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Major characters and races of the X-Universe series through X3: Albion Prelude.

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     Major (retired) Kyle William Brennan
Species: Human
Born: 19 Jan 2873, Wellington, New Zealand, Earth
Affiliation: Earth State (civilian activist for Argon-Terran relations); TerraCorp (founder and former CEO); United Space Command, AGI Task Force (retired major)

The Player Character of X: Beyond the Frontier and X-Tension. A decorated combat pilot and patrol cruiser captain for the United Space Command, in 2911 AD he joined the project to reverse-engineer a jumpdrive-equipped Xenon ship that blundered into the Sol System, but despite his credentials was made only the backup pilot. The primary fell ill four days before the test flight, and Kyle replaced him.

The test of the Xperimental Shuttle's jumpdrive went spectacularly wrong and dumped Kyle in the X-Universe. His old friend and coworker Elena Kho took the backup shuttle to try and find him and the same resulted. The pair managed to find safe harbor on Argon Prime and eventually got caught up in the Second Xenon Conflict where Kyle was instrumental in the destruction of a Xenon planet-killer and the robots' ultimate defeat.

Understandably obsessed with getting back home, Kyle started a trade company to fund research into the gateless jumpdrive that had flung him across the galaxy. It became known as TerraCorp.

In 2935 AD the Kha'ak War was brought to a screeching halt by the reconnection of Earth to the X-Universe and the USC's subsequent flattening of their main invasion fleet. Despite his long efforts to return home Kyle discovered he no longer had any desire to do so. He eventually did out of curiosity and his sense of duty, and began working unsuccessfully as a political activist towards closer relations between Earth and Argon Prime. His fate following the Second Terraformer War and gate system shutdown is unknown.


  • Ace Pilot: Was one even before he was unceremoniously dumped into the X-Universe.
  • The Gadfly: According to Farnham's Legend, in their time serving together in the USC he and Elena got some amusement from feeding the rumors that they were in a Secret Relationship.
  • Just Friends: With Elena Kho. The two were so close they were nicknamed "the lovebirds" by their coworkers in the USC, and there were constant rumors that they were sleeping together. At one point they actually did after their patrol ship became disabled and they weren't sure they would be rescued. They parted amicably, not wanting to complicate their relationship, but wondered for several years after if it had been the right call.
  • Majorly Awesome: Held this rank before his little mishap.
  • Stranger in a Familiar Land: Following Reunion.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: No official word on his fate following the Terran Conflict.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: X:BTF to Reunion, because Sol is disconnected from the jumpgate network and your gateless jumpdrive is busted.

    Julian Gardna-Brennan
Species: Human
Born: 117th tazura 547 NT, Argonia City, Argon Prime
Affiliation: Argon Fleet (pilot instructor); TerraCorp (contract pilot)

The son of Kyle Brennan by his Goner ex-wife Ninu Gardna, and the Player Character of X2: The Threat and X3: Reunion. He and his mother moved around a lot and eventually settled on Turpentine Station, a Yaki stronghold.

Julian befriended a number of Yaki children and eventually got into cybercrime, soon escalating to spacecraft theft and armed robbery. The Argon police caught him during a botched shipjacking and sent him to prison.

Then his parents' old friend Ban Danna offered him a way out, putting him to work at his father's company TerraCorp as rehabilitation. Julian's skill as a pilot was instrumental in helping to turn the tide of the Kha'ak War.

As the Terran Conflict escalated Julian Brennan began working with the Boron company Bala Gi Research. He eventually disappeared during a reconnaissance mission alongside company head Bala Gi. The two eventually turned up in the Segaris System (then Terran Unknown Sector 3) when the United Space Command launched a push to drive the Xenon out of their former colonies in the Aldrin cluster. His fate following the Second Terraformer War is unknown.


  • Ace Pilot: Like father, like son. The second year of the Kha'ak War had him hired by the Argon Fleet to train new pilots to replace their losses.
  • Boxed Crook: Offered a job at TerraCorp by his parents' old friend Ban Danna, who took responsibility for his rehabilitation and used his Argon Secret Service connections to get him out of prison.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: A pretty mundane reason, but a reason nonetheless: Ninu Gardna got custody of Julian after their marriage contract lapsed, moved halfway across the galaxy, and never told Kyle where they went.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His parents divorced when he was two, following which he and his mother eventually ended up living in the heart of Yaki territory. He ended up in a gang.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: No word on what happened to him after Terran Conflict.

