-guaranteed to hulk out: if someone is threatening Billy in any way, shape, or form. Teddy actually threatened to rip Quicksilver's legs off for endorsing Billy's desire to go to Latveria, and there was no indication that he wasn't being deadly serious.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Teddy is kind and gentle, but don't push him the wrong way.
  • Birds of a Feather: Both he and Billy are superhero fanboys and polite kids who were ostracized at school for various reasons.
  • The Big Guy: Because of his shapeshifting, he's one of the physical powerhouses of the team.
  • Body Horror: Mother turns his shapeshifting powers against him as his arms and legs fuse together, his mouth disappears, and then he's turned into a tangled mess in the shape of a chair.
  • The Chains of Commanding: The peril of being King of Space when both races he's in charge of are warrior races. He has to do more than his fair share of punching.
  • Child of Forbidden Love: He was borne out of a forbidden love affair between Captain Marvel and the Skrull princess Anelle. Since his parents' races are at war, he's also a Child of Two Worlds.
  • Child of Two Worlds: As the child of the Kree Captain Marvel and a Skrull princess, he is eventually destined to end the ancient Kree-Skrull war. As a result, both factions want him to eventually lead them. He rejects both, choosing to stay on Earth... until the events of Incoming!.
  • Cool Sword: During his time with the Avengers Idea Mechanics, Teddy was abducted by an order of Chivalrous Space Knights born of mixed descent who were hunted to the brink of Extinction by their parent species. To accept him as their leader after the destruction of both races throne worlds, Hulkling had to prove his worth by drawing the cosmic/mystic sword Excelsior from the proverbial stone.
  • The Chosen One:
    • As far as the Skrulls are concerned, he's the prophesied Savior who will reunite the fragmented Skrull empire. This is why Xavin attempts to save him in the Secret Invasion crossover.
    • In New Avengers, he turns out to be the subject of a prophecy of the Knights of the Infinite, a group of Kree-Skrull hybrids.
  • Distressed Dude: Leah and Mother kidnap him and he becomes their hostage. Mother turns his shapeshifting against him to keep him from escaping.
  • Divine Right of Kings: Being the lone heir to his Cool Sword and the knights of the Infinite gives them the right rule all of space.
  • Emotional Bruiser: He's not afraid to shed tears if affected by the issue at hand.
  • Excalibur in the Stone: Excelsior can only be pulled and wielded by those it deems worthy. The sword is also smart enough to recognise its owner even when his mind is in another's body. So no "Freaky Friday" Flip giving you a cool space sword.
  • Fusion Dance: His Cool Sword was the culmination of two mystic blades merging into one.
  • Future Badass: During his time with the New Avengers he meets a version of himself called King Hulk, who aside from being a large, bemuscled sort is also apparently an actual king, of all of space.
  • Gentle Giant: In YA #1, the newspaper's caption for him was "Teen-Hulk was very polite" and showed him comforting small children.
  • Geometric Magic: His Cool Sword has a slew of alien runes sprawled along the inner base of the blade.
  • Happily Married: As of Empyre, he and Billy have tied the knot.
  • Healing Factor: Due to his heritage, he can heal very quickly. His organs automatically rearrange themselves to avoid pain as well.
  • Heroic Bastard: Born out of wedlock to an alien princess (typically the sort of thing that is a big no-no for royalty, what with throwing the line of succession into chaos) and someone from an opposing army.
  • Heroic Build: Subverted: he's very tall and muscular because he used his shapeshifting powers to look more like the handsome jocks he saw in his high school locker room.
  • Hope Bringer: He's this to the Skrulls, who believe that he can reunite their fragmented empire.
    Xavin: To not believe in you, the savior, the uniter, is to not believe in hope.
  • Hulking Out: Pointedly averted — even in battle, Teddy is quite levelheaded and rational. Well, unless his boyfriend's in danger.
  • Human Alien: His true form looks like a Caucasian human (or more accurately a pink Kree).
  • Human Alien Discovery: He was raised as a normal human boy, who discovers his shapeshifting and super strength powers, later learning that he's a child of two powerful warring alien races — the Kree and the Skrull — and is destined to unite them.
  • Human Outside, Alien Inside: Looks human, but is basically a Skrull under the hood. When a Mad Scientist tries to vivisect him, his internal organs spontaneously rearrange themselves to avoid being cut.
  • Hybrid Monster: The child of a Skull-Kree union and has tremendous power thanks to it; though he's really not all that monstrous. Most of the time, anyway.
  • In-Series Nickname: Teddy is short for Theodore.
  • Interspecies Romance: Teddy/Hulkling is married to fellow superhero Billy Kaplan/Wiccan, a mutant.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: In his backstory, he was very self-conscious about the fact that he was different from other people and desperately wanted to blend in.
  • King Bob the Nth:
    • Much to his own surprise, he's also Dorrek VIII, heir to the entire Skrull Empire.
    • In later stories he's also descended of the very first Kree/Skrull hybrid, Dorrek Supreme. And is thus entitled to rule all of space.
  • Living a Double Life: He eventually goes back to superheroing on the street but has to hide that from Billy because the latter is very touchy on the topic. They eventually both get back into the superhero life.
  • Love Martyr: He can ignore his own tragedy to support his boyfriend, to his own detriment.
  • Magic Eater: His Cool Sword can consume a fireball cast by an extra-dimensional dark wizard.
  • Nice Guy: Teddy is genuinely kind, caring, and selfless. Kate describes him as "all sweetheart."
  • Nonhuman Humanoid Hybrid: As he is the son of the first Captain Marvel (a Kree) and Princess Anelle (a Skrull), he doesn't have a lick of human DNA in him. However, his default form happens to be that of a pink Kree... which is essentially a Caucasian human as far as looks go. And since he's a shapeshifter, he also hits the 'attractive' option of this trope.
  • No-Sell: One of the advantages of his hybrid physiology is he can shake off the mutagenic gases of the Progenitors, though not without some assistance.
