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The many, many accounts in the YaBoyNetwork roleplay group.

Characters in the Ya Boy Network

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Blu Fem Engie

  • Rule63: One of the fem mercs.

Blu Fem Demo

Blu Fem Scout

  • Rule63: One of the fem mercs.

Blu Fem Solly

Blu Fem Spy

  • Luke, I Am Your Father: reversed, Jasper's mom. After somehow bringing him to life and telling him, she assumed the role.
  • Polyamory: Dating Blu Fem Demo and Blu Fem Solly.
  • Rule63: One of the fem mercs.

Fem Engineer

Otherwise known as: Femgie / Femgineer

Fem Medic

Otherwise known as: Femmedic
  • After Action Patchup: Amongst minor instances, she tended to BLU Sniper's wounds after he was attacked by Tentaspy after BLU Medic revoked his medical treatment privileges. Femmedic had to treat him without the use of a medigun since they were on opposite teams.
  • Battleaxe Nurse
  • Lipstick Lesbian: With Femspy.
  • Rule63: One of the fem mercs.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: As soon as her and Femspy joined the network. They're now engaged, by the way.
  • Tsundere: To Femspy.

Fem Scout

Fem Soldier

Otherwise known as: Femsolly / Femsoldier
  • Deep Sleep: Since her mun is known for only being online for an hour or so at a time, and then leaving for a few days, Femgie often mentioned that she will sleep for days at a time, half-waking up every now and again.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Her real name is Virginia.
  • Slept Through the Apocalypse: Had slept through many important events.
  • Rule63: One of the fem mercs.

Fem Spy

Otherwise known as: Femspy

Mr Halmon

  • Rule63: Is a male version of Helen


Otherwise known as: Mr. P
  • Grilling the Newbie: Mr. P was mercilessly hazed by other mercenaries for a bit, before being absorbed into the flock.
  • Mistress and Servant Boy: Shades of this with Ms. Pauline, because while technically they have the same job, Ms. Pauline has been there a lot longer.
  • Office Lady: Male version of this trope (note, however, Ms. Pauline is NOT this).
  • Rule63: Is a male version of Miss Pauling


Kat Schmidt

  • Rule63: One of the fem mercs.





Otherwise known as: Engie-bot / Engiebot
  • Catch-Phrase: Making a variant of such or retweeting it has become a running joke.
    • Retweeting "soldier no" or "NO! NO NO NO!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!! SOLDIER NO!!!!!!!!!!!" whenever Soldier (usually RED) does something stupid
    • Specifically saying one of the stock phrases whenever Soldier (usually RED) does something stupid
      • Doing either of these when Soldier (usually RED) does something good/smart
    • Replacing "soldier" with the name of someone who is doing something stupid, usually "hale no" or "saxton no" or "tenta no"
    • Replacing "no" with "yes", usually to create "soldier yes". Usually said by RED Soldier himself.
      • Doing both of these at once, to create something along the lines of
    Femgie: tenta no
    Tentaspy: tenta yes
  • Welcome to Corneria: "soldier no" "soldier I said no" "I mean it soldier. u can't do that." "SOLDIER DO NOT" "no soldier" "absolutely not soldier" "NO! NO NO NO!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!! SOLDIER NO!!!!!!!!!!!" "soldier, do I even need to say no at this point or do u already know that I think this is a horrible idea?" "*strums guitar*"


  • Ambiguously Bi: Identifies as panromantic.
  • Auto Erotica: Heavy had sex with Femscout in his truck. No serial killer appeared.
  • Berserk Button: People touching his weapons without permission, or broad assumptions about his intelligence.
  • Cool Car: Heavy has a massive construction vehicle that is more accurately described as a very large truck, able to crush cars with ease (cutting him off isn't very smart).
  • Cultured Badass: Formally trained in boxing, has a large collection of weapons (especially very large guns), has a degree in Russian Literature, and has extensive knowledge (and appreciation) of expensive alcohol.
  • I Have Brothers: Male version of this trope. Heavy credits his ability to help Sniper and Mags plan their wedding to his three younger sisters.
    Heavy: my sisters already have me tapped to plan their weddings, several times over. sigh. always the bridesman, never the bride.
  • Lookingfor Lovein Allthe Wrong Places: Played pretty straight.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Impressive alcohol tolerance, likely due to his large stature.
  • Official Couple: Married to Kat.
  • Offscreen Breakup: With the BLU Spy and Saxton Hale.
  • Professionals Do It on Desks: UST between RED Heavy and the BLU Spy was firmly resolved on having sex on the desk of the New Guy, Mr. Pauline.
  • The Gulag: Heavy has mentioned he's been to prison in Siberia, so he was probably sent to a literal Gulag for an unknown period.
  • The Shrink: To a few of the mercs. Type 3.
  • Temporary Love Interest: RED Medic, BLU Spy, Saxton Hale.
  • Third-Person Person: Heavy Weapons Guy frequently speaks in third person, though Heavy Weapons Guy does not do it all the time. Also see: Poirot Speak and Verbal Tic.
  • Weapon of Choice: Formerly a Minigun named Sascha, now an Iron Curtain Minigun nicknamed Tasha.