    Lieutenant Colonel Elena Lindisfarne Kho
Species: Human
Born: 26 August 2884, Tenjiang, China, Earth; Died: 8 February 2948, Earth orbit
Affiliation: United Space Command (Lieutenant Colonel); TerraCorp (former executive)

Elena Kho was a gifted student and and an Ensign Newbie in the USC when she was assigned to a preemptive strike against an illegal AI research lab on Europa, under the command of one Maj. Kyle Brennan. They hit it off immediately.

Several years later Brennan was lost in deep space in an accident during a test of the Xperimental Shuttle's jumpdrive. Elena took the other jumpship prototype, Getsu Fune, to follow him and ended up in the same boat. Though they eventually reunited they were unable to return to Earth.

Elena briefly married the Argon diplomat Ranom Thebes and had a daughter, Saya, but the marriage contract was allowed to lapse. She later helped found TerraCorp with Brennan, but eventually left the company because she disagreed with Brennan's business plans.

When Sol was reconnected to the X-Universe Elena returned to Earth to retire, but the outbreak of the Second Terraformer War resulted in the USC reinstating her to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Together with a Paranid naval officer named Tebathimanckatt, she devised a strategy that allowed the Terrans to ultimately defeat the drones. She was killed in action during its execution.


  • Ace Pilot: Fully qualified to command or fly virtually any spacecraft, military or civilian.
  • Badass Bookworm/Brainy Brunette: Graduated with honors with a degree in exobiology at the age of 20.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Sacrificed herself in the final battle of the Second Terraformer War to lure the last swarm of Argon AGI drones through a gate that had been forced to link to a black hole.
  • Just Friends: With Kyle Brennan. They were incredibly close, to the point that their coworkers in the USC jokingly nicknamed them "the lovebirds." They did have a brief romance during their eight years working together in the military, and though they broke it off by mutual agreement they were never quite sure if it was the right decision. They did get some amusement from trolling the shippers, though.
  • Majorly Awesome: In X:BTF. Reinstated during X3:AP as a Colonel Badass.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: X:BTF to Reunion. The Getsu Fune's jumpdrive actually worked properly when she used it to get into the X-Universe to find Kyle, but it was damaged during a fight with some Xenon and misfired, causing the ship to crash-land in one of Argon Prime's oceans. The jumpdrive couldn't be repaired.

    Captain (retired) Saya Kho
Species: Human
Born: 14th tazura 550 NT, Argonia City, Argon Prime; Died: 5 February 2948, Torus Aeternal
Affiliation: Argon Secret Service (undercover operative); TerraCorp (contract pilot); Argon Fleet (Captain, retired)

The daughter of Elena Kho and Ranom Thebes, Saya enlisted in the Argon Fleet as the Kha'ak began their earliest raids. She eventually left the fleet to work under her mother at TerraCorp, eventually becoming embroiled in the Kha'ak War. After her mother moved back to Earth, she was convinced to come visit exactly once, and found the Terrans intolerably arrogant and swore she'd never go back.

Towards the end of 568 NT the Argon Secret Service approached her to work as deep-cover operatives in Sol as the Terran Conflict escalated. Using her mother's connections she managed to get a commission as an officer in the USC and flew patrol missions in the outer reaches of the Sol System.

When the Argon launched their surprise attack on Sol in 2948, Saya killed a Terran intel agent to protect her cover and fled to Earth where she and an Argon undercover agent devised a plan to destroy Earth's last line of defense, the planet-ringing Torus Aeternal. On 5 February they put their plan into action, knowing they would both be killed in the process. The explosion aboard the Torus blew her out into space, where she died of vacuum exposure.


    Jesan Nadina
Species: Human
Died: 768 Argon Stardate (2938 A.D.), Khaak Sector 931
Affiliation: Operation: Final Fury (fighter pilot)

A mercenary pilot who hires Terran Conflict's Player Character for Operation: Final Fury, then gets killed in action offscreen two missions in.


