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A sheet for retired characters from We Are Our Avatars. Please note that this only contains the characters who've shown up frequently since the 'move', so it may lack some of the earlier characters.


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Sue Sakamoto

A girl turned into a Mimiga by a Mad Scientist. Has some prior knowledge of Quote, though she never knew him by name. She first met the Avatars when she was teleported into the Phase Distorter by the witch Misery.

    Arcadiarika/The Grayson Family 

As a whole:

  • And the Adventure Continues: Catherine, Alyx, and Michael's adventures continued on in the spin-off game We Are Our Adventuring Avatars. When that game ended, Michael reappeared in WAOA, with Alyx and Catherine making sporadic appearances.
  • Animorphism: Just to name a few examples, A Rika was once transformed into a Togekiss—and she took the transformation well. Later, she, Alyx, and Catherine were turned into mares.
  • Badass Family: The parent was a badass in her source material, and she didn't slow down in that department even after she unofficially retired from Lightspeed. Her kids (sans Rika, Hansel, and Gretel) were Rangers, and the daughter's the current leader/Red Lightspeed Ranger. The grandson? A water-wielding demigod. Rika herself, even with her doubts, does show to be better than she usually claims (she used horrible music as a weapon!). Matt, Carter/Catherine's Other (and, thus, not an official part of the family, but is still worthy of mentioning), helped to destroy the Retconinator, never backing down during his fights. And Alyx took crazy levels in badass as soon as she dyed her hair pink, gaining even more when she knew her true form.
  • Balloon Belly: Whenever the Graysons eat too much, expect them to really stuff themselves full. Even then, their stomachs don't go away easily, and it depends on the length of time when they want to remain fat. So far, the only exceptions to that are Matt (because he was dead) and Andreus.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!:
    • "Lightspeed! Rescue!" Used whenever Carter/Catherine, Michael, Victoria, or Alyx attempt to morph into the Red Lightspeed Ranger.
    • "Lunara, transform!" The morphing call Catherine and later Michael use when they transform into the Lunara Knight.
    • "Red Advent, Awaken the Legend!" Used when Catherine morphs into the Red Legendary Ranger. When transforming into one of the previous Red Rangers, she states, "Red Advent, (past Ranger's morphing call)!"
  • Discard and Draw: Inevitable. Let's just say that every time the Graysons lose their powers, they gain new ones/forms in return. The only one who didn't experience it was Matt (technically, being a ghost who never experienced being Brought Down to Normal).
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: Alyx's Hero's Bow (specifically, the arrows) and Catherine's magical spells fit those three elements.
  • An Ice Person: Michael's main power, along with Shock and Awe, starting with We Are Our Adventuring Avatars; he can do an Ice Beam attack, a lightning attack, and a mini-Freeze Shock. Even the electricity and ice are bonded together for him to move fast and fuse his sword with his powers.
  • Legacy Character: The Red Lightspeed Rangers and the Lunara Knights, all in their Generation Xerox sort of deal. And as an added bonus, some of the family members that became them are still alive. This makes them the most triumphant examples in this game.
  • Necromancer: Catherine, of all people! All thanks to her special magical ability, Dread Zombie.
  • Not Quite Dead: They always pull this off in some form or another, see below for their individual examples. Obviously, aside from the only one who didn't dabble into this (read: Andreus), the only Graysons who stayed dead are Carter's parents and, of course, Matt.
  • Rookie Red Ranger: Carter/Catherine, Michael, Alyx, and Victoria all were this at one point. The former three didn't keep their powers for long. As of "Alyx's Origins", Alyx regained his; Catherine...kind of if we count her Red Lightspeed Ranger form from her Red Legendary Ranger powers. Michael, in particular, had the shortest reign as the Red Lightspeed Ranger ever.
  • Soul Power: In Matt's spirit form, he knew Shadow Ball and Shadow Punch.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Aside from the individual examples, "Grayson" or "Greyson"? Unlike the individual examples, however, the player herself noted that particular spelling.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Despite all the crap the family went through, they all made it out in the end. Michael learned to be a hero without using any powers, Victoria learned how to be a more effective leader, and Rika ended up being resurrected as a Juuma Demon. Catherine, for all of her troubles, got the best ending of all: she became the embodiment of all Red Rangers and an example for them to follow, she kept Golomois' promise for a peaceful future between humans and demons, and she remained married to Kotohime.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Victoria is the Tomboy, Alyx used to be the Girly Girl until she got Character Development—and even then, she was this to Phyllis. Catherine and A!Rika are in the middle, but the former is justified due to her being the Gender Bender.

Michael Wesley Grayson/Red Lightspeed Ranger II/IV/Lunara Knight II
As Michelle
"My mother was the Red Lightspeed Ranger. My adoptive father? The Red Space Ranger. I'm now a part of them."
"So you kidnapped me...and threatened to kill my mom...only because she realized that she can't have two romantic partners at once. That is just fucked up."

The son of Carter/Catherine Grayson, Michael was born on April 26th, 2010, after the Future arc. He was cared by his mother very much, and he usually brought joy to her life. Nothing much happened to him until he and Catherine drowned in the Pokemon arc, which was the trigger to have Sedna take his mother after the Writer arc. Andros took care of the baby until he grew up, and then he took on his mother's former position as the new Red Lightspeed Ranger.

He was captured by Lucrezia and transformed into a Construct known as the Rangerslayer. During the Revenge Arc, the Rangerslayer upgraded into a different look: Neo-Rangerslayer. This form is a lot more brutal, but he eventually got better before the fight with Lucrezia, Rika, and Catherine. After that, he blamed himself and felt guilty over what he did, but he got better.

Sometime between the Naruto and Legion of Doom arcs, Michael decided to take a break away from the group. Unfortunately, during said break, Maria and Legato showed up to fight him. All of Michael's memories as the Red Lightspeed Ranger were taken away and crushed, leaving him powerless until Eirin and the Kappas outfitted him into a cyborg ninja body.

In "Sins of the Past", while trying to avenge Rika's death, Michael attempted to attack Golomois. However, he ended up being cursed as a result. With the help of Rika and Ryan, he made a potion that would not let the curse bother him. In the end of the arc, he helped out with Golomois at the price of his Lunara Knight powers, but he was cured of his curse.

Years later, after living in semi-retirement with his family (wife Melody and adopted son Takeshi), Michael decided to rejoin the group, under the condition that he can visit his family every now and then.

