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Angela Del Toro is third White Tiger. Her powers came from White Tiger Amulet.

Early Life

Angela Del Toro was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City. She is the niece of Hector Ayala, the first hero to assume the name "White Tiger". Hector retired after a man named Gideon Mace murdered most of his family.[2] Angela grew up with her Uncle Hector and his friends, including "Uncle Danny", aka Iron Fist. She eventually became an FBI agent when she was old enough.


Civil War

She left the FBI and joined the N.Y.P.D.[1] But shortly after Murdock's arrest and incarceration in Ryker's Island, Angela continued to operate as a fledgling vigilante dressed in black, despite the Superhuman Registration Act having come to pass. Struggling at first, Angela was approached by Black Widow who on behalf of Murdock arranged for Angela to have a fitted superhero costume of her own and thus further establish her new lifestyle. Natasha also helped Angela in her first mission - locating the source of illegal identification documents as well as the man who killed Agent Driver. During this time Angela had brief run-ins with King Cobra, The Lizard and even Deadpool and also encountered Danny Rand assuming the Daredevil persona and deduced his identity.


Much later, Murdock was a free man once again but was now targeted by The Hand - seeking to make him their new leader. Many of his friends and allies - including Angela, were also targeted as a means to make him comply. Hand operative Lady Bullseye ambushed Angela in her own home and stabbed her through the chest, killing her, but only to resurrect her as a new Hand vessel.


Angela was eventually imprisoned, and she was transferred at some point to the Cellar, New York's newest super-penitentiary. She was approached by the Maker, W.H.I.S.P.E.R.'s leader, and offered a chance at taking revenge on Ava Ayala, Angela's aunt, who had taken possession of the Amulets of Power, an action which Angela believed to not have been rightful.[11]

The Maker also equipped Angela with a set of Amulets of Power from an alternate universe, which allowed her to become the vessel of a White Tiger from said alternate reality. Now repowered, Angela tracked down Ava to Rome and confronted her. In the middle of the ensuing battle, the original White Tiger that Ava channeled betrayed her and merged with Angela's, leaving Ava completely powerless, while making Angela twice as powerful as before.[11]


Angela was still completely loyal to the Hand, but they allowed her to continue working with the Maker, believing his plans could benefit them. As part of his alliance with the Maker, Angela joined his New Revengers.[11]

When the New Revengers attacked Avenger Base Two, the HQ of Ava's team, Avengers Idea Mechanics, Angela confronted her.[12] During the subsequent fight, Ava managed to snatch Angela's Amulets of Power and destroy it, freeing her from the possession of both the White Tigers and the Hand.[13]

Both Ava and Angela fought against the New Revengers back-to-back,[14] and continued working in tandem when Ava's boss Sunspot targeted rogue A.I.M. splinter cells to shut down. With the mission accomplished, Ava decided to retire from being the White Tiger, and convinced Angela to do the same


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