    Mahi Ma
Species: Boron
Affiliation: Bala Gi Research (scientist)

A quirky Boron engineer who hires the Player Character of X3: Terran Conflict to investigate the disappearance of Julian Brennan and Bala Gi on a reconnaissance mission. This leads the player to the Hub, an incredibly useful structure capable of interposing itself between up to three gate pairs simultaneously, creating new routes across the universe.


  • Alliterative Name
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: In Albion Prelude, another scientist finds storage rooms in the Hub in which Mahi Ma has, for no discernible reason, stuffed thousands of microchips worth millions of credits into, lampshading the ridiculous Fetch Quest from the previous game.
  • The Engineer: The guy manages to repair a 10,000-plus year piece of presumably Ancient-built technology with your help gathering supplies.
  • Mission Control: For the Hub plot.
  • Punny Name: Mahi-mahi are a type of fish, and "mahi" is also "fish" in Persian. The Boron are squid people. Coincidence?


    Earth State 
Government: Democratic Republic
Homeworld: Earth

The original human civilization. They discovered jumpgate technology and were the creators of the Terraformers, which later became the Xenon. They willingly cut themselves off from the jumpgate network following the First Terraformer War, but re-connect some centuries later after developing jumpdrive technology. They are known for being rather xenophobic, even towards their own Lost Colony, the Argon.

  • Fantastic Racism: Of a sort. As a result of the Terraformer War, they despise artificial intelligence and demand that any such tech be outlawed and destroyed. The Argon messing with reverse-engineered Xenon tech is one of the major reasons for their eventual war.
  • Humans Are Advanced: Their technology is leaps and bounds ahead of the Commonwealth, which makes all the races a little worried about them.
  • Humans Are Divided: Think they and the Argon would get along great after being reunited? Not so much. Relations between the two slowly deteriorate into a full-blown war.
  • Spanner in the Works: They threw a major monkey wrench into the Ancients' plans, as the Ancients didn't believe it was possible for such a young civilization to develop jumpgate technology, much less jumpdrive tech. Most of the jumpgate shutoffs and re-arrangements in the story occur as the Ancients desperately try to get things back on track while Earth keeps messing things up. They also created artificially intelligent Terraformers that are running wild throughout space, an unprecedented occurrence which the Ancients seem divided on how to deal with.
  • Standard Human Spaceship: Terran ships have a strong resemblance to the Space Shuttle, painted in bright white, with Space Plane fighters and box-and-saucer capital ships. ATF ships have more aggressive designs, all wedges and spikes that give them a vague resemblance to Baroque cathedrals.

    Argon Federation 
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Homeworld: Argon Prime (formerly Earth)

A civilization descended from the crew of Nathan R. Gunne's flagship after it crash-landed on Sonra IV, later renamed Argon Prime. The Argon Federation are the largest and most wide-spread human presence in the galaxy. They are characterized as neutral in most affairs and tolerant of other lifestyles and viewpoints, but will viciously defend their own territory from any aggressors.

  • Common Tongue: Neo-Japanese, a holdover from their Earth heritage (where Japanese had become the international language of choice). It's used as the trade language among the Commonwealth species, since it's at least easily understandable and pronounceable for everyone but the Boron.
  • Humans Are Divided: The Argon Federation is the chief representative of the human race in Commonwealth space, but it is not a unified political entity, as many worlds within the Federation are self-governing with little to no oversight from Argon Prime. There are also several human states that have remained stubbornly independent, such as the Free State of Solana or the Hatikvah Free League, not to mention the divide between them and the Earth State.
  • Lost Colony: Gunne and his crew were, of course, from Earth originally. It is nearly 700 years before the Argon have any contact with Earth.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Their homeworld and nation are all named after Nathan R. Gunne. The term "Argon" is a result of several centuries of lingual drift.
  • Standard Human Spaceship: Argon fighters look like dieselpunk Space Planes. Larger ships transition from this to boxy capital ships.

