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We Are All Pokémon Trainers - Retired Characters

This page describes Exactly What It Says on the Tin. To get information of current characters of the roleplay, refer to Characters.We Are All Pokemon Trainers.

Former Player Characters

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Played by: Troper 49

49 woke in an unknown route without any memory of how he got there... and is currently trying to find out about his Dark and Troubled Past. Then, it is revealed that 49 is actually a robot created to turn Pokemon into uncontrollable raging red beasts. Then, 49 decides to go on a journey to search for the legendary wishing Pokemon, Jirachi, so that she can turn 49 into a human and get rid of his Red Beasts ability.

First Appearance: 5004

     49's Pokemon 


Ember (Monferno, Female)

Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Blaze
Obtained: Unknown (Chimchar)

49's loving starter who has been in her Pokeball ever since 49 "mysteriously" passed out. She is always loyal to 49 and will always stand by his side. She had made her first appearance as a Chimchar, however, she had soon evolved into Monferno after her first battle with Ian.

Pauly Shore (Chatot, Male)

Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Big Pecks
Obtained: Route 119 (Chatot)

49's first Pokemon he have ever captured. He is a whiny, arrogant bird who doesn't enjoy being 49's Pokemon. He does enjoy pecking 49 on the head.

  • Asshole Victim
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: While an incredible dick and moron, Pauly is actually a pretty strong battler and expert in Pokeringer
  • Feathered Fiend: While not cruel, he certainly is a real jerk. However, he does get more cruel, when he turns into the Red Phoenix.
  • Freudian Excuse: It is discovered that the reason Pauly is so bitter and angry (especially towards trainers, Pelippers, and Pokeringer) is because he was once famous Pokeringer champion with a winning streak that one day lost to a Pelipper, and because of that his original trainer disowned him.
  • Jerkass
  • One-Winged Angel: Pauly Shore's transformation into the Red Phoenix
  • Sir Swearsalot: He has quite the language
  • Unfortunate Nickname: Would you enjoy being named after a terrible comedian?

Ygorl (Croagunk, Male)

Gender: Male
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Poison Touch
Obtained: Fortree City (Croagunk)

A Croagunk that has been following 49 through Fortree City since his first appearance. However, 49 eventually captured him.

Brosef (Slowbro, Male)

Gender: Male
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Own Tempo
Obtained: Lilycove City (Slowbro)

A perverted Pokemon who has a crush on both genders.

Ginger (Shiny Sandshrew, Female)

Gender: Female
Nature: Naive
Ability: Sand Veil
Obtained: Petalburg City (Sandshrew)

A shiny Pokemon whom has the innocence of a young child, but still quite the fighter.

Ringo (Deino, Male)

A rather laid-back Pokemon who enjoys singing tunes from his guitar and one day, hopes to go to a Strawberry patch and to have a band.

A very recent addition to the cast. Little is known of her past, as no one often bothered to ask. Training is not her main goal, although what is is unknown.

     A's Pokemon 




Played by: Anomalocaris 20 19-year old trainer employed as an archaeologist for the league. He was born in Tilt Village of Oblivia, but grew up in Rustboro, Hoenn. He lived most of his early years very isolated from others, which has created an introverted young man with an affinity for the Bug-types he grew up with.

He met up with the group at the airport, and has occasionally stepped up into a leadership role when needed. Afterwards he slips right back into quietly following and awkwardly trying to break the ice with his teammates. The journey has begun to cause him to develop inner strength, but he is still burdened with a large amount of self-doubt and insecurity.

Anom has become an Anorith, defeated two glitches, and come back from complete subatomization over the course of the journey.

First Appearance: Page 2


     Anomalocaris's Pokemon 

Heracross (male)

Armaldo (male)

Scizor (male)

Masquerain (female)

Drapion (male)

Yanmega (female)

Vespiquen (Female)

Escavalier (male)

Accelgor (male)

Scolipede (male)

Crustle (female)

Galvantula (male)

Volcarona (female)

Beautifly (female)

Dustox (male)

Tentacruel (male)

Aipom (male)

Roserade (male)

     Ash Scrappem/Scrapper 
Played by: Bloodmonkey

He's just a trainer looking to help the gang out randomly. A Pokemon Parisse had considered a sibling back when he had moved into Nacrene City. He hadn't learned anything or had even met his parents so took to Parisse's mother. He grew up thinking he was human and even now still thinks he is. Recently he has destroyed his own pokeball and caught his own Pokemon, he intends to become a Pokemon trainer now, the best there ever was.

     Ash's Pokemon 

Played by: lilqueendaisy

A 15 year old Mary Sue from Orre.

First Appearance: Page 1

     Daisy's Pokémon 

Blacky (Male Zoroark)

Flame (Male Charizard, later a Gengar)

Pink (Female Audino)

Clover (Female Lilligant)

  • Cloudcuckoolander: May be one of these, if the fact that she thought that the Jellicent living in the ocean near Undella town being her parents are any indicator.


Played By: NewfieMEKZ

A 22 (maybe) year old Ex-Rocket. After his best friend, a Golbat named Ace, was killed by a police Arcanine during the Takeover at Goldenrod, he left the criminal organization and fled to Hoenn to become a coordinator. Unfortunately he was found out and for the next 4 years he was on the run from the authorities trying to find freedom. In the RP proper he met up with a sweet Pokemon Ranger in Ecruteak named Sakura. Sakura saw good in Des and managed to pardon him. Des now works for Interpol, using his talents to uphold the law and atone for his past sins. Generally a nice guy, Des loves to meet new people and becomes very protective of others. As of late he has been feeling under-appreciated for his efforts in trying to preserve peace in the world.

  • Aloof Ally: Has spent A LOT of time offscreen.
  • The Atoner: He now works for the League to make up for his past crimes.
  • Author Avatar: Played straight and deconstructed. During the April Fool's 2013 posts he and his author switched places, reversing their roles. Des lived a day in his author's life, attended class, ate his birthday cake, and stole his Star Wars DVDs while his author took part in the shenanigans that were going on in the RP.
  • Badass Longcoat: Wears a black trench coat.
  • Boxed Crook
  • Eyes Never Lie: He is extremely good at reading people, able to discern personality traits and the like just by looking into their eyes. It borders on the supernatural.
  • Green Thumb: Prefers Grass-Types.
  • Heel–Face Turn: A Rocket Turncoat
  • Hidden Depths: See Real Men Wear Pink below.
  • Hopeless Suitor: This for Hikari.
  • Informed Ability: Apparently he was a coordinator.
  • Irony: His starter Ace was killed by an Arcanine just outside of Goldenrod. Sometime later he would save a Growlithe from an underground battling club. Where exactly? Goldenrod.
  • Killed Off for Real: Gets killed by Sed during Orre.
  • Manchild: Can act rather childish sometimes.
  • The Mentor: Aloof and enigmatic but often has some words of wisdom to offer.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Often acts silly in front of people. It's been hinted at that he's doing it on purpose.
  • Put on a Bus: His author often goes on long hiatuses, but he does pop up from time to time.
  • Rage Against the Author: When he and his author traded places he sent a pack of Growlithe at him.
    • A Maybe example. Fought his maybe author, maybe Nega atop Spear Pillar. It isn't exactly made clear.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He's an Ex-Rocket who likes cute adorable Grass-Types and sewing dresses. No seriously.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: His Fourth Wall Manipulator allows him to travel to any point in and outside of canon. It has a tendency to suddenly activate at inconvenient times.
  • Verbal Tic: Eh! What are you goin' 'bout? I don't gotta tick!

