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The character sheet for We Are Our Avatars. Please note that this only contains the characters who've shown up frequently since the 'move', so it may lack some of the earlier characters.



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    Sapphire Flame/Forsythe the Wierd 

Blaze the Cat

"You can't escape me!"

The fire-wielding feline from the Sonic Rush series, Blaze the Cat has appeared in the RP off and on, usually as the result of randomly traveling through dimensions (she's quite sick of it by now). She is a princess from a dimension opposite the main Sonic the Hedgehog universe, and guardian of the Sol Emeralds. She tends to have a Serious Business approach to everything, though she does have her moments.

  • Put on a Bus: After the "Blaze's parents" ark, Blaze decided to stay and take care of her kingdom after Eggman Nega bombs its capital. Her 64-year-old future self comes back for the Incarnates arc, however.
  • Rebellious Princess: As a part of the royal family, she's responsible for guarding the Sol Emeralds. She would much rather hang out with the other avatars.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Though Blaze's mother would rather she be doing her actual duties.


"Cute? You think I'm... cute?"

A childhood friend of Tsutaja, Mijumaru's backstory is mostly the same. Unlike Tsutaja, however, Mijumaru cannot speak, so he requires a translator, such as Tsutaja. Mijumaru is a kindhearted person who values friendship above all else, hinted to be due to being lonely growing up. Mijumaru has recently evolved, as well, and is now calling himself Wotter. After evolving again, he took the name Daikenki.

  • Humanity Ensues: Happens to him often and at his own request. It's not necessarily because he likes it, he just would rather be able to speak normally and without a translator


"Yay! I have friends! Hugs for everyone! "

A half-human, half-lucario gijinka created by Professor Araragi for reasons currently unknown. Luca was kicked out of Dr. Araragi's lab when she had no more use for her, and is now living with the other avatars. She is extremely naive and idealistic due to living a mostly sheltered life, and knows very little about social customs.

  • Better as Friends: Said this to Hal because of the treatment by her last two boyfriends. Also, she is not emotionally mature enough to have a boyfriend. Hal understood this clearly.
  • Character Development: She went from extremely idealistic and sheltered to only somewhat idealistic over the course of the RP.
  • The Chick: She tries to help anyone she can with their emotional, and after learning healing wave, physical hurts. She's hardly weak in combat, though. Nevertheless, she has played the role of...
  • No Social Skills: Araragi apparently didn't care very much about teaching her manners. She learns fast, though.


"Well, I have an important message for this "NEXUS" and all the rest of his friends: Fuck you. "
A garchomp Gijinka created by Luca's Incarnate in the Bad Future, Garcie was apparently one of the few gijinka to resist her rule. Unlike Luca, herself a lab-created Pokémon, Garcie is very snarky and world-weary. She joins the fight against the incarnates not knowing what will happen should they prevent that future from happening.

  • Deadpan Snarker: She generally reserves her snark for her enemies rather than her allies, unlike Tsutaja.
  • Heroic BSoD: After Brian dies again, she briefly becomes convinced that her life will never get better, breaking down in front of everyone. Luckily, she managed to find a new love and has been pretty happy with her life ever since.
  • Lady Drunk: For somebody with an estimated age of 17, she has a nasty drinking habit.
  • Multicolored Hair: Blue and Yellow to Black and Yellow after the stylist worked on her.
  • Put on a Bus: She won't be traveling with us anymore because she got accepted to the Hironobu Sakaguchi Video Game Acting School
  • Ret-Gone: Garcie once feared that changing the timeline so that Luca doesn't become an Incarnate would result in this, as her existence was dependent on Luca raising a gijinka army. She helped out anyway. Thanks to the Timey-Wimey Ball, and possibly the interference of Dialga, she lived.

Gabriella Gardevoir

P-please stop staring

A talking gardevoir with a self-esteem problem, Gabriella is a recent addition to the WAOA cast. Gabriella happens to be bisexual, but apparently prefers women, and so far both of her love interests happen to be women. She speaks with a stutter due to her nervousness, and hates unwanted attention. She can assume a gijinka form with a pendant.