  • Parental Abandonment: His birth father died of cancer many years ago. His birth mother died when Galactus ate the Skrull throneworld. His grandfather, Emperor Dorrek VII, wanted him killed at birth. His grandmother Empress R'Kill had one of her servants flee to Earth with him instead, where she raised him as a human child with no knowledge of his ancestry.
  • Power Glows: His Cool Sword radiates with a potent mystic aura.
  • Prince Charming: Loki suggests that Hulkling is really this, having been created by his boyfriend Wiccan's Reality Warper powers to subconsciously fulfill his fantasy of meeting and falling in love with this type of character. He points out the improbability of a gay teenage boy meeting, and perfectly matching, a gay alien prince. Of course, this is coming from Loki, and both Hulkling and Wiccan were listed as part of the Avengers Fail-Safe Program, being descendants of prior members of The Avengers. Prodigy dismisses it as "existential nonsense", and eventually Hulkling even acknowledges there's no way Wiccan at that point could've done it.
  • Really Royalty Reveal: He is revealed to actually be the son of the Skrull Princess Anelle and grandson of Emperor Dorrek VII and Empress R'Kill. His grandfather wanted him killed at birth, as his father was the Kree Captain Mar-Vell, an enemy of the Skrull Empire. His mother had one of her servants flee to Earth with him instead, where she raised him as a human child with no knowledge of his ancestry. However, his parents and grandparents are now all dead, and he is the last surviving member of the original Skrull royal line. The Super-Skrull tries to put him on the throne as Emperor Dorrek VIII in the hopes of reunifying the fragmented Skrull Empire.
    • He's also considered one along the line of Kree/Skrull Hybrids related to Dorrek Supreme, his order of loyal knights also coming to crown him their king and unify their ancestral races.
  • Refusal of the Call: Is very reluctant to claim his birthright and take up the prophecy on that whole reunifying-the-Skrull-homeworlds schtick, and stays on Earth instead of going with either Kree or Skrull. Other characters call him out on "running away from his duties."
    • The 2019 anthology Incoming ends with Teddy taking up the mantle of Emperor of the unified Kree/Skrull races, and launching their armada toward a shared enemy on Earth.
  • Rightful King Returns: His Cool Sword Excelsior was originally used by the hybrid royal Dorrek Supreme therefore only one of his line can claim it.
  • Royal Bastard: Hulkling is the illegitimate son of Skrull Princess Annelle and the Kree hero Mar-Vell, and the grandson of Emperor Dorrek VII of the Skrull Empire. The fact that this makes him a contender for the throne of Skrull Empire is something that he has spent years trying to avoid.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Aside from kicking ass and ruling wisely, he puts in time to help with public work projects, something both Kree and Skrulls approve of.
  • Secret Legacy:
    • He is the son of the Kree Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrull Princess Anelle. As such he has both a super-heroic and a royal legacy.
    • Also Teddy is the chosen one of a Space Knight order's prophecy possibly being the reborn hybrid king Dorrek Supreme destined to unify the races of Skrull and Kree.
  • Shapeshifter Default Form: He has a true form and, technically, two preferred forms; he's equally comfortable in his true form and his battle form, and can be seen lounging in the latter nearly as often as the former:
    • True and Preferred: His Kree heritage gives him his default form, as evidenced when Kl'rt uses technology to force Teddy to revert to his original form in order to prove to Teddy that he's truly a Skrull... and Teddy stays exactly the same.
    • Preferred: His preferred form during a fight, after he stops patterning himself after the Hulk, is quite reptilian in appearance. He keeps his blonde hair, but gains green and possibly scaly skin, armored shoulder plates, and claws. He also frequently grows leathery dragon-like wings when he needs to be airborne.
  • Straight Gay: He has few stereotypical gay traits.
  • Super-Strength: He's very strong, due to his alien heritage. This is part of why he calls himself "Hulkling."
  • "Take That!" Kiss: When a homophobic terrorist keeps insulting him, he responds with this.
  • Tell Me About My Father: To the Super-Skrull, who had known his father when he was imprisoned on the Skrull homeworld. Later, he meets a man he believes is Captain Mar-Vell, but is actually a Skrull sleeper agent programmed with his father's memories and genetics.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: He assumed he was a mutant, only to find out that he's actually a Skrull-Kree hybrid.
  • Understanding Boyfriend: He's very supportive to a boy who is related to an infamous Reality Warper and has a lot of baggage over that.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Subverted. Despite calling himself "Hulking," he's actually quite the Emotional Bruiser and doesn't really draw strength from rage... unless, of course, if you really piss him off. Lampshaded when Captain America asks him if he has any "anger issues."
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: His core power along with Super-Strength. He initially used it to look like a young Hulk, but later takes to adopting a more reptilian humanoid form when not in his normal shape.
  • Was It All a Lie?: Thanks to Loki, he was paranoid that Billy unknowingly warped reality to create him. He gets over it, deciding that it ultimately doesn't matter.
    Billy: So you think [Loki] was lying about us?
    Teddy: I don't care if he was lying. We're not.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Billy and Teddy's time in the New Avengers ended with a gift of a luxury apartment overlooking Central Park, bought and paid for by Roberto de Costa. The next time Billy and Teddy are seen again 3 years later, they're living in a tiny loft in one of the outer boroughs of New York.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Diplomatic ties between the Kree-Skrull alliance and Krakoa become strained because while Wiccan is too nice to push it, his majesty Emperor Altman makes it clear he does not approve of Krakoa's treatment of Wanda Maximoff.
  • Winged Humanoid: When he wants to be, he can sprout a pair of wings.
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry!: Teddy doesn't actually "Hulk out", but that doesn't make him any less scary when pushed.