    Boron Queendom 
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Homeworld: !Ni-!Sha-!La (Kingdom's End)

A peaceful aquatic race somewhat resembling squid. They were discovered by the Argon following the First Xenon Conflict, where they were embroiled in a war against the invading Split. The Argon intervened on their behalf and ever since there has been close friendship between the Boron and Argon.

  • Bizarre Alien Sexes: Male, female, and Lar. The presence of a Lar is not necessary for reproduction, but it is beneficial. Lar are referred to with female pronouns and language. Lar also make up the majority of the government.
  • Reluctant Warrior: The Boron are pacifistic by nature, but recognize the need for fighting on occasion. The threats of the Xenon, Kha'ak, and Split are the only reasons they maintain a standing army.
  • Starfish Language: Their own language consists of sonic clicks and clouds of pheromones, which can persist for several years and still remain coherent. Other species are therefore incapable of speaking the native Boron languages, and the Boron are likewise incapable of speaking any alien tongues. They rely on translator devices.
  • Technology Uplift: They were helped in becoming a technologically advanced race by another species whom they know as "the Helpers". The Helpers haven't been seen for millenia, but the Boron are fairly certain that they are not related to the Ancients.
  • We Are as Mayflies: Average life expectancy is around 35 Earth years. Human life expectancy in the series is around 110 years.

    Paranid Godrealm 
Government: Theocratic Empire
Homeworld: Paranid Prime

The Paranid were the first true extraterrestrials contacted by the Argon (and thus, humanity in general). The Paranid are reclusive, secretive, and fanatically devout in their religion. Though nominally allies with the Argon and Boron, their refusal to aid the Argon during the First Xenon Conflict and their entering the Boron Campaign on the side of the Split has lead to very frosty relations between them and the Argon.

  • Bizarre Alien Sexes: They have 11 different sexes, apparently. While many different combinations are capable of producing offspring, the precise combination has a strong effect on the young.
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: They can come across this way, though they are generally not all that interested in converting others to their religion. Their secretive nature and the aforementioned reluctance to send military aid do little to help this perception.
  • Starfish Language: Known as "triplet-speech", it is completely impossible for a human to speak, though they can learn to understand it. Paranid do not have difficulty speaking Neo-Japanese.
  • Start My Own: They and the Split have created the Profit Guild between their two races to counter the Foundation Guild between the Argon and Boron.

    Great Patriarchy of the Split 
Government: Feudal Patriarchy
Homeworld: Hodie (lost; presumed destroyed)

A warrior race, the Split are known for their aggression when dealing with other species. One of their first acts was an invasion of the Boron star systems, something stopped only by the intervention of the Argon. As a result, the Split have very cool relations with the Argon and Boron, while maintaining a shaky alliance with the Paranid.

  • Feudal Future: Their society is set up as such, with each major Family controlling a portion of Split society. The strongest of the Families (currently Chinn) form the ruling class and their Patriarch is known as the Patriarch of All Split.
  • Lost Colony: They have long since abandoned their original homeworld. Indeed, whether Hodie even actually existed is a source of debate among Split historians.
  • Proud Warrior Race: Something that sets them at odds with many of their contemporaries. Split tend to focus more on offense than defense, possessing powerful weapons and engines but little in the way of defensive shielding.
  • Rubber-Forehead Aliens: They look rather like vaguely-reptilian humans. Despite the visual similarity there is no relation whatsoever between them and humanity (Split do not even possess DNA).
  • Spikes of Villainy: They're the most warlike of the Commonwealth races and the main villain of the X: Farnham's Legend novelization (aside from the Xenon), and their ships have lots of spires and pointed shapes (their capital ships look a lot like swords).
  • Starfish Language: They incorporate both speech and signing simultaneously. While possible for a human to understand, humans don't have six fingers and thus are incapable of forming many of the signs used in Split communication.
  • We Are as Mayflies: Average life expectancy of 50 to 80 years, depending on gender. However, most Split do not pay close attention to their health, so it's possible that with proper care they could live longer.
  • You No Take Candle: Split often speak Neo-Japanese in such a manner. Believed to be a consequence of their combined spoken-signed language, and the fact that Neo-Japanese does not use signing, leaving the Split unused to speaking a language without using signs as well.