     Des' Pokémon 

Played by: Darker Shining 22 year old Pokémon trainer from Twinleaf town in Sinnoh. She began her journey two years before the events of the story, starting out with a Chimchar named HotStuff.

On her first day as a trainer, DS had a brief encounter with Mesprit at Lake Verity. Soon afterwards, she found that in addition to taking the gym challenge so she could one day become the champion, DS found herself facing a much bigger challenge: Taking down the villanous Team Galactic. With the help of the Lake Trio and Cynthia, DS eventually confronted Cyrus in the Distortion world, and after calming down Giratina, managed to put a stop to his plans of destroying and recreating the universe.

After challenging the Elite Four and becoming the Sinnoh champion, DS spent most of her time working on her Pokédex, exploring the rest of Sinnoh and challenging the Battle Frontier. One day, she heard that strange things had been happening at Canalave city, and ended up meeting with a group of trainers who had already taken care of the problem. Having nothing better to do, and wanting to make some new friends, DS decided to join them.

Since then, DS has been turned into an Eevee, helped fight and kill two glitch Pokémon, earned the eight Unova gym badges, and saved Kyurem from Ghetsis amongst many other things.

First Appearance: Page 140

  • Becoming the Mask: Mentions that she during the time she was fighting Team Galactic, she pretended to be a lot more confident person than she really was. Apparently, some of it rubbed off on her as she did become somewhat more confident later on.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Almost never gets angry, but when she does, she can actually be pretty scary. This is besides the fact that she's a Sinnoh Champion and a fairly skilled trainer.
  • Blind Without 'Em: DS cant see well without her glasses on, and this becomes a minor problem as an Eevee since her glasses can't stay on her head.
  • Catchphrase: While not necessarily a catch phrase, she does seem to use the phrase "Everything will/is going to be okay" a lot.
  • Determinator: In the alternate timeline arc, after being imprisoned with the other legendaries in another dimension.
  • Disney Death: Was seemingly killed by Primal Dialga in the alternate timeline arc in a flashback, but it turns out he just sent her to the other dimension where the legendaries had been imprisoned instead.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: While DS isn't a Heart of Gold, she is generally good hearted.
  • The Heart: Appears to have developed into this role somewhat in later arcs.
  • Heroic BSoD: Had a rather serious one after the timeline changed, nearly pushing her into a Despair Event Horizon.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Part of the reason why she became a Pokémon trainer.
  • Mega Nekko: Wears glasses.
  • Mercy Kill: Is killed by Velvet in the PMD-B timeline before she tries to change the world using the Lustrous Orb, as per their pact to stop DS from going mad with power.
  • Morality Chain: Seems to be this for her Liepard, Artemis.
  • Morphic Resonance:
    • Keeps her glasses after being transformed into an Eevee as well as her green eyes.
    • And in her Espeon form, she has green eyes instead of purple like normal Espeon have.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Has shades of this whenever she gets angry, which thankfully, does not happen a lot.
  • Pals With Mesprit:
    • Met Mesprit at Lake Verity when she first became a trainer, and the two of them seem to be pretty good friends.
    • She has also befriended Kyurem in the Unova arc, and a Latias during the Oblivia arc.
  • Picky Eater: Claims to be this, although since we rarely if ever see her actually eat...
  • Power Incontinence: Suffered from this upon evolving her Pokémon form into Espeon initially.
  • Psychic Powers: As an Espeon.
  • Sanity Slippage: Suffers from this during the Kalos arc due to the events of the Orre arc, becoming paranoid and depressed.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Ends up leaving the J-Team due to feeling unable to be safe anymore around them.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: Not as much as Tagg is, but it's there.
  • Team Mom: Does her best to keep the group together during difficult times, and does her best to offer comfort and support to those of her friends who need it.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: A minor case during the Kalos arc, as she grew bitter and resentful towards the rest of the J-Team because of how their mere existence and her association with them would make it so she could never feel safe anywhere.

     DS' Pokémon 

HotStuff (Infernape, female)

HotStuff was the Chimchar DS received from Professor Rowan when she started her journey. Already from the moment the two first met, the two developed a strong bond. HotStuff has since then evolved into a powerful Infernape, her battle specialty being physical attacks.

Briar Rose (Roserade, female)

DS caught Briar Rose (sometimes called just "Rose" for short) as a Budew on Route 204 pretty early on in her journey, becoming the second member of her main Sinnoh team. Briar Rose is quite cheerful, likes to look on the bright side of life and often dozes off. Her speciality in battles are mainly special attacks.

Wings (Crobat, male)

DS caught Wings as a Zubat on Route 203 pretty early on during her journey, and he became the third member of DS' main Sinnoh team. He is somewhat indifferent to most things, but he really does care about DS and his other team mates a lot. He also possesses Super Strength. His main speciality in battles is physical attacks, combined with his incredible speed.

  • Flight: Can fly.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sort of. He pretends to be indifferent to nearly everything, but deep down he does actually care.
  • Poisonous Pokémon
  • Put on a Bus: From Sinnoh till the Gold Conference.
  • Super Strength: Claims to have this, and states that that's why he is able to carry DS from one place in Sinnoh to another without getting tired. He later proves it by picking up Kyogre and casually tossing it aside!

Sparq (Pachirisu, male)

An energetic Pachirisu that DS caught at Valley Windworks, who became the fourth member of DS' main Sinnoh team. His pick-up ability has provided DS with several items (often leaving her with more than she really needs) and once he learned super fang and was taught thunderwave, he became quite good at helping DS catch Pokémon by combining those two moves.

  • Green Thumb: Knows Seed Bomb.
  • Motor Mouth: Talks really quickly.
  • Official Couple: With Swindle.
  • One Steve Limit: The whole Sinnoh team is based off DS' player's Platinum game. In Platinum, her Pachirisu's name is Wally, but since there was already another Pokemon with that name in the group, she instead used the name she used for her Pachirisu in Pearl.
  • Put on a Bus: From Sinnoh till the Gold Conference.
  • Shock and Awe: Electric type.
  • Sweet Tooth: Loves sweets.