  • Berserk Button: Her sexuality is a big one, mostly because of how much grief it gave her in the past.
  • Gayngst: She was downright shocked when the reaction her coming out was a straight "so?". Apparently her friends from before she met the group weren't so forgiving.
  • Luminescent Blush: To the point of Running Gag. She gets embarrassed very easily.
  • No Bisexuals: Averted. She was originally going to be a straight lesbian, but was made bisexual just to avert this trope with the WAOA cast.


I never expected this to happen, but I'm not complaining

An Author Avatar with a bit of Self-Deprecation thrown in for good measure, Sapph started off as a simple self-insert but quickly developed into a character in his own right. He is the quintessential Ascended Fanboy who managed to fit with the madness of the Avatars quite well. Recently ascended through a series of hijinks to become Greek God of Architecture

  • Berserk Button: Property damage tends to set him off and/or give him major headaches.
  • Fanboy: Once he realizes that he's really hanging out with some of his favorite "fictional" characters, his reaction is a "Hell yes".


Oh, you know you liked it.

Maggie is a half-kitsune from a Fantasy Kitchen Sink world. She is capable of shapeshifing and creating illusions, and is more than well aware of the implications of those powers. She spends much of her time either playing tricks on people or having fun with her powers, but she generally tries not to go too far with her tricks, and geneally knows when it's not time for games.

  • Ms. Fanservice: One reason for her creation was as an outlet for his creator's sillier and more fanservicey urges. Not that he hasn't tried to make her well-rounded.


Is there a more renewable resource than human life? I though not.

Introduced as one of the gijinka working under Araragi, Kasei quickly proved to be much, much worse than his mother in terms of sheer disrespect for anything resembling ethics. Unlike Araragi, Kasei appears to be more interested in causing suffering to his test subjects than actually finding out anything about the world. Currently deceased.

  • The Dark Side Will Make You Forget: As his eventual Motive Rant reveals, he was already willing to do heinous things in the name of science, but he soon began to enjoy them more and more until he became little more than a sadist, doing research less to discover things as to gain the power to stop anyone from challenging him.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: When he finds out the Avatars are coming to his base, he leaves his own brothers behind to stall for time.


Oh my god, tiny people!

A giant dragon from an unnamed, presumably fantasy world where everyone is her size. Lillian is a slightly clumsy and ditzy yet ultimately good-hearted girl who's taken some time to get used to living in a world where everyone is the size of her hand.

  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: She's best remembered for uttering the above quote upon seeing the Avatars. She generally reacts with amusement upon being reminded of it.


<I wish I could feel that...>

Mara was once a young hydrokinetic, living in a community where those with abnormal powers were feared and hated. Due to her unusual abilities, she was murdered at a young age. However, rather than simply going to the afterlife or becoming a normal ghost, her soul inhabited a bit of the water she was controlling. She now has a water body that she must use her hydrokinesis to control at all times. While this gives her some interesting abilities, she can no longer feel anything, nor can she eat, drink, or do most of the things humans do, which depresses her immensely.

Became human with Gandalf's intervention.

  • Hopeless Suitor: Has a crush on Roachey. Roachey's aware, but would rather just be friends. Mara's decided to at least accept that.


"Hey, don't see any reason not to enjoy what I do"

The unpopular new addition to the Megaman X series, Axl threw himself in with the Avatars on a whim and has never looked back. Axl is generally a nice guy if a bit trigger-happy, and is more than willing to fight for justice. As a New-generation reploid, Axl is capable of turning into any robot he defeats. Recently is having to deal with a piece of Lumine's programming inside him.

  • Blood Knight: He enjoys what he does, and usually jumps at the call if there's something to shoot. He wouldn't hurt someone if they don't deserve it, though.
  • Just Friends: Has a crush on Pallette. Pallette, on her part, is oblivious and just thinks of Axl as a friend.
  • Power Creep, Power Seep: In order for his copy ability to be useful at all in the environment of the RP, Axl's copy ability was changed so that he can store his copied forms and change into them later. There's precedent in Command Mission, though.


