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Images, facts, and descriptions come from the comic's character page.

AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5′ 9”

Wren is the main character of the series. He is a creation of the organization known as GECOW, who have been implementing and addapting experiments left behind by the aliens who invaded the earth a century ago. Wren has no apparent special abilities to date, but he is a phenomenal fighter, and one can assume this has something to do with his connection to GECOW. He also was in training at GECOW Unit Four to be a geneticist, and he has some skill with the violin. And he has a tail. A big white fluffy one.

GENDER: assumed to be Male
AGE: Unknown
HEIGHT: Approx. 16 hands high

Winter appears in many of Wren’s dreams, offering advice or more frequently cryptic and mildly beligerent commentary on Wren’s circumstance. His relationship to Wren is thus far undefined but important, as Winter is one of the few constants in Wren’s life. Winter resides in a washed out setting that consists of a cliff overlooking misty purple waters. He also has a tail, but that’s it for the characters with tails.


GENDER: Female
AGE: 47
HEIGHT: 5′ 7”

Lohaun is Wren’s guardian of sorts, though her relationship with him fluctuates from motherly to barely tolerating. Her morals are questionable at best, but her determination to her goals is unshakeable, gray though those goals may be.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 36
HEIGHT: 5′ 5”

Hebe leads a faction of the secret organization known as the Herald. She recently led them in a successful attack on GECOW Unit Four, though she is not too pleased with the fact. She has a very strong sense of purpose, and though Hebe may not enjoy the work of the Herald, she believes it must be done, to bring about the end of GECOW.

AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 6′ 6 ”

Lawler Is Hebe’s right hand man, though he is in no way her second in command. He is practically out of his mind, and very little humanity ever shows itself from around his constant manic grin. He will follow Hebe’s orders to the ends of the world, however, and since he is a capable operative, this makes him very valuable to Hebe, who often finds herself in need of his help to bend the Herald rules. The reason for Lawler’s steadfast devotion to Hebe or for his fractured mental state has yet to be revealed.

Anna Hernandez
GENDER: Female
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 5′ 4″

Anna is a dancer who lives in the States near New Brisbane in a small apartment with her brother, Fiske. She has a great sense of humor and embraces the strange and unusual. Anna has studied many forms of dance, among them ballet, salsa, and jazz, but her favorite style is bellydancing. She is currently a senior in high school and is looking to pursue a career in performance after graduation, but before too long she may find things have taken a turn for the strange and unusual.

  • Belly Dancer: A very good one too. She first meets Wren while performing at a carnival.
  • Love Interest: Very clearly set up as Wren's.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She's a very attractive young woman, and her belly dancing scene shows off a rather nice figure. She also has no problem showing off her legs.
  • Spicy Latina
  • The Xenophile: Wren's tail seems to make him even more attractive in Anna's eyes, going by her reaction when she touches it.


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