  • All There in the Manual: The liveblogs of Power Rangers: Revolution to Sailor Moon Legend of Zelda shows what Michael was up to after his adventures in WAOA and WAOAA. The Cyborg Davis liveblog also shows him reawakening his Red Lightspeed Ranger powers.
  • Balloon Belly: Takes after his mother. At some points, it's only made even worse: Michael ate over 1,000 burgers and had a harder time working it off. He then gained huge amounts of weight as a result of faulty nanomachines, to the point where even working it off would not work. That was, until Tim fixed that problem by converting the weight into energy.
  • Berserk Button: Insulting or hurting his mother.
  • Disney Death: While battling against the Archangels, Michael was blown apart by his namesake. Satan revived him, however.
  • Emergency Transformation: Even though he initially lost his memories as the Red Lightspeed Ranger, Michael took his new form as a cyborg ninja well, however.
  • Expy: Starting from his reappearance on, Michael became an expy to Raiden, specifically when the latter appeared in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, if he later became the Red Lightspeed Ranger again. Aside from them being cyborg ninjas, both characters share the same personalities of being nice guys who would not hesitate to fight when pushed in the right direction; and from We Are Our Adventuring Avatars on, both have similar appearancesnote .
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: As of the moon arc, while Michael maintains his ice and lightning powers, he has occasional fire powers as a result of getting hit too many times with fire-based attacks.
  • Gender Bender: In the grand tradition of giving the family their own Gender Flip forms, Michael's alternate form is Michelle Grayson. First used when the Chew Toy status got to be too much, but then returned in the second Monster Hunter arc.
  • Has Two Mommies: Even though one, Andros (who, in a way, did most of the raising), was a Human Alien, and the other, Matt, was dead. It can't get more screwed up than that.
  • Identical Grandson:
    • Michael would look exactly like Carter if he remained male and had a haircut. His resemblance has been commented in-game.
    • Presumably, due to the Graysons' source material's liking of the trope, Michael would also look exactly like Carter's dad, making him a literal example of the trope.
  • Parental Abandonment: Kind of. Justified as, as stated above, Catherine was taken away by Sedna. And at least Andros got to raise the child.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: After the Writer arc, he grew from a baby to 20 years old, as a result of being raised in a different universe.
  • That Came Out Wrong: When he was body-swapped with Catherine, he later admitted that he didn't mind being in his mom's body after a while. Three guesses as to why it came out wrong. First two do not count.
  • Took a Level in Badass: As a result of promising to get better and watching Silver's film. He even gained a whole new appearance (muscles and a beard) out of it! But it didn't work out...until he became the cyborg ninja.
  • Transforming Mecha: Like a few other Rangers before him, he can turn himself into his own Megazord, by activating a command that allows his Rail Rescue 1 Zord to fuse with him.
  • Unwitting Pawn: First to an Other of Flandre Scarlet when he followed directions and took a wand on her behalf (it doesn't have any magic, though), then during the second Ozbourne Arc when the enemies he defeated formed a dome. The group was endangered both times. The poor guy just can't win.
  • Weapon of Choice: Plenty to choose from.
    • The ninja-to, which can be fused with lightning and ice to perform elemental slash attacks. It can also transform into the V-Lancer when morphed as the Red Lightspeed Ranger.
    • He used a katana when he started as a cyborg ninja, but he used his ninja-to far more, as the katanas were prone to actually not be as effective.

Carter/Catherine Grayson/Red Lightspeed Ranger I/Lunara Knight I/Ultimate Red Legendary Ranger
"I'm Carter Grayson. Lightspeed Rescue. Red Ranger."

Formerly of Lightspeed Rescue, Carter was doing a Bicycle Safety PSA until a fan chased him. He entered a portal, and he joined the group on crazy adventures. At one point, the Peeps see him and declare that he's an honorary Peep after saving one of them, but he morphs into action. Because of his red armor, he is the Third Peep. And that's just one example...

In the Pikadevil's Hell arc, Carter wished to become female after the third level of Hell—and he received it, calling herself "Catherine." During that arc, she became pregnant and gave birth to her son, Michael Grayson, all while facing other threats such as the battle between the heroes, the Darkness, and Morning Star/Satan.

Catherine ended up dying multiple times: twice in the Pokémon arc, and once when she lost against the Rangerslayer, turning her into a Revenant with the identity of the Lunara Knight. After she was restored, she spent a long time out of action for the most part—save for a few heroic actions. Later, Catherine returned in the second And Now for Someone Completely Different arc. After that relationship-testing adventure, Catherine retired and lived with her girlfriend, Kotohime. When she patrolled around the Full Metal Alchemist world, a bolt of lightning struck her and turned her back into Carter. He decided to talk to his family and plan with them to take turns saving lives, and he gained back the ability to change genders at will.

In Alyx's Origins, Catherine discovered that her "sibling", Alyx, is actually her Other. Upon seeing her death, and even when Alyx turned herself into her true form, she decided to help and protect her ally at all costs. She, with the help of her family and old team, succeeded, and Alyx gave her a new power, the Red Legendary Ranger powers, for her trouble. A few months after helping the people of Arkenea out, Catherine married Kotohime. But during the wedding, it was destroyed when Golomois crashed it. After a long arc and a fierce battle with Golomois, Catherine unlocked the Ultimate Red Wave, gaining immortality. Two years later, she remained happily married to Kotohime.

She has a team of five Pokemon that we know about: Empoleon, Aggron, Gallade, Tropius, and Pikachu.

Tropes Applying to Catherine Grayson:

  • All There in the Manual: Catherine's disappearance via random Whateverversal rifts are documented in two of Arcadiarika's liveblogs, Super Sentai Vs. Power Rangers (at least the first few chapters) and The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II. Her later adventures between the then-final arc and her reappearance in Silver City are also documented in the liveblogs for Power Rangers: Revolution to Sailor Moon Legend of Zelda.
  • Back from the Dead: Catherine and Michael drowned when they had to jump off a ship, but they were entangled in seaweed. They briefly became ghosts, and as their bodies were retrieved, they went back to the world of the living. And after the Curse of the Sea mini-arc, she was revived. Again.
  • Becoming the Costume: She became an actual Hot Witch after George's attempt to make her outfit more tasteful backfired.
  • Big Damn Heroes: She, and later her entire family and the Lightspeed Rangers, made one in the final battle during "Alyx's Origins", showing up just before the Black Soldiers were able to kill Alyx. Complete with her making a Dynamic Entry by blasting the Black Soldiers with her customized V-Lancer!
    Sorry to have missed the party, but regardless? The ceremony is fucking over. You will not try to kill my Other again tonight.
  • Broken Pedestal: Looked up to Yumiko and befriended her until she took a part of Alduin's soul. She, even though she stole Tomes and resurrected the dead, was suitably disgusted, callng Yumiko out in a What the Hell, Hero? speech.
  • Canon Foreigner:
    • The Lunara Knight's suit is actually from Rescue Sentai GoGoFive, worn then by Jiku, Beast Demon-Hunter Zeek. Some footage of Go Go V was made into Lightspeed Rescue, though the suit was a part of the things that weren't used in the actual series.
    • The (Ultimate) Red Legendary Ranger's suit is based on AkaRed in GoGo Sentai Boukenger; even the powers are the same but expanded on and given limitations.
  • Future Me Scares Me: When the group went into the future, Carter/Catherine said this about her (mostly) permanently-female future self. The 49-year-old version was revealed to have lost the first child—Michael—as an adolescent while rescuing a family from a fire, and after the death, Catherine asked to have Laser-Guided Amnesia. Instead, the ray blinded her.
  • Gender Bender: Carter's female form, Catherine, obtained during the journey to the third level of Pikadevil's Hell. Turned out that it was an illusion, much to his dismay, but Yukari did give him the power to change gender at will.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Catherine's relationship with Alyx was definitely a sisterly bond. Once Catherine knew who Alyx really is, that bond grew. Justified as the two are Others of each other, and Catherine—in a way—did save Alyx's life and gave him another chance of living.
  • Locked into Strangeness: After spending 6,500 years in the oceans as a ghost, Catherine was revived with silver hair. She maintains it even when she de-ages into a 16-year-old.
  • Mama Bear: Catherine is usually either bubbly or downright crazy. However, if any villain dares to hurt her family, she will go berserk on them.
  • Scars Are Forever: Catherine will keep her scars from a dragon fight. Which, by the way, involved half of her face gaining third-degree burns and the entire rest of her body electrified by powerful lightning.
  • Screw Yourself: She took fertility drugs instead of a headache medicine thanks to Ryan Mitchell's prank. The pills screwed up with her reproductive system, ending up pregnant with Michael.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": "Catherine", "Cathrine", or "Catherene"?
  • Superpower Lottery: The shining example of the trope out of pretty much everyone. Back then, she had to juggle between her giant Blastoise Gijinka, Eldritch, Lunara Knight, and the Gun-EZ forms, all having different powers and abilities. But then they were all erased for a while, allowing her a chance to become strong and an effective leader (at least when her family and the Lightspeed Rangers are concerned) without her powers. Then in "Alyx's Origins", she wielded her customized V-Lancer and gained the Red Legendary Ranger's powers (the V-Lancer was later added as the Red Lightspeed Ranger's weapon), obtained some magical spells on Halloween, and she obtained a few Super Mario Bros. power-ups and the Omni-tool. To make it a long story short: she became broken, then nerfed, then went all the way back up to broken again.
  • Unsettling Gender Reveal: The way to ruin a sultry scene she herself created? Reveal that Catherine's a man. Once done to Zapp by Red, the second was done when she herself dropped one on Other Apala.