    Teladi Company 
Government: Corporate
Homeworld: Ianamus Zura

The Teladi are a reptilian species that were both the last Commonwealth race to be contacted and also one of the founding members of the Commonwealth. Being mostly interested in trade and profit, the Teladi are the ones who engineered the Commonwealth, permitting open-borders trading among all races, even those that don't particularly like each other.

  • Lost Colony: The Teladi who contacted the Commonwealth races were cut off from their homeworld, similarly to the Argon. Following the Second Xenon Conflict, however, the Teladi re-established contact with Ianamus Zura, which peacefully integrated into their civilization.
  • One-Gender Race: Originally, all the Teladi encountered were female. As they lay eggs without the need of a male, they were able to keep up their population until they re-established contact with their homeworld, and with it, Teladi males. Fertilization of the eggs results in males being hatched.
  • Proud Merchant Race: They are always interested in profit above all else. Because of this, they are reluctant to go to war, preferring to keep good relations since that means more trade. Though this is apparently a trait unique to the space-faring Teladi; the homeworld has a rather more diverse culture.
  • The Reptilians: They look superficially similar to lizards and hatch from eggs. The similarities to Earth reptiles are, however, only that: superficial.
  • Sssnake Talk: They elongate and stress their S's, which has lead to the X meme of "profitssssss!"
  • Standard Human Spaceship: Inverted: Teladi ships are even boxier and more utilitarian than any of the human factions'.

Government: N/A
Homeworld: Earth (currently based out of unexplored deep space)

The Xenon started out as the vast, artificially-intelligent Terraforming Fleets built by Earth in facilitate colonization. Somewhere along the line something went wrong in their programming and they turned on their creators. Ever since the Xenon have been continually upgrading and modifying themselves, and still seek to fulfill their bugged programming to destroy the human race.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: It's a bit unclear whether the initial problem was the result of a bug or deliberate sabotage. Interestingly, the Xenon were not actually sentient when they turned: they were merely following a directive. It's only in very recent times (ie, some 700 years after their creation) that they've begun to develop self-awareness.
  • Grey Goo: What the Ancients fear might happen if the Xenon are not somehow halted. It's a major reason behind them shutting down the jumpgate network.
  • Hostile Terraforming: What their original attacks on Earth took shape as, including redirecting asteroids to bombard the planet. They've since developed actual weaponry.
  • Mechanical Evolution: At first they were only programmed to upgrade and improve themselves to deal with unexpected obstacles to their terraforming. By the modern era, they've actually begun to develop true sentience and possibly even free will.
  • Recursive Creators: They were programmed to self-replicate and self-modify in order to better fulfill their functions. After 700 years of continuous upgrades they barely resemble the original Terraformers; indeed, it took the Argon a while to figure out that the mysterious "xenomorphs" attacking them were descendants of the Terraformers.
  • Standard Human Spaceship: Well, human in origin at least. Xenon ships are boxy and covered with Spikes of Villainy.
  • Zerg Rush: They tend to field enormous numbers of fightercraft and overwhelm the enemy with cheap, disposable units. The fact that they don't have to worry about training new pilots nor do they place any value on individual units helps with this mindset.

Government: Unknown (N/A?)
Homeworld: Unknown (possibly destroyed)

A mysterious and highly aggressive race that attacked Commonwealth space without provocation a few decades after the Second Xenon Conflict. Although many attempts at communication were made, none were successful, and very little is known about Kha'ak motives, culture, or history. They are particularly interested in a material known as "Nividium".