"Oh, shut up, Garret"
"You shut up!"

Jones was apparently an attempt to create a person with the combined knowledge of seven great scientists in their chosen fields: instead, it created a composite being with the minds of seven great scientists. The Mind Hive scientist met up with the group and decided to stay and use the trip as a learning experience. He uses his knowledge of various fields to occasionally assist the group, but spends most of the time arguing with himself. Each personality speaks with a different color, and his Cool Shades change color accordingly as a visual indication for which personality is speaking.

His seven components are:

Derek Corenthal, a warm, friendly man who specializes in engineering in robotics

Gene Poule, a shy man who uses a lot of "uh"s and "er"s in his speech. He specializes in biology, not that he says much

Erin Browning, a mischievous potions expert that cares little for who's affected by her experiments, or actual usability of her creations

Millie Smith, a physics expert consumed by general ennui and who usually only speaks to snark at her other personalities

Steven Blumberg, a cold, rational, calculating man whose expertise lies in medicine. He can usually patch up most any injury he lays his eyes on

Victor Blaine, a slightly aloof, scatterbrained man who studies magic, despite being unable to use it himself.

Garret Princeton, who studies gods, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena. He is, to put it lightly, batshit insane

  • Nonindicative Name: None of the personalities is named "Jones". This is actually the whole point; none of the personalities can be considered the "main" one, so they settled on this
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Blumberg's medical expertise would make him an extremely useful person to have in most groups, but since the group has access to healing magic, he doesn't get much use.
  • Reed Richards Is Useless: Erin is brilliant enough to be able to create a potion for nearly anything, but is too mischievous and insane to use her talents for more than messing with people.

    Spain Sun 


* series of bleeps and bloops*

Born Ayumu Yamato , and acquiring the nickname Bit later in life. Bit was the first of the Consolebots to appear in WAOA, she is also at least partly responsible for the Cerebus Syndrome acquired by the RP. Bit was created for the sole purpose of fighting in the arena of New Tokyo, becoming that arena's six-time champion, as well as being forced to perform less savory services on the side. Bit had three companions -Dee, Kasume, and Sara- owned by the same Master (who is known only as a highly depraved individual.) Over time they developed a bond akin to sisterhood (something that was fairly common among the Consolebots). Before appearing (somehow) in WAOA. Bit befriended minus., who freed all the Consolebots in Bit's world, an act known as the Great Liberation. The Consolebots' inherent knowledge that minus had freed them led to the foundation of Minusianism, a pseudo-religion that most Consolebots now practice in some form.

After the Liberation, Bit became a strong pacifist (possibly as a reaction against being forced to fight in the Arenas, similarly, most sexbots took vows of Celibacy, etc.) Bit's pacifism often caused her to sit out fights. Only if one of her friends was truly threatened would she fight back, and boy, would she fight back. Bit later met Link, the young boy with which she would share a largely offscreen romance. Bit can be considered (although it's disputable) largely responsible for the game's Cerebus Syndrome, as her death and Link's subsequent embitterment marked a darker, more story-driven approach to the game.

  • Cerebus Syndrome: Bit and Flandre are arguably responsible for it.
  • Cute Mute: Started out as one, until minus gave her the ability to speak; even then, she fumbles over the language for some time.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Arguably in vain, but later avenged with a vengence.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: She seemed to be willing to let Link go when there were rumors he was in a relationship with Zelda. Subverted when Link made it pretty clear he loved her, not Zelda.

Elise D'Elorean the Deathless

"Good Person" are not words I would use to describe myself.

Built in España (an AU-version of the country of Spain) to serve as a war droid, Elise D'Elorean is a former general in the Console Wars, Elise entered the arena circuit only after spearheading six of the successful New Europe campaigns. She became an eight-time champion in various arenas, notably her Home Arena of El Gran Arena. Upon the Great Liberation, Elise brutally murdered her former Master and joined a militant sect of the Minusians. She is very devout, and as such gets flustered in minus.' presence.