Tropes Applying to Both Characters:

  • Awesome, but Impractical: The Red Ranger powers do have limits. Namely, they can't use a form again until they go through several more forms, said form(s) have to be used for the duration of the battle, and the forms themselves are limited to one weapon. No Zords can be summoned in each form, either, except for Victoria's and the Gun-EZ. As of the finale of "Sins of the Past", however, upon becoming the Ultimate Red Legendary Ranger, the "can't use a form again until they go through several more forms" rule is thrown out the window.
  • Balloon Belly:
    • Gained one during the Pokemon arc as a result of overeating. Carter actually had to work it off, unlike most other examples of the Trope.
    • And then it happened again when she was briefly a personification of Gluttony. However, even after the spell ended, she was happy with her gained weight. This happened a lot more often than not for her, until it was later phased out altogether.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Dear God, was it bad. It's a double whammy since Carter and Catherine are Rangers and firefighters. And even though they're balancing their life between saving universes, spending time with their family, and being with Kotohime, it's still there. It led to an albeit-funny—but still embarrassing—moment where Carter left Jennifer to help Martin, not realizing that she got confused. Whoops. This accident lightly deconstructs the trope, however, making him realize that he can take longer breaks and have his entire family involved in the Whateververse patrols (and, thus, people-rescuing). Finally has eased out, as she realizes that she and her family can only be called when the Whateververse needs them the most. It took the Skyrim arc to finally make it official, however.
  • Fountain of Youth: After using an aging spell, Catherine now looks 16.
  • Guardian of the Multiverse: Mild version—they don't call Carter/Catherine "the Multiversal Ranger" for nothing, much to his (her) slight embarrassment.
  • Hidden Depths: Normally, Carter/Catherine can be caring and helpful to all members of the group (and even those who aren't in said group). But if someone's being a jerk and uncaring about the opposite sex? As seen in Unsettling Gender Reveal, Carter can be a damn good troll to any sexist asshole.
  • Mr Fix It: Got a problem involving technology? They'll fix (most of) them.
  • Official Couple: With an alternate universe version of Kotohime. Yes, you read that right—someone who isn't Dana Mitchell ended up being with Catherine/Carter.
  • Older Than They Look: Despite being 6,529 years old due to serving under Sedna (and, thus, aging normally), Catherine still was 29 despite looking several decades older.
  • Power Copying: As the Red Legendary Ranger, Carter/Catherine can transform into any previous Red Ranger, even their own.
  • Team Mom: To the point where (s)he's pretty much the closest thing to a parental figure to some characters of the group, namely Hansel and Gretel. The fact that (s)he's a parent (and grandparent) her/himself doesn't hurt.

Matt/Red Cyborg Ranger
"Ah, the fear. Doesn't it feel good, Carter?"

Formerly of My Little Eye, Matthew Charles Grayson (or "Matt" for short) is the Dark Other of Carter. He made his first appearance after the third level of Hell as a voice. Throughout his other appearances, he was revealed to be a spirit, remaining in Pikadevil's Hell as punishment for killing his own houseguests. In the fourth level of Hell, Carter thought that he destroyed Matt once and for all after fighting him in order to regain his freedom. Unfortunately for the true Red Ranger, Adrian Tepes wanted to recruit the spirit.

Ever since then, Matt was around, trying to mess with our heroes—especially his heroic counterpart—and sometimes taking sides for his amusement. Finally, he wished to take control of Carter's body, but Adrian ultimately told the Other that he would have the body of the Red Cyborg Ranger.

Matt was re-killed when Hilarity Ensues stabbed him in the chest with a sword, and the Other of Yukari took his body for a sinister plan—rebuild his body as a cyborg and insert the Retconinator inside him. Prior to The Reveal, he decided to rejoin the group in order to defeat Pikadevil, and he re-rejoined again so he could see his body destroyed in order to finally rest in peace. In the end, after a fierce battle, Matt possessed the Retconinator and was obliterated by the combined forces of Xenos, Yuri, and Zawman.

According to Word of God, after the Heroic Sacrifice, Matt became the Lightspeed Spirit Guardian, protecting the spirits of Mariner Bay in the Power Rangers afterlife. Because of that, he's now part of an elite group of deceased Ranger heroes (and Udonna, the Mystic Mother), known as the Spirit Guardian Rangers.

  • Actor Allusion: The only reason (or a major one, really) why his player declared Matt and Carter to be Others of each other is because they're both portrayed by the same actor.
  • The Atoner: Pretty much makes up his personality after The Darkness vs. Satan/Morning Star arc. Not so coincidentally, his player admitted that because of this take, Matt ended up being her favorite character to play.
  • Famous Last Words:
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: If we ultimately list the number of times he's turned from good to bad and then back again, we'd be here all day.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: After Yoh lost to Joey Wheeler, the Seal of Orichalcos activated to take his soul. Matt floated into the seal and pushed Yoh out, making sure that he would be captured instead. Also, when he fused with the Retconinator, he allowed Xenos, Yuri, and Zawman to kill him.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While Matt can be ruthless and downright bitter at times, he does have moments of kindness such as his involvement with the finale of the Morning Star/Satan vs. The Darkness arc and his two Heroic Sacrifices.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Or so he thought. In reality, he was actually annoying.
  • Only I Can Kill Him: Matt was the only person to defeat the Retconinator. And vice versa.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Matt, in spirit form, had a few physical traits. Most noticeable was when he punched the Retconinator in the head, expecting it to be phased through.
  • Spirit Advisor: Presumably becomes this to all the other Spirit Guardian Rangers, but definitely moreso to his Other and her family. Despite never being able to come to them.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?:
    • His team of Pokémon just up and disappeared. Five of them are now in the care of Catherine's children. The last one, his Articuno, is released by his request—he didn't know that he shouldn't own a Legendary Pokemon, but it does visit the Grayson children from time to time.
    • What happened to his Red Cyborg Ranger powers? His player states that it is in the hands of his Other's Operation Lightspeed group, kept in a safe place so that no one can steal it.

Rika Elizabeth Grayson/Juuma Demoness Mizuka
Rika, first as a human...
...then as a Togekiss

The Author Avatar of the Troper herself, Rika was first introduced when the group entered a random convention. She, along with a few Tropers, joined along for the ride, even (briefly) seeing Mount Olympius before she was turned to stone. She wouldn't even become human again until Carter/Catherine, in his/her rage, blasted her, forcing her to reassemble.