  • Bug War: They are vaguely insect-like, though they also possess characteristics of birds, and their only interaction with the Commonwealth has been through warfare.
  • Didn't See That Coming: They were defeated by such an occurrence themselves, as the Earth military unexpectedly poured out of a seemingly-dormant jumpgate and laid waste to their entire fleet.
  • Guilt-Free Extermination War: Without the ability to communicate with the Kha'ak, wiping them out (or at least driving them out of the Commonwealth) is the only real option the Commonwealth has. X2 and X3: Reunion deal with the majority of this war, and X3: Terran Conflict's "Operation: Final Fury" plot consists of a final push spearheaded by an alliance of NGO Superpowers.
  • High-Tech Hexagons: Their fighters are various combinations of tetrahedral modules that can dock together to travel (Kha'ak Clusters). Their capital ships look like huge spiders or jellyfish, with weapon-bearing "tentacles" forward and hexagon-patterned "abdomens" aft. Their space stations are dodecahedrons linked by spars.
  • Hive Mind: Believed to be the case, as individual Kha'ak do not seem to possess self-awareness. The race as a whole is very obviously intelligent, however. The existence of a Hive Queen is speculated but unconfirmed.
  • Inscrutable Aliens: The Commonwealth races did manage to crack Kha'ak video communication codecs and know what individual Kha'ak look like and that they appear to communicate partly by dance, but the lack of any communication with them has left people with more questions than answers. Most of the information available about them is speculative at best.
  • Spanner in the Works: They were one for the Ancients, as they created jumpdrive technology that allows them to completely bypass the jumpgate system. They had been quarantined for being too different from other species, but jumpdrives allow them to ignore that.
  • Starfish Language: The Kha'ak appear to communicate through a combination of pheromones and dance, like many social insect species.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: It's theorized in at least one source that the Kha'ak homeworld was in the path of the gamma ray burster that resulted when the star in Black Hole Sun became a black hole.

    The Ancients 
Government: Unknown
Homeworld: N/A

A very, very old conglomerate of different species who joined together into a common civilization, and the creators of the jumpgate network. They have long since abandoned their physical forms and exist as enormous virtual minds in constructs known as "Presence Clouds" that surround certain stars.

  • Abusive Precursors: The Ancients tend to be rather heavy-handed when "correcting" problems with the development of life in the galaxy. Their usual method is to rearrange the jumpgates, cutting some people off and connecting others. They seem blind to the fact that this could easily kill entire civilizations if they were heavily dependent on trade income and imports, or start interstellar wars between two civilizations that unexpectedly encountered each other.
  • Benevolent Precursors: They're trying to be, anyway. Their stated goal for intelligent life across the galaxies they control is for that life to grow and flourish, and their long-term plans are aimed at fending off the Outsiders (extrauniversal invaders they fought millions of years ago) and preventing the heat death of the universe. The jumpgate network is left behind and maintained to speed the process, and species considered dangerous or incompatible with other forms of life are quarantined, but not slaughtered. That all said, their methods sometimes fall into abusive territory.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Since they are a combined virtual mind, it's believed that they don't quite understand that other races aren't as unified in thought and direction as they are. This may be one reason for their seemingly abusive methods of interaction.
  • Brain Uploading: They did that millions of years ago. They are aware however of the dangers of completely cutting themselves off from the physical universe, and have taken steps to ensure they don't lapse into solipsism. Occasionally they will upload new individuals or races into their Presence Clouds if they feel it's appropriate.

Government: Unknown
Homeworld: N/A

A race of machines created by the Ancients to serve as their avatars and messengers in the physical universe. The Sohnen long ago achieved sentience and intelligence of their own, but continue to serve their role. They will rarely contact other races in the galaxies as part of the Ancients' plans.

  • Brain Uploading: Occasionally one of them will upload themselves into the Ancient Presence Clouds, though this is usually done as a form of communication with their creators.
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: Sentient, sapient, and advanced enough to be considered a civilization in their own right.
  • Servant Race: Created as such, and continue to operate as such. However, with the advent of their own intelligence, the Ancients consider them to be equals and contemporaries, and any Sohnen who wish to may join the Presence Clouds.


An incredibly advanced and powerful civilization from outside the known universe. Millions of years ago they attempted an invasion, or possibly simply a colonization, of this universe, but were repelled by the Ancients. Their motives and nature are completely obscure.

  • Inscrutable Aliens: Almost nothing is known about them. Why did they attempt to enter this universe? Why were they messing with the laws of physics? Why didn't they respond to communication attempts?
  • Planet Spaceship: Their scouts, or probes, or colony ships; whatever they were, they were each the size of an average solar system.
  • Sufficiently Advanced Aliens: They could alter physical constants. If that's not at the level of physical godhood, it's very close. They're believed to be a Type V Civilization (harnessing the complete power of an entire universe).

Alternative Title(s): X Beyond The Frontier


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