Velvet (Espeon, female)

Velvet was originally an Eevee who was temporarily living with Bebe in Hearthome City until someone who could better look after her would come along. When DS came along, Velvet happily joined her, becoming the fifth member of her main Sinnoh team. Due to being rather clingy and constantly seeking DS' attention to begin with, HotStuff became rather jealous of her, starting a rivalry between the two Pokémon over which of them DS' liked better. Velvet mellowed out somewhat later on, and she and HotStuff have become pretty good friends. Velvet's battle speciality is special attacks.

Silvermist (Lumineon, female)

DS caught Silvermist as a Finneon on Route 205, completing her Sinnoh team. Silvermist is somewhat soft spoken, and wishes for everyone to get along. If HotStuff and Velvet get into a particularly heated fight, she will often take it into her own fins to stop them. Her battle speciality is mainly special attacks.

Chase (Unfezant, male)

When she started a new journey in Unova, Chase was the first Pokémon DS met in Nuvema town. After healing the young Pidove's injured wing, he happily decided to join up with DS and become the first member of her new team. He gradually gained more experience and confidence as he evolved. His battle style focuses mainly on physical attacks, but he also knows a few wind based attacks.

Ribbons (Gothitelle, female)

Before leaving for Unova, DS received an egg from the Castle Valet Darach, which he had received from Caitlin. The egg hatched into a shy little Gothita, who became the second member of DS' Unova team. As the journey went on, Ribbons gradually opened up more, eventually losing her shyness upon evolving the first time. Her battle speciality is special attacks.

  • Creepy Child: Being a psychic type that is constantly staring at something only she can see may put her into this category.
  • Power Glows: The ribbon like feelers on her body glow whenever she uses her psychic powers.
  • Psychic Powers: Psychic type.
  • Ret-Gone: Was never born in the alternate timeline arc.
  • Shock and Awe: Knows Charge Beam.
  • Shrinking Violet: As a Gothita. She seems to be a lot less shy after evolving.

Artemis (Liepard, female)

A Purrloin DS met on Unova Route 2, who tried to steal food from the group. Chase recognized her as the very same Purrloin that was responsible for the wing injury he had when DS first met him. Despite her attitude, DS decided to catch her, and she became the third member of DS' Unova team. During her travels with DS, Artemis' attitude did improve a lot, even if she still wishes to some day Take Over the World. Her battle style relies mainly on speed and physical attacks.

  • Casting a Shadow: Dark type.
  • Cats Are Mean: At first, though she got nicer later on.
  • Ear Notch: Ends up with a small one on her left ear while saving Chase from an angry Beartic.
  • Evil Laugh: Nya-ha-ha-ha!
  • Jerkass: At first before developing into a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: When she regains her memories in the AU arc shortly after Mira dies.
  • Sanity Slippage: Appears to suffering from this during the alternate timeline arc, as things get gradually go more and more wrong for her and Scolipede.
  • Shipper on Deck: DS' entire Unova team is this for Wolf and DS, but Artemis is the one who seems to feel the strongest about it.
  • Take Over the World: Claims that this is her goal, although it's really not clear how exactly she plans on doing this. In the alternate timeline arc, she and Scolipede have somehow succeeded, but after the arc ends, she swears off it.
  • That Poor Cat: Has been a victim of this trope several times.

Goggles (Krookodile, male)

Looking for a Sandile with the Moxie ability for her team on Unova Route 4, DS quickly found exactly what she was looking for. However, the Sandile she found was rather odd, and pretty much ignored DS while excitedly talking about all the sand in the desert. DS still chose to capture him, and he became the fourth member of DS' Unova team. Goggles hasn't changed much since DS first met him, apart from developing an interest in female Pokémon upon evolving for the first time, and truly becoming a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass upon evolving the second time. His battle style focuses on physical attacks.

Crush (Carracosta, male)

DS revived Crush from a fossil she found in the desert, and the young Tirtouga became the fifth member of her Unova team. Crush had no memory of his previous life until the Oblivia arc and exhibited canine behaviour for reasons unknown. Despite being part water type, he was somewhat scared of water to begin with, but got over it once DS started surfing on him. Doesn't seem to have any particularly speciality when it comes to battles, and whatever attacks that best fit the situation.

  • All Animals Are Dogs: For reasons unknown, his behaviour is similar to that of a dog despite being a turtle. This is lampshaded several times by other characters commenting on his odd behaviour.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: part rock type
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Quetzal the Archeops, until Crush regains part of his memory during the Oblivia arc.
  • Fossil Revival: Was revived from a fossil DS found in the desert on Route 4.
  • Identity Amnesia: Doesn't remember anything about his previous life until the trainers go to Mt. Layuda during the Oblivia arc.
  • Making a Splash: Part Water type.
  • Raised by Wolves: Was raised by a long extinct species of canine Pokémon.

Mira (Mienshao, female)

Mira was a young Mienfoo who had been waiting for a trainer with a Mind of Crystal, whom she had seen in a vision a while ago. After waiting at the Dragonspiral tower for a while, Mira eventually ventured down to Twist mountain when she felt as if the trainer she had been waiting for was getting closer. After witnessing DS and Artemis saving Chase from an angry Beartic, Mira decided that DS was the trainer she has waited for, and became the sixth member of DS' Unova team. She focuses mainly on physical attacks, but also has a pretty powerful Aura Sphere attack.

Marionette (Banette, female)

DS raised Marionette with the purpose of helping her find certain items held by wild Pokémon with her Frisk ability, and then use Trick to obtain those items. Marionette is somewhat odd, seeming to consider the nail she uses in her Curse attack to be her friend. Her battle style is rather different from most of DS' Pokémon, as she relies somewhat on moves such as Curse and Will-o-Wisp and so on. She does possess a pretty powerful Shadow Claw attack.

Jayna (Flygon, female)

Jayna was a Trapinch from the Rockground Pokéspot in Orre. She was caught by DS' father while he was on a business trip in Orre, who sent her to DS as a present after she had defeated the Sinnoh Elite Four and gotten the National Pokédex. With DS' training, Jayna eventually evolved into a powerful Flygon. Her battle speciality is physical attacks.

Odette (Swanna, female)

A Ducklett that hatched from an egg Briar Rose received from a Swanna in the Dream World. Artemis and Mira were the first things the Ducklett saw upon hatching, and Artemis insisted on adopting her. Eventually evolved into Swanna during a battle against a Salamence.

Tulip (Lilligant, female)

A Petilil that DS caught in Pinwheel Forest while she and most of the other trainers went to Unova for a week when Tagg brought them along on a Tynamo expedition.