[unintelligible] "Subject-R" [unintelligible]

Subject-R (born "[unintelligible] [unintelligible]") is an extradimensional being, superficially resembling a Grey Alien. Subject-R was a spelunker on his homeworld, frequently exploring caves, however, like all [unintelligible]s he has extensive firsthand experience with computers and other electronics, although he considers circuitry inferior to the Crystal Matrices common on his world's computers. Subject-R was spelunking in a cave which -interestingly- was a portal to another dimension, more specifically, a portal to SCP-470. He was subsequently captured by The Foundation, but escaped before he could be contained. He is still being pursued.

Note: Subject-R's language ("[unintelligible]") is not pronounceable to humans, who lack the vocal chords to produce the necessary sounds, as such, all words in it are rendered as "[unintelligible]".

G7 Unit 1141 "Tapelock"

Hello! Have we met?

Hailing from the Clockwork Universe of Mechanica, Tapelock was designed as a "period research piece" by Dr. Argent Mallory. Tapelock's world diverged from ours roughly 4000 years ago with the discovery of electricity in Ancient Egypt, leading to an electric and eventually robotic boom that never really stopped. Tapelock emulates a certain type of droid invented in the equivalent of the Renaissance, designed to guard places and people.

Tapelock's memory is stored not on circuits like contemporary robots, but on magnetic tape cannisters. Three exactly, one holds handles speech, one handles critical data, and the third -and most notable- holds short-term memory. Because his memory is stored on tape, Tapelock's system is designed to wipe its own short-term data storage every 31 hours and 30 minutes, or whenever it is full. Because of this; Tapelock loses all memory roughly every day. As such, he must be reintroduced to people met, reminded of tasks to be completed, etc.

How Tapelock ended up in his current location or what his goals -if any- is unknown; since he can't remember them himself.

    Spooky Mask 

Spooks Skelly
The Annoyance

A long time ago in a random place in a random universe, a soul came into existence. This soul possessed the first body it came along which was a skeleton with a tail bone. Having gained a body and developed a mind, the newly animated skeleton decided to look for a purpose for its own existence. After wandering the multi verse to learn about "life" and what people consider that they need to have a "good life", he decided to get a job. Which happened to be to annoy random adventurers. Skeleton later named himself Spooks Skelly.

He has currently 10 summons of which only 6 have appeared.

  • Brutal Honesty: If he's going to try to sacrifice you to Pikadevil, he's not gonna lie. Not even if you are many times more powerful than him.
  • The Chew Toy: He always gets hit by stray attacks. Or by his own summons.
  • The Nicknamer: He named himself and tries to figure up names for his summons. He also sometimes calls other people by nicknames.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: He often forgets that he is stalking the group so he could find something to sacrifice to Pikadevil.
  • Nominal Importance: He believed that this was the reason why he was ignored which led him to name himself.
  • Theme Naming: He tends to end his summon names with "Y" at least at part of name.

Ragnarok "Sanji" Giblets
(not so) Giant Mook

A currently unnamed summon whose body is composed of rotten corpses sewn together. Was the first summon of Spooks Skelly and was apparently obtained before he got into contract with Pikadevil and got his summoning book.

  • All Animals Are Dogs: Tends to act like one despite the fact that it is mainly composed of human bodies...

Bogeyman brothers


Big Bad of Pikadevil's Hell arc. Is the boss of Spooks and pretty weird. Also has obsession with dancing and hates Deaths.

  • Cloudcuckoolander: While he is gloating, he is thinking of how good dancers would his opponents be.
  • Covert Pervert: Possibly, at least by judging few thoughts about female members of the group.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: From what he says, even he doesn't approve of Mephisto's actions (taking the unborn baby of Peter and MJ) in One More Day.