Later Members (first iteration)

    Hawkeye II 

Hawkeye II
Kate's second costume
Click here  to see Kate's first costume

Alter Ego: Katherine Elizabeth Bishop

Notable Aliases: Bishop, Hawkingbird, Princess

Species: Human

First Appearance: Young Avengers #1 (April, 2005)

"I have no powers and not nearly enough training, but I'm doing this anyways. Being a super hero is amazing. Everyone should try it."

The current leader of the team and co-protagonist of the fourth and fifth volume of Hawkeye. Kate had it all: a complete family with a loving mother, a sweet older sister and an extremely wealthy father. Despite all of this, she developed a compulsive desire to help others instead of living the high life (probably because of her mother's influence). One day, a guy assaulted her in a park and left her traumatized. After grieving and attending therapy, she realized the only person that could bring her out of her depression was herself. Soon afterwards, she started intense training in different kinds of combat and weaponry to ensure no one ever had to go through what she experienced. The day of her sister's wedding, a group of criminals held the ceremony hostage. After she assisted the Young Avengers in saving the day, she decided to join the team and was eventually accepted. Currently she is back in New York, still in contact with her team and helping Clint Barton too. Also, she is single.

She doesn't have any powers but she is skilled in many martial arts and weapons. However, her skills with the bow and arrows are so developed that sometimes it is implied they rival those of Clint Barton himself. Also, she is a great tactician and strategist, usually planning and leading the battles of the Young Avengers.


Cassie's first costume

Alter Ego: Cassandra Eleanor "Cassie" Lang

Notable Aliases: Stature, Stinger, Ant-Girl, Giant-Girl

Species: Human mutate

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #47 (April, 1979) note ; Young Avengers #6 (May, 2006) note ; The Astonishing Ant-Man #6 (May, 2016) note 

Team Affiliations: Secret Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Young Avengers

"I did the best I could. And I’m through apologizing for who and what I am."

As the daughter of Scott Lang, former engineer to the Fantastic Four and Ant-Man after Henry Pym, Cassie's childhood was already deeply entrenched in superheroing (to the point of being able to refer to Iron Man as "Uncle Tony"). She wanted to grow up to become a superhero like her father. However, after her father's death, Cassie was forced to live with her mother and a stepfather who resented all superpowered beings. When she learns of the Young Avengers, she joins Kate in seeking them out. They are both eventually accepted onto the team. In Civil War she is initially part of the rebellion but eventually becomes the only Young Avenger to join the Initiative.

As a child, Cassie frequently stole Pym particles from her father. After repeated exposure she gained the ability to grow or shrink at will, hence her codename "Stature."


Tommy Shepherd/Speed
Tommy's first costume

Alter Ego: Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd

Notable Aliases: Speedy, Tommy Maximoff

Species: Human mutant

First Appearance: Young Avengers #10 (March, 2006)

"I don't have feelings. And I don't hold hands."

Tommy was born and raised in New Jersey. As a result of his parents' divorce and his growing powers, he found himself in and out of juvie. When the team uses the Avengers Fail-Safe Program to recruit other superpowered teens who could help them rescue Teddy, they break Tommy out of a high-security facility (where he was being experimented on), after which he joins the Young Avengers. His strong resemblance to Billy is instantly noted, and they are theorized to be the long-lost twins of the Scarlet Witch. Tommy and Billy search for her but are unsuccessful. They are later confirmed to be her sons in The Children's Crusade. Sometime after that and Volume 2, Tommy got fed up with the team and left. He started working for David's company, assembling machines, but is kidnapped by Fake Patriot for much of the volume.

Like Billy has the Scarlet Witch's powers, Speed has the power set of her brother Quicksilver — Super-Speed and its Required Secondary Powers, high stamina and Super-Reflexes. He can also produce hyperkinetic vibrations that can cause explosions and adjust his density so he can shift through solid objects.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Due to being a speedster, he has a very limited attention span by our standards.
  • Arrow Catch: In Secret Invasion he catches a quickly-thrown sai aimed at Teddy with no problem. Justified due to his super speed.
  • Badass Boast:
    • Pretty simple but effective in issue 6 of vol.2, when he explains and demonstrates to Prodigy how many weeks of work he can do in few minutes.
    • Subverted in the team's first meeting with Runaways, when he tries one on Chase ("I'm all you need"), only to find out he needs something more than bragging to impress a guy with a pet dinosaur.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He's protective of Wiccan in his own way (even though they are twins and neither actually knows which one is older). He's also fond of Molly Hayes, whom he goes out of his way to protect in the Secret Invasion crossover.
  • Blessed with Suck: It's not difficult to imagine that Tommy "Speed" Shepherd has the same problem of his uncle Quicksilver because he shares the same powers. It's incredibly easy to imagine, therefore, why he did the things that landed him in juvie in the first place, and why he's so distraught when the Young Avengers split up at the end of Avengers: The Children's Crusade - he's literally incapable of fitting into normal society because of his time perception. The Marvel NOW! Young Avengers volume makes it even worse. It's established that when his body moves at super-speed, all of his forms of perception do as well. So while using his speed to assemble some cellphones at his civilian job, he claims that he essentially just wasted a week of his life in the span of a few seconds.
  • Characterization Marches On: He has a big zeal for destruction in his first appearance, but it's toned down as the story goes on.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His biological parents got divorced and the Young Avengers found him in a juvie, where he was presumably experimented on.
  • Distressed Dude: He's whisked away by an unknown entity dressed in Eli/Patriot's old costume in vol.2 #6. He returns during the afterparty in #14, and his return is explained in #15.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: His codename. He's a speedster.
  • Identical Stranger: Other characters immediately note his stark resemblance to Billy. They're eventually revealed to be the somewhat-reincarnations of the Scarlet Witch's twin sons.
  • In-Series Nickname: Tommy is short for Thomas.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite being Vitriolic Best Friends with pretty much everyone, there are some moments where he can't quite cover up just how much he cares.
  • Junior Counterpart: To his sort-of uncle, Quicksilver — he inherited the super speed, white hair, and smidge of jerkassery.
  • Morality Pet: Molly of the Runaways bonded with Tommy when the two teams teamed up, and he's shown to be particularly protective of her whenever the two teams meet up. He also seems to have a soft-spot for Kate, given he tends to be far more friendly with her than the rest of the team (besides some flirty teasing on his part), largely due to their on-off casual relationship.
  • No Social Skills: As evidenced in his clumsy attempts to cheer Billy up. He admits to Teddy that he cannot blend in with normal people.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: To Billy in almost every aspect from their personality to family background.
  • Secret Legacy: Son of the Scarlet Witch, with the powerset of her brother Quicksilver.
  • Sixth Ranger: He joins the Young Avengers some time after the team has gotten comfortable with each other.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: A side effect of his Super-Speed — he can vibrate extremely fast in order to make things explode.
  • Super-Reflexes: A side effect of Super-Speed — because normal life is comparatively slow for him, he can react instantly to things.
  • Super-Speed: His power.
  • Tangled Family Tree: See above under Wiccan's entry.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Or as Billy describes him, the "team sociopath".
  • Tsundere: He'd mock his teammates and deny having any affection for them but can be very sweet when they're down.