Swindle (Emolga, female)

An Emolga that showed up a few times on the Orange Islands, who proved to be good at stealing things that were downright impossible to steal. She created some trouble for the trainers when she took away Tagg's cynical side, and after it was returned, DS quickly threw a Fast Ball at her to prevent her from messing with his mind again.

Candida (Dewgong, female)

A Dewgong that hatched from one of the two eggs Tagg gave DS for her birthday.

Eli (Whimsicott, male)

A Whimsicott that hatched from the egg Fool gave DS around Christmas time.

Sunburst (Volcarona, female)

A Volcarona that hatched from the other egg Tagg have DS for her birthday.

Kohai (Sawk, male)

Setsuna (Blitzle, female)

Mirage (Zoroark, female)

Flik (Durant, male)

  • Heel–Face Turn: Belonged to a villain at first, but took a liking to DS and later joined her team when he realized his old trainer had become so obsessed with his search for the crown (which had been destroyed) that he wasn't able to think clearly.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Before switching sides.

Miki (Cinccino, female)

Franklin (Frogadier, male)

Kiara (Litleo, female)

Sprite (Floette, female)

Georgette (Furfrou, female)

  • Genki Girl: Seems to easily get excited.
  • Verbal Tic: Occasionally repeats certain words or questions three times in a row when excited.

Aigla (Inkay, female)

Other Pokémon DS is shown to own

  • Cool Big Sis: Snow White the Glaceon, the oldest of Velvet's children is one to her younger brothers.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: Velvet's three children, who are a Flareon, a Glaceon and a Jolteon.
  • Gender Bender: DS' Azumarill Azure was originally a female Azurill, but became male after evolving.
  • The Ghost: Sort of, as some of DS' Pokémon in PC storage have been mentioned by name, but never actually shown, such as Hypnotoad (DS' Politoed), Zap (DS' Rotom), Queen Bea (DS' Vespiquen) and Buzzy (DS' shiny Combee).
  • Middle Child Syndrome: Inferno the Flareon seems to feel this way, partially due to Flareon not having many available good attacking moves.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted as there is both Blitz the Jolteon and Blitz the Zebstrika.

Played by: Tropeless


Emma is a competitive battler who got teleported through the Entralink to PMD-A as a Phanpy sometime during the PMD Returns arc, and had her memories stolen. She was a part of a parody of the second PMD games' plot, before being Shardported again to Haruba Desert a.k.a. Dry Dry Harba Desert in PMD-B. She later Shardported to Rusturf Tunnel where she resumed human form and regained her memories. She went to Meteor Falls next, before heading back to PMD-A and resuming the parody plot.

Pokeform: Donphan

     Emma's Pokemon/Team Sandy 

Crine the Cradily

Gender: Male

Ability: Storm Drain

Held Item: Leftovers

Nature: Calm

Crine joined Emma's team in Drenched Bluff while retrieving Spoink's pearl that he constantly loses. He was later revealed to have de-volved and was returned to his original morph in the second Shardporting from Dry Dry Hippo Ruins, and he was actually Emma's Pokemon all along.

Potomi the Hippowdon

Gender: Female

Ability: Sand Stream

Held Item: Choice band

Nature: Adamant

Potomi is another of Emma's Pokemon who got separated during the Entralink accident. she was transported to Dry Dry Harba where she was worshipped and then locked in the treasury room in the Dry Dry Hippo Ruins, under the magical guard of Tutanturtwig and his pet Granbull, Granby. Crine and Emma later defeated Tutanturtwig and rescued Potomi, and Shardported away to find Selene and move on with their lives.

Selene the Lunatone

Gender: Genderless

Ability: Levitate

Held Item: Wise Glasses

Nature: Modest

Selene was Emma's last missing Pokemon, having been Shardported into AU!Meteor Falls, where it was picked up by Emma and her Mons. It obsesses over things like star guides and all of its lines of dialogue used to be one single run-on sentence, before said star guides got annoyed and made it stop. Has a feminine personality.

Ironmonger the Lairon

Ironmonger joined the group after exploring Waterfall Cave in search of the Golden Chamber inside.

Iana the Skarmory

Gender: Female

Ability: Sturdy

Held Item: None

Nature: Careful

Dame Iana the First, as she prefers to be called, believes herself to be a knight. She becomes loyal to Emma upon her capture, although it is unknown who she worked for before.

     Fal Shilde 
Played by: desdendelle

A twenty-ish years old Pokémon Trainer who appeared, quite suddenly, in the midst of Treasure Town, transformed into a Gardevoir.

First appearance: page 7004.

     Fal's Pokémon 


Agito (female Blaziken)

Aerinus (male Pidgeotto)

Divum (female Umbreon)

Ferrum (male Lairon)

     Gamerex/Joshua Goldman  
Played by: gamerex 27

First Appearance: Page 1

  • Anti-Hero: While Gamer tends to lean more towards actual heroics, he shows some qualities of a Type 2 antihero. His AU persona is an outright Type 3 Anti-Hero, though.
  • Bash Brothers: Did this quite often with Tagg in the earlier arcs.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Has had his psychic powers sapped by his AU self at the end of the AU arc.
  • Chekhov's Armoury
  • Deadpan Snarker: Shows shades of this at times.
  • Flash Step: As a Pikachu, and later Raichu, he tends to abuse Quick Attack.
  • Genre Savvy
  • Gary Stu: Zig-zagged to the Distortion World and back in-universe.
  • Idiot Hero: Sort of. He's not stupid, per say, but he tend to act before he thinks quite often.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: It's been hinted at several times that Joshua was very insecure as a child, and did things like nickname himself and dye his hair just to differentiate himself from his peers. It worked too well.
  • The Lancer: Not for the Five-Man Band, but to Jane, since they are pretty much opposite in every way.
  • Psychic Powers: Used to have these early in the RP. Gone as of the end of the AU.
  • Shock and Awe: His Pokemon form is a Pikachu, and later a Raichu.
  • Stupid Good: Shows shades of this at times.

     Gamer's Pokemon 

Infernape (Male)

Typhoon (Feraligatr, Female)

Kratos (Dusknoir, Male)

Gordon (Archeops, Male)

Bisharp (Male)

Porygon Z

Kudzerpent (Kudz) (Serperior, Male)

Meme/ Anon (Smeargle, Male)

     Jane Belen 
Played by: Calamity Jane 17 year old Pokémon Trainer from a random patch of swamp in Mossdeep. Her adoptive mother found her there and legally adopted her, then took her to live her life in Lavaridge Town in Hoenn. Jane started her journey five years before the events of the story with a Torchic that didn't have a name.