In the Pokemon arc, Rika became a Togekiss, remaining in that form for all of it. She even became one of Xenos's Pokemon, and despite it, she was treated more like a human than a Pokemon, even having a liking for getting petted. However, in the Author Avatar arc, she had her Author powers restored and was turned human, the only Author allowed to defeat Helmut. She eventually succeeded against Helmut, but at the cost of losing the Tectrixcalibur, the weapon that was supposed to be used to defeat the Writer. Despite this, she made a few retcons, and she became a Togekiss again...but she doubted that she was really a hero. Even then, she still remained a Jerkass, making the Graysons' lives a living hell.

After the adventures, she trained with the Graysons and Andros in a rotating style, until the latter had the bright idea to use her for a particularly powerful foe. Said foe turned the Togekiss back into a human, something she wouldn't forget. Nowadays, aside from helping out, she would have...a rather interesting relationship with Catherine. Especially now that she was transformed into a man and called himself "Rico".

Rika/Rico had retired from the group, however, and was Walking the Multiverse, doing her own soul-searching. In the Nethervegas world, Rika returned, several years older. She gained a Determinator attitude, and at some point, she became pregnant with some monster spawns, saving Carter from the fate. Eventually, she realized that, during a chat with Katsuun, she was like a Grayson so much that they've become her extended family. Catherine, too, realized it, and she decided to officially adopt Rika, making her part of the Grayson family at last.

In Hoenn, she gave birth to the three humanized spawns: Nicholas, Shannon, and Darren. Due to this, she mainly kept out of the spotlight in order to raise her children. She had, however, a current team of six Pokemon: Ninetales, Breloom, Feraligatr, [[DishingOutDirt Swampert, Linoone, and Crobat.

In "Sins of the Past", while trying to help the Lightspeed Rangers defeat Golomois, Rika was killed when Golomois slashed her. Even though her body's mortally wounded, a spirit that resembled her appeared. It turned out to be Rika herself, having not crossed over yet because she had unfinished business: namely, to help the Graysons out after putting them through so much trouble in the past. She assisted with Michael and Ryan to help him find a cure, and at the end, she helped Golomois on the goal to bring peace. She was also revived as a demon, as thanks for her help.

As it turned out, though, this Rika is nothing more than a "hologram" in name only, a creation by the real Rika (from the Rika Liveblogs series) as part of an experiment to experience traveling without ever leaving her home. However, seeing how she became a character on her own, she allowed this Rika to be her own person, later doing it to the same to her other allies.

Tropes Applying to Rika:

  • Acrofatic: She moves pretty swiftly despite being so fat. One example? She had to adapt to that quickly when the soldiers start forcing the group into some shirts, dodging them.
  • Balloon Belly: Gained one in the Full Metal Alchemist world as a result of overeating and, as an added bonus, a Gaki being inside her body. She learns to embrace her body.
  • Brown Note: Used as a weapon against the demons in "Alyx's Origins". The song in question? "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO, which worked surprisingly well.
  • Demonic Possession: Though the Gaki is not harmful towards her. It only wants to eat, after all, and it doesn't disrupt her life in any other way.
  • The Ditz: To the point where she didn't realize that Bart was pickpocketing her. And she allowed him to keep $100 and a (fake) watch. This has been phased out.
  • Famous Last Words: "I'll do what the Lightspeed Rangers failed to do! I'll send you straight to Hell, Golomois!" During the battle against Golomois; his reply: "Hell shall wait!"
  • I Have Many Names: Mirroring her player's getting of her nicknames, she was either called "Rika", "Arcadia", or the rare "Arca". This was confirmed when Michael starts calling her "Arcadia" to avoid confusion with another Rika (specifically, Etheru's OC). However, as of the adoption, she calls herself "Rika Grayson".
  • Irony: As mentioned above, she was a fan of Carter, but once she stuck to Xenos, she grew even more cruel towards his female form and her family. Ouch. Luckily, after a while, she got better.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Aside from her water-based soul magic, she had other powers up the wazoo, most of them never seen again. However, she used her Ultimate Retcon attack, making sure that she's restricted to one attack.
  • Not Quite Dead: Was brought back as a spirit, and was later resurrected as a demon.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Among the deity-based Author Avatars, from Sapph's architecture and Hilarity's Order to Ozzy's Keeper of the Seal of Air, and even mysterious Author Avatars like Lemurian, what does A Rika even have? Eating a lot, gaining weight, and being adopted by a Ranger family. Justified, as she's not even close to being a deity/nigh-omniscient, and she's uninterested in being those sorts of things or special overall, anyway, though she does show some concerns of being powerless from time to time. She was, however, the first Author Avatar to actually die. Even though she was resurrected, she wasn't exactly her old self anymore.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: She aged up to 29 years old, as a result of spending time in a world where she became a sumo wrestler.
  • Squee!: Does this to anything she perceives to be cute. Or if she sees a Carter Grayson.

Tropes Applying to Rico:

  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Rico decides to break up with Catherine once Kotohime appears, thinking that she deserves her more. And despite an argument, he was right, as they got back together.

Tropes Applying to Both Characters:

  • Physical God: Averted. Rika/Rico is, so far, one of the few Author Avatars who isn't a God or something close/similar to it, Ultimate Retcon notwithstanding. Her player (no pun intended) stated that she would never make her/him one.

Victoria Christine Grayson/Red Lightspeed Ranger III
"I was going to use something a lot tamer, but sure. Let's go with that."

The twin "sister" of Michael Grayson and "daughter" of Carter/Catherine Grayson. Victoria was the male twin of Michael when the latter fell into the Spring of Drowned Twins, and both had to be locked with the Pot and Ladle of Preservation. To make it so that she was different from her twin, Victoria fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl and was mode-locked in that form, too. Until her separation, Victoria had all of Michael's memories, and she has a very close bond with her "brother".

During the Tournament Arc, Victoria was transformed into a cyborg by Hilarity Ensues, allowing her access to all kinds of weapons. However, at the end, she requested to become pregnant with a demigod to Poseidon, thinking that she doesn't have long to live (as there's a game that would risk her life), and her wish was granted. She eventually gave birth to Andreus.

After some time as a cyborg (where her power was stolen by her evil Other) and an Eldritch Abomination, Victoria became human, questioning her purpose for a while. However, after Michael returned to the group, his Rescue Morpher was passed down to her, now becoming the third Red Lightspeed Ranger.

  • Acrofatic: Pretty much a given, as despite being so obese, she's still the Red Lightspeed Ranger, thus capable of kicking ass and saving lives. Along with A Rika, Victoria was one of the few female examples. Until she lost weight.
  • Ascended Extra: Since her "retirement", she had a larger role in both "Alyx's Origins" and "Sins of the Past".
  • Fat and Proud: Unlike Catherine and Michael, Victoria actually kept her bloated body, and she was happy with it.
  • Gender Bender: Victoria was originally a man. Just like her, er..."parent", Carter/Catherine.
  • Official Couple: With Lrith. No, really.
  • Out of Focus: Out of all the Graysons, with the exceptions of Andreus and Alyx, Victoria has the least screentime. As a result, at the time, her negativity was shown more than anything else. In the fourth session, though, she got more screentime than her brother, Michael (ironic since it was his birthday in-game, too), showing her positivity.
  • Pinocchio Syndrome: Inverted. She was happy to be a cyborg.

Andreus Grayson
"Being a God is like being a leader. You can prove it, but you also have responsibilities to uphold. What do you want to do? What is your fate? Will it be for good or ill? How would your fellow allies react?"

Demigod grandson of Catherine/Carter Grayson, and son of Victoria Grayson and Poseidon.

He first appeared in the Revenge of the Spark arc, where he was born before the battle began. Victoria raised him up to adulthood, and he reappeared again when the group rescued Catherine from Team Rocket. He was your typical example of a Jerkass (Demi)God until he was bussed again, after which his personality took a complete 180.