    Vision II 

Vision II

Alter Ego: Jonas

Notable Aliases: Neurokinetic Armor, Tony Stark

Species: Synthezoid

First Appearance: Young Avengers #5 (August, 2005) note ; Young Avengers Presents #4 (June, 2008) note 

While exploring the destroyed Avengers mansion, Iron Lad found the remains of the original Vision and downloaded his operating system into his armor. When Kang attacked the Young Avengers, Nate took his armor off in order to avoid being tracked, and the Vision's OS activated the armor into becoming sentient. He remained in the custody of the Avengers for a time, during which he concluded that this new, advanced Vision had all the potential but none of the experience of the old Vision. After Civil War he spent some time Walking the Earth and adopted the name "Jonas" for himself, declaring himself a completely different individual from Iron Lad and the original Vision.

Jonas possesses many abilities of the original Vision as well as some of his own, due to his futuristic technology. This includes shapeshifting, density manipulation, self-propelled flight, energy manipulation, and extreme intelligence.

Later Members (second iteration)

    Miss America 

Miss America
Click here  to see America's second costume
Click here  to see America's first costume

Alter Ego: America Chavez

Notable Aliases: América Chávez, Li'l Chica, MAC, Miss America, Ms. America, Ms. A, USA, America Santana

Species: Fuertona mutate

First Appearance: Vengeance #1 (July, 2011)

Raised in the extradimensional Utopian Parallel by her two mothers, America is a multiversal traveler who ran away from home after Mrs. and Mrs. Chavez sacrificed themselves to save their universe.

Upon leaving the Utopian Parallel, one of her first major acts as a crimefighter came through joining the Teen Brigade, with whom she prevented the Young Masters of Evil from disrupting Chaos and Order. She also had a fling with the Ultimate Nullifier, which quickly ended due to irreconcilable differences between them.

Not much longer after her tenure with the Teen Brigade, she joined the Young Avengers to protect Wiccan —the future Demiurge— from Kid Loki, who'd previously approached America about killing him before he could devolve into the Demiurge persona. During this time, she began a close friendship with teammate Kate Bishop—AKA Hawkeye— and continued to serve on the Young Avengers, up until the collapse of the Marvel Universe.

She's a Flying Brick powerful enough that even Loki's afraid of getting hit by her. However her most valuable power probably is her ability to travel through dimensions. She can create portals to other dimensions with her star shaped tattoos. No one knows how she got these powers, especially when the inhabitants of her original dimension were so afraid of interacting with the rest of the multiverse.

In the wake of Earth-616's incursion with Earth-1610, America now existed on Doctor Doom's Battleworld in the Arcadia region. In this reality, America served as a member of A-Force, their amazon brigade of Avengers, and was also the foster daughter of Lady Loki and foster sister of Nico Minoru. Upon breaking one of God Doom's laws, she was sent to The Wall as punishment, but ended up joining Abigail Brand's secret siege against their ruler, alongside the Robin Hood-esque Lady Katherine of Bishop.

When the Marvel Universe was restored, America joined The Ultimates alongside Captain Marvel and Black Panther, working to take on cosmic threats to the multiverse. During the second Civil War, America went against her Ultimates leader and took Iron Man's anti-future profiling side, much to Carol's chagrin.

As part of Marvel NOW!, America headlined her first ongoing series —simply titled America— which followed her adventures as a multiversal college student.

After her solo adventure, She accepts Kate Bishop's invitation to join the new version of the West Coast Avengers as part of Marvel: A Fresh Start. In 2021, she got her own five-issue mini-series, America Chavez: Made in the USA.

Xochitl Gomez plays her in the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

America Chavez has appeared in the following works:

Notable Comic Books

Live-Action Film

Western Animation

Video Games

America Chavez provides examples of the following tropes:

