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Characters / Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim

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The main and supporting characters for What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?:

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    Main Characters 

Lee Young-Joon/ Lee Sung-Hyun

Actor(s): Park Seo-joon , Moon Woojin (child)

Vice-chairman of Yumyeong Group. He is handsome and capable, but his narcissism makes it difficult for Mi-so to work with him.

Kim Mi-So

Actor(s): Park Min-young, Kim Jiyoo (child)

A highly skilled secretary who has worked with Young-joon for nine years.


    Lee Family 

Lee Sung-Yeon/Morpheus

Actor(s): Lee Tae-hwan, Bae Gang-yoo (child)

Young-Joon's older brother and a famous author.

Chairman Lee

Actor(s): Kim Byeong-ok, Go Se-won (younger)

Young-Joon and Sung-Yeon's father. Chairman of Yumyeong Group.

Madame Choi

Actor(s): Kim Hye-ok, Lee Soo-kyung (younger)

Young-Joon and Sung-Yeon's mother.

    Kim Family 

Kim Pil-Nam

Actor(s): Baek Eun-hye

Mi-So's oldest sister who is a psychiatrist

Kim Mal-Hee

Actor(s): Heo Sun-mi

Mi-so's second oldest sister who is a urologist.

Kim Young-Man

Actor(s): Jo Deok-hyun

Mi-So's father who is a rock musician.

    Yumyeong Group 

Park Yoo-Sik

Actor(s): Kang Ki-young

President of Yumyeong Group, the second-in-command after the vice-chairman. Young-joon's best friend back from university. He is Young-joon's confidant and provides him with much advice drawn from personal experience.

Go Gwi-Name

Actor(s): Hwang Chan-sung

The most popular man in the Yumyeong company. He is known for his good looks and workaholic nature.

Kim Ji-Ah

Actor(s): Pyo Ye-jin

The rookie secretary to the vice-chairman, being groomed to replace Mi-So who has announced her resignation.

Sul Ma-Eum

Actor(s): Kim Ye-won

Yoo-Sik's secretary who is clumsy and careless, often comparing unfavorably to Mi-So.

Bong Se-Ra

Actor(s): Hwang Bo-Ra

A section head in Chi-In's team, who initially coveted the open position of secretary to the vice-chairman.

Jung Chi-In

Actor(s): Lee Yoo-Joon

A team leader in the vice-chairman's office, who frequently organizes after-work gatherings.

Lee Young-Ok

Actor(s): Lee Jung-min

A member of Chi-In's team, who has a strict adherence to dieting.

Yang Cheol

Actor(s): Kang Hong-seok

A secretary and chauffeur to the vice-chairman, he is a man of few words.


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