  • Adoring the Pests: Medic has around 40 pigeons that hang around him in his lab, all of them referred to as Archimedes.
    Medic: ive got like 40 birds you think i keep track of which ones archimedes?? they all archimedes i dont give a shit
  • Decapitation Presentation: Fulfills the trope, but in an unusual way: Medic decapitated a BLU Spy and kept the head alive, indefinitely Stuffed In A Fridge.
  • Herr Doktor: He's a stereotypical thick-accented German Doctor.
  • Malevolent Mutilation: Credited with the creation of the Spyhead (made with a BLU Spy's head, and sentient Bread monsters (including at least one that is able to tweet and grow tentacles), it isn't a surprise that most of the other mercenaries steer clear of the RED Medic and his experiments.
  • Obviously Evil: Shades of The Magnificent can be seen as well, but most of his actions are generally not considered good, and in fact actively work against society.
    Medic: has it occurred to you that the first time i slaughtered everyone on blu team i didn't know they'd respawn
    Medic: brb gonna find out if u can replace blood with a careful mixture of plasma and toxic waste
  • Psychofor Hire: Played straight. Terrifyingly so. Medic enjoys his job as a mercenary very much.
  • Please Dump Me: Played straight. Word of God did not like the Heavy/Medic pairing, so eventually Heavy ended their relationship due to Medic's preference of being alone.
  • Temporary Love Interest: RED Heavy


  • Ambiguous Gender: Identifies as neither sex, and is proud of this status. Not coincidentally, they've paired with the only other gender ambiguous character: The BLU Pyro.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Hallucinates the mythical "Pyroland".
  • Erudite Stoner: Pyro grows weed in their room.
  • Pyro Maniac: Since it is their job title, Pyro likely counts as a literal trope namer.
  • Fire of Comfort: Related to the previous trope.

Red Spy Head



Otherwise known as: Twink Scoot




Otherwise known as: Frenchie




  • Eyepatchof Power: Just dont mention sticking things in the hole.
  • The Alcoholic: He thinks he drinks, because hes supposed to drink. Demo realizes that this is a problem and turns to BLU Heavy for support.
  • Official Couple: With the BLU Heavy



  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: BLU Heavy will forgive you and move on, but he will never forget the deed...
  • Heavy Sleeper: Can roll over his partner in his sleep and never know.
  • Official Couple: With the BLU Demoman
  • Would Hurta Child: Has thrown several teenagers onto buildings from ground level and has admitted to feeling compelled to eat small and/or cute things , including children.
  • You Said You Couldn't Dance: Despite saying he couldn't dance, BLU Heavy ended up being surprisingly good once BLU Demo coerced him into it.


  • Absent-Minded Professor: Often starts projects and forgets them. Also forgets things like feeding himself.
  • After Action Patchup: Often tending to Tentaspy's accidental injuries/ailments after either chain smoking, drinking or getting into fights. Loud frowning is often involved. He usually has to use a more assertive tone to get Tentaspy to cooperate.
  • Anger Bornof Worry: Loud frowning, mild scolding and a commanding tone lets Tentaspy know that he is both in trouble and that he is getting treatment whether he likes it or not.
  • Self-Surgery: He has performed many surgeries (including a heart transplant) on himself, most of which seem to be for entertainment.
  • Combat Medic: While he doesn't get a chance to participate in combat very often, he still takes great pleasure in it when the opportunity arises, fighting with a needle gun and a bonesaw
  • Dressed to Heal: Small glasses, rubber gloves and a white coat.
  • Hallucinations: Occasionally sees things others do not see. Occasionally does things (including stabbing himself and killing a nurse)without knowing, only to find out after the deed is done.
  • Hearing Voices: Suffers from auditory hallucinations from heavily implied psychosis.
  • Herr Doktor: Hes a thick accented German
  • Sanity Slippage: Shows signs of worsening psychosis. Tentaspy is his Type III Friend to Psychos.
  • Official Couple: Married to Tenta