Jane grew up on a Torchic Farm in Lavaridge Town, with a sickly father and a large and in charge mother. She spent most of her childhood wrestling Combusken, which gave her superhuman strength and tolerance for pain and heat. About halfway into her journey she went to Johto, got all the badges, then started to get some badges in Kanto before deciding that battling wasn't really what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. After quite a bit of soul-searching, Jane eventually decided that she would work for The Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition.

Jane was on her way to Sinnoh when she met up with some random people in an airport in Johto. They traveled together since they were going in the same direction anyway, along the way making new friends and making their group even bigger. Since then, Jane has been turned into a Ralts, helped fight and kill two glitch Pokémon, caught the entire Regi Trio (and their Trio Master) and befriended the Legendary Pokémon Palkia, amongst many other things.

First Appearance: Page 3

     Jane's Pokemon 


Docile nature, formerly Brave, highly persistent. Happily eats anything.

Cassandra (Froslass)

Careful nature, strongly defiant. Likes bitter food.

Josie (Medicham, Male)

Brave nature, Thoroughly cunning. Likes spicy food.

Zangoose (Male)

Bold Nature, highly persistent. Likes sour food.

Spoons (Ampharos, Female)

Mild nature, Highly curious. Likes dry food.

The Regis (Genderless)

-natures unavailable-

Bonnie (Weavile, Female)

Sassy nature, proud of her power. Likes bitter food.

Rebecca (Serperior, Female)

Sassy nature, Likes to flail about. Likes bitter food.

Eliza (Jellicent, Female)

Quirky nature, Alert to sounds. Happily eats anything

Portales (Beheeyem, male)

Bashful nature, Often lost in thought. Happily eats anything.

Buster (Stoutland, male)

Serious nature, quick to flee. Happily eats anything.

Cap (Amoongus, Female)

Hasty nature, mischievous. Likes sweet food.

Equinox (Sawsbuck, Male)

Lax nature, Often lost in thought. Likes sour food.

Antoine (Scrafty, Male)

Serious nature, Impetuous and Silly. Happily eats anything.

Faithful (Salamence, Male)

Lax nature, Quick tempered. Likes sour foods.

Played by: Michael Dj 54

Jeremy was sucked into the Mindscape by accident as he passed through the inn and taking up the offer to travel with the chaotic group, even after hearing just some of the stuff they'd been getting into.

  • Butt-Monkey: He's basically this to a good chunk of his Pokemon team.
  • Damaged Soul: According to his Lampent, he won't live past 30.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: It's hinted at.
  • Flat "What": He hasn't exactly questioned anything. In fact, this is the response to one of the weirder things he'd seen.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: He doesn't question the Mindscape, how these people have gotten into this much trouble or anything, he just...runs with it.

     Jeremy's Pokemon 

Infernape (Male)

Lampent (Female)

Seviper (male)

  • The Foil: To Infernape. He's calm, rational, treats Jeremy with respect and tries to think of sensible answers than jump into the fray.
  • OnlySaneSnake

Dewott (Male)

  • The Stoic: He has not said a single word. At all.

Pidgeot (Female)

Sawk (Male)

Played by: Mind Gamer

A 17-year old trainer from Lavaridge, Hoenn. While born and raised by his Nurse Joy mother, he always hoped to get out and experience the world like his trainer father. A tactician before a battler, and a medic before either, Ken doesn't have much in the way of real world experience thanks to being held back by his mother, but is trying to learn more wherever he goes.Despite not being the best in combat, he's a trained medic and very analytical... if a bit hardheaded like his father.

  • Awesome Backpack: Subverted. While he does have a backpack, it's just for carrying. And has no Hammerspace, much to Ken's chagrin.
  • Bag of Holding: Averted. Ken has and will eventually run out of medical supplies if he uses too much without stocking up at a Pokemart, and has so many different items he needs to use they require multiple different bags.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Within a few minutes of his introduction, Ken is immediately Shard-ported out of his human, 6'5" form to the small and meek form of a Ralts. Then he gets Dragged into Drag by his new body, when he evolves into Kirlia.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Zigzagged. At first, the trope is parodied with his mother's tendency to Drag him into Drag. Then it appears to be played straight with the emotional pain his family went through in his early days. But his entire history hasn't even been revealed yet, and it will continue to twist and turn.
  • The Medic: Trained to perform first aid on mons and humans alike...
    • Combat Medic: ...And in turn knows a lot of ways to hurt them in fights if needed.
  • The Strategist: In battles.

     Ken's Pokemon 

Tori (Female Torchic)

Nature: Brave.
Ability: Blaze.
Ball: Poke ball.
Favorite Move: Ember

Spe (Male Spheal)

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Ice Body
Ball: Quick ball.
Favorite Move: Ice Ball

Rak (Male Spinarak)

Nature: Calm.
Ability: Insomnia.
Ball: Timer.
Favorite Move: Spider Web.

Nina (Female Happiny)

Nature: Modest.
Ability: Serene Grace
Ball: Poke ball.
Favorite Move: Copycat.

     Dr Lewis Smith 
Played by: Luigilewis889

Dr Lewis Smith, Pokemon Psychologist, grew up in Jubilife, Sinnoh. He graduated at 19 with a doctorate in psychology, and decided to attempt Pokemon training. 6 months afterwards, he changed his career, and decided to set up as a psychiatrist in Canalave. Recently went on an... eventful... holiday to Johto.

Dr Lewis doesn't get many tropes. Yet.

    Dr Lewis' Pokemon 



     Luke Donahue 
Played by: Luke 924

A 23 year old Pokémon Trainer from New Bark Town in Johto. Luke started his journey two years before the events of the story with a Totodile named Lake.

Luke and his Pokémon journeyed across Johto and Kanto, having several mis-adventures that involved, amongst other things, disbanding a Team Rocket remnant after they attacked the Goldenrod Radio Tower and finding out he was the one destined to bring Ho-oh back to the land of Johto, Luke eventually challenged and won against the Pokémon league, earning the title of a Pokémon Champion.

Looking for stronger Trainers to fight, Luke and his Team travelled to Sinnoh where they met up with a Rag Tag Bunchof Misfits who just so happened to have a strange robot like Pokémon they had never seen before. After getting tangled up in the fight against Missingo, Luke and his Pokémon joined the group permanently.

Since then, Luke has been turned into a Totodile, helped fight and kill Two glitch Pokémon, befriended far too many legendary Pokémon to count, become a PEFE Researcher and defeated Red in public competition, amongst many other things.