  • The Ace: America Chavez is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe that isn't a Reality Warper. She's beautiful, confident, and seemingly beloved by all—a sharp contrast to the fact many Marvel heroes are Hero with Bad Publicity types.
  • Action Hero: Violence is her main solution. Her answer to the question "Do you have a plan?"? "Punch everyone".
  • Amazonian Beauty: Look at the above picture, specifically her abs. She's also shown to have pretty muscular legs.
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: She can fly through space unaided without having to worry about breathing.
  • Boxing Battler: America's usual form of attack is to just punch her targets, and her solo series reveals that she took boxing classes for several years.
  • Broken Pedestal: As the Demiurge, Billy was basically her God. Then she discovers he's just an angsty teenager.
  • Captain Patriotic: Played with in that she fills in the niche of the "red, white and blue" superhero in the team but it's unclear what she thinks about America the Nation. She's Miss America because that's her real name. Her adoptive family was Puerto Rican however.
  • Chairman of the Brawl: During Civil War II, she expresses her opinion on Carol Danvers' increasingly authoritarian and "With Us or Against Us" attitude by smashing her over the head with a chair.
  • Civvie Spandex: Her "costume" is essentially a Captain America t-shirt with a jacket and pair of shorts. Word of God is that her suit was designed with Cosplayers in mind.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: One thing that remains consistent pre and post retcon is that her mothers died to save her when she was young.
  • Cosmic Motifs: Stars are usually seen throughout America's wardrobe.
  • Corrupted Character Copy: America Chavez in concept is Wonder Woman if spoiled by her mothers in paradise, who left her home not to return a stranded soldier and bring peace to his warring world but out of a desire to find fame and glory, and is motivated more by boredom than love, to the point she briefly stops helping people altogether until their problems become interesting enough, becoming a homeless Rummage Sale Reject until something motivates her enough to care again. Chavez does become more altruistic over time, however.
  • Covers Always Lie: Her solo comic is simply called America, she always wears a Captain America t-shirt and both her clothing and the covers to her comics have a patriotic aesthetic. If you knew nothing about the character beforehand, you'd be forgiven for thinking she has some kind of connection to Captain America when, in reality, the comic is named after her, she barely knows Captain America and she has no established opinion on the country.
  • Depending on the Writer: Is she Good Is Not Nice The Cape who sacrificed paradise to be a hero or a Smug Super It's All About Me Jerkass?
  • Determinator: Once led an unlikely army of shades in a limbo dimension against the god-like master of that plane. Was repelled numerous times but still kept going until she eventually killed him with help of The Defenders.
  • Defector from Paradise: She wanted to follow in her parents' footsteps, and figured that a perfect world didn't need heroes.
  • Did Not Think This Through: Her parents Heroic Sacrifice was a Senseless Sacrifice which also traumatized their daughter. Apparently, they never thought a paradise world for America would require her loved ones.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Has the ability to generate Star-shaped portals to other dimensions.
  • Doing In the Wizard: America Chavez: Made in the USA reveals that the Utopian Parallel was never a fantastical world outside spacetime, but rather a billionaire's private island. Her original origin story was a delusion she invented to cope with her Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Evil Counterpart: Simon Rodstvow from the Ultimates series.
  • Experimented in College: Briefly experimented with heterosexuality while in the Teen Brigade.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: As she puts it to Kate: "I've seen the way you look at me. You're not that straight."
  • Fangirl: She idolized the Demiurge as a child and when she finally met Billy, she came to the conclusion that he's a bit of an idiot like everyone else. She still makes friends with Billy, though.
  • Flying Brick: She can fly and pack a serious punch.
  • Forced Prize Fight: In issue #6 of her solo series, America is forced to box against her former girlfriend Magdalena.
  • Friendly Enemy: She described her relationship with Loki like this. It's truly based on mutual mistrust and snarking with occasional bouts of violence, but she is also one of the few people Loki shared his Super Cell Reception spell with.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Granted, America is a Latina character, but the Spanish in her solo book is actually pretty bad at times, with serious grammar or spelling errors.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Played with. Though she is quick to use violence as an option, she goes about it in a very calm and deliberate manner. For instance, she carefully puts down her chopsticks and tells the waitress she's "Good for the damages" before punching Loki through a wall.
  • Hereditary Homosexuality: America is a lesbian, much like her mothers. Her grandmother is also Ambiguously Gay.
  • Hero of Another Story: She's been on her own, hero-ing, across a dozen different dimensions without a complaint and no desire to join any big super hero team. As she put it "You couldn't pay me to join the Avengers."
  • Homeless Hero: Word of God has said that she started her hero-ing career right there on the streets and spent much of that time in various states of poverty.
  • Homosexual Reproduction: Given that she comes from an entire world populated exclusively by lesbian women, it should be no surprise that Chavez is a product of this. Made in the USA reveals that this world never existed, but it's unclear if she's Amalia and Elena's daughter by adoption or surrogate parents.
  • It's All About Me: A quality derided in her 2017 series which has taken her from a Homeless Hero and self-sacrificing orphan to someone who has no interest in active superheroing. Among her various actions in the first six issues are pausing during a fight to think about her parents as her teammates get beaten up, giving up heroism because it's gotten boring, punching Hitler but not capturing or stopping him, and cheating on her girlfriend before dumping her for not moving in with her. At least some of this comes back to bite her in the ass, as if she didn't think it's too easy so she must be awesome, or was answering her ex-girlfriend's calls, the whole first arc of her solo could have been avoided.
  • Last Het Romance: Ultimate Nullifier (the character, not the superweapon that scares Galactus). She'd really rather not talk about it.
  • Legacy Character:
    • She is at least the 3rd superhero using the Miss or Ms. America alias in Marvel comics. Miss America, Madeline Joyce, was a golden-silver age character; and a Ms. America, real name unknown, also graced the Fifty States Initiative in 2008.
    • In the good future shown in the "Old Woman Laura" arc of All-New Wolverine, it's shown that she's actually taken up the mantle of Captain America.
  • Lightning Bruiser: She's very fast and very strong. How fast? When Monica Rambeau observes America while moving at light-speed, America still looks like she's moving fast.
  • Little Miss Badass: She'd been superheroing since the age of ten.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: She's willing to kill Loki when the guy's acting suspicious.
    I know what killing means and I'm pretty down with that.
  • Mysterious Past:
    • She clearly knows something is up with Billy and his fate, but when Teddy tries to ask her for more details, he receives a Death Glare in response. And in the horde of Alternate Universe versions of the gang, she doesn't have any counterparts.
    • Hell, Loki's description of her in the Marvel NOW! short is this: "One mysterious interdimensional superhero with mysterious background and mysterious anger issues."
    • It's revealed that America's homeworld exists outside the Multiverse and she's a Rebellious Princess who ran away from her utopian homeworld because she couldn't stand by to see her world do nothing after her mothers sacrificed themselves and left her orphaned. But then Made in the USA would reveal that this fantasy world never existed; the real Utopian Parallel was a private island where she was being "treated" for her disease, actually experimented on. When her mothers tried to escape with America and her sister, Amalia and Elena were killed and Catalina separated from her. The trauma caused America to invent the idea of a magical extradimensional realm.
  • The Nicknamer: She has the tendency to nickname people she has especially strong emotions towards. So for example Loki became "chico", Kate "princess", and Carol "soldier girl", which lead to:
    Captain Marvel: Did you just give me a cute nickname, Chavez?
    Ms. America: You wish.
  • Not Wearing Tights: She doesn't really have a costume, just themed clothing.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Things must be really bad if the normally stoic and serious America starts showing tears in her eyes. And in a heartwarming example, she's seen with tears down her face when Billy and Teddy make up.
  • Precision F-Strike: She tries to prevent Loki from reciting a spell because she doesn't trust him, but then her two mothers show up. She immediately releases him with "%!@# that".
  • Primary-Color Champion: Word of God says one of the reasons she was chosen is because she fills in this visual niche.
  • Properly Paranoid:
    • She sticks with the team specifically to keep an eye on Loki.
    • Later on, she joins the Ultimates to prevent them from "going too far". When Carol Danvers starts becoming increasingly aggressive in trying to predict the future using the Inhuman Ulysses, America acts.
  • Psychic Nosebleed: If she pushes her teleporting too far, her nose starts bleeding.
  • Real Name as an Alias: Her real name is America Chavez.
  • Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory: Most everyone barely remembers the events of Secret Wars. America, meanwhile, remembers all of it, though she doesn't explain how. Possibly related to the Screw This, I'm Outta Here example later (not dying, either in an Incursion, or with Battleworld, would mean she wasn't recreated at the end of the event like most other characters).
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: She was a princess who decided to strike out and hero on her own. Made in the USA reveals that this world never existed and she was never a princess.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: America chose to leave Battleworld via her portals, rather than stay and face the combined Annihilation Wave, Ultron army and zombie swarms when the Shield got up and left.
  • Smug Super: America's biggest flaw in-universe is the fact she's not really all that humble about her powers, which include Flying Brick as well as teleportation powers. The 2017 series also has her enter semi-retirement as a superhero with annoyance that people seem to want her to save them. This includes telling off a female soldier when she tries to point out America could have stopped Hitler.
  • Spicy Latina: Subverted; despite being prone to violence she is very calm and collected. She just has little tolerance for indirect methods.
    Kieron Gillen: But she hasn’t a temper. Or, at least, none that we’ve seen on the page. She’s just terribly direct and believes that appropriate levels of violence are acceptable. She has little tolerance for games. [...] That's not a temper. That's control.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: As stated, her real name is actually America.
  • The Stoic: She is calm and pragmatic. Gillen described her rigid control over her emotions as one of her fundamental character traits.
    "She plays her cards close to her chest. She's probably swallowed her cards."
  • Super-Strength: It was once stated she could throw a tank to the moon, a feat very few probably could pull off.
  • Talk to the Fist: A woman of action rather than words in most instances.
  • Thinking Up Portals: And kicking them open. It's her mode of dimensional travel.
  • Totally Radical: America's speech in her 2017 series is definitely the product of someone trying to talk like a millennial without actually knowing how millennials talk.
    "Need a little vivaporu for that burn?"
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: She's worn dozens of different outfits with a stars and stripes theme. While she has "official" costumes, it's pretty common that she fights in whatever she just happens to be wearing that day.
  • Unrequited Love: It's implied in some of her stories that she has a crush on Kate, but Kate is usually either dating someone else or doesn't notice America's flirting. For instance, in Civil War II: Choosing Sides, America implies that Kate is her primary reason for staying in the 616-verse the most, and tries to convince herself that Lisa (her then-current girlfriend) wouldn't mind the two of them interacting so much. An unused story from Secret Wars: Secret Love had America and Kate (an alternate universe version of her) officially start dating, but it was cut from publication.
  • Warrior Princess: In her pre-retcon origin, she hails from a world removed from the multiverse where her mothers were queens, she was addressed as "Princess America", and she's been doing this before she was even ten.
  • When She Smiles: As Kieron Gillen puts it, a smile from Miss America is a rare and beautiful thing.
  • Wonder Woman Wannabe: America takes a lot of cues from Wonder Woman; she's a super-powered princess who hails from an all-female utopia and leaves it for the "outside" world. Visually, her motif is a five point star, something Wonder Woman too has.