When he reappeared again, he attempted to be helpful towards Deanne, helping her as to why she was chosen to have a Goddess' powers. During it, he was turned into an Alakazam, and he decided to keep his form, until he unknowingly changed back thanks to an alternate universe version of Eirin.

  • Spell My Name with an "S": For whatever reason, "Andreus" is misspelt by a few players as "Andros". However, he's also misspelt as "Andreas".
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In the space between the Team Rocket arc and when Deanne wanted to find out why she was chosen to have a fraction of Gaia's power, Andreus had greatly mellowed out.

Alyx/Carter Alexander Grayson-Simmons, King of Arkenea/Red Lightspeed Ranger (Other)
"Seeing things with a childish wonder, Alyx Grayson!"
"...eventually, I should realize that there's no need to run anymore. Regardless of whether I have my powers or not, I will face them."

The Literal Split Personality of Carter/Catherine Grayson, later revealed to be an Other of the Ranger.

Alyx may have been Carter, but the problem was, her past was never restored, let alone defined. So Tommy ended up looking for a spirit seeker in the hopes of restoring Alyx's memories of her past, and it was revealed that she was killed. Upon that revelation, along with the possibility of her Ranger allies being alive, Alyx then turned into what she believed to be her true form in the hopes of having them recognize her.

Later, more memories were revealed. Prior to her death, Alyx—then a man—and his Ranger team faced a group of enemies, and they used teleportation stones during the chaos. He was then turned into a woman, living with Joel in the meantime until they were forced to leave when the enemies showed up. Alyx managed to flee, and Joel sacrificed his life to save her. It was this memory where Alyx realized that he was indeed Carter Grayson, Catherine's Other.

Finally, Ms. Fairweather-Rawlings managed to fix Alyx's broken morpher, and he used it to not only morph, but open up a portal to his Mariner Bay. There awaited the Dark Sorcerer. He summoned the Black Soldiers, and they proceeded to destroy Alyx until Catherine and her group managed to get to them. They managed to defeat the Sorcerer and save his Mariner Bay. After all that, even though he would keep some of his powers, he gave parts of it into the Red Legendary Ranger morpher as a gift to his Other for saving his life.

Alyx has since moved on with his life, eventually giving up his hope of falling in love with Dana, as everything changed. He fell in love with Hayley Simmons, the queen of Arkenea after Hal's father was poisoned, and became the father to his son, Michael.

Alyx has a team of three Pokemon, with six in the PC as backup: Blaziken, Typhlosion, Umbreon, Jigglypuff, Azurill, Lillipup, Pichu, Skitty, and Latias.

  • Badass Normal: She doesn't have any powers and many weapons, if at all. That still doesn't stop her from holding her own in battle.
  • Balloon Belly: Gained a literal one after accidentally swallowing a gum that allows bubbles to be created. Not that she minds.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Completely went off on Web after growing tired of the latter's stupidity and thinking that he was going to kill him. Unfortunately, it made him completely insane in the process, to the point where he was sent to a mental hospital.
  • Characterization Marches On: From a weak whiner to a happy and bubbly Manchild to a serious, but perhaps no less bubbly ex-Red Lightspeed Ranger who has an interest in pretty much everything.
  • The Chosen One: Specifically, he's the only Ranger who can go back to Mariner Bay with his morpher, and the only Ranger who can defeat the Dark Sorcerer.
  • Combining Mecha: The Victory Gundam HEXA, which, like his Other with her Gun-EZ, he can fuse to become a Gundam Girl.
  • Expy: Personality-wise, of Natsuki. Right down to the Mysterious Past.
  • Gender Bender: As it turned out, Alyx's female form was not her true form. She was actually a man until the incident occurred.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Assumed that Cheruabel would still be good despite killing millions of people. She was wrong. Luckily, Asagi led the girl away from him before she could do anything he would tell her to do.
  • Important Haircut: Her hair's a lot shorter (and, of course, dyed pink, something she repeatedly mentioned in her return), which symbolizes her change in personality, as she's a lot braver and more open to the group than what she used to be in the past.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Became a human-dragon hybrid after the birth of his Michael.
  • Mr. Seahorse: Became pregnant and gave birth to his Michael during his time as king consort.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Yes, he may be an Other of Carter Grayson, and thus have his badass moments. Yes, he can be dead serious. But not only does he care about family, he really, really loves cute things (plushies, Pokemon, etc).
  • Sweet Tooth: That causes her to have a sugar rush. Every single time.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Considering all the crap Alyx went through, both in his past life and his second life, being crowned King, marrying a Queen to make it official, and ruling peacefully is a happy ending for him.

Sean and Cordelia Grayson

Carter/Catherine's parents. So far, all we know about them is that, when the then-future Red Lightspeed Ranger was young, they were killed in a fire. This was the very same fire in which Carter was rescued by Captain Mitchell. They appeared in a brief moment, when they saw their baby grandson, Michael, and wished their child luck. They reappeared in Nethervegas, where they did a little bit more—namely, telling Catherine to get over their deaths and remember the more positive moments, and they told her how they approve of the relationship with Kotohime (presumably so that the latter doesn't have to worry about whether or not they approve of her, if she ever has that worry).

  • Gender Bender: Though not technically, they ended up possessing the possessors, regardless of gender. Lampshaded, possibly, by Sean when he possessed Maya Fey.
    "Carter! How are you—why am I in a dress?"
  • Identical Grandson: Presumably, Sean would look exactly like Carter and Michael, the latter in which if he wouldn't get a haircut.
  • No Name Given: In-game, they are always either known as "the parents", "(Carter/Catherine's) Mom and Dad", or "Mr. and Mrs. Grayson". Until the aforementioned reappearance in Nethervegas, where they addressed themselves by their first and last names to the group.


Andros/Red Space Ranger
Andros, before the bad stuff happened
As the Masked Hero
"Dude, shut the fuck up."

The Red Space Ranger himself, once was the savior of his home universe. However, he fell quite far from his heroic standards, obsessing over his sister and being an absolute jerk to everyone. He was first seen with Catherine in the Pokemon arc, and they rejoined the group...but a few days after that, he was targeted by the Writer.

Despite his jerk attitude, Andros did have moments where he helped the group out. He made sure to keep the book safe when it was time to defeat the Writer. He transferred the Eldritch Abomination spawn from Mika into his own body. When Catherine was taken by Sedna, he saw to it to raise Michael, being regarded as his (semi-)adopted father figure. And during the second And Now for Someone Completely Different arc, he realized the meaning of humanity.

Zordon, even in the afterlife, not only took Andros' powers away, but he was permanently disconnected from the Morphing Grid, ensuring that he would never become a Power Ranger ever again. Determined to reinvent himself as a hero, his attitude somewhat changed, going from a negative person to a kind person who wouldn't say "no" to a snark or two, remaining level-headed for once in his life. And to top it all off, he went to the Dark Senate and became the Masked Hero, complete with optional hero voice.

  • Informed Flaw: His obsession with Karone, which has been mentioned a few times and is less touched upon than his attitude.

Kotohime (Alyx's Origins — Sins of the Past)

Carter/Catherine's girlfriend (later fiancee and wife), hailing from an alternate Gensokyo.

The two were living together in Mariner Bay when Catherine decided to do the usual Whateververse patrolling. When she was turned into Carter, she was definitely shocked when she found out. Despite this, she accepts him for who he is and stated that he still had pretty silver hair.

