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Wuffle is a wolf with a big heart. Currently he's living as a farmer in a barn that is on a hill near Gingerbread Village.
He never turns away from people who need a helping hand. He is also willing to help them out not expecting anything in return.
However, Wuffle tends to be naive and too trusting, which often brings him unexpected trouble.

  • All-Loving Hero: He's on good terms with everyone in town.
  • Almighty Janitor: At everyday chores and handyman jobs, which Wuffle breezes through with great ease.
  • Apologises a Lot: If he thinks it's his fault.
  • Bare Your Midriff: More like bare your thigh. Wuffle's pants are very loose-fitting, with his single right suspender strap being all that's holding them up. So his pants sag on his left, down past his waistline.
  • Carpet of Virility: Creeping Art Evolution has made his chest hair fuller and bushier with time.
  • Clothing Damage: Wuffle's workaholism is very rough on his clothes, and outfit after outfit inevitably falls apart. He owns only one pair of overalls at a time, and he eventually completely wore out the pair he started the series with. His friends chipped in together to buy him a brand new pair, but that pair started to fall apart quickly and resemble the old pair. That said, Wuffle's second pair of overalls in the series has subtle differences from the pair he started out with, making him even more of a Mr. Fanservice than when he started. Even more of his left thigh is routinely exposed now, along with the very top of his left buttock.
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  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: He breaks Aunt Pinky's iPad-like device, only to build a better one.
  • Extreme Doormat: Foxxo usually doesn't hesitate to exploit Wuffle's eager altruistic impulse to help other people and not demand payment.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Wuffle can't afford more clothes than he wears while farming, and can't afford to repair the clothes he has. So he has a single suspender strap on his right shoulder holding up his pants, while his pants sag noticeably on his left hip. But this only accentuates his lovable country hick look.
  • Gentle Giant: Wuffle is easily the tallest character in the cast.
  • Innocent Fanservice Guy: The only thing keeping him from being a Reluctant Fanservice Guy is that he doesn't seem to mind wearing his revealing overalls.
  • Mr. Fanservice: An Egregious example even when the series started, but Art Evolution has only made him more so over time.
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  • Mr. Fixit: Wuffle has a seemingly supernatural ability to instantly repair anything (no matter how broken) into something far superior to the original — all Played for Laughs. The sad part is, if Wuffle was the one who broke it in the first place, he still feels ashamed that the superior outcome of the repair isn't the same as the original.
  • Punny Name: A Running Gag is associating Wuffle with waffles. The words "Wuffle" and "waffle" are homophones to the Thai creator, Piti Yindee.
  • Visual Pun: This strip, which has Wuffle dressed up as a...waffle.note 

Pui Pui

A hedgehog who seems to be able to complain about anything he ever lays his eyes upon, though he never means any harm.
Hot-headed and impatient, but, surprisingly, Pui Pui is Wuffle's best buddy and co-worker.
It was Wuffle's idea that working on a farm might help Pui Pui with his anger management.
Though admittedly, he prefers eating and sleeping.


A young fox who's the owner of Gingerbread Village, as well as the bakery with the same name — the Gingerbread Bakery.
Foxxo never wastes a moment to show off how much money he has. One good example is how he always wears a tuxedo when he walks around the village.

  • Manchild: He needs his butler to tuck him to bed and read him stories, and he starts bawling when he fails at fishing.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Has enough money to hire a butler, not enough sense to fish.

Aunt Pinky

  • Cool Old Lady: Owns a MASSIVE collection of War of Warwolves memorabilia and spends 5 hours straight owning Foxxo.
  • Extreme Omni-Goat: When she offers Wuffle money for painting her fence, he turns it down. Her response is "More for me," and starts eating it.
  • Leet Speak: When she's playing online,
  • Miniature Senior Citizens: Or Wuffle is just very tall.
    • Considering his height compared to just about everyone else in the comic—he seems plenty tall.




  • Nervous Wreck: Constantly worries about things.
    "...But then I might lose on the 52nd turn!"
  • Out of Focus: Has only appeared a handful of times, with even fewer speaking roles. This has only become more so over time.

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