Noh-Varr/Marvel Boy/Captain Marvel/Protector
Noh-Varr's third costume
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Alter Ego: Noh-Varr

Notable Aliases: Captain Marvel, Ensign Marvel, Mobile Defense Unit 564, Protector, Marvel Boy

Species: Kree/Cockroach hybrid

First Appearance: Marvel Boy (Vol. 2) #1 (August, 2000)

"...I come from a dimension where there is transcendental peace and universal enlightenment. But there are no close harmony girl groups. How could anyone leave a world that makes things as wonderful as this?"

Ex-Avenger, ex-Dark Avenger, ex-teenage rebel. Noh-Varr is a Kree from another dimension who, after getting lost in the multiverse in a mission of peace, crashed on Earth-Earth. The crash killed his parents and his girlfriend and got him captured by Doctor Midas. He escaped and swore revenge against the human race, starting by burning FUCK YOU into the streets of Manhattan. Later he confronted Midas with the help of the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter Oubliette. Noh-Varr developed a crush on her but soon both were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and sent to different prisons. He was sent to the Cube where he was experimented on by the Cube's Warden. Soon he found himself brainwashed by Warden but was freed by the Young Avengers and the Runaways in Civil War. Later he had a complete change of heart and decided to become a superhero after a Skrull impersonating Captain Marvel left him in charge of the protection of Earth. He was deceived by Norman Osborn and joined his Dark Avengers only to leave shortly after and join the real Avengers. He was kicked out of the team after some bad decisions and joined the Young Avengers after a fateful encounter with Kate. Obsessed with music (especially Phil Spector girl groups and briefly, Gram Parsons) and Earth girls. Currently banished from Earth and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Part-Kree, part-cockroach, he has all the powers that the Kree possess including super strength, durability, and speed. He also hasa seemingly unlimited supply of weapons and his own spaceship, the Kirby. All of them are advanced Kree technology, however he mostly just uses a pair of handguns.