In "Alyx's Origins", she, along with the Lightspeed Rangers, helped the Graysons out on both Alyx's quest to regain his memories and the final battles between them and the Dark Sorcerer's forces.

Please see here for information about Kotohime prior to Alyx's Origins.''

  • The Ditz: Not as bad as pre-adoption Arcadiarika and, for that matter, Carter's ex-girlfriend Dana Mitchell, but she still has her moments. For example, she points to the wrong direction of where Catherine and Alyx are in the Aquabase until Kelsey corrected her.
  • Last of His Kind: She was one of the few who escaped from the destruction of her Gensokyo.
  • Odd Friendship: With not only the Grayson family, but the Lightspeed Rangers as well. Considering that Kotohime somewhat thought of science to be heresy until she got used to how the Lightspeed Rangers lived; and the Lightspeed Rangers and the family consists of a mostly-immortal Gender Bender who happens to also be her girlfriend (Carter/Catherine), twin siblings who are still Rangers—with one of them being a cyborg ninja as well (Michael and Victoria), a water-wielding demigod grandson (Andreus), an adopted ascended fangirl (Rika), the Other of said gender-bending girlfriend who used to be completely childish but is now mellowed down (Alyx), a Ranger who married one of the Lightspeed crew members and once called himself the "Sky Cowboy" (Joel), another Ranger who once worked at Sea World-esque amusement parks and had a romantic relationship with a mermaid (Chad), another one who insists that "crazy" is her middle name, with the abilities to match (Kelsey), a Ranger who is an absolute ditz and somehow became a doctor—oh, and said Ranger is the ex-girlfriend of the gender-bended Red Ranger (Dana), and a Sixth Ranger who can switch from being serious to attempt to trolling and then back again, and was also a major key player in helping the team beat their demons (Ryan)...

The Lightspeed Rangers

Exactly What It Says on the Tin, Catherine's other Lightspeed Rangers are Chad Lee, Joel Rawlings, Dana Mitchell, Kelsey Winslow, and Ryan Mitchell. They all first appeared in the Writer arc, helping the group in trying to figure out how to stop the Retconinator. A year in real life time later, they all reappeared to help Catherine and Alyx in "Alyx's Origins".

  • Ascended Extra: From just being there and helping the group out in trying to figure out how to stop the Retconinator in between the "Tale of Two Yukaris" and "The Writer" arc to actively helping Catherine's family in "Alyx's Origins".
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Nice job switching Catherine's headache medicine with fertility pills, Ryan.
  • The Quiet One: Chad. Especially when he had a Heroic BSoD, in which he could barely muster a hoarse whisper.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Ever since Captain William Mitchell retired after the events of Lightspeed Rescue, Ryan became this. Whether he's actually reasonable or not is left to debate.
  • True Companions: Especially when in "Alyx's Origins", both they and Catherine's family expressed their interests to help her out after she decides to go. Even though she was sick.

(Ret.) Captain William Mitchell

Dana and Ryan Mitchell's father, William was the former Captain for Operation Lightspeed, and thus former mentor of the Lightspeed Rangers. He once saved Catherine, back when she was Carter, from a fire, though he was sadly unable to save her parents. Even with his retirement, he can still assist the Rangers if needed.

He first appeared as an official for Catherine and Kotohime's wedding. When Golomois showed up, he was knocked out. Later, while recovering from his injuries, he started to do some research in regards to the demon and Catherine's ancestors. He later revealed more about the tribes, including why Golomois wanted revenge against the Lunara Tribe—later known as the Graysons. He did not, however, know how Michael can be cured from his curse, nor who caused the fire that killed Catherine's parents.

  • Ascended Extra: Showed up in the beginning of the "Sins of the Past" arc. He becomes important later.

Udonna/White Mystic Ranger/Empress of All Good Magic
"'ll find the answer. And when you do, you'll realize that you're a true Red Ranger. Ask yourself this: what would happen if you choose to spare Golomois? What will you gain if you kill him?"

The Mentor for the Mystic Rangers, ascended as the new Empress of All Good Magic and Mystic Spirit Guardian after the Mystic Mother retired. She first appeared with the rest of the Spirit Guardians, discussing the idea of briefly bringing back Catherine's parents, so that way they can talk to her. She talked to Rika, and the Author Avatar agreed to let Catherine's parents appear, but only on one condition: she must give up her powers.

Udonna appeared again, this time in "Sins of the Past". Here, Rika, who was a spirit at that time, managed to find her, and she went to Mariner Bay. She assisted by finding out the location of the sword fragment, suffering through a lot of pain due to the dark magic, and it was revealed that the fragment was part of Golomois' sword when he caused the fire. After that, she gave Catherine a pep talk...and some mysterious foreshadowing as well.

  • Ascended Extra: Showed up in a few brief scenes prior to "Sins of the Past". She becomes very important in said arc later.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Very different from the other Spirit Guardians in that she didn't have to die to become one of them, and she can descend if she so wished.
  • Big Good: She becomes the Empress of All Good Magic—and, consequently, the Mystic Spirit Guardian—after the Mystic Mother retired. It's also implied that she doesn't just focus on her team, but rather anyone who uses good magic. Even those who later turn to evil.
  • Ethereal White Dress: Always clad in white, experienced death from all sides.
  • Physical God: Due to her just ascending instead of, like most of the Spirit Guardians (including Matt), dying and then ascending later on.

Orion/Super Megaforce Silver
"...I have to say, the magic all sounds pretty new to me."

The Sixth Ranger from Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Orion first appeared in the And Now for Someone Completely Different arc, initially going to visit Michael until a bad portal accident happened and ended up joining the group at the train station.

He is always fascinated with everything that he sees, having not travelled to various dimensions in his life before. Part of it had to do with a mission where Vrak kidnapped him and drained his entire life force to reprogram Robo Knight, killing him in the process. Robo Knight managed to revive the Ranger at the cost of his own life, but Orion came back wrong—the former's memories were also embedded in his mind, and he lost his sense of vengeance towards the Armada after the war.

  • Composite Character: In addition to his backstory being similar to Ahim's and Don's in Gokaiger, he's also similar to Alyx Grayson. Both characters come from (initially for Alyx) doomed homeworlds, both end up getting killed by the villains, and when they were revived, both came back wrong with their memories tampered, ending up initially like wide-eyed idealists.
  • Doomed Hometown: Andresia. During an attack by the Armada, he lost his friends, family, and his entire planet.
  • Instant Armor: Orion's secondary power is the Necloth of Gottoms, which, if worn, also happens to resemble both Robo Knight and, to an extent, Vrak's ultimate form. It also unlocks some of both his and Robo Knight's memories due to the similarities.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Anything Orion sees is fascinating and new to him, such as finding out Doritos exists, seeing giant-sized representations of planets and talking mecha, and learning about the different magic and tech. It is justified since the only time he ever explored places other than Earth and Andresia are other planets/dimensions in the Rangerverse.

Tim Langdon/Go-Buster Ranger Red
"...bloody hell."

The leader of the Go-Buster Rangers. When he was 7, he lost his parents when the boss wanted to use Enetron for his own gain, digitizing them in the process. Before the deaths of his parents, his mother gave him a necklace that the scientists later stored his super speed powers into it. He trained to later become the Red Ranger throughout his life, at first angering his older brother, but he eventually learned the reason why.

After his adventures as Go-Buster Ranger Red, Tim wanted to explore the world. So he decided one day to have him and Orion visit Michael, but they ended up at a train station due to the aforementioned portal accident. Ever since that time, he has remained with the group, slowly trying to fit into the craziness.