  • Flat "What": Seems to love this trope.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Has managed to get several Pokémon to join him without a fight, most notably Celestia the Volcarona. He's even gone as far to admit that he gets on better with Pokémon then he does with people.
  • Heroic BSoD: Has blue-screened several times. Thankfully his Pokémon always manage to reboot him before anything bad can happen.
  • Initiation Ceremony: To PEFE. It included a couple of tasks that required interaction with wild Pokémon featuring a certain weird Cubone tribe... he passed with flying colors.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifting: Spends the Mystery Dungeon Arc as a Totodile.
  • Making a Splash: As a Totodile.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Technically, his Totodile part is the father of Flare's egg via Ditto. It could have been worse — the first candidate to the breeding was Wulfric, a male.
  • Pals with Jesus: Luke seems to have a nack for befriending Legendary Pokémon. So far, he's made friends with Ho-oh, Keldeo and his father, Reshiram (Who he was in a relationship with), and all three of the Oblivia beasts.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Has every episode of My Little Blitzle saved on his Vs. Recorder.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has natural blue hair.

     Luke's Pokémon 

Lake (Feraligatr, Male)

Met: New Bark Town; Johto (Totodile) [Gift from Professor Elm]
Ability: Torrent (Boosts Water Type moves when in danger)
Ball: Formally Poké, now released

Lake was given to Luke by Professor Elm to be his starter Pokemon for his journey through Johto. The two quickly became such good friends that Lake has never left his side since. As such, he has been with Luke everywhere from Johto and Kanto, to faraway places such as Sinnoh and Unova, and even another world altogether.

Despite his large and fierce appearance, Lake is actually a very gentle Pokémon who can't bear to see others unhappy. He can't help but try to help others, often going as far to give them hugs to make them feel better. This often tends to work.

Even so, Lake is still a Feraligatr, and having been with Luke so long, he's the strongest Pokémon on his team, bar none. Lake enjoys battling quite a lot, his specialization being strong Physical attacks such as Crunch and Waterfall.

  • Ascended Extra: Started as just another one of Luke's Pokémon, but now gets so much screentime that he's pretty much a main character. Also see the YMMV page.
  • Big Eater: Once ate a slice of pizza that was about half his size (It was intended for a Legendary Pokémon though).
  • Fingerless Gloves: Wears a stylish pair made out of blue leather.
  • Gentle Giant: Stands at 7.6', weighs about 195lb, has the strongest jaws in the Pokémon kingdom, yet he's one of the nicest Pokémon you'll ever meet.
  • Inter Species Romance: Is in love with Nadia the Salamence, despite not sharing an egg group.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Any sort of meat (naturally).
  • Scarf Of Ass Kicking: Was given a nice silk scarf (made of Silk spat by Anom's Beautifly) by Dintel the Sandshrew as a gift. Even though Lake has stated he's not a fan of scarves in the past, he wears it anyway.

Comet (Charizard, Female)

Met: Route 111; Hoenn
Ability: Solar Power (Increases Special Attack power in sunny weather at the cost of HP every turn.)
Ball: Poké

A rather hot-headed and impulisve Charizard who joined the Luke's team after meeting her in Hoenn via teleportation accidentnote . Although she claims to be from Pokémon Island, Comet seems oddly secretive about her past for some reason...

  • Challenge Seeker: A variant of it rooted to her origins and how they cloud her judgment over threats in the real, physical world.

Stratus (Dragonite, Male)

Met: Jubilife City; Sinnoh (Dragonite)
Ability: Inner Focus (Prevents flinching)
Ball: Heavy

Stratus ran into Luke and his team at Jubilife City. Not only were they surprised to see a wild Dragonite in the middle of a city, they were even more shocked when he asked to join their team!

After an easy capture, Stratus explained that he had been looking for a trainer so that he could take part in the Gold Conference in order to try and impress his Gyarados Father, who had exiled Stratus from his home on Pokémon Island after failing to win a battle against him.

Although Stratus was perfectly capable of battling, everyone soon found he had a serious problem: he couldn't fly very well at all. Thankfully, though, Jayna, DS' Flygon, was more than happy to teach Stratus how to fly properly. Which has lead Stratus to develop a bit of a crush on her.

In combat, Stratus takes advantage of his Dragon power to use all sorts of attacks, such as Dragon Claw, Fire Punch and Aqua Tail, amongst others, making him a rather unpredictable opponent.

  • Big Eater: AND HOW.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Since his ability to breath underwater didn't go anywhere when he evolved from a Dragonair into a Dragonite, Stratus is just as at home in water as he is in air. He claims to have even dived to the very bottom of the ocean floor at one point, but he hasn't followed up on this just yet.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Fish Pokémon.

Chord (Ariados, Male)

Met: Route 30; Johto (Spinarak)
Ability: Swarm (Boosts Bug Type moves when in danger.)
Ball: Nest

  • Deadpan Snarker: Amounts to about half his dialog, much to everyone else's annoyance.
  • Jerkass: Acts like this most of the time, but...

Woolly (Ampharos, Female)

Met: Route 32; Johto (Mareep)
Ability: Static (May Paralyze upon physical contact)
Ball: Poké

Woolly was caught as a Mareep rather early on Luke's journey through Johto. Although a bit absent minded, Luke grew to like the Mareep thanks to her cheerful personality, and although she can be a bit of a handful at times, Luke loves her very much.

Now an Ampharos, Woolly has spent the second longest time on the team, just behind Lake. Woolly is always cheerful, and although some find her constant perkiness quite annoying, most can't help but smile whenever Woolly's about. Although Woolly often ends up getting into trouble, which often ends on the rest of the team having to bail her out. However, as of late, she has become much more sensible. To such an extent that she has skillfully taken charge in one or two situations.

Woolly is far from helpless though. She maybe a bit ditzy, but in battle, Woolly is a force to be reckoned with. As well as knowing devastating Special attacks such as Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, and Focus Blast, Woolly can stop foes in their tracks with Thunderwave, or render herself nearly untouchable with a combination of Cotton Guard and Light Screen. Because of this, Woolly is a bit of a jack of all trades, but leans mostly towards specializing in Special Attacks.

  • Battle Couple: With Unite.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Somehow got into the description boxes while in Twist Mountain. This didn't end well for Luke.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Even thought they're not proper dragons, Ampharos have enough dragon like traits to qualify for this. Woolly being able to use Outrage helps back this image up, too.
  • The Ditz: Started off as one of these, but has become much more sensible as time has gone on.

Phyco (Kingdra, Male)

Met: Unknown Location (Horsea)
Ability: Sniper (Critical hits hit for more damage.)
Ball: Lure

Treeo (Sceptile, Male)

Met: Teakwood Forest; Oblivia (Treecko)
Ability: Overgrow (Boosts Grass Type moves when in danger)
Ball: Level

  • The Beastmaster: Skillfully managed to tame a Scolipede of all things during a fierce battle, which he spent most of the AU arc using as a mount.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: What causes his tension with Copahue, Silent's Fearow, as they are both pinning over the same bird.
  • Put In A Box: Treeo quietly disappeared during the Oblivia arc...
  • Romantic Runner-Up: When he finally admitted he loves Harriet, her heart was already won by Copahue's efforts to raise Shahinne (and the Starly's need for a mother figure as well). Treeo decides to let them go build a family.
  • Ship Tease: May have feelings for Harriet the Honchkrow ever since she was in a relationship with Bill the Murkrow. Things got better for Treeo... but see Romantic Runner-Up above.