Noh-Varr provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Alien Arts Are Appreciated: Kieron Gillen describes him as an "alien hipster". His initial rejection of human culture when he first appeared has turned into a fascination not unlike certain modern Westerners becoming fascinated by African cultures. Though this depends on who's writing.
  • And I Must Scream: How he says his time captured by the Cube Warden felt like to him.
  • Arrow Catch: Once, he caught an arrow thrown by Kate in mid air while running to attack her.
  • A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: Noh-Varr breaking up with Kate. If he would have controlled his desire of getting his old life back for a few more minutes, he would still have Kate.
  • Be All My Sins Remembered: He isn't proud of his actions both as Marvel Boy and The Protector. Or his time as Warden's slave.
  • BFG: His primary weapons are guns big enough to remove the heads of gods.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: In the Civil War crossover with the Runaways. Everybody's aware of it, which explains why neither Billy nor Teddy seems to mind his presence, considering what he put them through back then.
  • Character Development: Started as Well-Intentioned Extremist that looked down to humanity, then became inspired by story of Captain Marvel and in the end fell in love with human culture (and human girls).
  • Chick Magnet: He was dating a Kree woman, Meree, just before he crashed to Earth, had a brief romance with Exterminatrix, a short-lived romance with Moonstone and a longer relationship with Annie, before getting together with Kate. Lampshaded by Spider-Woman, as she got annoyed that an alien man with no social skills was getting more dates than she was. This comes back to bite him in the ass, as his ex-girlfriends are back and teaming together with Mother and Leah to take down the group. He's also a dude magnet with Kate's new boyfriend Fuse and his Guardians teammate Hercules being attracted to him.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Aside from some of the tropes below, he also has:
    • Super-Reflexes: From his Kree nature.
    • Super-Speed: Enhanced, to the point where he can enter the "White Run", cutting out all outside influences and move/fight at maximum efficiency.
    • Super-Strength: Also a byproduct of his Kree nature.
    • Super-Toughness: He's triple jointed, from being mixed with the DNA of a cockroach.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Because of his background, he's a very formidable opponent.
    • Issue four of Vol. 2 during a Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • When he met the original team, he wiped the floor with them and the Runaways (minus Speed and Molly) at the same time. And considering his state of mind he probably wasn't at his best.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Vol. 2 treats his past exploits as this.
  • Dynamic Entry: In issue four of Vol. 2, where he busts through the window of a diner. He even describes it as this trope.
  • Depending on the Writer: His personality varies a lot from writer to writer. Even after Young Avengers, not all writers have him loving earth culture and recent stories have him preferring to stay in space.
  • Experimented in College: Or more specifically while serving on an "exploratory ship", a term which has more than one meaning to his people.
  • First Girl Wins: So far, Noh-Varr can't find a person who matches the feelings he had when he was with Oubliette. This is most likely the reason why he broke up with Annie and the real reason why he broke up with Kate. His relationship with Hercules seems to be healthier however.
  • Flat-Earth Atheist: Noh-Varr blatantly admits to not believing in higher powers when conversing with Fantomex, turns out Kree offspring are tutored in a binary code which disproves the existence of transcendent beings. Hence his immunity to the Weapon XVI contaminant.
  • Friends with Benefits: Kate's relationship with Noh-Varr seemed to be this and it is implied that a Relationship Upgrade happened at some point. However, he confessed to Kate in the middle of battle that he still has some feelings for Exterminatrix. She's not happy with this and ultimately broke up with him. They are still friends but no word on the benefits part.
  • Heartbreak and Ice Cream: Despite remaining friends with Kate, Noh-Varr took his break up with her pretty badly — never coming out of his floating space station, drowning in break up songs and junk food and rejecting any kind of contact with other living beings.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Among his many powers are his exploding fingernails and psychadelic saliva. They're both more than enough to stop Drax the Destroyer.
  • Heel–Face Turn:
    • Was one of the main antagonists in the The Runaways/Young Avengers crossover mini series and briefly ran with Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers.
    • He also betrayed The Avengers to the Kree during Avengers vs. X-Men, which resulted in him being stripped of his role as the Protector. Later, he switch sides again and tries to amend his mistake by helping the Avengers, however this time, they don't accept him back and banished him from earth.
  • Heinz Hybrid: Part Kree, part cockroach.
  • Human Aliens: He has the exact anatomy of a male human, but is a pink Kree.
  • I Have Many Names: Marvel Boy, Captain Marvel and Protector. He rejects them all nowadays.
  • It's Not You, It's Me: What he said to break up with Annie and Kate.
  • Klingons Love Shakespeare: Noh-Varr really loves Earth pop, especially Phil Spector singles. He has a vinyl collection and can spend hours talking about music if no one stops him.
  • Legacy Character: To the earlier Marvel Boys originally (though he personally had never met any of them), as well as briefly taking the Captain Marvel title in the Dark Avengers. By Young Avengers Vol 2 he's dropped the codenames, but stars using Marvel Boy again when he joins the Guardians of the Galaxy to avoid confusion with the other Nova on the team.
  • Master of Your Domain: He has a technique for rerouting pain signals to his auditory cortex i.e. turning pain into music. There is also the White Run technique (see Super Speed above) that he used to defeat both the Young Avengers and the Runaways during Civil War.
  • Mess of Woe: After breaking up with Kate, his room on his space station turns into this.
  • Minor Flaw, Major Breakup: The only reason Noh-Varr broke up with Kate was because he couldn't get to feel like before with her. She was perfect for him otherwise.
  • Morph Weapon: Marvel Boy has, among other equipment, a pair of bracelets strangely reminiscent of the Kree Nega-Bands. They have the ability change into weapons like a plasma blaster and razor blade which doubles both as shield and sword. He also has a "pocket battlefield," which is a bit like a portable Reality Warper device that alters space-time in a small area to confuse his enemies and give him an advantage.
  • Mr. Fanservice: See the first scene of Young Avengers vol. 2 #1, where he's dancing shirtless.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: He's the co-founder of the Utopian Kree faction, alongside the Plex Intelligence (which he brought along from his universe), Kree who are dedicated to not being murderous arseholes and instead to doing good things.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: His stilted pattern of speech, strange word choice ("Park of Central"), and lack of knowledge about Earth custom is at least partly a fake. Lampshaded by himself.
    Noh-Varr: My faking it is total.
  • Offscreen Breakup: With Annie whom he was dating before leaving earth in the Avengers vs. X-Men event. Later it's revealed that Noh-Varr is the one who broke up with her claiming he was the problem and left. The little glowing piece that Noh-Varr left her before leaving was never mentioned again.
  • One-Steve Limit: Played with, since his name is phonetically similar to "Nova" he insists on being called Marvel Boy to avoid confusion with Richard Rider during his stint with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The One That Got Away: He thought Oubliette was this, which was why he broke up with Annie and Kate. After breaking up with the latter he begins to think she was this too.
  • Reality Warper: In his own words, he can create pockets of reality where the laws of physics are what he says they are.
  • Redemption Failure: After he left Osborn's Dark Avengers, he became one of the good Avengers. Later, in Avengers vs. X-Men the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree told him to get a sample of the Phoenix Force and steal it from the Avengers if necessary. He did that but then regretted it and betrayed the Kree. Everyone hates him now.
  • Threat Backfire: He threatens to leave Prodigy alone in space in his space station, if he didn't come with him and Hulkling to help him find the Exterminatrix. Prodigy, who is very impressed with the idea of living in space, agrees to stay. Noh takes him back anyways.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Was the least heroic and personable of a crew of Kree explorers, and it was the Earth's bad luck that he was the only one of them to survive the crash.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: His casual outfit in the After Party.
  • Wall Crawl: Thanks to his DNA, he can run and stick to most surfaces without too much concern.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Was introduced as this. His ship got shot down by a mad scientist and, being the only survivor, was captured and tortured before he could escape. So he had very good reason to view Earth as a pretty terrible place, and while his methods were violent, he genuinely believed it would be in the interests of everyone if Earth were terraformed into being more like his home planet.
  • Walking Armory: Has access to a wide variety of advanced Kree weaponry.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Not quite "black heart", but he was kind of a jerkass at the beginning, and especially when brainwashed by the Cube Warden. Definitely subverted nowadays.
  • Young Conqueror: After he was released from his brainwashing, the Runaways crossover ended with him declaring his former prison the capital of the new Kree Empire. He's mellowed a lot by Volume 2, but the team's journey through the multiverse features several Earths where he made good on the threat.


