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Characters / Warriors: The Umadpelt Uprising

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     Main Characters 


A user on the Omen Of The Stars forums. After he inadvertently helps Umadpelt escape from his prison, he vows to stop Umadpelt and save the forums.

  • The Atoner: Tries to atone for accidentally aiding Umadpelt's release.
  • Running Gag: Saying, "You have no soul." Later, "I have no soul."


A member of the Omen of the Stars forums. Bloodeh helps the others find the Sacred Forum Crystals in their quest to defeat Umadpelt.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Retrieving the Sacred Forum Crystal from SavageClan, despite knowing they would report her.


A member on the Omen of the Stars forums. When she said the incantation to revive Umadpelt, she was possessed by him.

  • Dying as Yourself: After being hit by the Nuke of Banning. Subverted, as she doesn't die.

Future Starry / Umadpelt Jr.

The version of Starblaze from two years in the future. She escaped from the evil Future Curi, and traveled to the past to get the members of the OOTS forum to aid her in stopping Future Curi. Or rather, that's what she claims.

Roleplayed by Lightflame.

  • La Résistance: Effectively runs the rebellion against Future Curi ever since Frosty was captured.

     Supporting Characters 


Ceiling Cat

Basement Cat

  • Skewed Priorities: Would rather have the world destroyed than have her shelf not be pretty.


  • I Was Just Joking: Mentions that someone will probably make a troll account called Umadpelt.


After Brightpetal said the secret incantation, she was possessed by Umadpelt, the great demon-troll of the forums.

  • Gender Bender: Umadpelt is male, but possesses Brightpetal, who is female.


A troll who was sealed away in the Sacred Forum Crystals. When he and Umadpelt are close to each other, the potential for being banned rises so high it actually physically manifests as the Blade of Banning.


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