Death wearing Plague doctor's clothes. Currently working for Pikadevil. Also can control time. He apparently doesn't have home universe and considers himself a 'freelancer'. Pikadevil hired him to get more souls into his Hell, but Doc managed to outwit him and made a contract with Pikadevil that requires him to do pretty much nothing.

    Sparty Mc Fly 

Captain Scott Mitchell and the Squad

The Ghost Team Leader from Ghost Recon, Mitchell is usually a cool character... but then he came to Gaia, through reasons unknown to him. Mitch acts somewhat out of character, and references this at one point. He prefers mostly to run with whatever happens, not caring too much to ask.

  • A Father to His Men - Seeing as Mitch's world was destroyed in a WMD war, his Squad is all he's got left. He'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.
  • Apocalypse How - Class 3a. Humanity destroyed themselves with WMDs (not nuclear weapons.)
  • Deadpan Snarker - Mitch and 30k edge at each other for no apparent reason, but the two of them are the snarkers of the squad.
  • One-Man Army - With the amount of weapons Mitch carries on his persona, it's surprising he even needs the Squad.
  • World War III - Not only does it happen, it ends exactly like you think it does. In all truth, the world is still habitable: humanity is just extinct there.

The Vault Hunters

Hailing from the god-forsaken desert world of Pandora, Mordecai the Hunter, Lilith the Siren, Roland the Soldier, and Brick the Berserker have a lot of combat time under their belts and more kills than any of the other Avatars. They aren't completely cold but they are skilled and deadly shots with their powerful weapons - and after killing an Eldritch Abomination, stopping a micro-Zombie Apocalypse, surviving through the Underdome's arena challenges, killing the suicidal leader of the Crimson Lance General Knoxx, and finally stopping a revolt of the CL 4 P-TP (or Claptrap) robots on Pandora, Gaia seems like a break to them. But they're no better off here than they were there...

  • Ship Tease - At certain points Lilith has flirted with Mordecai. It'll end how you think it will.
  • Talking Animal - Bloodwing, Mordecai's pet carniverous hawk, certainly qualifies.

Six (Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN-B312)

Dead on Reach, Six was incarnated in Jollywood and has been in the group ever since. The female Noble Six has proven that even in the face of the utter grimdarkness that 25 years of war, with failure meaning genocide, one person can stand tall and optimistic. This doesn't mean she doesn't have her bitter moments. Was named a "Hyper-Lethal Vector" by the Office of Naval Intelligence for very good reason. Prefers to let her gun speak for her in most situations, though Twilight is having an effect where she waits to think. Backup Element of Loyalty bearer. Shares a sisterly bond with Twilight Sparkle.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: And fucking how. Abducted before she could form coherent memories at the age of six to be introduced to the SPARTAN-III program, made to create a breed of expendable supersoldier to fight a genocidal war. She fought in that war for twenty-five years as a lone-wolf, before meeting up with Noble Team, forming bonds of friendship with them. And when it seems that things are levelled out... her Hope Spot is destroyed, all of Noble Team (aside from Jun-A266) is killed, and Six dies herself after ensuring humanity's victory. And then she woke in Jollywood...
  • The Gunslinger: Six prefers ranged ballistic weapons in combat. More specifically, her M6G Magnum and M392 DMR, the weapons that saw her through the Human-Covenant War. For her return, she utilizes a Magnum, a Shotgun, and an M395 DMR.
  • Hidden Depths: Six has a very optimistic, yet tired personality, and particularily enjoys gaming.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: After twenty-five straight years of warfare, Six is tired of fighting. The only reason she's doing so now is to see the current dangers of the group through.
  • Legacy Character: Became an honorary Master Chief Petty Officer when ONI found out she was alive.
  • Odd Friendship: With Twilight Sparkle. Considering one is a purple unicorn from a peaceful land who believes in the magic of friendship, and the other is a human supersoldier hailing from a world stricken with near-consistent war...
  • Powered Armor: Equipped with MJOLNIR Mark V[B] privately produced armor, that makes her a walking tank. Rarity eventually repainted it red, yellow, and orange, with flame decals. Promptly re-equipped (thanks to an alternate universe version of himself) with a standard set of MJOLNIR GEN.II armor, this time painted (also by Rarity) to have an A-10 style sharkmouth.
  • Trigger Happy: Six prefers to let her M392 Designated Marksman Rifle speak for her on certain subjects. This urge is going down as of late. Now her M395 DMR.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Six is only in her mid-twenties, yet possesses the wisdom of someone much older.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Zig-zagged. Six is finally going to get an opportunity to taste freedom. She'll be allowed to live in Equestria, put up her guns (for long stretches, at least), and finally get away from the constant war and death that's followed her around. Thanks to an OOC plot screw-up, the chain got yanked hard enough to leave bruises. She finally gets to live a war-free life. Not quite, but close enough for jazz. She's returned yet again, spurned on by an alternate universe version of herself.
  • You Are Number 6: A variation. Six forgot her own name, and decided to name herself after her Noble Team callsign

Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley

A former member of the now-disbanded Task Force 141, Ghost (as he prefers to be called) was already a lethal marksman: becoming a robot via a fast and painful death only served to increase his skills and strategies. Calm and collected, he is an example of what most soldiers should strive to be.

  • Cyber Cyclops: Having a Geth head invoke this effect. Subverted: he was granted a wish that turned his body into a hybrid of a human and a geth.
  • Cyborg: Technically, though he is a human soul operating a machine.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: How Ghost died at first, back in WAOEA: a mecha perforated him with gatling rounds, then blew him up. All that remained was his burnt-up skeleton mask.
  • The Stoic: Ghost has severe issues over the deaths of most of his team-mates, having lost the entirety of Task Force 141 and Soap MacTavish. The only two living men he has served with in the past are Nikolai and Captain Price - and the latter is contemplating suicide.

     Suke Sho 


"Dee? Are you okay?"

The son of Cupid, the Personification of Love, and Zeus himself, Joat is the most powerful Reality Warper in this or any time. But unfortunetly, he is stubborn and inexperienced, so his actions can often have side effects. As a baby, Joat was kidnapped and sent to the future. The group went their to save him, and they found that Joat of the future was a perverted Joat, and really had a thing for Dee. At first she was disgusted by this, but over the course of saving Baby!Joat, she grew to fall in love with him. After Joat is kidnapped by a group of aliens in the future, the group is forced to kill Future!Joat and Baby!Joat before he destroyed the Multiverse, after going berserk due to his one weakness, psychic attacks.

After returning to the past, the group vowed to not let the bad future happen, and keep Joat on the up and up as he grew up. Joat quickly aged, as did Dee, and his perverted tendencies began to show into adolecense, such as giving Dee large breasts and a tight butt. And this cultimated with the arrival of Sosori, the Other of Dee, who tried to either get Dee to have sex with Joat, or have sex with Joat herself, to cause the bad future to happen. Dee decapitated Sosori, leaving her spirit to find a new body.

After this fight with Sosori, Joat and Dee decide to leave the group for two years, but only a day passing for the group. They travelled the Multiverse, just the two of them, trying to find themselves and quit their bad habits. For the most part, they succeeded.

Now, Older and Wiser, Joat and Dee have to deal with beinf fully in love, and all their differences.


     The Real Wren 


"...Compared to everyone here, I'm just a normal human with a sword and some magic. But...I've got the potential to grow. The possiblity to become stronger. I simply have to take one step at a time..."

A human being from an alternate version of Earth where most of humanity is corrupt, Wren ended up in an different reality completely where myth was real. After a year of adventure, Wren's power of warping through space and realities ends up warping to Alternia, meeting the group.