David's third costume
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Alter Ego: David Alleyne

Notable Aliases: Brain Boy, Brainiac, Brains, Mr. After School Special, Mr. Judgmental, Mr. Know-It-All, Mister Mega-Brain 3000

Species: Human mutant

First Appearance: New Mutants Vol. 2 #4 (October, 2003)

"Listen to me: you have a choice...strictly following the ancient code of ninjutsu and being a dead ninja or going in like I say and maybe being a live ninja."
Ex-X-Men and the newest member of the team. David was an intelligent boy who lived with his parents and his sister. When his X-Gene activated he was started to become more and more intelligent by absorbing the knowledge of everyone around. The X-Men found out about him and he was recruited to Xavier's school. He was assigned to the New Mutants where he was eventually appointed co-leader. When M-Day happened, David lost his powers. He didn't leave since it was dangerous for ex-mutants to be out of the school at the time, and eventually moved to Utopia with the other mutants. After both the Schism between Cyclops and Wolverine and the war with the Avengers David got fed up of the X-Men and decided to quit super-heroing for good. He got a job and settled into a somewhat normal life. That is, until he met Tommy who pushed David into helping him catch a criminal. Tommy was captured instead and David joined the Young Avengers in hopes of rescuing Tommy. Currently he is still with the Young Avengers. He came out as bisexual but is currently single.

He currently doesn't have any powers. He used to be able to acquire every knowledge of the persons around him but not any powers. After his mind got restored he re-acquired all this knowledge that covers, but is not limited to, fighting skills, magic gestures, science skills and how Emma Frost and Cyclops like to kiss each other.

See ->New X-Men: Academy X


Loki Laufeyson/Kid Loki/Teen Loki/ The Third Loki
Well, there's the silver lining. I am famous!
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Alter Ego: Loki Laufeyson

Notable Aliases: Loki Odinson, God of Mischief, God of Stories, Scarlet Witch, Lady Loki, Serrure, Ikol

Species: Frost giant

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #85 (October, 1962)

"Putting the Avengers together. It's Loki's greatest hit."

Careful, unmarked spoilers for the whole series follow. Read at your own peril.

The god of lies himself. Or at least, the current version of him. Loki got very interested in Billy and how powerful he was. Having learned that his powers were becoming a little erratic due to his kid body being unable to withstand them, he planned to take Billy's powers by manipulating a lot of people in order to unleash a parasite into the world who would consume Billy, but not before Loki would get all of his power. However, he backed off at the last second and actually ended up helping Billy and the rest of the Young Avengers to escape the parasite. Since then, his objective was to manipulate Billy into altering reality and giving him all the power to control it as well. He got a victory by actually convincing Billy into giving him a new, more powerful body of a teenager. However he ultimately failed in his purpose of getting the ultimate power over reality when his guilty conscience forced him to confess all his deeds. This, along with Billy having realized that he was still too naive to mess with reality, was Loki's downfall and he eventually decided that it was best for the Young Avengers to continue without him as he was afraid of influencing them in the wrong way or betraying them again.

After leaving the team, he decided to start atoning for the mistakes of his older self and became the All-Mothers' secret agent. If you want to know how his story continues, go here.

See Loki

Alternative Title(s): Wiccan, Hulkling, America Chavez