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The Society


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Sponsored Heroes

The Protectorate

    The Protectorate (general) 
The largest formal hero organization in North America, and arguably the world. The Protectorate is also sworn to commit to fighting S-class threats such as the Endbringers. There is a history with The Society that is currently nebulous.
  • Dark Secret: As in canon they are backed by Cauldron.
  • Propaganda Machine: Has one, and is arguably more interested in producing propaganda then making full use of its resources to uphold the law and eliminate S-class threats.




One of the founding members of the Protectorate.

Classification: Mover/Blaster


Colin Wallis (Armsmaster)

Famed Tinker and head of the Brockton Bay Protectorate.

Classification: Tinker (Miniaturization/Efficiency)

  • Crazy-Prepared: He has a piece of gear meant to help fight Shock and Awe villains, which comes in handy when Leviathan starts calling down lightning.
  • No Social Skills: He is so appallingly blunt that Jack realizes his encouragement must be genuine, because it's too awkward to be deliberately manipulative.



A Clown-themed cape with a speach impediment caused by his powers, from Mouse Protector's Team. Had an ongoing Hacky-Sac duel with Mouse Protector. Most definitely never a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Killed by Leviathan.

Classification: Mover/Brute

    Mouse Protector 

Galadriel (Mouse Protector)

Classification: Mover


The Wards



A Ward from New York who joined in the fight with Leviathan. Her abilities proved pivotal in killing him.

Killed by Leviathan's lightning strikes. Subsequently revived by Good Girl.

Classification: Striker

    Good Girl 

Riley Cyrus (Good Girl)

The Newest and youngest member of Mouse Protector's Team. Triggered in the car crash that killed her parents. Somewhat disturbed.

Classification: Tinker (Surgery)



A member of Mouse Protector's team. Could generate lasers affixed to set targets in varying intensities.

Killed by Leviathan.

Classification: Blaster

  • Camp: in the words of Thinker6. "One of his favorite ways of using his power is to embarrass the villains. e.g. he creates a laser beam that seems to come directly from the sky down toward its target, that can be seen by everyone within half a kilometer, and is aimed directly at the villain's left buttock. And when the villain tries to run away, the laser autonomously tracks the buttock and swings back and forth in precise time with the villain's buttock movements are they run away from the scene of their crime. Even a small movement translates into an embarrassingly large swing in the angle of the's hard to describe, but being the target of that kind of power can be quite embarrassing to certain people. Really, a perfect power for someone on Mouse Protector's team! He was getting better at the puns and witty repartee, too."
  • Original Character



A member of Mouse Protector's team. Likes to tell long stories. Her power involves manipulating words.

Killed by Leviathan.

Classification: Thinker(?)/Master



Victor Klempt (Squirrelinator)

A member of Mouse Protector's team. Stated by Good Girl to be very flexible, and probably a gymnast. Created animal-themed attack drones to assist him in battle.

Killed by Leviathan.

Classification: Tinker

    Shadow Stalker 

Sophia Hess (Shadow Stalker)

Brockton Bay Native with the ability to transform into a shadow state. Taylor's highschool nemesis in canon. In Weaver Nine her powers are slightly different and apparently have a Changer facet.

Classification: Mover/Breaker

New Wave


Amy Dallon (Panacea)

Bio-manipulator, famous for her healing abilities.

Killed by Leviathan's water-pressure cannon attack on the hospital. Subsequently revived by Good Girl.

Classification: Striker

  • Came Back Wrong: The implant Good Girl used to bring her back is creating some issues with her memory.
  • The Fettered: Refuses to consciously use her power on brains. Canon readers will know why.

    Glory Girl 

Victoria Dallon (Glory Girl)

Flyer and Brute. Panacea’s sister.

Classification: Mover/Brute


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