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Appearances: X-Men | X2: X-Men United | X-Men: The Last Stand | X-Men: First Class | X-Men: Days of Future Past | X-Men: Apocalypse | Deadpool | Deadpool 2 | Dark Phoenix


The main heroes of the film series. A large group of Mutants brought together and led by the powerful telepath Charles Xavier, they use their powers to protect fellows mutants and humanity from a whole range of threats in the hopes of eliminating the Fantastic Racism they face for being different.

This page encompasses general tropes for the team across different timelines. For individual members, see below:

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Due to being born with (sometimes) frightening powers, mutants are often ostracized and disowned by normal humans. Charles Xavier created his school and the X-Men to improve that situation globally.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Their home of operations, the X-Mansion, is constantly getting invaded, attacked, or blown up. Negasonic Teenage Warhead even lampshades this when Colossus tries to tell her the benefits of being an X-Men.
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  • Badass Crew: A team of some of the most powerful mutants who honed and mastered their powers under the guidance of Charles Xavier.
  • Badass Family: The Summers brothers.
  • Child Soldiers: In First Class, Charles wants to avoid turning their young recruits (who are roughly in their mid to late teens) into this, but Erik points out that if they are going to stop Shaw, they need their own army. This comes up again in Apocalypse — the roster is made of teenagers (Scott, Kurt, and Jean). Hank and Raven mention that Charles wants to avoid this, but even he admits to Raven in a invokedDeleted Scene that with the world that they live in and how powerful they are (especially in Jeans case), they need to be trained to defend both themselves and others Mutants.
  • Everybody's Dead, Dave: They've been almost completely wiped out in the Bad Future of Days of Future Past, and completely wiped out in the future depicted in Logan.
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  • Fantastic Racism: They were the Trope Codifiers for this in the comics, after all. Most of their non-powered enemies are bigots who want to white them off the face of the Earth just because of being born differently.
  • Family of Choice: Due to the above, many of the members actual biological family straight up disown to their mutation. As a result they see each other as family with Charles Xavier Being their incredibly loving a doting Parental Substitute even when they are well into adulthood.
  • Heroes With Bad Publicity: No matter how many times they save humans from the latest threat (although to be fair those threats are usually other mutants) humans constantly treat them with hate, fear, and disgust. Although by the time of Dark Phoenix this is finally averted and they are seen as genuine heroes.
  • Pragmatic Heroes: Downplayed and justified. They aren’t as outgoing as the comic book counterparts and usually keep a low profile considering mutants tendency to blamed for anything bad happening surrounding them not matter the circumstances. Thus they only step in when the threat is to be big for conventional human forces to handle (i.e Brotherhood of Mutants, Sentinels, Apocalypse)
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Charles Xavier. Along with being the Big Good of mutantkind, he provides the team (many of whom are his students) with unconditional love and support, and is a Parental Substitute to many, which as a result of many Mutants looking to him for guidance.
  • Super Team: Differently Powered Individuals teaming up to fight for the peace between their kind and normal humanity.
  • Villains Act, Heroes React: They usually don't go after the villain until the villain strikes first. Granted, considering their status, this is pretty justified.


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