Flare (Blaziken, Female)

"Who's ready for some FRIED CHICKEN?!"
Met: Saffron City; Kanto (Torchic) [Gift from Steven Stone]
Ability: Blaze (Boosts Fire Type moves when in danger.)
Ball: Poké

  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Her egg. Due to accidental mishandling of a Ditto, this egg is one third Torchic, two thirds Luke... and one of those thirds is Totodile!Luke.
  • Out of Focus: Was pretty much the least developed of Luke's Pokémon until her writer nailed down her personality.

Dusty (Trapinch, Male)

Met: Born in Lilycove City; Hoenn (Trapinch) [Gift from Fool]
Ability: Hyper Cutter (Prevents Attack from being lowered by other Pokémon.)
Ball: Ultra

Crowley (Honchkrow, Male)

Met: Goldenrod City; Johto (Murkrow)
Ability: Insomnia (Prevents sleep from outside sources)
Ball: Dusk

  • The Mafia: Crowley acts like a Mafia don, even going as far to have a group of Murkrow minions following him around. Although, considering that he is a Honchkrow, it's not at all surprising.

Wulfric (Lucario, Male)

Met: Challenger's Cave; Unova (Riolu)
Ability: Steadfast (Raises speed upon flinching.)
Ball: Ultra

  • Battle Couple: With Flare, now that he's with her.
  • The Quiet One: Although he has recently taken a preference to talking via Aura.

Ad Min (Porygon-Z)

Met: Sliph Co.; Saffron City (Porygon) [Purchased]
Ability: Download (Analyses foe's weaknesses, boosting attacking stats to compensate.)
Ball: Poké

  • Herald: Announces to Luke his incoming matches for the Gold Conference, among other things. Tends to also role as a Spear Carrier in some of those scenes.

Guardé (Gallade, Male)

Met: Route 34; Johto (Ralts)
Ability: Justified (Raises Attack upon being attacked with Dark type moves.)
Ball: Nest

Jello (Reuniclus, Male)

Met: Route 16; Unova (Solosis)
Ability: Magic Guard (Protects against damage not directly caused by a move.)
Ball: Ultra

Unite (Braviary, Male)

Met: Route 2; Unova (Rufflet)
Ability: Sheer Force (Forgoes added move effects in favor of more power.)
Ball: Great

  • Berserk Button: Don't insult Woolly in front of him. He'll WILL make you pay.
  • Dead Pan Snarker: Was pretty snarky too everyone at first. Nowadays, he's only like this to people he doesn't like.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Is frequently snarky and rude to other people and Pokémon, but he genuinely does care about his team-mates. However, he has become much less of a jerk in recent times.
  • Misplaced Wildlife: Rufflet can only be captured on Route 10, which can only be visited very late in the games. Unite, however, was found on Route 2, which is one of the first places you visit and is nowhere near the aforementioned location.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Leaves Luke's team temporarily after deciding that He'll never evolve into a Braviary at the rate Luke is training him. He comes back during the battle with Clay in Anville Town though.
  • Trade Mark Favorite Food: Any sort of Chocolate.

Celestia (Volcarona, Female)

Met: Relic Castle; Unova (Volcarona)
Ability: Flame Body (May burn upon physical contact)
Ball: Luxury

  • Action Mom: Happens to be the mother of both Helios and Anom's Volcarona.
  • Lady of War: She may be a Queen (Well she was, anyway), but that won't stop her from kicking your butt in a fight.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: When the war between Reshiram and Zekrom threatened her kingdom, what did Celestia do? She tried to fight them off herself. Granted, she lost against them, but still.

Lewis (Floatzel, Male)

Hallow (Mismagius, Female)

  • Emotion Eater: "I feed on your FEAR!"
  • Evil Laugh: "Eeeheehee!"
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Has hinted that she was alive at some point, but then died and became a Misdreavus. What she was like when she was alive, though, is currently a mystery.
  • Soul Power
  • The Trickster: Has struck up a friendship with Phantom due to a shared interest in tricking others.

Blitz (Zebstrika, Female)

Simon (Excadril, Male)

Phantom (Zoroark, Female)

  • Casting a Shadow
  • Jerkass: Is huge jerk towards pretty much everyone (Apart from Hallow). But...
  • The Trickster: Naturally. Has even developed a friendship with Hallow, due to a share interest in playing tricks on others.
  • Shapeshifter: Can use her Illusion ability to take on the appearance of any Pokémon she's seen before. Very helpful for playing tricks on people and Pokémon.

Played by: Onion Shew

A 16-year-old dark-specializing trainer from Castelia City, Unova. Although he is most fond of Dark types, he is also highly fond of Ghost types, his first being a Shedinja who enjoys questionable hobbies and pastimes, and occasionally teaming up with Breeze, Every's Chimecho, to annoy Onion. This is a pastime much of his team enjoys, except for Puzzle, who doesn't really enjoy anything.

In childhood he was given the nickname "Onion." This wasn't based on a mannerism or aspect of his appearance, it was simply to annoy him. However, he came to be fond of the nickname and still uses it.

     Malgent's Pokemon 

Pariah (Female Pawniard)

Xakk (Male Hydreigon)

Puzzle (Male Cacturne)

Asphodel (Female Umbreon)

Ratchet (Male Houndour)

Husk (Shedinja)

     Morrigan Blackthorn 
Played by: Penthepoet

An 18 year-old goth with snark to spare. She started her journey in Johto and hasn't turned back since. She arrived in Anistar, but has not met up with anybody yet.[[spoiler: This character is on a bit of a hiatus.

     Morrigan's Pokémon 

HABIT (Male Haunter)

A Haunter that doubles as Morrigan's starter.

Ross (Male Togekiss)

Flare (Female Typhlosion)

  • Undying Loyalty: Will fight to the end, and even refers to her Trainer as master.

Tyrain (Female Gyarados)

     Paresse Umbral Profess 
Played by: Bloodmonkey

Parisse's evil AU counterpart. For reasons unknown he's after Parisse's identity and has been acting as an antagonist of sorts and a rival for Parisse. He almost became a gym leader but circumstances prevented him starting his job. Deep down he's not such a bad guy, he just has a plan. He adores Dark type Pokemon. As of his return he's a good guy and spent some time training Parisse.

