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These are the characters that debuted in a game Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

For the new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga, see his entry in the Character Index page.

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Party Members

    Kouichi Adachi 

Voiced by: Akio Ohtsuka

When he was working as a criminal investigator for the police, he was handed an unreasonable demotion by his boss Juurou Horinouchi, the current Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police, for defying Horinouchi regarding the true culprit of a case. After investigating Horinouchi’s affairs, he arrived at a bribery scandal between Horinouchi and Masumi Arakawa. Adachi works with Ichiban Kasuga to get close to Masumi Arakawa, who seems to have the evidence he needs.


Voiced by: Ken Yasuda

A man who was stripped away of his nursing license after challening the medicine from the hospital he worked for to the black market, and now lives in the depths of poverty in Isezaki Ijincho. After Ichiban was shot by Masumi Arakawa and lost consciousness, Namba saves his life and begins working with him.

    Saeko Mukouda 

Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka

She works for the cabaret club run by Nonomiya, owner of the long standing soapland (brothel) Otohime Land. Nonomiya has great faith in her, and even entrusts her to running the shop. She gets to know Ichiban Kasuga after a certain event.


The Omi Alliance

Kansai’s largest yakuza organization. Based in Sotenbori, Osaka, a major entertainment district in the west that rivals Kamurocho, Tokyo in the east. After the fall of the Tojo Clan as a result of the police policy known as the “Kamurocho 3K Operation,” the Omi Alliance took control of Kamurocho.
    Yousuke Tendou 

Voiced by: Miou Tanaka

Assistant-captain of Omi Alliance, and patriarch of Ryudou Clan, a top-rank gang in Omi. An Omi Alliance executive who knows he looks good in a three piece suit. He was once a famous pro boxer, but ended up in the yakuza following a scandal.

    Reiji Ishioda 

Voiced by: Show Hayami
Assistant-captain of Omi Alliance, and patriarch of Ishioda Familly, a top-rank gang in Omi. Another Omi Alliance executive, who hides the large sword scar on his face with sunglasses. He is a violent yakuza known for his daring behavior, who takes what he wants through brute force.


The Arakawa Family

Was a third generation family of the Tojo Clan—the Arakawa Family was established by Masumi Arakawa known as “Killer Arakawa.” Thanks to a police policy known as the “Kamurocho 3K Operation,” the Tojo Clan had fallen. The police and the Omi Alliance of Kansai yakuza had completely taken over. And the one who created this new Kamurocho was none other than Masumi Arakawa.
    Masumi Arakawa 

Voiced by: Kiichi Nakai
Masumi Arakawa in the year 2019.
click here to see Masumi Arakawa in the year 2000.

The leader of the Arakawa Family of the Tojo Clan. Born and raised as the son of a popular theater troupe, he has been all over the country, but someone shot and killed his father, the chairman of the troupe, which led him to the yakuza. In the past, he was known as the best martial artist in the Tojo Clan, and for that reason the Arakawa Family was established as a third generation family of the Tojo Clan, and he was feared as “Killer Arakawa.” He meets Ichiban Kasuga by chance as a boy and becomes his sponsor.After information about the Tojo Clan was leaked to the police, the Tojo Clan was eliminated from Kamurocho, which provided a major service to the Omi Alliance’s advance into Kamurocho. With his achievements recognized, he is currently the substitute wakagashira, essentially the Number 2 man in the Omi Alliance.

    Jo Sawashiro 

Voiced by: Shinichi Tsutsumi
Jo Sawashiro in the year 2019
click here to see Jo Sawashiro in the year 2000

A wakagashira and a martial artist with a sense of duty and humanity towards his boss Arakawa, who stresses the importance of money. He would beat Ichiban Kasuga down with his fists as a daily occurrence, as he was unable to earn money. He single-handedly takes on the role of the “whip” within the Arakawa Family.He hated Ichiban Kasuga back in the day, and after 18 years, that hatred has not changed. Since Arakawa became an substitute wakagashira of the Omi Alliance, he has the same authority as an Omi Alliance executive directly reporting to the boss.

    Mitsuo Yasumura 

Voiced by: Satoshi Tsuruoka
Also known by the nickname Mitsu. During Ichiban Kasuga’s wakashu days in the Arakawa Family of the Tojo Clan, Yasumura was considered his only brother and the two shared a strong bond. He continues to serve Masumi Arakawa, even after the Arakawa Family switched from the Tojo Clan to the Omi Alliance.

    Masato Arakawa 

Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi
He has no gang affiliation, but he’s Masumi's Arakawa only son, who is adored by Ichiban Kasuga. He has to use a wheelchair because he suffered from hypothermia right after his birth. In his daily life he relies on Ichiban Kasuga to act as a kind of manservant, but he also has great trust in the Arakawa Family wakagashira Jo Sawashiro.

Yokohama Refuges

The Chinese mafia organisation who control one area of Isezaki Ijincho. It’s said they make a huge profit from restaurants and import/export businesses, but how they spend that money is unknown.
    Tianyou Zhao 

Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
The leader of the Yokohama Refugees, an organisation that prides itself on its fighting, and sees anyone other than its fellows as enemies. He’s friendly enough, but he’s also a schemer whose true feelings are hard to discern. In a fight, he handles his Blue Dragon sword with skill, and his cooking is top-class too. His hideout is in the high end Chinese restaurant Keikin Hanten.

    Akira Mabuchi 

Voiced by: Masanori Takeda
The Yokohama Refugees’ advisor and the organisation’s number 2. He manages the import/export business, and his skills provide the organization with a plentiful supply of cash. He’s extremely ambitious, and in some ways sees Zhao as his rival.

Yokohama Seiryu Clan

The “Ijinsan” are the three major powers that control Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama. The Seiryu Clan, one of those three powers, is the single greatest yakuza organization in Yokohama. Chairman Ryuhei Hoshino, an old-fashioned and genuine yakuza, has controlled the underworld of Yokohama since long ago.
    Ryuhei Hoshino 

Voiced by: Tetsuo Kanao
The chairman of the the Yokohama Seiryu Clan, the sole yakuza organization in Isezaki Ijincho. He is a genuine yakuza who values duty, humanity, and honor, and is committed to the ways of old-fashioned chivalry. While he is a big-shot who has controlled the underworld of Isezaki Ijincho for many years, he is also a gatekeeper who has continued to protect Ijincho from the invasion of foreign enemies.

    Mamoru Takabe 

Voiced by: Taichi Endou
The sharp number two of the Yokohama Seiryu Clan. He has sworn his allegiance to Ryuhei Hoshino, who has placed great trust in him as his right arm. While he has a calm and collected personality, his hot-bloodedness allows absolutely no tolerance for his enemies.


The “Ijinsan” are the three major powers that control Isezaki Ijincho. Geomijul, one of those three powers, is a mysterious mafia organization nested in a stronghold called the “Spiderweb.” Everything about the organization is shrouded in mystery, and no one knows their whole story.

Voiced by: Hana Takeda
The leader of the mysterious organization Geomijul, which is nested in a stronghold where electric lines run throughout like spiderwebs. She almost never makes an appearance outside the stronghold, and is feared as a mysterious woman of power in the underworld of Isezaki Ijincho.

    Joon-gi Han 

Voiced by: Yuuichi Nakamura
The right arm of Geomijul leader Seong-Hui. Together they sustain the organization. While can be rational and calm, he also has a ruthless side as a hitman who will calmly eliminate anyone in his way.

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