  • Brought Down to Normal: On worlds where there's no magical energy, the only skills he can rely on his cooking, hacking and medical skills. He's a medicore fighter at best.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Wren using magic on a world without aforementioned energy will cause temporary physical and mental damage to the point over-using it can force him into a coma.
  • Chick Magnet: Or as Falken puts it, 'A gravitational force that draws nearly all women in his direction'.
  • Cool Sword: Radiant-Edge. It changes color depending on what gemstone's power is dominant. At the moment, there's Red, Green and Gold. It's also said to amplify Wren's abilites, but not much is known right now.
  • Crazy-Prepared: If there's some sort of situation, Wren's backpack usually has something helpful inside. ...Of course, this DOES tend to backfire amusingly when he CAN'T find what he's looking for.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: 'Maidens' of the Round. Has a 75 percent chance of killing MOST targets. The other 25 percent has them 'attacking' HIM instead.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Sees MOST of the human race back on Earth. Averted somewhat when he decideds to give those he's yet to meet a chance.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Conversed with. Falken pointed out Wren used a katana once with various fighting styles, but simply decided to go with Radiant-Edge after recieving it.
  • Kick the Dog: Wren was rather cruel to his short speech to Imca for continuing to weep about how she failed protecting her family. Granted, he DOES regret this considerably.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: He once pointed out that by the time he gets to speak or do anything, so many things happen that he sometimes gets a bit lost or everyone's already ahead of him.
  • Made of Iron: Justified, as he's able to regenerate any damage quickly, provided he can absorb magical energy. Averted completely if he's decapitated.
  • Meaningful Name: Wren, in Old High German is known as 'kinglet', a legend associated with 'King of the Birds'. Said legend says that the bird which could fly the highest would be made king. And while the eagle outfle all others, he was beaten by a small bird hidden in it's plumage. Basically, it's symbolising that no matter the expectations or obstacles, Wren will usually soar above them with ease. And it's in NO WAY RELATED to the his player's name.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: Wren tends to take the abuse the world flings at him rather well. Whether he'll be able to keep this sort of mindset remains to be seen.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Wren's got 390 copies of his outfit to spare.
  • Unwanted Harem: Said girls who are part of the 'Maidens of the Round'. Well, half of them at least. This can also be applied to the 3,290,000 of fangirls who somehow managed to follow his every step.

George, The EXBloodthristing God of Demons.

"Hhmhmhmmhm...I love hearing those gurgled screams as fools like you choke on your own blood, watching those last pathetic movements as your life slips away..."

"I don't expect you all to believe me to make amends, nor to forgive me for what I've done. If anything, hate me all you want, but I'll do what it takes to set things right. If not for my sake, then for someone else's."
Before he decided to 'introduce' himself properly...
And after he decided to stop masking his power.
Before finally deciding to take off his (old) glasses and join the group.

A character made especially for the RP to be a sort villain to the group. At first, he was harmless...yet because of his most recent appearance, showing he means buisness it's likely most of the group doesn't really care WHAT he does as it seems he's another Complete Monster.

...Or at least, that's the first assumption. After being beaten and humiliated by Chibi!Wren who effortlessly (if somewhat cheaply) managed to defeat him, alongside getting the time to be stripped of his powers and thinking clearly, along with meeting a certain Ice Fairy, he decided to try to and make amends, first by taking off his glasses which granted him most of his power And likely, his bloodthirsty nature and trying to befriend the group.