  • Adaptational Heroism: He's much nicer than both Hiromu Sakurada, his Sentai counterpart criticized for his serious characterization, and reboot Dante. For the latter, the player states that she's trying to make him nothing like him and attempt to be closer personality-wise to classic!Dante.
  • Canon Foreigner: Since Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters was skipped to make Dino Charge, Tim's the result of a what could have been if the former series got adapted.
  • Expy: Not only does he share the same Ranger designation as Hiromu Sakurada/Red Buster, he also has the same type of backstory as reboot Dante. Both lost their parents when they were kids with the big bads doing the dirty work, and both characters received a necklace as a gift from their mothers that later would store a special power. To drive the comparisons much further, Tim's physical appearance is reboot Dante, much to the former's annoyance when he finally discovers the latter.
  • Genius Bruiser: Well-skilled in combat and versatile with his weapons, mecha, and superpowers. Surprisingly good at fixing machines and making mecha, as demonstrated when he was able to give Michael his own Megazord mode.
  • Heavy Sleeper: If he ever works long hours without stopping, as shown after he completed the work on Michael's Megazord mode, he would end up falling asleep for hours on end, even sleeping throughout the day. He even fell asleep in his own Megazord at one point, only waking up when Michael shook his mecha.
  • Manly Gay: Very skilled with his fighting prowess, as befitting of a Red Ranger. He's also dating Orion.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: For a relative term of "famous", he shares the same first name as reboot Dante's voice actor, Tim Phillipps, and last name as the most well-known voice actor for classic Dante, Reuben Langdon.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: The necklace holds his super speed powers, so if it gets stolen or damaged during its activation, he freezes up.

Koto Ozawa/Troy Burrows/Miko Rayer

Koto seems like your average magical girl warrior: hailing from the world of Cosprayers different from the one in the actual show, she's a very sweet girl who cares deeply about her teammates, fights for what she thinks is right, and is unafraid of any dangers. With the power of cosplay, she can wield various weapons and powers based on what she's wearing.

She also happens to be Troy Burrows, former Megaforce Red.

A few years after the events of (Super) Megaforce, Troy was caught in a portal and landed in the aforementioned world, also turned into a girl in the process. After surviving through the madness, she wanders the multiverse, finding a way to turn back to her old self and regain her lost Ranger powers. Though to compensate, she has the ability to cosplay as any past Red Ranger at will in a way that mirrors her Super Megaforce Red form.

  • Cute Bruiser: Even if she looks adorable, that does not stop her from kicking enemy ass, especially since she was a former Power Ranger.
  • Discard and Draw: From having the (Super) Megaforce powers to having the powers of the Cosprayers, as a result of going to the latter world.
  • Not as You Know Them: The original Koto is very much a flat character, with a defining personality of being hotheaded and determined. This one, while keeping the determination, has more characterization than both her and Troy.

    A Toasty Strudel 

Pandora Schreck

"You're not going to try and kill me are you?"

Pandora is a sweet girl who grew up with a loving but misguided father. Unfortunately her father was Mad Scientist Max Schreck, super villain. Pandora spent every waking moment in a cell learning via recordings her father would play, while he observed from behind a two-way mirror. Max Schreck created Pandora in his lab with the intention of continuing his family line while simultaneously eliminating the mysterious ailment that claimed the lives of the mothers and often children of the Schreck family. Pandora was rescued by members of C.A.P.E. at the age of nineteen before finding herself off world before she even knew her own. She looks up to the heroes of C.A.P.E. and wants to be a hero desperately. The first person Pandora met was a hired thug who assaulted Pandora in her cell, as such she has major trust issues, but is getting over it slowly.

⑨Ball/Hustler One

"Target Verified. Commencing hostilities."

Arena master, Final Boss, and world ender, ⑨Ball is an A.I. inside of a heavily armed thirty foot tall Humongous Mecha that jumps bodies whenever it's current is destroyed. ⑨Ball is seemingly devoid of morality, at least the human sort, and takes pride in killing his home world, claiming that he returned order by ending war... forever. For those who are unaware, Nineball/Hustler One is a recurring boss from the Armored Core series of videogames. Nineball has found this world sufficiently orderly and doesn't plan on destroying it ... I guess.

  • Ace Custom: One of the reasons ⑨Ball is so dangerous. It's specs are pushed dangerously high, and it can perform manoeuvres that would turn human pilots into a liquid.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: From secret weapon to body jumping, walking apocalypse.
  • Drone Deployer: Uses a drone to walk around without crushing everything. Deployed from chest.

    Awe Striker 


Intended to be the actual troper, whisked away from his home through a random dimensional vortex. Since then, he has been aged up by a little more than two years, due to the meddling of the spirit of Freaknik. The two years he lost were particularly important years from his perspective. This was later undone by Yukari Yakumo.

At first, he was powerless, but during the Pigmask Army invasion of Gensokyo, he became able to use magic.

  • Hermetic Magic: He does have Spell Cards, which are more-or-less instant cast, but more often he is seen using LostMagic-style spellcasting.
  • Magitek: His sword, which is as of yet unnamed, was Alucard's Positron Rifle until it was modified by Nitori Kawashiro.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: "And the balance between low energy and high entropy... includes life." Not very witty, but still.
  • Weapon of Choice: The rapier. One of the first things he did with his magical powers was call his regular one from another dimension. Which has been unceremoniously dropped in favor of the much cooler Plasma Rapier, which is also attuned to magical energies and can turn into the Positron Rifle (which he barely ever uses).

Tenshi Hinanai

A celestial from Bhava-Agra, above Gensokyo. Presumably ended up with the group due to Yukari's meddling. She stays with the group mostly out of their adventures being interesting. Currently MIA.

  • Cool Sword: The Hisou no Tsurugi, which exploits opponents' weaknesses. It is also a focus for Temperament Energy, enough of which was gathered from the Homunculi and their Philosopher's Stones to turn it into a BFS.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: Subverted. "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody of All Humankind" appears to be this, but is actually an extremely fast, extremely dense stream of bullets.
  • Running Gag: Ending up in dark worlds dominated by castles.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Made evident when she drinks brandy and falls asleep.

Spiritia Rosenberg

A mage and member of RKS. She met Mega Man while traveling with Loads and Loads of Characters (Page 834), and rejoined the group to battle Father.

  • Kamehame Hadoken: She is able to turn her Liebessturm into a Master Spark-like attack called the Liebesspark.
  • Noodle Incident: One involving a pack of Dark Magi and lots of body switching. One positive result of it is that Spiritia got a translator spell, which is now a permanent background field around the group.
  • Power Copying: So much so that AweStriker was able to program weapon equivalents of Spiritia's spells, other than Seelegewehr, into Mega Man. Later, the transfer occurred the other way through a cyberspace capsule.

Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz

The princess of Fantasinia. Was battling Nessiah at Ancardia when he used forbidden magic to remove Yggdra.

  • Running Gag: Missing with Crusade. Or rather, its target leaving before it finishes. Played for Drama against Marietta, as it's the onlynote  way of defeating her.

Roswell Branthèse

The Lord of Branthèse, a region of Verlaine. Also a skilled necromancer. His powers increase at night. Was feuding with Rosary, his cousin, over the Ankhs until both were hypnotized. Said hypnotism has since worn off, but they now tolerate each other due to offscreen Character Development. His preferred Tactics Card is Necro Gate.He has been researching the Plot Break attacks with Yggdra's help and has developed his own, Mu Circum Loci, which uses techniques note  perfected in the Forgotten Realms.