     Paresse's Pokemon 

Galvatron (Shiny Male Hydreigon)

Devastator (Male Wobbuffet)

Divebomb (Male Sharpedo)

Botanica (Female Cacturne)

Buzzsaw (Female Mandibuzz)

Skywarp (Male Sableye)

Jolts (Joltik Army)

Arcee (Female)

Not much is known about Arcee other then she is female, very fast and can apparently take human form. She's also apparantly dating Paresse.

     Parisse Luminous Glacius 
Played by: Bloodmonkey

Head of the Fossil-Back courier service, at 24 he was born in Blackthorn City but has roots in Rustboro in Hoenn and Nacrene in Unova. He developed a fear of dragons at a young age but after the incident Involving his AU self Paresse he appears to have overcome this fear. Not much is known about him other then his family was cursed by Meloetta. After some time away it seems he and Paresse have become friends, the reasons for this at the moment remain to be seen.

     Parisse's Pokemon 

Megatron (Male Salamence)

Parisse's first Pokemon, after a 17 year seperation he's back to kick ass.

Repugnus (Male Ivysaur)

Taken in by Parisse after being dumped for losing to a water gym, one of his favourite Mons, as much as he denies it. Has toughened up some bit with Parisse's return. He seems to have a relationship with Scavenger.

Soundwave (Male Exploud)

One of the most loyal Pokemon Parisse has at his disposal also one of his strongest.
  • Disability Superpower: One of the reasons Parisse took him on in the first place. Soundwave had his throat torn out over a battle for leadership against another Exploud. His throat was replaced with a robotic device. This was destroyed after a battle with Paresse where more damage was done, now it has been modified, capable of increasing the total output, maximizing his sound powers.
  • Handicapped Badass: He lacks Soundproof so has no protection against sound-based attacks, which his species are known for. However he has Scrappy this allows him to PUMMEL GHOST TYPES WITH HIS BARE HANDS!
  • Makemewannashout
  • Machine Monotone
  • Robo Speak
  • Undying Loyalty
  • Operation: [Blank]
  • Expy: Of G1 Soundwave

Scavenger (Female Breloom)

One of Parisse's toughest Pokemon at the moment and a bit of an optimist. She's in a relationship with Repugnus.

Seaspray (Male Craudaunt)

Skylynx (Male Togekiss)

  • Incoming Ham: Skylynx adores this.
  • Large Ham
  • Born Lucky: He just happened to hatch before he was given to poachers using Parisse to deliver him and none of his Metronomes have delivered an outcome he didn't want yet.

Swoop (Male Aerodactyl)

The third Pokemon Parisse ever got, has a fear of Slayride after what happened to him when Parisse moved to Nacrene.


Played by: Tropeless

An 18-year-old competitive battler from Kanto. Joins the story here, and as one of the newest players, doesn't have many tropes to his name.

Pokeform: Electabuzz

     Prolio's Pokémon 


Gender: Male

Ability: Iron Fist

Held Item: Choice Band

Nature: Adamant

One of the Pokémon Prolio had when he was dropped through the Entralink. It was apparently a mistake, as Hitmonchan's only in the LU tier, and Prolio owns a Gyarados that serves the same purpose on his OU team.


Gender: Female

Ability: Synchronize

Held Item: Wise Glasses

Nature: Modest

Hasslemon: astuteAlakazam [AA]

Alakazam is the most sane of Prolio's Pokémon, and may or may not be more sane than Prolio himself. She was obtained prior to Prolio's introduction and is the dedicated Special sweeper of the group.


Gender: Neutral

Ability: Trace

Held Item: Leftovers

Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)

Hasslemon: adminInterface [AI]

Porygon2 was Prolio's starter Pokémon, received on his tenth birthday from his dad. It is the dedicated Wall of the team, as well as an Annoyer due to Toxic.


Gender: Female

Ability: Keen Eye

Held Item: ???

Nature: Naive

Pidgeot is currently only a minor Pokémon, having been boxed before Prolio's introduction and just reappearing to Fly him home. She has traveled with him since.


Gender: Male

Ability: Moxie

Held Item: Life Orb

Nature: Adamant

Prolio's Gyarados is special (well, kind of) because he has his Dream World ability; however, it is unknown how Prolio managed to get such a Mon. He is a combination of a stereotypical Chinese and Japanese person, acting like a sensei and having the Japanese Ranguage.

  • Blow You Away: Is a Flying type, except that Gyarados don't really get Flying type moves. He DOES know the single move they do get (Bounce), though.
  • Making a Splash
  • Mundane Utility: Despite being a 21'8" foot long dragon, he serves as the primary Surf/Dive/Waterfaller. Counts as a Cool Boat, though.


Gender: Neutral

Ability: Imposter

Held Item: None

Nature: Hardy

Ditto was introduced when Prolio went to the Johto Safari Zone to catch a Dratini. It decided to troll him, using its transformation powers to set up traps and convince other Mons to attack him, in particular screaming KARP because of its first swarm trick, which was raining Magikarp. It ran out of areas to set up traps in, and got cornered and caught by Prolio. It hates Prolio with a passion.


Gender: Male

Ability: Shed Skin

Held item: None.

Nature: Careful

Dratini is very shy, and he trails his sentences off. He's also kind of a scaredy dragon.


Gender: Shut up.

Ability: Hustle

Held item: None

Nature: Timid

Nidoran♀ is a pacifistic vegan, who believes that hurting other Pokemon in any way, shape, or form is morally wrong, and she refuses to do it. Which will suck once Prolio tries to use her in battle.

Played by: Stargirl 93 19 year old Delivery Girl from Sinnoh. She bumped into the group in Almia while delivering a letter to N, and ended up joining them temporarily in the process.After multiple repeat encounters with the group, She eventually joined them officially.

In the AU, She Runs away from home after refusing to take part in the Family Business that led her to become a delivery girl on the original timeline.

     Star's Pokémon 

April the Bellossom (Female) Vileplume in the Au.

October the Mismagius (Male)

August the Luxio (Female) Luxray In the Au

June the Typhlosion (Female)

March the Panpour (Male) Simipour in the AU.

September the Flygon (Male)

-After Blowing a hole in the roof of the Nimbasa Gym with Hyper Beam-
September: <Sorry for the property damage!>

Played by: Deviljho

A Trainer from Snowpoint City, he has a desire to enter the Snowpoint Temple, he recently has been traveling and temporarily stalking the J-Team. In Ecruteak it was revealed that he was Cipher. He as of late has been trying to atone for his mistakes.

Reggie the Weavile

Reggie is Vrang's Starter. He was found on the Acuity Lakefront.

Magda the Houndoom

Snappy the Hydreigon

Shogun the Heracross

Wrappy the Tentacruel

Mr.Pisces the Gyarados

Azuros the Ursaring

Miner the Larvitar

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