  • Artifact of Doom: His glasses.
  • Blatant Lies: Unlike Wren who cannot (at least intentionally) tell a lie, George can do this effortlessly. Eventually averted as his word to not harm the group ends up being genuine.
  • Blood Knight: He LIVES simply to kill anyone who should look at him. Doesn't go out of his way to do so. ...Or at least that's what most assumed...
  • A Bloody Mess: By the time George is done with his victims, they're usually nothing but a mess of bloodied flesh on the floor. Also, this usually the state he's in considering he occasionally gets hurt.
  • Bloody Murder: George is capable of morphing his blood into various weapons, that are usually used to kill a foe with relative ease as they're sharper than expected. It turns out, he's not really fond of killing.
  • Character Development: At first, George was nothing but a voice coming from Wren's body and gave the occasional empty threat until he somehow broke free and simply vanished. His next re-appearance is merely to annoy the heroes, ...while the following one landed him squarely in the trope below. At least for a while and began trying to do good.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: ...Yet he refuses to do any sort of...'special' abuse as his last result is cloning or killing them. Either way, his victims are usually broken before having to go to such measures.
  • Expy: Of Zephyr/'The Razor-Winged Tyrant' from Shadows of Troria. The main difference is George has at least one scrap of decency... Only that he is actually a decent guy.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: ...Let's just say George isn't the most intimidating of names for a bloodthirsty maniac. Doesn't help he was originally a PRINNY (albiet, a demonic one) before he took on his proper form. ...Can be averted as of his Heel–Face Turn.
  • For the Evulz: He considers killing and inflicting horrific torture on every living thing a hobby of his, if not the very purpose of his existence. Also enjoys tormenting Wren.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: If it bleeds, he wants to kill it. Yet he considers destroying planets too much effort. Has backed away from this sort of attitude for now.
  • Put on a Bus: At least for a while. His creator is rather adamant about bringing him back. The Bus Came Back: Because of his Heel–Face Turn, he's become rather likable.


"Heh. I'm like a bird of prey! Which is what you should be doing. Praying, I mean."
Falken, as his normal, lovable self...
And Falkina, after Falken got cursed by a vampire. He got better.

A male harpy from the world of Troria and one of Wren's closest friends. Basically the fastest living creature in existance when it comes to flying through the sky, Falken tends to boast about this a great deal.

  • Attractive Bent-Gender: ...Because of vampires having some sort of grudge against him, he occasionally changes into a girl, much to his dismay.
  • Animal Motifs: Of falcons. Helps he's a harpy.
  • Bishōnen: Complete with Bishie Sparkles! Occasionally points out his attractiveness whenever a new female character appears.
  • Blow You Away: He's the Fuujin. Of course this is going to happen to you if you tick him off. Usually with a kick.
  • Berserk Button: ...Don't mess with his hair. Or his sister...Or Imca & Asagi. Not unless you want a one way trip into the stratosphere.
  • The Casanova: He considers himself this, yet tends to be envious of the amount of girls who admire Wren.
  • Charles Atlas Super Power: He kicked a 15-ton tank into SPACE. What does that tell you?
  • Cute Monster Girl: Or in his words, the perfect male specimen for a harpy.
  • Extremity Extremist: Falken can only fight with his taloned feet, yet considering the amount of agility and power he possesses when delivering such blows, it more than makes up for not being able to use proper weapons.
  • Fragile Speedster: Falken's faster than Mach 2, but like all humans, a sword through the chest is likely fatal.
  • Male Gaze: Is capable of telling a person's gender and age with a mere glance.
  • Megaton Punch: Kicks. You. Into. Space.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: He's rather mature and serious when he needs to be.
  • Super Mode: Actually transforming into the Fuujin enchances already incredible Super Speed and Super Strength into Up to Eleven levels.
  • Super Speed: Can fly at Mach 3 effortlessly. Mach 8 if he's actually using his full power. Taken Up to Eleven when he basically turns his body into a 'solar wind' and travels at Light Speed.
  • Sweet Tooth: So far, he's made three mountains of Ice-Creamn and has a dream to make a planet made entirely of junk food.
  • Winged Humanoid: He's a harpy, so it's kind of a given. Granted, he CAN changes his wings into normal human arms but he's not very good at using them.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: He will, but only if he knows they're evil.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Somewhat justified. Harpies tend to have un-natural hair colors.


"I...I...I jus...just be...hap...happy..."

A tonberry gijinka that's actually the GF Tonberry. She joined the group while they were on Gaia and is basically stuck as a normal tonberry until the seal on her powers is broken.

  • Emotionless Girl: She can express all sorts of emotion except for happiness. Needless to say, this is quite depressing for her.
  • Shipper on Deck: Usually draws pictures of those who she thinks would make a good couple.
  • Sweet Tooth: She really enjoys eating candy.
  • The Klutz: Usually trips if she tries to go any faster than the typical speed a tonberry moves at.


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