  • Unwanted Harem: Not all of it is present at the moment. Two members of it (Yggdra and Rosary) are. He definitely hopes Ortega doesn't show up.

Rosary Esmeralda

The Lady of Esmeralda, another region of Verlaine. Also a skilled witch. Was feuding with Roswell, her cousin, over the Ankhs until both were hypnotized. Said hypnotism has since worn off, but they now tolerate each other due to offscreen Character Development. Rosary has made an oath to one day defeat Lambdadelta. Her preferred Tactics Card is Doll Craft.

  • Nice Hat: So much so, she refuses to wear any other hat. Or take hers off.

Sollux Captor

One of twelve trolls from another time and space. He speak2 wiith a liittle biit of a lii2p.

  • Blind Seer: Defied/Inverted. Instead he has vision twofold.

"My next paycheck! That's who you are!"

A bounty hunter from Continental Ancardia. At first he was generally hostile to Yggdra in particular, but agreed to help the Avatars because they were facing Evil Alternate Future Yggdra the Incarnate. His preferred Tactics Card is Thunderbolt.


    A Xavier B 

Edward Elric
"Denied, bitch!"

The Fullmetal Alchemist. He lost his right arm and left leg years ago due to the attempted resurrection of his dead mother. His brother lost his body in the process, and had his soul bound to a suit of armor. Ed showed up randomly throughout We Are Our Avatars several times due to universal distortion, but never played a big role in the plot until the homunculi decided to bring their plan of multiversal domination to fruition. He hates his father, but grudgingly works with him to save the world.

"This is the end of all worlds... the number eight represents rebirth and new creation... and so there are eight sacrifices, eight powerful emeralds and eight living philosopher's stones!"

The enigmatic leader of the homunculi. He has uncovered the truth behind the multiple universes coming together, and plans to use these dimensional rifts as part of his plan to create a multiversal transmutation circle. This array is designed such that, when used with the Chaos and Master Emeralds, eight sacrifices and eight living philosopher's stones, it will induce rapid multiversal entropy and destroy all worlds so that Father can then recreate them all in his image. In addition to this, he aims for the destruction of the Fourth Wall.

When Father was defeated by the Avatars, Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu intervened and preserved his soul. He then set Father up as the temporary Conductor of the Reapers' Game as part of a wager; if Father was able to erase all the Players by the end of the week, he would be made Composer. Then he would activate the transmutation circles around Shibuya (which were inscribed with a seal making it so that only the Composer could activate them) and sacrifice the Soul energy in the air to swallow the Writers themselves.

Father started his life as an alchemical laboratory experiment; a tiny homunculus created inside a flask. By sacrificing the souls of an entire country, he became a living philosopher's stone and created seven children, each representing his sins.

  • Physical God: He uses the eight sacrifices to ascend beyond all gods, ruling every universe.
  • Reality Warper: After causing Chaos Control combined with interdimensional alchemy and absorbing the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds.

Pride/Selim Bradley
"How heartless, attacking what looks like a human child."

The first homunculus created by Father, from a universe that diverged from that of Fullmetal Alchemist. His and Fathers' plan is much different here than it was in that universe, for they have figured out something very strange about the existence of the multiverse and the many characters existing within it.

Pride has been observing different characters from different universes ever since the incident with Princess Zelda losing her body to Chancellor Cole and the Demon King. He was initially mistaken for one of Malladus' servants and attacked the group before disappearing and showing up several arcs later, where he said something about needing mortal sacrifices. He showed up again much later to become one of the main villains of a whole story arc, before being betrayed by Father and cast aside along with Lust.

After the others gave him a second chance and rescued him from Pikadevil's hell, he was turned into a human and struggled to adjust to life without his homunculus powers. In the Him arc, he was finally reunited with Mrs. Bradley, who was the only thing that could release him from Him's control.

  • Author Appeal: The entire reason he's still alive is because he is A Xavier B's favorite.
  • Break the Haughty: He's learned a bit about humility, being stuck in Pikadevil's hell.
  • Brought Down to Normal: He's now human, thanks to Yukari.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He popped up way back in the Spirit Tracks arc, then later in the arc dealing with Parsee. It was in the latter that he first began talking about sacrifices, but it wasn't clear what these sacrifices were until the recent arc involving Father.
  • Demonic Possession: He was indirectly possessed by Him, who made himself a vessel in the form of a black cat named King in order to get close to Pride. Him then used him to create a philosopher's stone so that he'd have enough negative emotional energy to give him the power to take over the world.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He's now stuck with the heroes and has been transformed into a human. Since then he's had some odd, genuine personality changes.
  • Killed Off for Real: Due to Negative Continuity, we can't seem to decide whether he was taken away by Tikal, sacrificed to Pikadevil or killed and used as fuel for a transmutation at the end of the arc. It was eventually retconned; a portion of his soul was taken into the Master Emerald by Tikal, another portion was sacrificed to Pikadevil and the rest was used to power the transmutation. The part of him sacrificed by Spooks shows up later in Pikadevil's hell, forced to carry a giant stone slab as punishment for his hubris.
  • Living Shadow: His black, ectoplasmic true form can only manifest where a shadow is cast. The downside is that this doesn't work in pitch darkness; he needs a light source for his eyes to see and for his "shadows" to take shape. Bright flashes damage him and strip him of souls.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: He'll probably never be trusted due to his actions, though it's not really blameless.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: He does this to several homunculi during the arc before having Father do it to him, sacrificing most of the souls in his and Lust's philosopher's stones to gain cosmic power. This is what caused his partial Heel–Face Turn.

Princess Zelda
"That's no way to speak to a princess!"

This is the Zelda of Spirit Tracks; thus, she comes from a different time period than Link. Due to the dimensional instability caused by the different fictional worlds colliding, her time's Link never showed up. Instead, she was forced to call upon the help of Tails to get her body back from Cole. Afterward, she joined the party as a mainstay.

Through fighting and gaining experience, Zelda learned to change from physical to spirit form at will, allowing her all the advantages of when she was deprived of her body at no price. However, she was recently kidnapped by the homunculi and is being held in Father's underground lair, where they plan to use her as one of the eight sacrifices. Hyrule was destroyed in the conflict surrounding her abduction.

  • Demoted to Extra: She's still in the party, but she doesn't do much these days and usually only gets a couple lines here and there to remind the players that she still exists.

Van Hohenheim

Ed's immortal father. He is a living philosopher's stone like his "brother" Father, who gave him half the souls of Xerxes as thanks for Hohenheim being the source of the blood which originally gave the flask-bound homunculus life. He is ditzy and soft-spoken, but has extremely vast knowledge of alchemy.

  • Parental Abandonment: He left his family in order to find a way to become mortal, grow old and die with them. Ed didn't take it too well.
  • The Power of Friendship: He is able to control his philosopher's stone more effectively than Father because he made an effort to communicate with his souls as human beings, even learning each of their names.

Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu

The enigmatic Composer of Shibuya. He carries a mysterious pin with him that he can often be seen talking to.

During the TWEWY arc, it is revealed that the pin is actually Father, his soul bound in a form that would allow him to function in the Game. Joshua used Father as a tool to pass judgment on the entire multiverse; knowing he himself only had jurisdiction over Shibuya, he made a wager with Father, with the agreement that Father's triumph would result in him being made Composer and thus being able to activate the alchemy arrays around Shibuya. The deal was struck based on the principal of "survival of the fittest"; if Joshua had lost the wager, it would merely mean that his side didn't deserve to win and the multiverse was unworthy of existing as it does now.

  • Ambiguously Gay: He passes the time during the battle with Father by reading Vogue.


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