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The main instigator of attack, he's one of the aliens trying to defeat the Mew Mews.
  • Made of Iron: He's been stabbed in the chest, bled from his face twice for whatever reason, stabbed in the head... And shot in the head. And it never seems to affect him.

Deep Blue

  • Ax-Crazy: She does kill everyone in Tokyo...

William Bloodhaven

Ciel's father, the old king of the vampires.
  • Backstory: Has a backstory explaining how he became the vampire king, met Sakura, and had Ciel.
  • Berserk Button: If things aren't going exactly his way, he gets violent.
  • Motive Decay: He falls in love with and knocks up a woman named Sakura and wants to marry her, but when she calmly says she doesn't want to be a vampire and kill people, he changes his tune and tells her how vile she is and that he wants to kill her. So much for love.
    • On top of that, once he dies for presumably the last time, he becomes a ghost and haunts Cafe Mew Mew. His methods of doing this are poking people, playing with Ciel's hair, and touching food. He became much more goofy once he became a ghost.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: He seems to have sense, but just doesn't care.

Sir Pouncealot

Otachi's old deceased cat. An illusion demon takes on his form and tricks Otachi into thinking that he's Sir Pouncealot for no discernable reason.
  • Animal Talk: Not only could the demon Sir Pouncealot talk, but the actual Sir Pouncealot could talk too.
  • Big Bad Friend: Since he is pretending to be Otachi's deceased cat, he's pretending to be his friend.
  • Motive Decay: Not so much decay, but more like "what was his motive?"

Vladimir Darkness Disaster

  • Big Bad: Along with the Spider God, and possibly working with Ryou.
  • Meaningful Name: “Vladimir” means “great ruler”, and is also a stereotypical vampire name.
  • Pretty Boy: And he puts effort into it.
  • Sissy Villain: He's even afraid of blood. And he's a VAMPIRE.

The Spider God

  • Big Bad: For the new "around the world mew mews" arc.

    Other Supporting Characters 

Tony Fitzgerald

  • Straight Gay: Word of God claims he's gay, but in-story he hasn't really done anything to prove that.
  • The Mole: He's not a bad guy, but he is trying to get pictures of the Mew Mews to expose information on them.


Sarah Winthorpe Glass

  • Determinator: In getting Ciel's affection.
  • Imaginary Love Triangle: Winthorpe seems to think he's competing for Ciel's affections with Tony. Ciel seems annoyed with both of them.

Thomas Glass

Aoyama Masaya

Shirogane Ryou

Otachi's older brother. He created the Mew Mew project.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Keiichirou.
  • Incest Subtext: Not sure if intentional...
  • Jerkass: If pretending everyone on Earth is dead for good and letting everyone left cry for an hour isn’t making him one, maybe his poor treatment of everyone but Otachi should.

Akasaka Keiichiro

Ryou's partner in both the cafe and the Mew Mew project.


Lettuce's pet hamster.
  • Animal Talk: Could possibly be explained by the fact that he's given super powers, but it's unlikely considering all of the other talking animals.
  • Badass Adorable: He's a powerful hamster who stayed in the past to wage war with the Spider God.


Pudding's younger sister Heicha, who is secretly disguised as the genius monkey Coco.
  • Animal Talk: We're led to believe she's a talking monkey at first, but she's revealed to be Heicha.


Ciel's trusted half-vampire, half-mooncrab butler.
  • Human Aliens: Excluding the fact that he's a vampire and has a crab claw.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Considering he just lets Ciel kill all of the vampires (innocent or not) and continues to serve him, this one applies. It doesn't help that he only knew Ciel for a few minutes before Ciel announced his plans.

    Mint's Past Characters 


Mint's younger brother who died at the age of 5 due to starvation and asphyxiation when he and Mint couldn't find money, food, or help. His death is also the catalyst for Nhu leaving Vietnam, ending up in America, and eventually resulting in her time travelling. He is a sweet and caring kid who spends most of the story being ill.

Later on in the story, his spirit returns to Mint to comfort her. He tells her that she doesn't need to feel sad and that she has friends who love her now, and that his death wasn't her fault.

Big D

A drug dealer Nhu meets when she ends up in america. He is kind to her and takes her in, and eventually their relationship grows into a romantic one. He eventually reveals to her that he needs to save up money for surgery, due to him having an unspecified heart condition. However, his heart condition kills him before he can do this. He proposes to Mint before he dies. His real name is revealed to be Micky, and he is the one Mint names her dog after.

Later on in the main story, he comes back as a replacement for the Blue Knight, helping Mint out as opposed to Ichigo. It isn't revealed where he comes from or if he's dead or alive.


A girl who Nhu meets while working at Mr. Manager's tea shop. The two quickly hit it off and become close friends, but are seperated when Nhu is sold. Not much is known about her, though she is kind and caring towards Nhu.
  • Friendship Moment: With Nhu. They make friendship bracelets, do the dishes together, and then go out and look at the koi fish in the moonlight.

Lord Con (Mr. Mustache)

A man who buys Nhu to work in his hotel not too long after she begins working for Mr. Manager. He is eventually murdered by Lord Uzumaki.


Lord Con's nephew, who seems to have a crush on Nhu. Nhu also seems to return his feelings, but nothing much comes out of it. He is generally caring towards Nhu and her situation.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: He doesn't seem to be attached to anything... at all. Nothing seems to phase him.
  • Useless Protagonist: He doesn’t really seem to even TRY to do anything for Nhu or Tieu when Tieu is sick, even though Lord Con is his relative and could help. He also never bothers to go after Nhu when she’s taken away, among other things.

Lord Uzumaki

A man who meets Nhu in the Golden Palace hotel and instantly takes a liking to her, much to her dismay. He murders Nhu's employer and buys her in order to make her marry him. Unfortunately for him, however fortunately for Nhu, he gets arrested before the wedding can be completed.

He is an egotistical [[jerkass]] who only wants things to go his way.


A dog that followed Nhu and Tieu out of the wreckage, and later gave birth to Mint's dog Micky. She dies of starvation days after Big D dies.

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