Nathan Judas


  • Drugs Are Good: 420 Blaze it
  • FireStarters: With RED Pyro.
  • The Faceless: Both the mun and the character. During Mundaysnote , Pyro-mun will dress up as a BLU Spy, with a mask saying BLU Pyro.
  • Overprotective Dad: To Styx.
  • Past Scare: While planing a trip to France,Pyro quickly reacts to their Clutch/daughter going. Arguing with many of the mercs until they give up and decide to go while keeping an eye on Styx. Pyro-mun explains later on their reactions. Revealing a small part of Pyro's Psychiatric History in France.
    BLU Pyro: (OOC) Back in the 40's-60's there was a Insane Asylum that would take Schizophrenics and Pyrotechnics and from around the world and torture them as a 'cure')) —- Pyro worries cause the patient's family members and friends would also be taken to smaller asylums to be safe))
  • Give Me The Job I'mGreat: Pyro really wants the Security job at Freddy Fazzbears Pizza Place. Actually getting the 'job' and only complaining once when they where not allowed to touch the animatronics.
  • Secretly Gorgeous Face: Pyro has only revealed their face to Tentaspy in their past relationship. They have been complimented by Tentaspy and many Mun's who quickly fell in love with many pictures posted by Pyro-mun of Pyro's maskless face.




Soldier Bot


Spy Head

Otherwise known as: Spyhead / Spyborg / Patty
  • Artificial Limbs
  • Backstory Horror: Was decapitated by the RED Medic and kept alive with the use of phlebotinum & kept in a fridge for several years with no contact to the outside world.
  • Berserk Button: Gets very angry very quickly when his lack of body is used as an insult, the same goes for if he is dehumanized in any way.
  • Cyborg: His entire body, aside from his head and neck, is robotic.
  • Embarrassingnickname: Spyborg, given to him by the Soldier due to his body.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Has a kitten named Lucifer to match Helen's, named Satan.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His real name is Patrice.
  • The Insomniac: Sleeps at irregular times of the day for short ammounts of time. This is due to the mun's timezone and own insomnia.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: 'We' being Femgineer.
  • Your Cheating Heart: On Helen with Sniper.


Otherwise known as: Tenta or Christophe
  • Affectionate Nickname- Given the name "Christophe" by BLU Medic due to Tentaspy's inability to remember his name. Shortened to "Tophe".
  • Cardiovascular Love: Sort of. Medic once replaced Tentaspy's heart when the Uber Mechanism faulted. Tentaspy made the joke that Medic fixed his broken heart.
  • Casual Kinks: Tentaspy has allowed himself to be a pet in multiple senses of the word as well as having expressed interest and willingness to try anything. BDSM is more of a Brainsand Bondage activity for him.
  • Cigarette of Anxiety: Reverts to this often.
  • Chaotic Neutral: Type 4 with Medic being the only exception.
  • Embarassingnickname: Squidward- Only tolerated/ignored if it comes from BLU Demo
  • Forgetsto Eat: Only really needing to eat once in a while leaves a lot of room to forget about it altogether.
  • Gender Bender: Once became a girl for a week just because he was curious.
  • Hearing Voices: Can 'hear' the OOC chatter, though he usually ignores it or doesn't understand it. He also suffers from auditory
hallucinations, though he rarely mentions it.
  • I Am Not Weasel: He is a squid splice.
  • I'maHumanitarian: Primarily lives off of human flesh, fortunately he can go for days without needing to eat.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: For when the Cigaretteof Anxiety just doesn't cut it and just for fun.
  • Extreme Omnisexual: As long as its not sharp.
  • Manipulative Bastard: And opportunist. He loves to attack anyone already showing weakness. His usual targets are BLU Engineer and BLU Demo, though the latter gets it far worse- to the point of questioning an entire relationship.
  • Manofa Thousand Voices: Can mimic the voice any man, woman, or animal. Speech mimicry tends to have an eerie gurgling sound akin to a punctured lung. This is much worse with female voices.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Despite being a snarky, sharp toothed semi-aquatic predator, he occasionally turns the puppy eyes towards Medic, with mixed results.
  • The Insomniac: Has become the one person that's always online, even if they're not posting. Most think he has insomnia, but the real reason is due to the fact that he's trying to keep a diurnal schedule while actually being crepuscular. His mun keeps a similar schedule.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Jerk to everybody but BLU Medic, who he's married to.
  • Official Couple: With Bly Medic
  • Overly-Long Tongue: Only mentioned offhand, to the intrigue of Fried Chicken Tramp.
  • Would Hurta Child: It is generally assumed that leaving Tentaspy with a child (or any other small creature) is unsafe, though he is quite fond of Olivia and has expressed interest in children of his own. He jokingly offers his babysitting services to Mags and Sniper knowing full well that no one will trust him with the baby.

