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    The Komori family 

Yui Komori

The heroine of the story. As a young teenage girl, she was sent by the church as a bride to the Sakamaki brothers. The Vampire King Karlheinz wants her and her children for his plans of creating a new race of demons.
  • Age Lift: A grown woman here instead of a teenager.
  • Good Parents: A kind and loving mother who simply wants to give her children a happy life than she had.

Yuuta Komori

Momoi Komori

Reika Komori

Adam Komori

Justin Komori

Harue Komori

Kana Komori

Kousuke Komori

Kumiko Komori

Kei Komori

Minato Komori

Melissa Komori

Chiaki Komori

Asahi Komori

Hanami Komori

Airi Komori

Hayato Komori

Christina Komori

Fumuki Komori


Kaede Komori

Kaoru Komori

    The Sakamaki family 

Shu Sakamaki

Reiji Sakamaki

Laito Sakamaki

Kanato Sakamaki

Ayato Sakamaki

Subaru Sakamaki


The King of the vampire race and the father of the Sakamaki brothers. He plans to create a new race of demons through his Adam and Eve Project.
  • Abusive Parents: Made his sons rape the girl they love by drugging them. He shows no remorse for destroying their lives.

    The Mukami family 

Ruki Mukami

Kou Mukami

Yuma Mukami

Azusa Mukami

    The Tsukinami family 

Carla Tsukinami

Shin Tsukinami


Takeru and Shiori Murata


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