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Armored vehicles and gun carriers manufactured and fielded by Czechoslovakia and Czechoslovak vehicles fielded by Germany during WW II. Czechoslovak light tanks are slower than light tanks of all nations except the early light vehicles on the French tech tree. However, these tanks sport decent armor and all around good firepower.

Czechoslovak medium tanks are very fast, with little armor, but good guns. Most Czechoslovak medium tanks have autoloader cannons, which provide for good DPM. In the beginning, the mediums are identical to the light tanks in play style (supporting role), but from tier 5 and upwards, the tanks can function as scouts and can easily flank an unaware enemy assault. These tanks also function as excellent snipers due to accurate guns, decent penetration, and good camouflage values.


Czechoslovak tanks were added to the game with patch 9.13.

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    Czechoslovak Light Tanks 


  • (T1) Kolohousenka > LT vz. 35 > LT vz. 38, and then onto the mediums.


The light wheeled caterpillar tank developed on the chassis of the Hanomag WD-50 tractor. The vehicle never saw service because it was deemed obsolete after the results of trials. Several vehicles, in three variations, were manufactured; three of them were supplied to Italy and the U.S.S.R. As of the time of the German occupation, the only vehicle left in Czechoslovakia was used as a monument.

Starter tank for the Czechoslovak line.

LT vz. 35

Developed by the Škoda company. The vehicle saw service in the Czechoslovak army as a cavalry and infantry support vehicle. From 1936 through 1937, 298 vehicles were manufactured.

  • Nice Hat: Has a profuse commander's cupola blooming from the top of the turret, which looks a bit like a beret. It also has a very obvious viewport.
  • Palette Swap: A German Pz. 35(t) with a Czechoslovak insignia. The Czechoslovak version gets better penetration, accuracy, slightly better traverse speed and a better radio.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Compared to the predecessor: much better armor, a sharply reduced silhouette, a more robust engine, and the top gun has typical German accuracy and a better firing rate without sacrificing damage.

LT vz. 38

Developed by the ČKD design group in 1938, this light tank saw service in the Wehrmacht under the designation Pz.Kpfw. 38(t). It is considered to be the best Czechoslovak vehicle: a total of 1,400 tanks of eight modifications were produced.

  • More Dakka: How many tier 3 tanks get an autoloader? Eat your heart out, Frenchies.
  • Palette Swap: A German Pz. 38(t) with a Czechoslovak insignia. The Czechoslovak version gets an autoloader cannon, more ammo capacity, a thicker turret, and slightly better traverse speed.

    Czechoslovak Medium Tanks 


  • From the lights > (T4) ST vz. 39 > Škoda T 24 > Škoda T 25 > Konštrukta T-34/100 > TVP VTU Koncept > Škoda T 50 > TVP T 50/51

ST vz. 39

V-8-H was a further development of the PS-II-b medium tank and the P-II-b light infantry tank. The vehicle underwent trials from the summer of 1937 through the spring of 1938. In the fall of 1938, additional trials were held. After all the faults were removed, the tank saw service under the designation ST vz. 39. The vehicle never saw mass production.

  • Boring, but Practical: Compact size, good armour penetration values, and decent gun handling makes it a fairly good support/sniping tank. But it doesn't have any distinct advantages over other medium tanks.

Škoda T 24

Developed in occupied Czechoslovakia for the Wehrmacht in 1941. The project featured sloped armor plates and enhanced armament based on the Soviet T-34. The project was deemed outdated. No prototypes were manufactured.

  • Do Not Run with a Gun: Has horrific bloom on the move and a very long aim time. It's not uncommon to be aiming for over 5 seconds after coming to a stop.
  • Fragile Speedster: Goes 58kph, making it one of the fastest Tier 5 medium tanks.

Škoda T 25

A further development of the medium T-24 tank, this vehicle was developed for the German Army in 1942. The project was deemed outdated. No prototypes were manufactured.

  • Fragile Speedster: Goes 60kph, nearly keeping pace with the Cromwell. They make a nasty combo if platooned together.
  • More Dakka: Equipped with a rapid reloading and firing 3 shot autoloader.

Škoda T 40

Development of the T 40 tank was suggested by the Škoda company under the TVP (general purpose tank) program in 1946. The vehicle design was developed; however, a prototype was never built.

The Škoda T 40 is a tier 6 premium medium tank.

  • BFG: How many other tier 6 mediums can claim to have an 88 mm gun? It may lose out in raw DPM, but it counters other medium tanks very well.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Noted to have sub-par aim time, forcing the players to play it as a support tank.

Konštrukta T-34/100

Development project of the Soviet T-34-85 tank, proposed in April 1954. The Czechoslovak variant of the vehicle was to receive a 100 mm gun and an enlarged turret. Production was planned to start in 1955; however, the work never started.

  • Glass Cannon: Can equip a powerful 100 mm gun, allowing it to edge out other medium tanks in firepower. However, its armour won't even hold up against tier 5 guns. Also edges into Fragile Speedster territory with its surprisingly good mobility.

TVP VTU Koncept

A medium tank project, proposed by the Škoda company as part of the general purpose vehicle concept developed in Czechoslovakia. No prototypes were manufactured.

Škoda T 50

A further development of the post-war concept for the Czechoslovak general purpose tank. The project as developed by Škoda in 1947. In 1948, significant changes were introduced to the project. There were plans to mount a 100 mm gun. The project was discontinued after one full-size wooden prototype had been built.

  • More Dakka: Equipped with a rapid reloading and firing 3 shot autoloader.
  • Fragile Speedster: Exceptionally agile, but relies more or less on luck to deflect incoming fire.

TVP T 50/51

A joint project by Škoda and ČKD. Discussions to determine the tank's characteristics started on January 14, 1950, but the project was discontinued on March 4, 1950 by the Czechoslovak Ministry of Defense. No prototypes were ever manufactured. Existed only in blueprints.

  • More Dakka: Equipped with a rapid reloading and firing 4 shot autoloader.
  • Fragile Speedster: Exceptionally agile, even for its tier and class, but will not survive for long if caught in the open.


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