Robotic Pyro



  • Nice Hat: Archimedes is almost always seen with a small leaf on his head.


Otherwise known as: Pat


  • Asexuality: He is demisexual. Only enjoys sexual relations with his husband.
  • Auto Erotica: Likes to do the do in cars and planes.
  • HearingVoices: Tends to break the fourth wall to harass muns (specifically Jerrymun.)
  • Mad Scientist: Is frequently known to whip up insane machines in his basement. Corroded his hand with failed chemical fireworks, and proceeded to heal it with a Frankenstein Dispenser.
  • No Homo Man: Pulled a major no homo after having sex with Jerry.
  • Official Couple: Married to Jerry.
  • TooMuchInformation: Accidentally lets stuff slip sometimes.

Blu Mom



Otherwise known as: Brede
Tangled Family Tree: Basically everyone, but Bread has an obbsesion with it and figuring it out

Charles Darling



Otherwise known as: Styx



Otherwise known as: Spence



  • Back from the Dead: The only ghost around, gained a body for awhile using magic.
  • Unstoppable Rage: After throwing insults back and forth with Spencer, gets in a fight with them. Just when it seems he's lost, he snaps and breaks Spencer. Then proceeds to send Jerry to respawn and drop Jasper from the sky.

Fried Chicken Tramp

Otherwise known as: FCT

Gray Mann


Otherwise known as: The Administrator
  • Robosexual: Dated the Spy Head, whose entire body is robotic.


  • Auto Erotica: Likes to do the do in planes "because the seats recline".
  • Just Plane Wrong: Inverted. Jerry-mun knows a lot about planes and cars, and puts this to good use in maintaining accuracy.
  • Official Couple: Married to Bidwell
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: When Bidwell joined the network.
  • Too Much Information: Jokingly reveals too much to make people uncomfortable.
  • WHERE'S MY BOURBON: After the loss of his job and his plane, he took up shotgunning PBR for fun and its begun to spiral out of control from there.



Lil Bread

Lil Tenta


Otherwise known as: Mags
  • Action Girl: Played straight. Soon to be an Action Mom.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Was often called Mag-pie by Sniper.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Inversion. Mags could be considered more of a close range fighter, while Sniper is a Sniper, which is a ranged fighting style.
  • Offscreen Breakup: With Saxton Hale.
  • She-Fu: Tends to use a lot of flips.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Freaked out when she encountered a couple spiders, and insisted Sniper be "purified" with holy water before being allowed near her after he played with Jerry's new pet tarantulas.




Miss Pauling

Otherwise known as: Ms. Pauling / Miss P / Ms. P

Old Nick



Otherwise known as: Porter



Red Mom


Otherwise known as: Sandwich / Eugune


Otherwise known as: Jasper

Saxton Hale

  • Awesome Aussie: Slouch hat, croc teeth on his hat, chest hair in the shape of Australia and a big manly build.
  • The Faceless: The mun, not the character. Saxton-mun never participates in Mundays.
  • Offscreen Breakup: With Maggie, and much later with RED Heavy Weapons Guy
  • Oops! I Forgot I Was Married: RED Heavy Weapons Guy notes that "they have already gotten divorced" when replying to Hale's "Let's Get Married" tweet, Hale comically says "but we've never gotten married." Heavy Weapons Guy notes that he still gets alimony, and apologizes for pawning off his grandmother's ring.


Sniper's Mom

Spy Bot

Spy Crab


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